tagFetishTeacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 03

Teacher Needs a Lesson Ch. 03


This being the third chapter of the story, the unusual relationship between Mark and his History teacher takes an interesting new step. I'd recommend your read Chps 1 & 2 first. Thanks to those who have voted and sent comments. Most appreciated.


Arriving at school the next afternoon, I spent too much time trying to find a parking space in amongst the student cars that had been there all day and had to resort to sneaking into the staff carpark. I consequently found myself running to class. I got to class to find the door closed. Quietly I opened it and tried to slip in except, of course, everyone stopped to look, including Ms Stein.

"Hmm, Mark, you're late!" she said sternly.

I turned to respond and was about to speak when I noticed the firm points of her nipples beneath her white blouse clearly showing because she wasn't wearing a bra. I stared for a moment, feeling the familiar stirring, before she said, "Well what have you to say for yourself?"

Stammering a "Sorry Miss," I searched for a seat. Again the only one left was the last near the door. I sat down.

"Try to be punctual in future seeing as you are only part time after all!"

There was a tone in her voice that I couldn't quite decide what its intent was. Certainly not friendly - was this going to be payback for yesterday when I made her suck me off?

On with the work! We were soon asked to find a partner to work with. Within a second I was tapped on the shoulder and that's when I noticed it was the cute blonde girl, Ellen.

"Is it okay if we work together?" she asked rather timidly.

"Sure, why not," I said, thinking at least it is one of the smarter kids and not too rough on the vision either. She slid her chair beside mine, working in the close confines of the small single desk. She smelt nice and had rather nice pouting, kissable lips. Being a couple of years younger than me and another one of the girls in class, I hadn't paid much attention to her until the other day when she obviously saw the erection in my pants after I'd come in behind Ms Stein. We got on with the task and I tried to avoid being distracted.

After a while Ms Stein was going around the room checking in at each desk. The boys would be in delirium with those tits swinging towards them. The thin material was bad enough in showing the outline of her firm nipples but you could see the darkness of her areolae pretty clearly too against the white cloth. She came to our desk last again and leaned over the front of it to inspect our work. Surprise, surprise! Her top two buttons on her blouse were undone.

Ellen gasped as the cavern approached us. I decided to play her game and just looked straight into her cleavage as she started asking us questions. Ellen answered most of them while I concentrated on the swelling of her breasts as she took each breath and the way they swayed loosely in front of my eyes with each little movement of her hips. Her nipples hardened before my, and Ellen's, eyes.

"Well that's good Ellen. You've certainly researched the Crimean War well. Anything to add Mark?"

Ellen turned to watch me, probably thinking I'd not been paying any attention except to the tits in front of me. Without raising my gaze from the delightful view, I commented, "The thing I thought was most interesting in these battles was how severely they were hampered by the terrain. The Light Brigade wouldn't have been the disaster it was, if they hadn't been so badly caught in the canyon between two big mountains."

"Yes, you made a couple of good points there," she smirked knowingly. "Well done you two."

She turned away and was gone. Ellen whispered, "What a slut! Showing herself off like that!"

"Oh don't be too harsh Ellen. She's just having some fun."

"Obviously so are you ... again!" she said, staring into my lap with a little smile and wide eyes.

I looked into her eyes and watched her pupils dilate as the heat came to her face.

"She is always doing it. It is not right! Someone should say something!" She was quite irate.

"Well I can tell you now that none of the boys are going to complain as long as she keeps doing it."

"It's sex discrimination or something isn't it?"

"Not really - you could see her tits just as well as me, couldn't you?" I chuckled quietly.

She blushed a bright red. She had been looking at the firm boobs that were clearly bigger than what she appeared to have under her school top. I wondered momentarily if she was as interested in Ms S as all the boys were.

"You two quite finished with your chat?" Ms Stein asked almost sarcastically, making me wonder if she could hear what we were saying.

The class soon finished and it was the end of the day. It was annoying to have to come in just for the hour but I had to pass the course so what choice was there. I took a casual stroll back to my car and got in to go home. As I was leaving, I spotted Ellen waiting by the kerb at the front of the school. I pulled up and saw she looked worried. I waved her over and she opened the door.

