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byBones Malone©

Andy looked at the clock in his bedroom. He had five more minutes to go. He was nervous. It was nearly time for his lesson of Intimacy Training. The government began this policy in the mid-21st century to make Americans more comfortable with sex. Up to this point, the only female body part Andy ever touched was the hand, so this was obviously going to be a pretty big step for him. It was the same for all the other 18-year-olds in the U.S., but that didn't make it any easier.

The doorbell rang. "Oh God," Andy thought, "Show time." His parents would open the door and direct her to his room, and then, well, he would soon find out.

She came into his room and immediately began disrobing, as if Andy weren't there at all. She was about 35, with short, dark hair, and she had a very good figure, as Andy soon saw. In a flash, she stood before him in just her bra and panties. Finally, she looked at him and spoke. "Well? How did you like that entrance?" All Andy could manage was a muted "Hah."

She held out her hand, "I'm Janelle."

Andy shook it. "Still only touching the hand," Andy's mind was telling him stupidly. "Andy," he replied. "Alright Andy, to start out with, I'm going to get fully naked and I just want you to take a good look, okay?" Andy nodded. Janelle smiled as she reached behind herself to unfasten her bra, acting as if she were doing nothing out of the ordinary. Her bra was added to the pile of clothing that she had already removed and Janelle's breasts came into view. So Andy did what he was told to do and looked; they were beautiful.

Before Andy had time to get used to them, his teacher was already taking off her panties and topping off her pile with them. Well, here was the nude female form standing directly in front of him. Without realizing it, Andy's hands began moving in the direction of Janelle's hips, but she stopped him. "Whoa, hold on there, cowboy. Get undressed first." Andy stripped down to his underwear. "Those too. Come on, let's see it." He tried pulling his shorts down but they got stuck on his huge hard-on. He got them off and his dick stood pointing at Janelle. She smiled down at it and said, "Well I'm pleased to meet you too!"

This was crazy. Andy's mind was just about ready to explode, but for Janelle, it was just another day at the office! "Now Andy," Janelle continued, "I'd like to touch you first to see what I've got to work with here, then I'll let you loose on me. Sound good?"

"Yes, very good."

Janelle started to "examine" Andy, making comments as she went along. "Let's see, above-average length, nice girth, slight bend to the right..." After checking his shaft, she cupped his balls with a lovely, nail-polished hand. "Mmm, no trouble there. Very nice package, Andy."

"Thanks." That's just about the best compliment a man could receive, Andy figured. "Believe me," she went on, "I'd really love to suck on you right now, but we've got to go in order. This all must be going pretty fast for you already." Andy looked down and noticed her hand still wrapped around his cock. "You're right about that," he agreed with her.

She then took her hand away, right when Andy was really starting to enjoy it where it was. "Okay, now you touch me anywhere you want. I suggest you stand behind me and reach around." Andy went around behind Janelle and stood close enough so his boner could rest against her buns. He reached around and fondled her large tits, shaking and squeezing them. Andy wished he could do this for the next few hours, just hold Janelle's chest in his grip, but he decided he better move on. He slid his hands down to her hips and then between her legs. He noticed she was quite wet down there. He ran his hand along her soft beaver over and over; he just couldn't stop. Andy had already jerked off twice that day, but his cock still felt like it wanted to take off like a rocket. He remembered all the times he wanted to make time stand still so he could feel some of the girls at school without their knowledge. Now he was fully enjoying the opportunity.

He ran his fingers between her soft ass cheeks and found both of Janelle's delicious holes. "Alright, I can't wait any longer, I just need to taste that cock of yours," Janelle said, taking Andy by surprise. "I'm up for that," Andy said, starting to feel pretty good about himself. "That's for sure," Janelle replied, feeling Andy's giant cock at her side. She turned and faced him. "I've wanted to get my lips around that huge penis of yours since I first saw it." Andy couldn't have been more excited. He hoped heaven would be something like this.

Janelle got down on her knees. She wanted to get right to it, but she still loved teasing. She loved the smell of fresh, raw cock. She placed her hands at Andy's sides; she wouldn't be using them. She began with his balls, wanting to save his juicy dick for later. She licked each of his balls generously for several minutes, driving them both crazy since they knew Andy's cock was in need of attention. Finally, Janelle went for Andy's cock. She quickly deep-throated it down to the base, causing a loud "Oh God" to come out of Andy. Janelle loved to choke on dick. It was such a wonderful feeling to her to fill her mouth and throat with warm cock.

After cramming Andy's shaft down her throat for several seconds straight, she was forced to come up for air briefly, but then went right back to fellating her young student, causing an "Mmm" to escape from both of them. It was quite difficult to tell who was enjoying the blowjob more.

Janelle's lips, gums, and tongue were all hard at work stimulating Andy's cock. And as it left her mouth for about the 30th time, Andy came. He shot his cum onto her lips, tongue and chin. She swallowed it all, as if it were some tasty treat. Andy never thought that getting head could feel so good.

"That was fabulous," Andy breathed, "Thank you."

"Don't tell me," she replied, "Show me," she said, patting her own crotch. She sat down on Andy's bed, leaned back and spread her legs wide apart so that he could see absolutely everything. She opened up her pussy with her fingertips, beckoning Andy to her. He kneeled down in front of her and breathed in the aroma of her cunt. Andy couldn't decide what it smelled like, but he knew it was good. Andy decided there was no reason to be shy about it, so he dove right in, face first.

He didn't know what he was doing of course, but he didn't let that stop him. He sucked, licked, and tongued whatever he could find. Moments later, Janelle grabbed Andy's head and tried to pull him in even further while her legs shook uncontrollably. Andy wondered why people didn't spend all their time doing this.

On autopilot now, Andy got up, grabbed his cock, which was stiff again from his "lunch" and plunged it deep into Janelle's pussy. She had a brief moment to consider who really was the teacher here before throwing the thought away and realizing her pleasure. Andy fucked her deeply and furiously. "God I love these youngsters," Janelle thought. After a while, Andy pulled out of Janelle and tugged at his cock some more. Instinctively Janelle brought her face up to meet his dick. "My God, is this a porn movie?" the two of them thought simultaneously. Andy came once again, giving Janelle a second helping of her "treat."

"I think you get an A," Janelle panted, after Andy finished emptying himself into her mouth.

Once they had dressed and composed themselves again, Andy asked, "Will I see you again?" She smiled and patted him on the shoulder, "Sorry kid, it doesn't work that way." She made her way to the door to leave. "Janelle," Andy called out, causing her to turn around, "Thanks." She smiled and shrugged, "Just doing my job." And with that, she was gone.

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