I've read many different things about tantric sex. My husband and I keep with the basic principle, but we just sort of live in the minute and keep it going and going until we have gotten really good at it.

The basic principle is delaying the orgasm. For the man, he can satisfy his partner at great length, making her cum many times while still having penile stimulation without cumming. For the woman, she can also delay her climax while still staying in the sexual high and enjoying the feelings of that high for a long, long time before she climaxes.

I've read that by training their mind, some people can actually have a physical climax without being touched or touching themselves. Their mind so in control of their bodies that they can 'think' themselves to orgasm. You can get so far into it mentally, spiritually, that you don't need a partner. Oh my. I have a really good imagination, but I'd need a lot more training and mental discipline to 'think' myself to an actual physical orgasm.

For my pleasure purposes, I need a partner. I need someone to have eye contact with, and someone to touch. I want to hear his whispers as he kisses my neck. Someone to share my sexual high. That personal contact is uppermost in my mind. The flesh to flesh touch. There's nothing like looking into the eyes of someone you love, and seeing yourself in their eyes when they go over that fantastic, orgasmic edge.

The human touch. You've heard of the experiments with the babies where the more they were touched and the more contact they received, the happier they were and the better they did later in life? I feel for those poor babies that got the minimal amount of contact. Human contact is important to our well-being from the minute we're born.

My husband, Jeremy, and I start usually on a Friday night after work by agreeing to have a tantric weekend. Then the fun begins. We play it by ear. I may drop to my knees at that moment and take out his prick for a lick and a suck. We may kiss and talk of our plans. We might not touch each other for hours. Just talk and think about it. Before long, he's hard and I'm wet. A lot of times we drive the half-hour trip into town for some shopping. I've been known to flash him a nipple at Walmart. (Can I say Walmart here?)

On the drive I'll take his half-hard cock out of his jeans and suck on him as he drives. He might put his hand up my skirt to get his fingers wet. Then he likes to watch me suck my juices off his fingers. Sometimes I put my fingers inside myself and pound two or three into me as he drives and watches. Then I like to put my fingers to his mouth and we share a kiss, licking my slickness off together. I may have a butt plug in while we go shopping.

We live in the country and we might have a mind to stop on a deserted road. Jeremy will flip my skirt up discovering no panties, and bend me over the trunk of the car and slide his dick inside me. Slowly. Mmmm, I love that. I tell him, just 4 thrusts then pull it out. Usually he cheats and goes 5 or 6 humps before I push him away. He never knows what he might find under my skirt. Pantyhose, crotchless panties, no panties, garter-belt and hose. Two pair of panties. A thong. A teddy. Maybe cut-offs, maybe jogging shorts. He never knows. Maybe a pair of his briefs. I might have a bald pussy. Hard to tell.

Sometimes he'll raise my blouse up and let my 38D's tumble out of my bra for some licking and suckling. Sometimes on the drive, I just may whisper in his ear that I want to suck on his big cock. I'll just rub on him through his jeans, and cup his balls. I tell him that I love the feel of his fat dick in my mouth and I want him to shove it hard down my throat and fuck my face until he squirts his super white stuff against my back teeth. I whisper to him that I want him to pull out of my mouth and spray my face with it, then he can help me lick it off.

He tells me that he wants to bury his tongue deep inside my wet slit and listen to my screams as he makes me cum. He says he wants to fuck me doggy-style and pound into me fast and furious until I groan his name and he feels my walls contract around him in a strong orgasm. Then he's going to pull it out and spray his cum on my crack and rub it all over my ass.

We calm down a little before we go into the store for groceries. Walking around we like to watch people as we shop. There's an older couple, we wonder when was the last time they had sex. There's a young guy with his arm around his girlfriend. Have they had sex yet? That man with the three kids in tow, how long has it been since he's had a blow job? There's a couple kissing. They have two young kids in the cart. Did he go down on her this morning maybe?

