tagFirst TimeTara's First Time

Tara's First Time


Tara had just moved into her new dorm at college. As soon as she saw her parents go after they dropped off her stuff, she shut the door to her spacious single room and jumped up and down happily. She was finally alone. All those years studying hard and getting those scholarships paid off nicely. She was ready to experience new things at school, maybe even a boyfriend. All through school she was known to be studious, so boys never paid much attention to her.

Three weeks into school she made friends with a guy from down the hall, Chad. Chad was tall, 6’1” with blonde hair and blue eyes, he had an athletic physique and went to gym a lot. Chad would drop by often and share the coffee that he made from his coffeemaker. They would talk about the classes they shared and study together. One afternoon after class, Chad dropped by as usual before dinner and introduced her to some of his friends from back home.

The first friend he introduced was Ryan, even though he was kind of short, but he was really cute with his brown hair and glasses. Like her, he was on the school chess team and in school politics. His second friend was Peter, Peter was tall like Chad and had dark hair and a wonderful British accent. The trio looked like they had been good friends for a long time, and they had since fifth grade.

Chad asked Tara if she would like to join them at the school pub after dinner for some drinks and to shoot some pool. Tara agreed and they all went off to dinner. After dinner Tara put her books away. Since it was still warm out, she chose to put on a short jean skirt and a tank top. Since all of her thongs were in the laundry and she didn’t want to have any visible panty lines, she decided to forgo panties for the evening. After she changed she rapped lightly on Chad’s door. Chad opened it a crack and grabbed her by the hand. Before Tara could realize what was going on, she looked around and saw Chad, Peter, and Ryan still in their boxers. None of them had gotten ready yet to go.

“Sorry, I’ll go wait in the lobby downstairs.” Tara stammered.

“Wait,” Chad grabbed her wrist. “It isn’t what you think. I should have told you sooner that I liked you, I just didn’t know what came over me.”

Tara stood there, she wanted to tell Chad that she liked him too. But, instead her cunt did the talking. Chad looked down at her thigh and realized that it was glistening, and that a delicious musky odor filled the air. Chad advanced toward Tara and Tara could see that he was becoming aroused. Peter reached from behind Tara and grabbed her.

Tara began to scream, but Peter put his hand over her mouth and whispered, “This is the only way that we can show you how aroused we were when we all first met.”

Tara stopped struggling and turned around. She replied, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’ve never had sex before, this is so sudden. I want to but I’m so unsure, I thought that my first time would be romantic with someone that I loved.”

Before anyone could answer, Tara noticed that Chad had already taken off his boxers and stood before her fully erect. Tara’s eyes bulged in fear, this wasn’t what she wanted. Peter held down her arms, and Ryan came around, hiked up her skirt and opened her legs. Her limbs hurt from the rough treatment. She wanted to scream in fear, but at the same time she was kind of enjoying herself. Chad looked up at her and stared at her pussy. It was covered in hair, so Chad got up and took out his cordless shaver and shaved off all the hair, till her cunt was smooth. He then started to lick her pussy to get it nice and wet. He lapped up the wetness that was there before they hiked up her skirt and took his finger and probed her hot hole. He withdrew his finger that was dripping with her juices and rubbed it on his throbbing cock. He then tried to enter her. She was so tight, that he had to push. It was painful at first for him, so he stayed inside of her until her muscles relaxed. When she finally did relax, he looked at her face and noticed that the fear was gone. He kissed her on the mouth and started to move slowly inside of her. As he quickened his pace, she quickened her breathing and moaned. He knew that she was enjoying herself. He withdrew his cock and noticed that it was covered in blood. She wasn’t lying after all, she really was a virgin.

“I’m sorry Tara, I thought that you were lying.”

Tara looked at Chad and could sense that he really was sorry. Tara realized that it was a lucky coincidence that she started to take the pill, because she didn’t want to get pregnant which would mess up her studies.

Peter and Ryan loosened their hold on Tara and she got up. To the boys’ surprise, she turned on the radio, found a song that she liked and did a strip tease for them.

“Since you stole my cherry, the least you all could do for me is to fuck me. I’ve always wanted to be gang banged. So might as well fuck me as hard as you all can.”

