tagFetishTara Likes Panties Ch. 01

Tara Likes Panties Ch. 01


My name is Tara. I'm 21, petite, with black hair cut in a Bob style with bangs. I was a gymnast in high school and body type is similar to the gymnasts you see competing on TV, but I've filled out a little more on top. I didn't have any boyfriends in high school, not because I wasn't attractive, believe me boys were asking me out, but because I just wasn't interested. I was more interested in working out and studying than socializing. Consequently, I didn't really have many girlfriends either. I would hang out with my friends Shari and Kim, but not a whole lot, mostly just to shop or do homework. Kinda boring, huh?

A couple years ago I came to college for the first time filled with anxiety. Would I like my classes? Would I like my dorm? And most of all, would I like my roommate? My Dad dropped me off at the dorm parking lot offering to help carry my bags to the dorm, but I said no, I wanted to do everything myself. I kissed him goodbye and walked onto the campus giddy with excitement and so nervous I thought I'd pee my pants! I got my key and "instructions" from the RA office and headed up to my dorm. It was on the second floor and had a nice view of the woods behind the campus. My new roommate, who the RA said was named "Vicki" hadn't arrived yet, so I got to pick which bed I wanted. The beds were set out in an "L" with one under the window and one along the long side of the room. I picked the one under the window. Our side of the dorm building had one bathroom that connected two rooms. So you could walk into the bathroom and walk through to the other room on the other side. Across the hall there were four rooms with one common bathroom in the middle along with a common "living room" area with a TV and sliding door and balcony overlooking the dorm courtyard.

I was unpacking when there was a quick knock on the door and then the door opened. My first impression of Vicki was really indifference. She had beautiful strawberry blonde, almost coppery red hair, shoulder length and thick, but she was wearing blue overalls on top of a hooded sweatshirt and had on Birkenstocks instead of shoes. She quickly won me over though with her smile and personality. She was happy, smart, complimentary and just fun to be around. We got along well right from the start.

After a yucky dinner at the dorm cafeteria we went back to the dorm and met the other 14 girls on our floor. We were all freshmen and were all excited about the upcoming year. Lisa and Julie were the pair in the room next to ours, sharing our bathroom. Everyone was kinda tired so Vicki and I went back to our room and got ready for bed. We both kinda embarrassingly started getting undressed and as soon as the coveralls came off I noticed that Vicki really had much larger breasts and beautiful full hips than I'd noticed. She left her bra and panties on and walked into the bathroom with her pajamas in hand. When she came out I had already put mine on. We laughed. We both had on full pajamas, mine with little bunnies and hers with green shamrocks. Very cute.

We got along great those first few weeks and quickly became best friends. We had similar classes and met some of the same people. We had fun at the parties both on and off campus. Neither of us had dated anyone yet, so a lot of our spare time was just spent talking. One night, however we went to a party at an adjoining dorm building and both of us had way too much to drink. We held each other up, laughing as we tried to walk home without falling over. I collapsed on my bed and looked back at Vicki as she staggered around the room. She looked at me and mumbled "I sheed a nower!". I laughed and she started undressing. Now, up to this point we had always removed our underclothes in the bathroom, so we hadn't seen each other naked. Vicki removed her top, then pants and then her bra. I couldn't stop looking at her breasts, they were so full and voluptuous. She looked at me, smiled and took off her panties, tossing them onto her bed, landing within arms reach of me. Her pussy hair was trimmed only slightly and was a dark red color, almost a rust color. She put her finger to her mouth sensually, turned and walked into the bathroom. I heard the shower start.

I was feeling light-headed from the alcohol, but more so because Vicki's body and sexy look had really turned me on. It must have been the alcohol that made me glance over at her bed. There were her panties. Pink cotton with little lacy ribbons on the sides. I watched my hand reach out and pluck them off the bed. Without thinking I lifted them to my face and inhaled deeply. Oh my! I had never experienced anything like that before. It was musky, tangy, hard to describe, but it made me tingle all over. I found that my other hand had snaked down inside my jeans and into my panties. Before I knew it I was sniffing her panties and playing with my pussy frantically. Suddenly, I heard the shower shut off. I tossed Vicki's panties back on her bed and quickly got undressed, down to my bra and panties. As Vicki came out of the bathroom I slipped past her, avoiding eye contact.

I shut the bathroom door, stripped and got in the shower. I don't masturbate often, and when I do it's usually quietly in bed with a pillow between my thighs, slow and steady and only occasionally to orgasm. But now, as I got in the shower, I found that my pussy was dripping wet and my nipples were as hard as they'd ever been. I was so turned on I couldn't stand it! I pointed the water at my tummy and let it flow over me as I played with my nipples and clit, all the while imagining Vicki's panties were still in my hand. I came so hard that I actually slipped down to the floor of the shower. It was crazy! What was it that was turning me on so much? The smell? The sight of her naked body? The fact that I felt guilty for "using" her panties for my own pleasure? Was I invading her privacy? If she found out, would she hate and ridicule me? All of these thoughts and emotions were coursing through me.

