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I came across an ad for Tantra massage in the DFW area. I called and spoke with a wonderful woman named Akasha. She described herself as a 40-year-old who practiced sensual massage techniques in the Tantra method. She would also provide instructions in stress reduction techniques and provide a massage to beat all others. We made an appointment for the following Monday.

Monday came and I drove over to Akasha's location. I was slightly nervous since her directions sent me to an "Inn Suites" hotel. I parked in front of the room number, knocked on the door, and was greeted by Akasha. She was dressed in a long white Kaftan with her blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. We shook hands and kissed lightly on the cheek. Even though the room was a hotel room, Akasha decorated the room with some candles, incense, and Indian statues of elephants. We sat on a couch and discussed why I was there and what she can provide for me. I shared my family experience in Florida and the tension I was under. She reassured me the breathing techniques, along with the massage would help matters. I paid her the fee agreed over the phone, and then got undressed. Akasha proceeded to remove her Kaftan and lower the lights in the room. Akasha's body was decorated with some nice tattoos over her left breast, along with both of her nipples being pierced with barbells. I admired her body and complimented her on her design. She smiled and walked me over to her massage table, which she arranged to be in the middle of the room.

I sat on the table and Akasha began to instruct me on some Tantra breathing techniques. It was difficult but I finally got the hang of it. She also taught me the Taoist Kiss, which is very sensual and I'm sorry but I forgot how it's done! Perhaps next time, I'll remember it better! Akasha kissed me on the lips and then had me lie down on my stomach to begin my massage, and in her own words, "let me work on the great butt of yours!"

As I got comfortable on my stomach, Akasha moved my legs outward to get to my inner thighs and more! She began to pour a good amount of oil onto my right leg and massaged up to my right butt cheek. As she traveled up, she got in-between my legs and massaged my penis (in Indian terms, the lingam). Very wonderful feeling. She worked back down to my toes when she picked up my right leg and began to massage my toes with her breast (very interesting feeling) and then began to suck on my toes. I later found out Akasha has a foot fetish and enjoyed massaging my feet. I couldn't complain of her technique one bit! She proceeded to work on my left leg and followed the same technique as she did on my right side. She also spent a while working on my butt cheeks, massaging them back and forth. It was such a wonderful feeling words can't describe the bliss I was entering.

Akasha moved to the head of the table and began to work on my back. She was explaining some points on my back, known as Chaskas and their meaning. At this point, I'm in heaven and I'm just moaning in agreement with her. While working on my back, she proceeded to lean over and use her pierced breasts to work on my back. OMG! What a feeling!

After my back, she proceeded to work on my upper arms, stretching them out and letting them rest on her breasts, which I was allowed to caress and enjoy. After my arms were done, she went back to my butt cheeks and worked on them again and then down to my toes. She then whispered in my ear to turn over (a major challenge but I did it). I turned over to find her breasts available to caress and fondle. What a lovely treat!

I settled down and Akasha began to massage my chest, paying close attention to my nipples. What a heavenly sensation! She moves down my chest onto my abdomen and then toward my groin area. She was explaining how genital massage was practice years ago but then the "New Victorians" considered it to be "dirty" (how could they)! She then proceeds to use a lot of oil on my penis and begins to massage in nice, even strokes. I'm starting to raise off the table and then Akasha begins to make me cum producing a large volume of seaman! She then massages my testicles and penis together that I'm being sent into another place in time! At this point, words can't describe the feelings I'm having.

After finishing my testicles, Akasha uses a warm washcloth to clean me up and then she uses a nice amount of rubbing alcohol to end my massage. After a couple of minutes, I'm brought back down to Earth and she helps me up from my back. I start to become aware of where I am and give Akasha a hug and a deep kiss on the lips for her wonderful service. I then offer her a massage, since there is time left before her next appointment. She agrees and proceeds to lie on her back.

I begin my massage by working on her feet, paying attention to her toes by rubbing and sucking them. I then proceed to work my way up to her butt and her vaginal area (in Indian terms, her yoni). I circle her butt and then come down to massage her yoni lips. She's loving every minute of it! I then work on her other foot, leg, butt and then ending on her yoni lips. Again, I hear nice pleasure sounds from her. I leave her lower area and proceed to work on her back and arms, ending down on her butt. She begins to play with my lingam) and I can't complain one bit! I finish up on her back and then ask her to turn over.

Akasha settles in onto her back and I begin to work on her feet, legs, and ending on her beautiful yoni. I forgot to mention she has shaven her yoni for a better massage. This is heavenly to me! I work on her opposite foot, leg and this time I head up to her chest and begin to massage her breasts and begin to pay attention to her nipples. After massaging them, I then suck on them and she just purrs like a kitten. I continue to work on her breast with one hand and then I move down to her yoni to conclude the massage.

I place my hand onto her yoni and pout a heaping amount of oil over my hand. I then start long strokes up on her yoni lips and being to massage inside of her. While doing this, Akasha starts to breathe much more heavier and heavier. After a couple of minutes, she bucks her hips, continues to breathe heavy and then settles down onto the table. She is in a state of bliss and thanks me for a wonderful massage.

I help her off the table, and we hug each other for an eternity! She starts a shower for him while heading toward the kitchen to pour us some coffee. After my shower, we enjoy our coffee and discuss our next appointment, which will involve a prostate massage. This will be much better than what I get at the MD's office. I can't wait.

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