tagIncest/TabooTara goes to the Dean's Office

Tara goes to the Dean's Office


"I guess you know why I called you to my office, Tara."

Standing in front of Dean Wilson's desk your fingers play with the hem of your much too short school uniform skirt. Your blouse so tight against your obviously bra less tits, that every breath causes them to jiggle.

"No sir, Dean Wilson. What have I done wrong?"

He drops his hands to his desk and says "look at the way you're dressed Tara. Do you really think it is appropriate for school? Look in the mirror behind you."

You turn to look in the mirror fast enough so that your skirt twirls around you exposing the very tops of your thighs, just below your panties.

"What's wrong with the way I'm dressed? I think I look hot."

"Tara! School is not the place to look hot. You're here to learn young lady. You're distracting my students, and that needs to stop."

"What do you mean distracting your students? I'm not doing anything wrong."

Looking at Dean Wilson behind his desk you know he's been watching you. Deciding to tease him some more you put your index finger in your mouth and close your lips around it. Sliding it in and out, between your full lips.

His eyes are fixated on your finger, imagining that it's his cock and not your finger you're sucking on.

"Tara, I decided to call your parents to come down to the office, but since they are out of town I got in touch with your Uncle Tom, and he should be here any minute, so just have a seat in that chair until he arrives."

"Oh goody!! I like Uncle Tom."

You sit in the chair opposite his desk, making sure to cross your legs in a way that gives him a very nice view of your legs, and if he wanted to look and even nicer view of those sexy boy shorts panties you're wearing.

After about five minutes of him trying not to look where he kept looking anyway, there is a knock on the door. Dean Wilson just looks at the door for a minute, like he can't get up, but you know why he can't get up right away. He's got a hard on from your teasing.

Thinking that if he moves fast enough you want notice the tent in his pants he jumps up and almost runs to the door letting me in.

Without even shaking my hand he turns away as I enter the office and almost trips trying to get behind his desk.

"UNCLE Tom!! I have missed you so much."

You throw your arms around me pressing your tits into my chest. Hugging you closer my hand slides over your ass as my hands run up and down you.

"It's great to see you too Tara. I have looking forward to you're staying with me this weekend. Now what did you do to get in trouble young girl?"

"Nothing Uncle Tom. I swear. Dean Wilson does not like the way I dress for school."

Standing back I look at you, dragging my eyes from your shiny black shoes, to your knee high socks, up those sexy legs, pausing at the hem of your skirt, before continuing along to your large tits behind that very thin white top, before finding my way to those full dick sucking lips of yours.

"What seems to be the problem with the way Tara's dressed, Dean Wilson? I think she looks very hot myself."

"Sir!! Your niece is not supposed to look hot at school. She is here to learn."

I sit down in the chair you were sitting in earlier across from his desk.

"OK Mr. Wilson, let's see if we can work out what the problem is here."

You look at the chair on the other side of me and decide my lap would be a better seat. Moving in front of me you straddle my legs and sit back on my lap facing Dean Wilson.

"I think I know the real problem Uncle Tom. Dean Wilson can't deal with the fact that he gets a hard on when he looks at me. He even has one right now. That's why he can't stand up."

"Is that true Dean Wilson? Does my 18 year old niece give you a hard on?"

"Oh yeah Uncle Tom. When he went to let you in the door he almost tripped trying to run behind his desk before you could see the tent in his pants."

You smile at him as you sit in my lap. Your ass wiggling around on me, trying to make sure my hard on is hitting you in the right spot.

"Mr. Wilson! Do you think that being turned on by 18 year old girls is an appropriate response for someone in your position?"

Sliding my hands up your side to cup your tits through your blouse, I squeeze them and let my hands play with them while looking straight at Dean Wilson. Slowly I reach up and undo the buttons exposing more and more of those beautiful tits.

"Are you telling me that you're turned on by my nieces big tits? That you see them and wish you could play with them like I am right now? That you are dying to know if they feel as good as they look?"

"Sir, you have to stop this right now! Tara is your niece."

"That's OK Dean Wilson, I like when Uncle Tom plays with my tits. It feels so good when he starts to pull on my nipples. It's even better when he's fucking me in the ass and they are jumping around."

You pull your skirt up and show him your panties, and how wet they are. Your fingers pulling them aside and giving him a great view of your shaved pussy. Your finger sliding between your pussy lips, before you bring your finger to your mouth and suck your juices off.

"MMMMM. Tell me you don't want any of this Dean Wilson. I see how you look at me, and I'm offering what you have only dreamed about, until now."

"Tara, this is wrong." He croaks.

"Come here Dean Wilson. Let me see what you're hiding behind that desk."

He gets up from his desk very slowly and walks around the desk to stand in front of you. He's shaking like he's the student, about to get spanked.

Giggling, you reach out and unzip his pants and reach in and pull his cock out. You give it a couple strokes while looking up at him. Then you lean in and take him in your mouth. Sliding up and down his shaft. Licking over his head with your tongue like an ice cream cone.