We bring everyone and everything into our sexual world. We stay on that high while we shop, drive, walk around or whatever. Everywhere you look there are phallic symbols or the equivalent female symbol. All the veggies look sexy. Cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers. I tell Jeremy of a story I read one time about a guy cutting a hole in a watermelon and pumping his dick into it. Everything becomes sexual. We whisper sexy thoughts and observations to each other. Jeremy might cop a feel of my hard nips in the bread aisle. We wonder how every person would look as they cum. I crotch-watch for hard-ons and Jeremy watches for camel-toes.

When we get back home, I may suck him up again and let him hump into me for 5 more thrusts. The cheater, he did 7. He says it's warm and tight in there, he doesn't want to come back out. It's only Friday night, Baby, we have another day or two to go.

At bedtime, more sexy talk until we fall asleep. Sometimes he'll put his hard cock inside me as we lay on our sides and we fall asleep with him snugly inside me.

The next day, more of the same. He stays hard or semi-hard most of the day. We might go to a movie and make out and feel each other up. With crotchless panties and a skirt he'll finger me until his fingers are covered with my scent, and we'll share it in a kiss. Sometimes we have to just sit to let his cock go down and for me to calm down so we won't cum too soon. We might take a nap, naked in each other's arms, stroking our flesh and whispering about how we want to finally cum.

We like to give each other full body massages. We put a big piece of plastic on the floor and pour lots of baby oil on it. I go over every inch of his body, his scalp, his fingers, palms, back, ass, legs, toes, and then flip him over for the front. Nothing escapes my massaging fingers and hands. When he flips over, he's always hard, but I start at his face manipulating his cheeks, brows, his short little nose, lips. When I get to his cock it's sticking up off his belly. I love the feel of it when it's hard. It's amazing how hard a man's dick gets. It feels like it must have a bone in there. Mmmmmm. Sometimes I can't resist straddling him and lowering myself down onto that beautiful hard stick. One, two, three, four. Mmmm. Okay, that's enough for now. Damn, it's difficult to not ride it out and feel him pulsing inside me. It's pretty difficult for him also. He wants to let go and let it spurt. Not yet. Let the feeling continue. We talk about how we want to cum this time. He wants me to straddle him. He says he likes the view from that position, and it felt so good when I just did it, that he says that's the way he wants to squirt.

By this time both of us are in a constant sexual tension that is indescribable. It's a wonderful feeling. We keep teasing each other and stay on the edge. We might drive into town and rent a porno. We've even had arguments during these times, the passion is high. Even the arguments are sexy. We might go out and mow the lawn. I go out topless and wiggle my 38's at him. He doesn't stay hard every minute, it's not healthy for the little guy. But I don't let it go soft for very long before I have it in my mouth or my hand or my snatch.

My turn for a full body massage. Oh my, yeah. He does the same to me as I did to him. On the floor, lots of baby oil. He starts at my back, works his way down to my ass crack. His strong fingers slip into my crack and brush against my back hole. Mmmmm. He works his hand down and under me to the top of my slit. As he slides by my wet pussy, he pushes two or three fingers into me, then one in my ass on the way by that hole. Oh my goodness. He says he wants to fuck my ass.

I love the feeling of that thick cock in my ass, but he has to go slowly and use lots and lots of lube. After I relax and accept him it feels wonderful to have him sliding in and almost all the way out before he plunges in again. Mmm boy. But that's another story.

He flips me over and does my face. I get so relaxed it's incredible. He can manipulate my muscles and mold me to his hands until I'm a mass of jelly-like goo. My breasts. Man oh man. His hands are big, his fingers strong. He fills his hands with my flesh and kneads my generous breasts expertly. My nips get hard as soon as he touches them. I can almost cum from him nibbling and biting softly on my sensitive nipples. Oh shit.

Our sexual high still going, we'll take a shower together and wash off the oil. Of course we wash each other. A couple of times, or three. Well----that oil IS hard to get off sometimes, you know. He pays particular attention to my slippery crotch. My juices have been running down my leg for about 24 hours now. He has to hold my wrist and stop my washing action on his stiff member. We don't want his big load to go down the drain. (Maybe next time.)

