tagFetishTaste of True Friendship Ch. 05

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 05


I couldn't believe it! They got me on film again! Well, it wasn't like I didn't have fun doing it but still I would have liked to have been given the chance to "act" a little.

When I mentioned that to Kim she said, "Wanda, you are so much better when you are natural. Your gift is that you don't have to act to be sexy!"

I thought she was putting me on. DeDe and Kim were gorgeous women and here one of them was saying that I was sexy? And I could tell she was sincere about it. She WASN'T putting me on.

Kim continued, "You have an innate sexiness that lots of gals would kill for. I don't mean that you are flashy, or polished. I just mean that you are "real". You look like someone that a guy would meet somewhere, at the office, in the bank, in a park, at the mall, and wind up talking into bed. No, you don't have a perfect shape; no, you don't primp, shave, wax, and tweeze; no you don't have plastic boobs; no, you don't layer on the make-up. But you are fresh; you have curves and round spots; there's extra of you to prod, kiss, and caress; you have a luxurious bush that conceals and adds mystery to a darling pussy; your boobs are soft and luscious without being showy; and your love making is unaffected- -you just go for it whether it's a guy or a girl. Oh, and have I told you? You eat pussy just as good as you suck cock- -and THAT's saying something because I think you are one of the best cocksuckers I've seen and, believe me, I've seen hundreds of them!"

Whew! Was that a pep talk or what?

"You really mean that?" I said to Kim, almost unable to breathe. "I can't believe it. I'm just frumpy old Wanda who everybody thought was a dyke,who nobody wanted to lay, who had to resort to 'glory holes' to get some sexual satisfaction, and you're telling me I'm sexy?"

"Here's the deal, Wanda." Kim put her hand on my leg. "When you FELT that way, you WERE that way! But I can tell that your experiences have changed you, not just the cocksucking you did in the porno arcades, but these last few days have brought you out. You can't see it yourself but I can. Why, didn't you tell me that you've lost more than 40lbs since you've started on your sexual escapades? See? You're coming into your own- -no pun intended. I think you've hit your stride."


From then on, I put myself into Kim's hands. She helped me out with some wardrobe tips, gave me a way to look nice yet natural. She set me up with a hairdresser who worked with my curly hair and brought it to a point where it looked coifed yet not affected. I even groomed my "bush" some, not a lot because I didn't want to ruin that natural look but enough so it didn't look as wild as before. the hair under the armpits went- -for good! I even got to work with a personal trainer who got me to take off an extra few pounds without making me look gaunt. I got down to about 125lbs, which is slim for me but I retained enough of the "extra" to keep that sexiness that Kim had talked about. I didn't loose anything from my boobs, though, and my new trimness accentuated my curves and made my boobs look larger. It was win, win, win all the way around.

She also set me up with some more shoots. The first few times she went along with me to make sure that I was properly introduced around and that I wasn't being taken advantage of. I wound up making some pretty good money doing these things. I was making enough to support myself and put some money aside too. When I wasn't doing porn sessions, I helped Kim out with her business managing her fashion models, scheduling their appointments, not only with modeling assignments but with their handlers like hair dressers, trainers and so forth. I found that I had a pretty good organizational ability that I hadn't had a chance to use before.

I developed a bookkeeping business that took care of not only the models that I worked with but also some of the porn producers. It helped to keep their books "straight". This was extremely interesting because I discovered that there were lots of ways to hide, divert, and launder money. There were some shady money men in the business and they appreciated the fact that I could take care of a balance sheet, preserve their cash profit, yet still keep them out of trouble with the IRS. Plus I could still give a good blowjob on film. I even threw in a "freebie" every now and again, if it was a guy (or a gal) that I liked. THAT helped bring in some business too!

I guess I had hit my stride.

But it was the porno filming that I enjoyed the best. The first one I went out on after my little session with DeDe and Kim that day was on an honest to goodness production sound stage in a large industrial warehouse on the outskirts of the city. There were several shoots going on under one roof. The warehouse was partitioned off into little cubicles, each one a small movie set depicting different scenes: an office, a bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, and so forth. There were probably eight or ten of those set ups in the building. This presented somewhat of a problem because the characteristic sounds of porno scenes bled over from set to set so that the passionate moanings in one scene found their way onto the audio track of another scene. Post production took care of a lot of that and, sometimes, they just didn't care. In a way it made the films sexier.