I dried off and returned to the room, holding my bra and panties over me to hide my body. Vicki was sprawled over her bed, face-down, naked and fast asleep. I quickly put on my jammies and got into bed. As I lay there, I looked over and could see Vicki's lovely body. She had beautiful curves. And her ass. I wanted to touch it in the worst way. Instead I turned off the light and touched myself lightly as the room spun around until I fell asleep.

Over the next few days I ignored my lusty feelings and went along with daily tasks, school, homework etc. as usual. Then, one day, I came home early from class and found Vicki had left her dirty laundry in a pile on her bed. There, right on top was another pair of her dirty panties. I stood staring, biting my lower lip. Should I do it? I glanced around. The clock said 2:15. Vicki wouldn't be home for hours. I locked the dorm room door and the bathroom door and slowly walked over to her bed.

There they were. They were light blue this time, they'd been rolled off of her legs, so the sides were rolled up and the crotch area was right there "looking" at me. I reached out and took them in both hands and lifted them to my face. Oh, sweet Jesus! The odor hit me like a blast of summer wind. I got goose bumps all over. I slowly started undressing myself and then lay down on my bed. I began to rub the panties all over my face as I touched and pinched my nipples. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter each time I inhaled her lovely scent. Suddenly a thought occurred to me. I looked over at the pile of dirty laundry. Surely there must be another pair of panties in there! Leaving the baby-blue panties on my pillow I went over to the laundry pile and carefully began looking through it. Jackpot! There was a whole week's worth here, 5 more pairs! I took them and laid them on my bed next to the baby-blue ones. First there was a plain white cotton pair, then the original pink ones I was so familiar with, a lovely "boy shorts" pair that was kinda teal green, a purple thong and finally a very sexy black satin pair. My heart was beating so fast I thought I would die.

I laid them all out on my pillow and dove in. I was sniffing and feeling and rubbing them all over my body as I played with my pussy and breasts. I laid the blue ones on my pillow and lowered my mouth onto them. I slowly stuck out my tongue and started to lick and taste. I was on my knees, ass up face down with my hands between my legs. My fingers were so wet and slippery! The panties tasted SO good. I brought one hand up to my mouth and tasted my own juices. Yum! I'd never done that before either! Now I was tasting two pussies, mine from my fingers and Vicki's from her panties. I laid on my back and draped all 6 pairs of panties over my face and body. I took the black ones and started rubbing them on my pussy. Slowly I started putting more and more inside me. Pretty soon they had disappeared inside me and I was rubbing my clit harder and harder. I could smell my own sex over the smell of Vicki's panties! I came so hard I thought i was going to die! Then when I thought it was over I started cumming again. It was the biggest orgasm I'd ever experienced, and my first multiple-orgasm ever.

Shit! What was happening to me? Was I turning gay? I hadn't thought about any guys for weeks. I just lay there listening to my own heartbeat and wondering what was going on with me.

Finally I got up and gathered the panties and put them back in the pile. Then I got dressed and took all her dirty clothes down to the laundry room and put them in the washer. I figured it was the least I could do. I still felt guilty.

Over the next few days I found myself looking for opportunities to sneak a sniff of Vicki's panties. I was extremely careful. The last thing I wanted was for her to catch me. One night I was feeling particularly horny and had to pee something awful. Vicky was in the bathroom and I couldn't go in so I decided to run across the hall and use the common bathroom.

As I walked in, one of the girls, Marcie, was getting undressed for a shower. I apologized for barging in and asked if it was OK to use their bathroom. She laughed and said "of course!". Marcie had long brown hair all the way down her back. She was tall, about 5'10" and athletic. She had a lovely complexion, she might have been Italian. She didn't have much in the way of hips, but she did have nice breasts, probably a C cup. She took off the remainder of her clothes, smiled and jumped in the shower. There on the floor right in front of me was her white thong panties. Without thinking I grabbed them and practically leapt into the bathroom stall. I pulled up my skirt and dropped my panties and sat down to pee. As I peed I lifted her thong to my face. Mmmm! Nice, but different than Vicki. A little sweeter maybe? I finished peeing and started touching myself. I realized I didn't have much time so I got right to it. I imagined, for the first time, that I was actually going down on a girl, going down on Marcie. I'd never had those thoughts before, and now it turned me on so much that I came within just a few minutes. I pulled up my panties, smoothed my skirt and listened to see if anyone else was in the bathroom. The shower was still going. I crept out and dropped Marcie's panties on the floor where I'd picked them up and left the bathroom. Whew!

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by Anonymous07/29/17

its fun

Im a male and i can't think of anything hotter than girls sniffing there own or friends panties i would if i was a girl! My gf cums hard in no time when we fantasise about it

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