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Teachers Love


I watched her, closely and carefully as her legs uncrossed, and crossed again. She was confused, lost, and maybe even scared as she stared down at the paper in front of her.

I leaned forward in my seat behind my desk as she bit the eraser of her pencil and sighed ever so softly.

My eyes were wondering all over her body, taking in every inch, from her short blond locks, with part stained black, to her converse covered feet. She was amazing. Smart, beautiful, sweet and had the most stunning voice I had ever heard.

I felt a tap upon my shoulder as I turned.

A young boy stood at my side, handing me a piece of paper, with blue ink scattered about it.

"Mr. Melanson, I'm finished." He stated as I took the paper from him.

Clearing my throat, I laid the paper on my desk.

"Thank you Tony, you may leave." I said simply.

The boy, Tony, walked away from the desk, and to a smaller one. He picked up his backpack and looked down at my love, she looked back up and gave him a visible glare, and with a smile, he walked away

Oh how I hated this boy. A complete asshole if you will, that had oh so sadly seduced my angel into his unforgiving arms many time before. I've seen my dear sweet Sammi come into this room countless times avoiding this boy, sometimes in tears, and then, the next day, be gleefully resting in his arms once again, and thank god, she had finally ended her connection with this cretin.

Finally, I saw Sammi put on last mark on her paper and sigh and stand slowly. Fixing the hem of her skirt, she walked to me. Her walk was much defined, feet one after the other, with hips that swung ever so slightly. It was like she was merely floating on the ground below her.

As she reached me with a sigh she handed me the paper.

I couldn't suppress the smile behind my lip as I was the green ink splatter on the paper, various words crossed out, with countless doodles etched into the margins of the paper.

"I guess I'm done Mr. M" escaped her lips as she leaned gently back onto my desk.

She was the last one to finish her exam.

"Well, I'm not going to lie to you Mrs. Kinnear, it is a sight." I chuckled, looking down at the cartoon dinosaurs, robots, hearts and stars everywhere.

Her white teeth came out from behind her beautiful full pink lips into a stunning smile.

"Well, you know me, I get bored" she giggled and stood straight again.

As she was about to walk away to pick up her things, I called to her. Spinning on her heel, she faced me.

"Yes?" she asked, tilting her head ever so slightly. She was adorable. I could feel my heart start to race slightly.

"Would you mind coming her for just a moment?" I asked, waving my hand back towards myself.

"Sure" she responded near skipping back to me.

"What's up?" her hands were placed on my desk, leaning forward slightly.

"Well, Samanth-"

"Sammi" she interjected quickly.

"Right, Sammi. I just wanted to... Well. Ahem, I wanted to tell you that. Um..."

Giggling leaned forward even more.

"Come on Mr. M, what's up? Did I like, massively fail something? Or are you just admitting your love for meeeeee!" she giggled while mockingly holding her hand over her heart. He joke caught me off guard, and with a simple, Yes, her giggling stopped.

"Huh?" her hand dropped slowly and she stared.

"I am, admitting my feelings for you, I mean. I love you Sammi. I can't stop it, and neither can you. I just wanted you to know."

My voice didn't falter once, and I kept my eyes in full contact with hers.

"Oh. Um... Mr. M, haha, I don't know what... uhh.." she scratched the back of her head and laughed softly once again.

"You don't need to say anything; I just wanted to let you know. I love you, and now that you do, you're free to leave." I said, looking down to the papers in front of me. My heart was pounding and I didn't quite know what to do. I know in my heart I wanted her to say it back, and allow me to take her right there, right here. Sadly, I heard her steps walk away, her backpack being picked off the floor and the door open.

"Mr. M?"

My head shot up. Her blue eyes here shinning, and her body was leaning on the doorframe, showing her nice curve so well.

"Yes?" I asked, unable to stop my eyes from looking her up and down.

"I love you too." And with that, she was gone. The door had shut behind her before I had a chance to say a thing.

The next day I ran late, after a sleepless night with thoughts full of Sammi. I couldn't wait to see her again. Sadly I had to wait to the very last period of this long school day to see her.


As the bell rang, signaling for 7th period to begin, I looked up at saw her.

Dressed in a small shocking neon blue skirt, A tight neon blue tang top to match the skirt, with a longer, lower cut black one over top, Long back leggings with blue bows at the top that were only visible what she sat. He converse had blue laces pulled through them, and her eye shadow matched the rest of her bright clothing. She looked amazing.

Our eyes caught and she smiled. My heart was pounding, and I was barley able to cover my lesson. I could swear she was teasing me throughout it all. Resting her hand gently on her thigh, leaving her legs open slightly when crossing her legs, leaning forward on her desk, so her chest would barley be kept in her tight clothing. It was killing me.

I was saved as the final bell rang.

When all of the students had cleared, and the door had shut, I stared at her. She was sitting carefully in her seat, her eyes boring into mine.

"Hello Mrs. Kinnear." I said simply with a smirk at her obvious nervousness.

"Hi..." she said meekly. With a wave of my hand, she stood and walked to me. I stood as well and waited for her to be close enough. With barley a foot between us, I pulled her to me. Wrapping my arms around her slender waist I held her to my chest, leaning down to her ear.

"You look amazing" I whispered, being sure to breath down her neck.

"T-thank you Mr. M" she stuttered.

"Brad. Call me Brad." I said, running my hand up the back of her shirt.

"Okay... Brad." She was shaking gently, and leaning into me.

"You seem scared" I stated as gently as possible. I left my hand right on top of her bra strap.

"Not scared..." her breath was slightly ragged and I could feel the goose bumps rise in her skin.

I unsnapped her bra quickly and swiftly.