That first day, though, they set me up in a bedroom scene. I was the housewife sleeping late. My "husband" came in to roust me out of bed but I wouldn't stir. He said something like, "I'll give you something to get you going!" and then proceeded to strip my nightgown off of me, spread me out on the bed, and fuck me with his massive dick. Of course, my part was to respond passionately to this- -which wasn't hard for me to do because I couldn't get enough of having a penis inside me. I actually got excited at this and gave a very realistic performance of a woman having a vaginal orgasm because I was actually having a vaginal orgasm. He pulled his cock out of me before he came, knelt astride me, and shot his load all over my boobs and stomach. His semen was warm, sticky, and fragrant. I surprised the crew by using my hand to spoon the cum into my mouth and dramatically taste it before I swallowed it. Hubby flounced out after he came and left me naked on the bed. I followed that up with masturbating with my left hand while massaging my breasts and tweaking my nipples with my right hand. This felt good but not as good as the orgasm I'd just had. Then, to finish everything off, as I was lying there "sleeping" after my exertions, a "gardner" who had been peeking in the window observing all of the forgoing acitivities, climbs in through the window, drops his pants and starts jacking off. I act "astonished and afraid" but am "captivated" by seeing his erect penis, (The director's words, not mine. Let's face it, having just been fucked by my husband , slurping down his cum, and masturbating to an orgasm, the manifestation of another prick in my life shouldn't be that remarkable.) In any event, my task was to suck off the gardner, which I did with relish. I don't think the "actor" the selected for the gardner's role was quite prepared for my enthusiasm. I swallowed him whole and sucked him until he was dry.

I did a matinee, so to speak, on another set. This was the "Secretary Tries to Save Her Job" scenario. It required a more than a little introductory dialog. As I'm sitting at my desk, Mr. Boss tells me that he has to let me go because of my lack of expertise using the computer. I, of course, say, "Isn't there anything I can do to save my job?" Naturally, his response is, "Well, I can think of something." And then he unzips his pants, hangs out his schlong, and gives me the go ahead"(with the emphasis on "head" ). I do him and then, as he zips back up, he says, "But the decision isn't really mine. Mr. Manager has the final say." So, I go into Mr. Manager's office and he makes it plain that I need to "clear off his desk". While I am doing that, he picks up my skirt, starts to finger-bang me from the rear, and finally unleashes his cock and fucks me doggy style as I am bending over his desk. (Again, some righteous fucking was a pleasurable novelty for me at this point in my career, having had so little of it in my life before porn.) He finishes up by pulling his cock out, turning me around, and coming on my face. I lick the last bit of semen off of his cock while I use my fingers as a spatula to guide the rest of his cum into my mouth. Then he says, "I wish I could cancel the job termination, but it is really the board of directors that has to vote on it." There followed a procession of three "suits" each one with their cocks hanging out of their pants. I serviced all of them, sucking on one cock while jacking off the other two, one with each hand. They came as if choreographed: one- -two- -three! I managed to catch all of their loads in my mouth and swallow, though some of their jizz got onto my face. The cameraman made sure he got a close up of that action.

And so my porn career went. I wasn't on the set every day, not even once a week. But there were months where I got in three or four shoots. On top of that, I "helped out" with the "producers" and their money men. It was hard not to kick in some financing when you were getting your rocks off with a porn star. I would even do a few "private shows" for selected clientele, sometimes filmed, sometimes not. Those paid extra and the tips were great, no pun intended.

And that is really what I had become, a porn star- -not a huge porn star, but big enough. I even had a dildo named after me. Can you believe it? The marketer of the porn DVD's saw a shoot that I did using a glass dildo's. These were quality items, hand made, and each one unique. They didn't exactly look like penises. The shapes were exotic. The one that was my favorite, had "knobs" on it that worked like "Ben Wa" balls as I slid it in and out of my pussy. It would give me a serious orgasm when I used it and the camera ate that up. So, when they started putting them into the porn shops for sale, they packaged and labeled them, "Wanda's Wand". Is that too much, or what?