"What's wrong Ellen?"

"I missed the bus and the next one isn't for an hour but I get the connection at the station in town so I'll miss that one too," she explained.

"Well hop in and I will drop you at the station, okay?" I suggested casually.

"Are you sure?" she asked but she was already getting in.

Off we drove, making chit chat about school and things. Occasionally I got a brief glimpse of her rather nice long legs as they peaked from under the hem of her skirt that seemed to keep moving up. As we neared the centre of town, we came to a set of lights that changed as I approached. Pulling up in the outer lane, I heard Ellen gasp and she suddenly threw herself across the seat, her head in my lap.

"What's wrong?" I asked a little startled but not regretting her reaction.

"It's Miss ... from school ... in the next car!" she hoarsely whispered.

"Oh so it is?" I queried as I looked out the passenger side window. "So why are you hiding?"

"She knows my Mama. If she sees me going around town with a boy, she might tell Mama and I will be in terrible trouble. My parents are very strict."

This seemed to be overly dramatic to me but, okay. "Stay there then until I tell you it's clear."

I could already feel myself starting to swell as I looked at the blonde tresses spread over my lap. Soon I was obviously semi-erect and the bulge in my pants had to be pushing against her right cheek. The traffic was busy and I could only go with the flow so we were beside Ms S when we reached the next lights. That's when she looked over and recognised me.

I smiled and gave a small wave and received a little sexy smile in return. She glanced back at the lights allowing me to tell Ellen, "Don't move; she's looking this way."

I placed a hand on her soft, silken hair to hold her still but it only served to put pressure on her cheek against my now hard cock. She was moving slightly, at first I thought to pull away, but she actually was sliding along my length with her face and then there was a little moan. She turned slightly and I felt her hand on my knee sliding up my thigh until it was grasping at the outline in my jeans.

Concentrating on the traffic became a lot more difficult. A short way up the road Ms S turned in to a shopping centre as I drove past. She smiled and nodded as we parted. Ellen's hand was gripping firmly and stroking along my hardness now. I didn't want her to stop even though I knew she must. I drove a little further in silence until we neared the station a few hundred yards down the road.

"We're nearly there Ellen." I wondered if she caught the double meaning!

She sat up, her face awash with colour. "Don't you ... want me to stay with you?" she asked most innocently except for the aroused twinkle in her eyes and her hand resting on my tented groin.

It took all my will power to say, "Not now ... but soon. You have to get home and there is something I must do today. Okay?"

She leaned up to me and kissed me softly while she gently squeezed me through my jeans, as she said rather disappointedly, "Okay ... if you must! I will see you tomorrow."

With that she hopped out of the car and stood on the pavement, biting her lip and looking just like a nervous little school girl. As I drove away I wondered what might be going to happen with the cute 18 year old while I was still fascinated by the sexy 50 year old. I'd already decided what I was going to do about Janette but seeing her today in her car had brought my plan forward, a plan that I might not get the chance to fulfil for some time if I didn't do it today. I drove back to the shopping centre and patrolled the carpark; sure enough, there was her car. I parked nearby and waited. She came out a short while later carrying a couple of bags of groceries and veggies and put them on the back seat and then got into the driver's seat. She reversed out and I followed her into the traffic.

Keeping a little distance, I was able to follow her little blue Mini to a housing development a couple of miles away. She drove slowly until she turned into a nice little street with the standard two-storey houses for the area, each with its little garden and a driveway. She pulled in to a nice detached place with some flower beds in front and lace curtains at the window. Hmm, lace I thought, just like she likes to wear. I pulled up and hopped out, trotting up the drive just as she was getting the shopping out of the back of the car. Bent over as she was, reaching for the bags, her upper thighs were exposed showing some stocking top again.

"Hi Miss. Can I help with those?"

She jumped at the sound of my voice so close behind her, became upright, and demanded in a partly hushed voice, "What are you doing here?"

Noticing her neighbour standing by the gate next door, I said quite loudly, "It's my tutoring session, Miss. Have you forgotten?"

