tagFetishTammy's Panties Ch. 4

Tammy's Panties Ch. 4


After my shower with Maria and Tammy, Tammy mentioned that we all needed to get dressed before Mike got home from his soccer game. While I was dressing I took time to reflect upon what has happened to me in the last three months.

First I get caught jacking off with Tammy's panties. She turns me into her little panty boy. Next she invites me back to her house after a party where she caught me starring at her panties. She lets me dry hump her panties while she wears them. I come on her so she punishes me by dressing me up in her panties and invites my girlfriend over to see me dressed like a little sissy boy. I'm totally embarrassed, but my girlfriend reveals that it turns her on. I get a blowjob and a shower with two beautiful women. Then, to top it all off, I get to watch them make out in the shower.

As if all these events weren't enough, Tammy tells me that there is more to come. I couldn't help wondering what I did to deserve all of this excitement. How quickly my life had taken a turn for the better!

Once we were all dressed, we retired to the kitchen for a late breakfast. Despite the events of the morning, everything seemed normal while we were preparing our meal. We talked casually like nothing had ever happened. I never thought I would be able to have a normal conversation with these two women again after what they had put me through, but somehow I felt totally comfortable with the two of them now.

When we sat down at the table Tammy said that we had about thirty minutes before Mike would arrive home from the soccer game. She took this time to lay out some rules of the game we would be embarking upon in the weeks to come.

"Pete I know you have enjoyed the experiences of the past couple of months. I must say that I have really enjoyed them as well. From my conversations with Maria she seems to be in agreement with me. I want these games of ours to continue, but we must lay down some ground rules before this can go any further."

I hadn't even heard any of the rules yet, but I said, "If it means that I get to keep enjoying these games we've been playing then I am willing to go along with whatever you say Tammy."

"That's what I thought you would say," Tammy said as she smiled at me. "What has happened here today and in the days and months to come must stay strictly between the three of us. Now some other people may get drawn into the game, but it is with the understanding that nothing leaves the players of the game."

"Do we have an understanding?"

"Sure," I replied. "But what do you mean by other people being drawn into the game?" This statement had made me nervous. I didn't even want these two to know my panty secret much less someone else!

"Well, Pete, like I said before we are not out to ruin you. Whatever or whomever we bring into this relationship is under the strictest of confidence."

"Pete I wouldn't go along with this if it meant hurting you or Tammy," Maria said with a comforting look.

"I guess I can live with it as long as it stays between us. I love you Maria and I don't want to lose you. I will do whatever it takes to keep you!"

"I love you too Pete. You have been so good to me, and playing these games will bring us closer together. I'm sure of it."

Tammy continued with all the rules. First, whenever we play our games I must be dressed in Tammy or Maria's panties. I can live with that! Second, Tammy was the leader. Whatever she said goes. Third, Mike must never find out what goes on at our meetings. Finally, no one must get mad or revengeful towards anyone in the game no matter what happened.

It sounded to me like Tammy was being a little domineering, but none of the rules sounded too bad. How could I not be in for some of the most erotic situations of my life? Plus, my girlfriend was in on the game and I couldn't help but think that it would make our relationship stronger. I no longer had to hide any secrets from her. These panty games were going to be an opportunity for some sexual liberation on my part.

Tammy said that we would meet at her house on Saturdays when Mike had out of town games. Since the games lasted a couple of hours and all were about another hour away, it gave us almost three hours of pleasure time before he got home. His next out of town game was two weeks away. We all agreed to meet around nine o'clock at Tammy's house.

I could hardly wait! What did the two of them have in store for me on that Saturday? I tried to get some clues out of Tammy, but she wouldn't give any hints for what she had planned. I don't think Maria knew either, but she told me that if I wanted hints then I would have to think about some of my fantasies I had discussed with her while in bed. That statement hardly narrowed it down any. I had said and shared so many things with Maria in the heat of passion. I just had to wait and see what was in store. I stayed hard for two weeks! I had made an agreement with Maria that I wouldn't jack off for two weeks so that I would be very eager to play along with whatever game Tammy came up with. I had a hard time holding up my end of the bargain, but I did make it through.