"Well, what then?" I cocked my head to the side, and backed it slightly so I could look right into her eyes.

"Um... nervous... and..." she trailed off looking away from my eyes.

Sliding my hand back down her skin and out of her shirt, I grabbed the bottom loosely and started to pull it up. I left a trail kisses up her neck and to her ear.

"And...?" I asked, kissing her ear.

"...Excited..." she said barley above a whisper.

I quickly slammed my lips onto hers and kissed her with much passion and urgency.

After only a few moments she kissed me back with just as much force.

I took both tang tops off her quickly and threw them off, attaching my lips to hers once again. She shivered and started to unbutton my shirt. Roughly I yanked her bra off and lifted her from the ground, setting her on my desk gently.

Biting down her neck and to her chest, I began to kiss and suck softly on her left breast while allowing my hand to tease the other. He moans and breaths were killing me slowly as her fingers ran through my hair, only pulling me closer as I bit and sucked roughly on her nipple.

With both hand on either side of her small waist I pushed her down and began to kiss lower. When I reached the top of her skirt, I kissed along it, teasing her slowly. She whined softly and moved her hips closer to me.

"Now, now darling, relax, and be patient." I said playfully, looking up into her eyes with a smirk.

"I don't want to be patient Mr. Melanson" she said breathlessly. I bit her skin hard and she yelped.

"Well I say you have to, and I also said call me Brad" I said with a soft chuckle.

"Alright, Brad." She sighed and relaxed again.

I kissed the front of her small skirt, and the down her leg to the bottom of it. When my lips hit her skin she gasped softly and moved slightly again. I kissed up and leg, moving her skirt as I did so. Once her skirt was fully up, I could see her small black panties that had a small blue bow on the front. Hooking my fingers into the sides of them, I pulled them down her long slender legs. She shivered as her tight bare ass hit the cold wood of my large desk.

Kissing slowly up her leg, I decided to tease her even more.

I licked up to the small crease in her leg biting it slightly. She moaned and tried to move her hips so her increasingly wet pussy was closer to my lips. Holding her hips still I kissing up above her pussy lips and did the same to the other side of her leg. Again she moaned, but didn't try to move her hips. I kissed back up to the top of her lips and breathed hot breath down them

"Brad.." she whispered softly. I looked up and cocked my head to the side, my ear length bangs falling over my eye.

"Taste me, please." She begged. I quickly plunged my tongue deep into her pussy.

She screamed and held my head closer to her.

I allowed my tongue to swirl around in her pussy, licking every little inch.

She was moving her hips wildly, pushing them close and arching her back. Pulling my tongue out, I quickly replaced them with two long, rough fingers.

Slamming them in and out fast, with her screams and moans encouraging me, I bit and licked her clit as much as I could.

I could feel her muscles tighten around m fingers.

"Let go" I said roughly, still slamming my fingers into her.

Her cum exploded over my fingers as she gripped my hair tightly.

I pulled my fingers out and licked them clean, then licked up between her lips quickly.

Kissing up her body I reached her ear. She was panting softly, and gently shaking.

"So sweet." I whispered into her ear.

Her face became flushed for a moment.

I figured it was over, that for now this was all that would be done, until a sudden burst of lust came to her eyes as she pushed me off of her, and to my feet.

She turned my so my back was facing my desk, and bit down my body.

As she reached my pants she was on her knees.

Undoing my belt and pants she yanked the down. Smiling, she kissed of my boxers, which by now had become extremely tight.

Pulling them down slowly, she tossed them away with the other parts of our clothing.

Sammi kissed my large hard cock before quickly pulling it all the way into her mouth.

I moaned roughly and grabbed the back of her head, pushing her to me fully. While looking up at me she began to suck my cock hard and fast.

I trusted my hips with her, making her take each and every bit of my cock.

"Good girl, that's it" I moaned down at her, holding her hair tighter.

Her smooth long tongue was moving around my cock quickly and slickly.

My moans were growing louder as I pushed her to go faster and faster.

"That's it baby, keep going" I screamed. She bit my cock very softly and continued to suck.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer as she got faster.

Unable to stand it any longer, I allowed my cum to fill her mouth. She swallowed all she could, while the rest dripped slowly down in between her breast.

Looking down at her she looked up, while running a finger up her chest she gathered all the cum onto her finger and slowly sucked it off.

I grabbed he wrist and pulled her up. I walked over to my large leather chair and sat down, quickly pulling her into me so she was straddling my hips.

"This will hurt Sammi" I said in her ear. I didn't give her time to say a thing as I pulled her hips down quickly, pushing her tight, wet pussy onto my large cock.

She screamed and tried to pull away.

"No. Stay still" I said roughly in her ear, holding her hip in place.

She squirmed slightly, getting used to the size of my cock.

Once she had stop, I began pulling her hips up and lowering them back down again. Being gentle I could hear the discomfort in her moans turn to sheer pleasure.

I held my hands in her hips and dug my nails into them, pulling her up faster and dropping her down into me. She moaned and leaned her said back.

She slammed her hips down more and more each time, her breasts bouncing with each thrust.

Pushing my hips up I slammed my cock into her. Going faster and faster our screams filled the room.

She reached her hands around my shoulder and down my back, digging her nails into me, and then dragging them back up my back.

I could feel her pussy getting tight around me again and she moaned loudly in my ear.

"I'm gonna cum again" Sammi scream, throwing her head back.

I slammed my hips up and pulled her down a few more times as we both came. Exploding all over each others hips.

Her breathing was ragged and she leaned into my neck, and I rested my head on her shoulder.

"...You are so Acing the rest of this year.." I said, laughing slightly.

"I love you..." she whispered softly.

My cheeks flushed and I held her close. "I love you too"

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