Taught To Enjoy It By My Brother


"What the hell are you up to?" He grinned and stood. "I was just... Well I .... I'm horny Paul. I want it again. Don't you?"

"Well I might." He teased. He came over to me and slid my bra straps over my shoulders. "You are becoming a bit of a slut aren't you?" We were standing close. "Oh yes. I am. I like it." I laughed but I was concerned that he wouldn't like me being like it. "Don't you want me to be like this?"

"Oh yes its fine. Yes. I like my Sister being a naughty slut." My breasts popped out of the top of my bra. My pink nipples were hard and I felt the movement as they jumped out of the tight material. I certainly felt naughty. His hands covered them and I put up my mouth to be kissed. His mouth opened mine and his tongue went inside me again as his hands did wonderful things to my breasts. I reached behind and unfastened the bra and let it fall and his hand moved down inside my panties. I leant against him as he found out how wet I was, as his fingers began rubbing me. It took no time before he made me gasp.

He turned me and sat me on the sofa, right on the edge. In fact he pulled me over the edge and spread my legs wide. I resisted in embarrassment for a moment. "I want to look at you. Stop it. I want to look at your tits and your cunt."

"That's such a dirty word."

"Yes. Don't you want to be dirty Sis?"

"Oh yes. Do you like looking at me naked Paul? I like you looking, it makes me hot."

"Yes. You are wonderful without clothes on. Much better. I want you like this whenever you can just so I see you naked for me." I was so pleased by this and I opened my legs wide for him to see more of me. My little titties were rising and falling. His fingers went to my pussy, my cunt. Cunt, it sounded far dirty than pussy. It was a much dirtier word. My cunt. I groaned slightly and pushed onto them. He moved nearer. "Oh yes I want to be naughty for you."

"What do you want naughty girl?"

"I want you to fuck me."

"Whose cock do you want?" Yours. Your cock."

"But I'm your brother. You shouldn't be wanting to fuck your brother should you?"

"No, but I do. I want my brother to fuck me. I do. I do. I want my brothers cock in my cunt. Oh God." It made it better being my brother. It was shameful and dirty. I was so near. It was so good being dirty, being a slut for my brother. His face moved up my thighs. "Is that all you want?"

"Will you lick me again? Please. I want my big brother to lick my cunt again like he did before and make me cum."

His hands took a buttock each and his face slid up to me. I couldn't believe that he wanted to but it was so good as he lapped my juices over my clit and played around in my cunt. In my cunt. His mouth was so good. He delved and poked around and lapped over my clit until I was screaming and cumming in his face, grinding me against him, holding my bucking body. He moved away and stood. I watched him undressing as my cunt throbbed. I looked at his cock. It was so hard. I could see the veins standing out along it and the knob all shiny. When he knelt down again he turned me over so that I was kneeling in front of him and my tits rubbing against the front of the cushions. My back was arched and I knew he would be able to see my pounding cunt lips from behind. Suddenly he sank in me. Into my cunt, deeply, opening me wide, filling me. I wanted it so much. He began to push in and out. It felt good in this position. I had seen dogs do it like this. I felt like a bitch, like a mare to his stallion. I moved a hand below me and felt him, felt his cock pushing in and out of my big lips. I rubbed myself and felt that slippery cock going into my little body.

He fucked hard and savagely pulling me nearer again, then suddenly stopped. "Its OK. Cum in me." He ignored me and then fucked again until I was groaning loudly before he stopped again. I realised what he was doing, he was teasing me. "Please. Please. Don't stop." He continued to ignore me until he decided I could take more and brought me to the edge over and over until I was crying and screaming in frustration. He pushed deeper and deeper in me as my insides clung to him. I expected him to stop again but this time he didn't. I was getting nearer and nearer and desperate that he continue. I was crying and calling out disgusting things and he didn't stop. He really fucked me. I screamed loud as I came and gradually realised that he had stopped even though he was still in me. I was soaked and as my thighs felt liquids running down them I knew he had cum too.