Maria and I made it to Tammy's about nine. Maria had made me wear a pair of her sexy lace panties up under my shorts before we left the house. I loved the way the satin rubbed against my dick. Every time I moved tingles ran up and down my spine. I was already hard and leaking pre cum when we reached the door.

Tammy greeted us wearing another one of her short summer dresses. It was the same type of dress that had driven me wild at the party. It was almost transparent, and every time light hit her at the right angle I could make out her skimpy little panties up under her dress.

Tammy noticed that my dick was hard as soon as we walked up. "It looks like someone has gotten started a little early this morning," she said as she rubbed her long slender fingers along the length of my dick. Needless to say, I almost came right away.

"Yeah," Maria said, "I made him wear a pair of my panties today. I figured he had already stained a few of yours already. We may have to take him shopping soon to get some panties of his own." They both laughed at the thought of me shopping for my own lingerie. The idea made me harder.

"We'll save that game for another day," Tammy laughed. I have a "BIG" surprise for you two today, but before we start, why don't we all get a little more comfortable?" With that statement, Tammy pulled her little dress above her head. She had on a pair of yellow string bikini panties with little flowers printed on them. The edges around the crotch had some frilly lace. I had seen Tammy in her panties plenty of times now, but every time I witnessed this site I couldn't keep myself from staring at her with lust. She was also braless and her pink nipples were about the size of half dollars. Maria followed suit and revealed my favorite little pair of pink panties she owned. She winked at me to let me know that she was thinking of me when she put them on this morning. I had also removed my shorts and was standing before these two goddesses with my dick busting through my little satin panties.

We were sitting in the living room when we heard the doorbell ring. I wanted to run and hide because I didn't want anyone to see me in my panties. Tammy told me to relax and wait right there. I heard Tammy talking to someone at the door. The voice was that of a male, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I nervously looked at Maria. She was as confused as I was. Could that be one of our other friends? I would never be able to face any of my friends again if I got caught in these panties! Soon Tammy returned with a guy I didn't know. If I thought I would be embarrassed if it were someone I did know, it could not have been more embarrassing than having a man I did not know seeing me in women's underwear. I still wanted to run and hide.

"Maria and Pete I want you to meet jimmy. He is a friend of mine that I have known for a long time. He lives in Florida and is up for the weekend for a visit. I told him he should stop by and see me while he was in town."

Jimmy was tall and well built. He obviously spent a lot of time at the gym. What could he be thinking? Here he was at a friend's house with everyone including me sitting around in lingerie. I hope Tammy wasn't thinking about any guy on guy action. She knows that I am straight, only a little on the queer side when it comes to panties.

"How are y'all doing?" he asked with a very masculine voice. Definitely not a gay man I thought.

"You must be Maria," he said as he kissed her hand. "Very nice to meet you."

Obviously Tammy had told Jimmy all about Maria and me. He then turned to me and said, "You have got to be Pete." He extended his hand and I managed to extend mine for a handshake to a guy who must think I'm a little sissy. I was sure dressed like one. What was Tammy up to? "I must say that I thought Tammy was full of shit when she told me about you wearing panties. They are quite cute by the way," he said with a snicker.

"I invited Jimmy over because I thought he could add some more excitement to our games. Maria told me how Pete fantasized about seeing her with another guy and Jimmy here is the one I had in mind to bring that fantasy to reality."

I felt a pang of jealousy running through my veins. Sure I had fantasized about Maria with another guy, but I never thought it would ever become more than just that. What was Maria thinking? Would she go through with this? I looked to her for some type of reaction. It was hard to tell. If Maria wasn't going to say anything then I was.

"Tammy this is going too far. I don't think Maria is up for something like that. Don't you think you could have discussed this with us first? These games have gone too far."

"Shut up Pete. You just sit there and let Maria decide for herself. How do you know what she is ready for? Besides I know she is craving a real man to satisfy her needs. That little cock of yours hardly qualifies. I know what jimmy is packing, and trust me she will enjoy every minute of it. Make that every inch of it!"

"Well what do you think Maria?" Tammy asked.

"I don't know Tammy. I don't even know anything about him. I agree with Pete. You should have mentioned something about this first."

Those words were music to my ears. I didn't know if I could go through with seeing my Maria with another man. Sure the thought turned me on, but I just wasn't sure.