But, I have to tell you the really big news! Are you ready for this? I have fallen in love. Yes, seriously. I am head over heels in love. Let me tell you how that happened:

I was working with Jerry again. We had done several shoots and he often asked for me as one of his "actresses". He warned me that this was going to be a little bit of a complicated project. It wasn't going to be a Cecil B. DeMille epic or anything like that but it would have some plot complexities. (I mean, how complex could a porno plot be?)

I showed up at the address Jerry gave me. It was a very nice, large house in a remote, hillside, section of the city. I suppose one would might call it a "mini-mansion" but, in my book, it qualified as a plain old mansion. I am guessing that, all together, it was around 6,000 sq ft. I don't know how many bedrooms and bathrooms it had because I only got to see the ground floor living area. Most of the shoot took place in the recreation room and on the patio and in the pool area.

When I got there, I was ushered through the living room. That was a huge room, with a high ceiling, nicely furnished in a contemporary style, couches and end-tables, area rugs, lots of large window to let lots of natural light in, and a large fireplace made for real wood- -no gas logs here. I went by a door that led to a kitchen and breakfast nook area, down a little hallway, and into another large room.

This was almost as big as the living room but with a lower ceiling. This room had a large screen TV (I guessed it as a 65" plasma) on the far wall opposite the door, with a couch and two recliner chairs placed at a distance to it in a semi-circle. On one side of the TV was a stack of audio equipment (surround sound, I'm sure) and on the other was a stack of DVD/VHS players and a video game console. To the right of the couch was a long bar with dozens of bottles and an ample supply of classes on the back bar. And to the left of the couch was a large pool table with a cabinet next to it full of balls, cues, chalk, and racks. Off in the corner was a treadmill. (I couldn't help but notice that it was draped with work out clothes, towels, and a couple of terry cloth robes. On the far left were floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that ran the entire with of the room that led out to a cement patio. Beyond that was an immense swimming pool. Jerry walked over, took me by the elbow, and guided me toward a threesome that was just outside on the patio. "Wanda, Let me introduce you to the 'players'. I don't think you've met them before. They're new to our company."

There were two guys and one woman. The guys were generic porno hunks. I mean these guys are interchangeable with just about all of the other male porn actors that I worked with. You know, buff, hunky, not too smart looking, with larger than ordinary dicks. And, they never passed a mirror without pausing and admiring themselves.

Jerry introduced me to "Hemnunm" and "Menumnn" I really didn't get their names. For one, who cared? The were just a couple of stiff dicks. For two, I was too distracted by their companion.

The woman, on the other hand, was a beauty. She was tall, very tall- -at least 5'10" maybe even 6'0" but it was hard to tell for she was wearing a pair of very sexy and revealing lucite heels. She was definitely taller than the two guys she was standing with. It was hard to tell if she was a Latina, if she was Asian, or if she was a little bit of both. Her complexion was "tan", like she spent a lot of time sunning herself but, notwithstanding that, she had darker skin- -smooth, silky, exotic looking skin. Her facial features were exquisite, a finely shaped nose, high cheekbones, full lips, and a sharp jaw line. Her hair was jet black, smooth, and glossy. She was wearing tight fitting leopard pants, almost spray painted on, and a matching halter top. Her hips were narrow (not at all like mine) but she had a slim waist and a nicely rounded fanny (maybe a little like mine). Her bare midriff was taut, toned, and tanned. She had a fabulous looking chest. This gal was a 38D if she was an inch and her boobs stood up and out. My guess was that they were implants but there seemed to be a softness to them too. If they were natural they were a phenomenon; if they were implants, they were excellently done.

Jerry said, "...and this is Tanya."

I nodded and murmured "Hello" to "Hemnunm" and "Menumnn" and I reached out and took Tanya's slender, and beautifully manicured hand, and said, "Hello, Tanya. My name's Wanda. I'm so pleased to meet you."

Tanya flashed me a smile showing me the whitest teeth I'd ever seen and said gently, "Wanda? That's a wonderful name. I LOVE that name." My heart skipped a beat. She had me.

Now, you have to remember, I'm a girl who loves cock. I mean, I only had experiences with women since I started in this porn business. And they were fun! How could I forget Kim and DeDe. In fact, we still get together every now and again and "play". And it's good, too. Very good. I've gotten to enjoy eating pussy, and having mine eaten for that matter, but cocks are still my favorites. Sucking cocks, getting fucked by cocks, jacking off cocks, swallowing cock "milk", THAT's my thing. So, I was absolutely astounded that I had the reaction to Tanya that I had. I don't remember ever having that feeling that way before.