At bedtime we lay naked on top of the covers and stroke each other and talk. Just the sex talk is stimulating. We remind each other of past tantric weekends. Sometimes we go until Sunday night. But not often I'll have to admit. We get to a point where everything is sexual in nature. His hands are sexy. My hair. My legs. His hairy ass. Everything brings to mind a memory. He has jacked off using my long hair, wrapping it around himself and squirting his big white load into my brown curls. We have visions of him holding my legs straight up in the air while he pounds inside me. Me biting his ass while I beat him off. My ass hanging off the edge of the dining room table while he has my ankles in his hands high in the air pounding his dick into me. Him bending me over the tailgate of the truck. Our minds are filled with such memories. Every thought has a sex connection. We want to do all of those things again right now.

We get under the covers and I put my head on his belly and his cock in my mouth. We fall asleep. During the night, I'll stir and roll over. He'll spoon me and nestle his pecker in the crack of my ass.

Usually sometime in the night is when we wake not being able to stand it anymore. He touches my shoulder or my hip and my juices start to flow like the tide has come in.

Sometimes we go fast like bunnies, and other times we go slow and savor each nuance.

He leads and I follow. However he wants to proceed is fine by me. Just give me five minutes and I'll have cum three or four times. My record is five and that last one went on and on and on. I actually got light-headed. It was amazing. Sometimes I have a couple of small ones then a couple of big ones. Usually they all hit me like a freight train. Sometimes I can't move afterward. Sometimes I don't come down for hours.

The sexual trip of holding back and tease after tease that lasts for a day or two, is the most fun a couple of people can have together. And then there's the promise of that outstanding ending. We stay in that---mmmmmmmm---mood for a long time. "The sun is out today." Mmmmmmmm. "The dog wants out." Mmmmmmmm. "The house is on fire." Mmmmmmmmm.

The longer you can hold off the orgasm, the stronger and intense it will be. Sometimes Jeremy is standing when I manipulate him to his climax. I love to watch it squirt across the floor. It goes several feet. Mmmmmm. But I also love to feel him pulsing inside me. I love his grip on my body at that moment. Be it my hair, my hips, my breasts, my waist. Nice.

It's hard to pin-point a favorite position. I love it when he bends me over and enters me from behind. That feeling of penetration. Mmmmm. Unbelievable. The stretch, the warmth of his cock, the hardness. When he goes slowly. Oh my. I can savor every inch by wonderful inch. There's nothing in the world like the feeling of a hard dick sliding inside me. When Jeremy sinks into me and pulls it out all the way again, then back in slowly. Mmmmm mmmmm. Drives me nuts.

It's different every time. The last time we took this trip, he wanted me to straddle him. Okie dokie. I climbed aboard and sunk myself down onto his stiff pole slowly. He already had his hands filled with my 38's. I've mentioned how exquisite it feels to be filled up with a hard cock, haven't I? That moment of penetration? Nothing like it. As I slide down onto him, he's pinching and rolling my nipples. He touches my clit with his thumb and I grunt with a scream and a groan as my first orgasm hits me. Oh my goodness, it feels so good to let it go instead of holding it back. I have one or two more, then I concentrate on moving around and around and drawing up and back, squeezing my muscles on his cock inside me until his face screws up and he latches on to my hips. Oh yeah, Baby, fill me up with your semen. I can feel every spasm. His whole body jerks with each one. I lay over, mashing my breasts on his hairy chest, moving my hips in circles a few more times, bringing on another climax for me. He's still squirting while my juices are running down, coating his balls. Oh my, I'll be damned, and oh shit. That felt wonderful. He rolls us to our sides, one of my legs under him and the other thrown over his hips. We float down, him still inside me, starting to soften. Our minds filled with not only the last few minutes, but of the last two days. Hours and hours of intimacy.

Well, my mind is anyhow. I think he's asleep. He dropped off quickly with a smile on his face. And he sure did leave a big smile on mine. In a few hours, (could be a few minutes), we'll wake and go at it again. It takes a while and a few more orgasms each until we get it worked out of our systems. Poor guy, he can manage three or four orgasms over the weekend, but I have him beat three-fold. And then before we know it, it's Monday morning, time to go back to work. Damn.

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Good story

A good story, spoiled a little by 38Ds. Not all men like women who look like cows.

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