After I lay on the sofa and sucked him even though I could taste myself, his hand was on my tits and I played with the wetness in me. I felt him move my thighs wide so that he could watch me. I wanted him to see. One of my hands was exploring over his cock and balls as I sucked on him. I could have stayed like that for ever. His cock was getting hard again. It was magical the way it seemed to rise, change from the softness to real steel-like hardness. I began to really give him a good hand job as I kissed and sucked his knob. It felt good and I knew he was enjoying it from the things he said as I did it, the really dirty things he said to me. My fingers were frigging my spunk-covered clit roughly now and I sank them deep inside pulling more out onto me as he squeezed my tits. I knew he was going to cum again. I wanted him to, I wanted him to cum in my mouth and then he did. Oh it was so amazing having my brother's semen exploding into my mouth. It made me cum too.

I just couldn't get enough of him after that. I especially loved it when he took me behind like some dog. We fucked at every opportunity. I'd go into room at night; we fucked downstairs when our parents went out. I stripped for him whenever I could, I knew he liked my body and seeing me naked for him and it was especially good stripping whilst he was dressed it made it more wicked somehow. I even wore no underwear under my skirts at times so I could flash for him properly and sometimes he would finger me quickly, generally having to leave me desperate before we were found.

One time in the middle of the night in Paul's bedroom I was laying with him playing with my slippery cunt with the sidelight on so that he could see better. He was keeping me charged up and enjoying his control over my constant need. One finger tip was opening my bottom slightly, making me constantly aware of it. "You like me touching your bottom don't you naughty little slut?"

"Mmmm. Yes." Embarrassed I pressed my face to his chest. "Do you want to be really dirty Sis?"

"Yes." Said into his chest breathlessly. "Yes."

"I've fucked your cunt, haven't I?"

"Yes, you've fucked your sister's cunt Paul."

"And I've fucked your mouth?"

"Yes. You've fucked your sisters mouth."

"I want to fuck your bottom. Are you up for that?"

"What? In my bottom? Do people really do that?"

"Yes. Not often but they do."

"That is really dirty. I guess."

"It will hurt a bit at first though. You should know that."

"You hurt before, smacking me and my cunt often feels sore, but it's always good. Do you want to? Does the idea excite you?"

"Yes. I want to fuck your arse Sis." Arse. Again more dirty words. "OK. What do I do?"

He sent me for some Vaseline. I padded naked back to him with the jar. Then he positioned me on the bed on my knees, my back arched, my buttocks thrust high. My arse thrust high. I spread my legs. It always felt really rude presenting myself to him like this. I always knew what he could see and my cunt lips had felt big and thick and wet, as I had walked. Now they were pushed up for him again.

His fingers took me back to near my peak again and then he brought my fingers to do it as he watched. That always made me even hotter touching myself and being seen. "You must always keep wanking yourself. Whatever happens, even if you cum you must get back to it as quickly as you can."

"Yes." My chest felt tight in excitement and fear. I felt the cool oily touch of Vaseline on the crater of my stretched anus. It stopped my fingers for a moment before I remembered what he told me to do. More Vaseline and then the touch of his finger tip playing before it punctured my tight bottom. It was tight with my tension. He wormed away for a while constantly placing more of the slimy substance on and now in me. It pushed deeper and a moan escaped into the pillow as discomfort came and then dissipated. I must have looked disgusting to him. Soon his finger was fucking me there, pushing in and out further and harder as I felt my muscular ring relax. It felt so strange but it was exciting and the constant touching of my clit meant I was reaching higher again. My bottom felt slippery and open, another finger joined the first causing discomfort to return again but seemed now to add to the pleasure. Two fingers finger fucking my arse as I knelt thrusting high for my brother and fingered my own clit at his direction. Suddenly and quite unexpectedly I came.

His slimy fingers never stopped as I grunted my pleasure and then calmed slightly. The pillow was wet from some tears and the saliva dribbling from my mouth. He was relentlessly stretching and fucking my opening. It felt so open, so large now. My entire lower region felt full of sensation, part pain, but mainly and obviously pleasure. My tits felt tight and my nipples enormous, my fingers against my cunt almost too much.