I could hear Jerry out of the corner of one ear, "......and then we'll move over to the edge of the pool and 'Hemnunm' will be getting his cock sucked by Wanda who's in the pool and Tanya will be working over 'Menumnn' jacking him off over on the chaise longe.....and....."

I could hardly focus on the "directions" I was so captivated by Tanya.

The shoot started. Jerry was doing his thing with the microphone and the earpieces with the cameramen, there were three this time too. There was only one "gopher" doing his act with the hand held camcorder and doubling by keeping the cables all straight. It was bright sunlight so artificial lighting wasn't needed but there were "umbrella" reflectors that had to be positioned.

We started out in the recreation room, all of us playing pool. Hemnunm (or was it Menumnn? I couldn't tell) and I were on one team and his counter part and Tanya were on the other team. The deal was that whichever team won the game, the guy would get to switch partners and engage in sex with a member the other team. This didn't make sense to me because the result was the same either way but that's the way Jerry had it figured out and it did result in folks having sex, which was the whole point of the exercise.

My team "lost" and Hemnunm went over and took Tanya by the hand and guided her outside over to the chaise longe in the patio. Menumnn patted my fanny and steered me across the cement decking over to the edge of the pool and began to disrobe me. He and I did a little smooching as he got me naked and then I worked my way down his body kissing chest and stomach while I slipped him out of his clothes.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Tanya sitting on the chaise with Hemnunm, getting him naked too. She was giving him some real passionate kisses as she freed his cock from his shorts and began to stroke him into hardness. Meanwhile, I'd slipped into the pool in the shallow end where the water came to just above my waist but sloshed up every now and again to cover boobs. I am sure glad that this was a heated pool. I didn't want goose bumps- -puckered nipples, o.k. but no goose bumps.

Menumnn was sitting on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water and I was positioned between his legs. I proceeded to give him a first class blow job- -I mean the works. He grasped either side of my head with his hands as if to force me down on his prick but that was just for show. I went down on him taking his entire cock into my mouth all the way down to the back of my throat. He might have been a generic porno-hunk but he wasn't puny. He had a thick, meaty cock that filled my mouth. I stroked his shaved scrotum (generic porno-hunks all have shaved scrotums) and played with his testicles as I slid my mouth up and down on his cock. I worked at it until I could feel him just about to come and then I would back off and just hold his organ in my mouth without doing anything to stimulate it. After about 30 seconds, I'd start the massaging and sucking again. I could tell this was driving him wild. He arched his back, threw his head up, and leaned back on his arms until they quivered. I went through about five cycles of this when he couldn't hold it back any more. I pulled my head off of his cock and let him shoot his wad on my face. Some of his cum dropped onto my breasts, and some dropped into the pool. Camera #2 made sure to capture the cum rolling down my breasts and the drops of white, milky cum floating in the pool. Camera #1 was filming my swallowing of what I could get of his load into my mouth. I finished up by dunking my self under the water trying to get the cum that was floating there into my mouth. I wasn't very successful because the sticky stuff began to dilute and slip away but it made good fun for the cameraman to try to capture my attempts. When I had done the best I could to get it, I came up for air. By this time good old Menumnn had taken his legs out of the pool and had staggered over to a deck chair and collapsed into it. I guess my blow job took more out of him than just his sperm.

I looked over and saws that Tanya had finished her task with Hemnunm He had come all over her hand and she was cleaning her self up licking the gooey stuff into her mouth. She seemed to enjoy it as if it were a delicacy. My kind of girl! I didn't know this until I watched the final cut of our shoot, but Tanya had gotten Hemnunm off just by stroking his cock with her hand and, well, with maybe a little lip and tongue play on the head When he came, his load shot straight up into the air about a foot high with some of it landing on his stomach and the rest cascading down Tanya's hand. This was not altogether different than Jen's experience that first night. And Tanya rightly had the same reaction, to lick her man clean for the camera. Just as Menumnn had spent himself with our session, Hemnunm was wiped out by Tanya's ministrations. He dragged himself off the chaise and fell into another deck chair not far from Menumnn. The two prono-hunks looked at each other, gave each other a knuckle bump, and proceeded to nod off.

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