"Well I tell you what," Tammy replied. "I didn't bring Jimmy all the way here for nothing. You two can just watch us if you'd like and we can go from there."

Wait just a minute. Was Tammy going to cheat on Mike with Jimmy? How long has this been going on? I suddenly felt sadness for my best friend. I also started to feel guilty about what I had been doing with Tammy. These feelings were soon taken over by horniness. I couldn't help getting aroused by the thought of watching Tammy get fucked by this guy. I also felt a twinge of jealousy because I thought I was the one that was going to be getting between her legs.

Slowly Maria said, "I guess that would be fine by me. Pete?" I nodded my approval.

"Good. I think you will both enjoy what Jimmy will show you. It might give Pete some pointers. Although, I doubt it will be of any good because of that little dick of his. Jimmy on the other hand is very well hung. Don't get me wrong, I love Mike, but Jimmy's cock is hard to give up."

Jimmy got quite a kick out Tammy's statements. He looked at me and laughed. "Yeah panty boy. Look at that little cock of yours in those panties. It barely even reaches the waistband when you're hard. My little nephew has a bigger dick than that. How does a beautiful girl like Maria end up with a pencil dick like you?"

I was humiliated. Jimmy had just laughed at my manhood and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. The pain in my stomach caused by his words hurt more than a punch could have ever felt.

Maria looked at me with a bit of sadness in her eyes. She felt bad for the way I was getting treated. It could have also been a look of sadness because she knew that everything Jimmy had said was true. Tammy just laughed along with Jimmy.

Tammy walked over to Jimmy and started rubbing his arms and thighs. Jimmy grabbed Tammy and started rubbing his hands all over her voluptuous ass. He then moved to her chest and started pinching the nipples of her sumptuous 36C breasts. They started getting hard and were soon standing out like two rockets waiting to blast off into space. They were easily two inches long. They were soon engaged in a kiss and Tammy's hands were moving towards his crotch. She stroked his meat through his pants. The bulge in his shorts indicated that he was definitely packing.

She slowly slid the zipper down and removed his shorts. He was standing in some boxer briefs, which were slowly starting to tent. Tammy hooked her thumbs on the sides and pulled his briefs down to the floor. Once they were removed, I was shocked at the site of Jimmy's dick. I've seen many guys before in showers and such, but his was unbelievable. It was just starting to get heavy and it was already bigger soft than mine was hard. Not mentioned how much thicker it was than mine.

Maria noticed as well and stared in amazement. Her eyes were glued to Jimmy's huge cock. Tammy took the monster with her hand and started stroking his rod. Even with her large hands she could barely touch her fingers together, and Jimmy wasn't even hard yet. Tammy smiled and looked at Maria and me and said, "See what I mean. Look at this gorgeous cock! Have you ever seen anything like it Maria?"

Maria, still in shock, mumbled a no. "My god," she said, "it's much bigger than Pete's, and it's not even hard yet! Look how big it is Pete. God I wish you had a cock somewhere close to that! Can I touch it Tammy? I need to know what a real cock feels like!"

"Sure you can touch it." Jimmy said. "Don't be afraid it won't bite!"

Maria moved off the couch like a lion pouncing on prey. She was quickly on her knees stroking Jimmy's cock along with Tammy. Even with both girls' hands on his dick they still didn't reach the tip of his snake. His dick just kept growing until it had to be at least 11 inches long by 6 inches around. I couldn't believe how big it was. I was jealous in a big way. I had never really had penis envy until I saw Jimmy's penis. I felt more inadequate now than I did when the girls made fun of me a couple of weeks ago. I was also saddened by how quickly Maria had changed her mind about being with Jimmy. My girlfriend was hungry for another guy's cock. It didn't help the matter that he was so much bigger than me. I had often fantasized about seeing Maria with another guy, and I had also mentioned it to her, but she never really seemed interested until now. I knew if Maria had Jimmy's big dick that I would never be able to satisfy her again. Not that I did with my dick now. She had already made that clear.

"It's so hot and rigid. Look how big the veins are. Those ridges alone could make me come. I know I was hesitant before Tammy, but I've got to feel this beautiful cock inside me. I don't even know if it will fit, but I'd like to die trying!"