I felt the bed move under my knees, felt his body move around me to my rear, his hand on my buttocks, his knees gentling mine further apart for him. I felt the dome of his cock against me. It felt big, oh god it felt big even though I had been well and truly stretched. As it pushed I tried to push back as I was told but it was hard. The pressure was relentless and it suddenly popped through into me and I half cried out. It was so big. I felt sweat on my body as his cock possessed me there, unmoving until I adjusted. My fingers began again. My breathing turned back on. He slid further in and I was so utterly full of my brothers buggering cock. My head had risen off the pillow and bent upwards as a silent cry came from me. It was as though I could feel each movement magnified as he slid back again, then up deep into me. Would it come out of my mouth? My internal organs felt pushed. I dropped my head again and held the pillow tightly against my mouth as I grunted uncontrollably as he began a rhythmic movement. Nothing had possessed me like this, I had never felt so submissive. It wasn't anything like being fucked normally, though my mind couldn't take anything in apart from the fact that his cock was deep up my arse and fucking my in that slippery hole.

Told to put my fingers inside myself I did as was ordered. I was so tight there with the pressure of his cock in my other hole. I could feel his thick cock through the thin walls of skin inside me. I could feel his cock with my fingers as it slid in and out of me. My vagina was pumping liquids around my fingers, things began to blur. He fucked me. My brother fucked my arse. I felt myself spasming on the brink and then he came. I could feel the sudden wet heat inside me and that was all too much. My body caved into the most extreme orgasm I had had until then.

After he had told me to keep in place. God I couldn't move anyway. I stayed knelt and presenting myself as he left and my body still shook with after glows. He came back smelling of soap and began to wipe me with tissues and rubbed cream on me. He was so gentle and tender with me. He cleaned me so nicely.

My rear opening felt so wide and open still as I lay in his arms. I certainly had a sting in my tail. "Paul don't leave me."

"What are you talking about Sis?"

"Boys tend to leave the girls when they have got what they want from them. You wont will you?"

"Don't be silly Sis. I'll not leave you. Even when you're married I'll make sure I fuck you. I'll tell you to come to me and you'll undress for your brother and we'll fuck and fuck, always. You'll even think of your brothers cock in me when your husband fucks you."

"Oh yes." I felt my body shudder. I always wanted this. "you don't mind me being such a disgusting slut do you?"

"God no. I love my little slut-Sis and don't want her to change. We'll find naughtier things too." He laughed softly as he held me. "Naughty than buggering me?"

"Perhaps. How do you feel about me watching you fuck someone?"

"No. I want you."

"But would you do that for me? Would you do it so I could see what you look like? Would it excite you to be so naughty that you were willing to be fucked just 'cos I wanted to watch?" My body was hotter now. "I cant imagine doing that." But my mind was actually doing that as I lied. "I think you can." He laughed then kissed me. "I think I know you a little by now."

"But we couldn't. There isn't anyone. They'd find out about us."

"Cousin Dan comes next weekend."

"Oh my God he's a whimp! I couldn't fancy him at all. And he's my cousin!" Softly he laughed out aloud then. "Good. I don't want you fancying someone else." That made me glow with pride and satisfaction. "Fucking your cousin may not be as bad as fucking your brother in every orifice you possess but its still incest. I want to see you being fucked you disgustingly naughty girl. And then take you myself."

"You'd hate me."

"No I wouldn't. It would almost make me cum without you doing anything."

Trying hard not to think I lay there feeling my body pump the blood around. Feeling the pumping in my tits and cunt. Feeling my face hot against his cool chest. God I wanted more! I really was a slut. I pressed myself against my brothers body. My tits against his chest, my stomach against his clean smelling and hard again cock. My fingers slid between us and I held that piece of flesh that, too, carried my genes and that I lived for. "When is he coming?" I felt the flesh that possessed me in every possible way twitch in my hand and an echoing tightness in my belly.

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