The boys’ eyes all lit up, Chad picked a really cool chick. Their cocks all hardened immediately and Tara noticed that there were wet spots on both Ryan’s and Peter’s boxers. She grabbed both of their cocks at once, and began to lick and suck on Ryan’s. Her tongue swirled around Ryan’s cock, and she began to realize that she was a natural at this. She deepthroated him and heard Ryan moan. At the same time she whacked Peter off. This was her first time so her hand was rather clumsy at this. Peter felt some pain, because his penis was being mishandled so he lifted her hand off of his penis. Tara took her hand back and played with Ryan’s testicles as she licked and sucked him.

“I’m going to cum!” Ryan moaned.

Before Tara could even stop, Ryan came into her mouth. Hot, sticky, salty cum flooded her mouth and she swallowed quickly. Tara realized that cum was rather tasty and wanted more. She moved towards Chad and began to lick off her virginal blood. She then did to Chad what she did for Ryan and tasted Chad’s cum. Peter felt a little left out so while she was drinking Chad’s cum, he began to lick her pussy and her asshole. He noticed that it was small and tight, he began to fantasize what it would be like to put his pecker in there. So after Tara finished off Chad, Peter turned her onto her stomach. He grabbed some hand lotion from Chad’s closet and inserted the nozzle into her asshole. The coolness of the lotion shocked Tara, but she complied. Peter rubbed some lotion on his cock and flicked her butt with the head of his cock. She tensed and he could sense that. He told her to relax and pretend that she was about to take a shit. Tara was so confused, she tensed up even more. Chad cooed in her ear to relax and he began to stroke her clit. As soon as she relaxed, Peter forced his cock into her tight asshole all at once. It was so good to be inside of an ass virgin again. He waited for her to relax so that he could have his way with her. She began to scream loud, so Ryan turned up the music. Since it was Friday, no one would notice or care if they played their music loud. Peter moved his hips to the rhythm of the music, and found himself closer and closer to the edge. When he finally shot his load into her ass, he felt her buckle underneath him. Peter realized that he gave her, her first orgasm.

“Was it good baby?” Peter asked in his sexy British accent.

“Oh, yeah. I want more. Ryan I haven’t felt you inside of me yet.”

Ryan was also a virgin, before Tara gave him a blowjob. He was also kind of ashamed that he came so quickly, but he was certain that this time he would last longer. He mounted her from the front and felt the muscles in her pussy contract. The tightness of her cunt and the press of her breasts against his chest were too much for him. He came again, in great spurts filling her up. She felt the hot gush of semen and smiled at him. The rest of boys laughed a little, not so much as his lack of control. But, they knew it was his first time and they thought it was funny that he wasn’t alone with her.

“Hey, why don’t we see if Tara can take all of us on at once?” Ryan suggested. Ryan was so shocked that he would even mention something like that.

Tara’s eyes lit up and she nodded her head. Ryan took himself out of her and noticed that there was cum coming out of her ass and vagina. His flaccid cock quickly hardened again. Peter lay down on the floor and told Tara to lie on top of him. She did and slid his cock into her ass again. Chad climbed on top of Tara and slipped his cock into her cum-filled pussy. Ryan slipped his cock into Tara’s mouth and they all tried to move in unison.

Tara could not believe that she was getting pleasure all over her body. One of her hands went straight to her clit and she massaged it deftly. Ryan noticed that this wasn’t her first time touching herself. This got him so hot again, but this time he controlled himself. He would come later, when Chad and Peter were ready.

Chad could not believe his luck, he knew that Tara had something sexy in her aura, but he never realized what a nymph she would be. Chad knew that he couldn’t hold back any longer and he told the two other guys that he was going to come soon.

“Maybe you guys could all cum into a cup and watch me drink your cum.” Tara suggested breathlessly. The boys agreed that it would be cleaner to do that then cum all over her.

Chad found a plastic cup and he whacked himself off and came into the cup. He passed the cup to Tara and she got off of Peter and told him to cum into the cup. Peter complied and handed the cup to Ryan. Ryan was a little shy and turned around to masturbate into the cup. The cup was nearly full and the boys watched as Tara drank the whole thing.

After she was done drinking she smiled and said, “Mmmmm… is there any more of this? I’m thirsty.”

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