"I don't know Maria. I'm hot for his cock too! I guess I could let you go first since you're a guest and all. Besides you're the one who hasn't had a real dick in a long time. I'll just let panty boy do what he does best. Service this little honey hole of mine!"

That made Maria and I both happy. Tammy moved over to the couch and sat with me. She started rubbing my dick through Maria's panties. I was already hard from watching the girls stroke Jimmy. "I'll let you see what you're girlfriends been missing before I make you work. I know you want to watch anyway."

Maria steadily moved her hand up and down Jimmy's shaft. Her little hands could barely hold Jimmy's massive pole. Jimmy just smiled at me and asked, "How do you like this panty boy. Your girlfriend loves my cock. I bet she is wet just thinking about riding my pole! I promise you she will never get over the fucking I'm about to give her. She'll probably rather finger her self with her pinky than have to suffer the pain of fucking a small dick like yours!"

With the sting of those words I looked at the crotch of Maria's panties. Jimmy was right the crotch of her pink panties was soaked with her juices. Wait those are my favorite panties and now they are getting wet because she wants this big cock so bad. I was getting even more jealous at this point. How could Maria do this to me? I wanted it to stop, but between Tammy's hand rubbing my dick and the site of Maria stroking Jimmy I just couldn't say anything.

Maria started licking the head of Jimmy's cock. It was as big as a peach. Maria could barely get her mouth over the head. She started bobbing on Jimmy's meat, but couldn't get anywhere near getting the length of it in her throat. She gagged a couple of times when Jimmy hit the back of her throat. Maria moved her head and said, "I'm not use to a dick going in so far. Usually when I suck off Pete I get pubic hair touching my nose before I take him all the way in. I've got to have this in my pussy right now. God Pete Jimmy's cock feels so good. I love his big cock. Thank you for getting us into this game. If it hadn't been for you I would probably have never gotten the opportunity like this. I do love you, but I want Jimmy so bad! Do you mind honey? Do want to watch Jimmy fuck me with his big cock?"

"Yes," I said weakly.

"Say it louder panty boy. I want you to say that you want to watch Maria fuck Jimmy's big cock," Tammy said as she squeezed my dick.

"Yes!" I said louder. "I want to see you fuck Jimmy's big cock!"

Jimmy smiled at me and then stood Maria up and moved in behind her. He started rubbing her pussy through her soaked panties. He had barely touched her when Maria let out a big moan. I think she came in her panties a soon as Jimmy touched her with his massive fingers.

"Man she already had an orgasm and I haven't even put anything inside her yet. This chick really does need some dick!"

Tammy laughed and Maria was catching her breath. "Is that true Maria?" Tammy asked. "Did you come already?"

"Yes! And it was a big one! I just couldn't help it. I was thinking about how good this is going to feel. I've never been filled completely with a man's dick before. Jimmy is no average man though. Much more of a man than Pete!"

Jimmy stood behind Maria and stuck is dick between her legs. He rubbed his cock along the crotch of Maria's panties a couple of times and she came again. The second orgasm was more violent than the first one.

"I guess she likes getting her panties fucked. Maybe that's why she likes you panty boy. Let's she how she likes the real thing though!"

Jimmy just pulled her panties to the side and slowly started inserting his massive meat. Maria grimaced a couple of times because she was obviously having trouble with Jimmy's size. Why had he left her panties on? Did he know those were my favorite pair? Was he violating my girlfriend and my panties at the same time?

"Óh god Jimmy that feels soooo good. Oh yeah fuck me with that big cock of yours. Oh yeah I've never felt this full. Give it to me. Aaah! Aaaah! Aaaaah! Oh yeeeeees! Fuck me harder!"

"Yeah you like that fat cock don't you baby? You love my cock don't you? Tell me how you're a slut for my big cock!"

"Oh yeah Jimmy. I love your big cock. I'm a slut for your big cock. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

At this point Jimmy wasn't even all the way inside of Maria. He still had four inches to spare and was already deeper than I could ever be! Maria was obviously loving ever inch of Jimmy's cock.

"Tell Pete you want me to stick my dick in you all the way. Tell him how much deeper my dick can reach than his. Tell him you're now my slut!"

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