"Relax Dean Wilson, you're going to enjoy this. I know my Uncle Tom does. Don't you?

"Oh yeah Jen, you have the most talented mouth I have ever seen. Trust me Dean Wilson, you're going to have the time of your life."

While you're busy with his cock I pull your panties aside and stroke your pussy lips with my finger tips. Knowing that your ready I reach down and unzip my pants so I can free my hard cock. Lifting you up I line you up with my cock, and let you slowly slide down my shaft.

You moan around Dean Wilson's cock as mine fills your pussy. Your juices running down my shaft as your mouth goes up and down him. Your tongue working with your mouth, licking and teasing him, while your hips start rocking on my lap. Grinding that wet pussy on your Uncle's cock.

"Damn I love the way your cock fills me Uncle Tom." You say as you stroke Dean Wilson with your hand. "I have an idea. I saw it in a movie. Lay down on the floor Mr. Wilson, and I'll get on top of you, then Uncle Tom can Put his in my butt."

Stunned, Dean Wilson steps away from you. He just looks down at you as you ride up and down on my cock. Your juices coating me.

"Go ahead, lay down Dean Wilson. I promise, you this will blow your mind."

Standing up you pull your shirt off freeing those firm tits, and slide your panties down your tan legs before flipping them on Dean Wilson's desk.

"Now, down on the floor Dean Wilson!" You say in a very commanding voice.

With Dean Wilson on the floor you kneel over him and slide your pussy lips along his cock head before you take his cock in your tiny hand and guide it to your entrance and sink yourself down on him in one motion. Your hips start riding him as he looks up at you in a daze, and then you lean forward so he can suck on your tits as you ride him.

Looking down you see Dean Wilson's eyes roll back in his head as your warm, wet pussy swallows him on each down stroke.

Giggling you say, "see I told you this would blow your mind."

Looking back over your shoulder you say "There's some lube in my book bag Uncle Tom."

"That's my girl Tara, always prepared."

You giggle as you ride Dean Wilson. Your tits brushing his lips each time you move. I squirt some lube down your butt, before using my finger to spread it around your opening. Getting you ready for your first ever DP.

Bending down I put my cock at your entrance as you slow down your fucking of Dean Wilson so I can enter you. Pushing forward my head pops in, and then you let out a moan as you push back, taking me all the way in.

"OH HELL UNCLE Tom!!! This is incredible. I feel so full with the two of you in me. Dean Wilson, Uncle Tom has his big cock buried in my ass while you're in my pussy!! It feels so fucking good."

We start a rhythm with mostly you and me moving. Dean Wilson is in a state of shock as you fuck him. Your juices running down on him as you ride his cock, and mine slams into your ass. My balls slapping you on each thrust.

Your entire body starts to shake as your orgasm begins to build. Your pussy hammering away on poor Dean Wilson as he lays beneath you. My cock slamming your ass.


Then you tense up as your body explodes in orgasm. You collapse on Dean Wilson flattening your tits against him. Then he tries to lift his hips as he starts to cum in your pussy. Shooting jet after jet of cum into your body.

I keep my cock in your ass as you recover, then start moving again. Sliding in and out of you while you're still impaled on Dean Wilson.

Looking down you laugh and ask Dean Wilson if he's OK. He just lays there and you start to giggle again.

"Uncle Tom, when you are ready pull out and I'll swallow it. Dean Wilson, when Uncle Tom pulls out I'm going to turn around and let you clean me."

"Oh God Tara!! I'm close baby girl."

"Feed it to me Uncle Tom!! Let me have my favorite uncle's cum. I love the way it tastes"

I pull out of your ass and you spin around so fast Dean Wilson does not know what's happening until your cum filled pussy is covering his mouth, and my cock is in your mouth.

You take me in your mouth going all the way down on my thick cock, and sucking for all you're worth. You feel me swelling as I'm ready to explode and you pull back so I will cum on your tongue. My first spurt shoots all the way to your throat and you swallow as you always do. Then you use your mouth and tongue to get every drop of cum out of me. Filling your mouth before you swallow again. Making sure you taste every salty drop.

"MMMMM That was good Uncle Tom."

"Damn girl, you're going to kill me if you keep this up."

That was when we heard a muffled moan and we remembered Dean Wilson under your pussy.

Giving me that wicked smile you have you say "Finish cleaning my pussy and you can get up Dean Wilson. Then we can talk about my new summer school schedule. Come on Mr. Wilson, clean me up so I can go back to class."

Then you lean forward and give me a deep kiss. Our tongues playing back and forth.

"MMMM, I think I'll be spending more time at your pool than school this summer uncle Tom. Isn't that right Dean Wilson?"

The last sound we hear is a muffled groan as Dean Wilson cleans your pussy. His tongue sliding into your pussy and swallowing his cum.

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