She looked around and saw the nosy woman in her house dress, "Hi Emily!" she said brightly with a wave and then she turned on me, "You can't be here!" she hissed, "This is my home!"

"That's okay Miss," I said brightly, "I don't mind helping if it means we get started on my lesson sooner."

I smiled at the neighbour who seemed to be embarrassed at being caught with her nose in someone else's business. I walked up the path with the bags and waited as Ms S came along slowly behind me, the clip of her heels on the paving ringing loudly in her nervous silence. Reaching the door she surveyed the scene and saw good old Emily still watching. Quickly opening the door with her key, she led us inside to the relative safety and privacy.

"What do you think you are doing coming here like this?" she demanded after closing the door.

"I've come to get the fuck I wanted from you," I said, dropping the bags and reaching out for the swelling tit still showing through your blouse.

"No! You can't!" she hissed again in anger, brushing my hand away.

I stepped in close, towering over her, "Oh I think I can!" I insisted and leaned in kissing her.

There was a momentary resistance before I felt the warmth of her mouth relax to my pressure. The brief struggle was over as I found her tit in my hand and squeezed the pointed nipple. She gasped into my mouth and then opened her it to allow our tongues to entwine and her hand fell to my groin and stroked the outline of my cock. In our embrace I could feel her racing heartbeat. She was a bitch in heat and, having displayed her tits all day, was probably only minutes away from a vibrator, or perhaps the cucumber she'd bought with the veggies, being deep inside her if I hadn't turned up. I had a change of plan.

I broke away from the kiss and she let out that same little mewling sound of regret at the lost contact. Scooping up the bags from the hallway floor I said, "Show me the kitchen," and she obediently turned and led the way. Once in the spacious room, which was dominated by an old wooden table setting, I dropped the bags on the bench and returned to her. She moved toward me about to let me take her in my arms but I stopped her in her tracks with a hand to her cleavage.

Standing in the middle of the room I undid her buttons. She stood mute to my actions and I soon drew her blouse away, carelessly tossing onto a chair. Next I stepped a little closer, gazing at the full breasts as they heaved with her aroused breathing. Undoing the button and zip on her mid-length pencil skirt, I let it drop to the floor. There she stood - bra-less and no knickers, as I expected, with only her stockings, suspenders and high heels to keep her warm ... and me!

"Get on the table!"

"What?" she asked.

"You heard me, on the table!" I repeated firmly.

She moved to the table and pushed a chair aside then turned and perched her full, firm backside on the edge. Hopping up and back she sat further back on the table automatically exposing her open legs and wet folds to my view. They glistened in the light and the oozing wetness of her juices showed in droplets on the outer folds of her cunt. She was already wet driving home.

"Tell me, how wet are you Janette?"

Huskily her voice eased from her mouth, "I am sooo wet! It's pouring from me."

"Touch yourself - taste it."

She leaned back on her hand to steady her body so that she could reach in and dig into her hot shaved pussy with two fingers plunging deeply inside her to extract the nectar that she then lifted to her probing tongue. Her eyes on mine the whole time except when it swept down to see the outline of my hardness as I stood still fully clothed in front of her while she sucked her fingers languidly.

I stepped forward and her thighs spread automatically. Her open pouting folds revealed the redness of her inner lips with those delicious strips of flesh that attempted to keep things out of her body, unsuccessfully it would seem. I probed a couple of fingers and watched as they were consumed by her hungry cunt as she leaned back and groaned wantonly, her long black hair that framed her kissable face falling back behind her. Delving and digging further made her lift one leg to create greater access. Her fluids were pouring from her and pooling on the table as she released herself into my care. After probing her for a while I stopped.

"Don't move," I told her as I turned and went to the counter. Rummaging in the bags I found what I wanted and came back. Handing it to her I said, "I want to see you fuck yourself with this carrot!"

Her glazed eyes flew wide as she saw the size of the eleven-inch long orange invader. She tentatively reached out and took it and looked down at her open pussy and began to stroke it across her lips and clit.

"No, the big end in first!" I insisted as she started to probe her folds with the broadly tapered tip. The other end was at least two inches across. She stopped and examined the hard roughly ribbed shaft of the vegetable before turning it around and pushing it to her openness. After a couple of attempts it slipped in and I could see the mouth of her cunt stretch to accommodate the girth. She paused briefly before she started to saw it into herself - in, out, in, out - quickly gathering pace as she serviced herself for my eyes. She lifted her leg further, her high heel digging for purchase while scratching the table top, so that she could widen her hips. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen a woman do in front of me and she was gasping for air as the object disappeared by degrees inside her body until, after only a minute, there was just the last couple of inches of the pointed tip for her to grip as she grazed it through her inner walls. The flash of my camera phone startled her back to reality.

"No ... no photos," she begged.

"How will I possibly remember this without a photo Janette? Get that carrot out of you - you must eat it tonight for your dinner."

"Yes," she whimpered.

"Now lean back and spread."

She did as instructed, resting her body weight on her arms stretched behind her. I moved in close and pushed my fingers into her again only this time I had them all pointed together. The first thrust allowed me to get my four fingers to the second knuckle before finding much resistance. The carrot had done a good job of opening her up. With some pressure and extracting my hand briefly to mop up some of the juices on the tabletop as lubricant, I slipped it back in firmly. Soon the width of my palm, with my thumb tucked in, had disappeared into her gaping maw as she fell back on the table and spread her legs gapingly, her four inch pumps splayed widely above her being held up by her hands behind her knees.

A steady pumping rhythm allowed me to watch as she opened more and her pelvis spread wide to allow the larger portion of my hand to enter her. She was writhing in ecstasy as I pumped her cunt until my hand eased through the vaginal muscles and entered her fully. Watching this closely I could see how my ministrations had stretched the flesh of her cunt pulling her clit down into contact with my wrist so that, at the moment my hand fully slipped into her, her clit pushed hard against my wrist bone. Her eyes flew wide open, glazed but vibrant and , "Oh my God!!! Oh fuck! Oh please more!!" came imploringly from her mouth as she gyrated her hips and thrust to try and further impale herself on my fist.

She didn't even flinch at the flash of the camera this time; she just kept thrusting. I could feel the heat of her insides as I wriggled my fingers around the inner walls of her cunt with lots of pressure on her soft spongy G spot hiding in the upper reaches. With my whole hand inside her though, nothing could hide. I proceeded to massage her clit with my other hand and soon felt spasm after spasm clench my wrist as she orgasmed I don't know how many times. Her expression was a visage of agony and ecstasy and, as she came, she let out what could only be called a silent scream. Every action warned of a roaring, triumphal cry but no noise came out of her. She slowed gradually, panting and then gasping to catch her breath as the series of orgasms abated.

I soon felt her pushing the huge appendage out of her body while her jelly-like self flopped about uncontrollably on the table, lying flat with her legs splayed and hanging off either side of the dinner table where she and her hubby would probably be eating in a couple of hours. After a short struggle my hand popped back out into the universe leaving her gaping open and deep red lips struggling to close her most intimate space while she groaned her joy and her eyes rolled back into her head semi-consciously.

I walked around the table and dropped my pants. Pulling her mesmerised face over to the edge so I could use her to reach my goal, I stepped above her and rested my hard balls on her mouth. "Suck my balls until I come on your tits Janette. Suck them hard!"

As an automaton she opened her hot mouth that earlier entertained my tongue and sucked in my testicle, rolling it around warmly with her tongue and then releasing it to find his brother. I stroked my length steadily in time to her mounting actions until I felt the cum building. As I got closer I reached forward and gathered one of her lovely firm tits that I had been seeing all day and aimed carefully as my seed sprayed across her breast flesh and into her cleavage. She was sucking hard and gagging on both of my balls as I came. I stepped back and, having felt them empty themselves, she released her grip to allow me to drag the final traces of my orgasm across her lips so that she could lick the last drops clean. She sucked the tip of my cock head into her mouth and bent around to try to encourage the shaft to follow, managing about half my length that hadn't as yet deflated despite the long built up orgasm. She was a totally frantic wanton slut seeking any cock she could find, even after the explosive orgasms she'd had.

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