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1) As always a big thank you to my proof reader, without her help this would be unreadable. So thanks.

2) This is for Jazzy I hope you like it mate.

3) Thank you to Mary for her help with the ending.

I have been thinking about 1979. Looking back it seemed like there was a lot going on that year. It was the year Madness released their first song 'The Prince'; Maggie came to power; Ali told us he was not going to box any more, and Russia invaded Afghanistan. It was the end of a decade, the last year of my teens and it was the year I lost my virginity.

I went on a booze cruise that year with a bunch of old school friends. I was already working as a painter. I had been since I left school three years before, but I needed some extra cash so I had posted some ads for 'handyman' work.

It would have been about early May when I got the call that changed my life. I was sitting down watching the 'Sweeney' when the phone rang and my Mum, who always sat near the phone, picked it up.

"Tom, it is for you".

When I took the receiver from my Mum a voice said, "Are you the handy man?"

"Well, I can only really work part time as the ad said, is that OK?"

"Yeah, I work full time myself but I have some things that need doing around the house. I am happy for them to be done over the weekend."

She told me that her name was Sue and she gave me her address.


The weekend came and I was at Sue's house at 9am. I rang the door bell and waited. Boy, was I in for a bit of a shock - when the door opened standing in front of me was my old English teacher Miss Jones.

She had long brunette hair, deep brown eyes, a small button nose and thin tight lips. Miss Jones had on blue jeans and loose hanging t-shirt. Her hair was held back with a floral bandanna. She would have been about 31 years old, and stood about 6' tall. I could she that she did not have a bra on underneath her t-shirt.

"Er, Miss Jones, do I have the right place?"

Miss Jones face broke in to a smile, "It is Tom isn't it? I have not seen you since you left school. Yes, you have the right place, you had better come in."

She showed me around the place and told me what I had to do. I was mainly painting the place and fixing it up a bit as she had just bought it. We spoke for a while about what I had been up to since leaving school, how I only had a few CSEs and how I was happy with that. I told her about my job, and what my plans were for the foreseeable future. She told me to call her Sue. After a few cups of tea, she told me she had some papers to mark and would I mind starting upstairs.

I went out to my car to get the things I would need. I thought I would start in the hall. When I came back in I could hear 'Cool for Cats' by Squeeze playing and saw her sitting at a desk looking over some papers.

As I was working I kept seeing Sue's clothing hamper. I was also thinking about how hot she looked. I had always had a thing for her when I was at school. I had also always had a thing for women's panties, as I had always wondered what women smelt like. I had had a few girlfriends but they and I had not got anywhere beyond kissing. As I said I could see Sue's hamper, and slowly I began to formulate an idea.

Thinking I was safe, as I could still hear the music coming up the stairs, I tip-toed into Sue's room and over to the hamper. I carefully lifted the lid off. Sitting right there on top I could see a pair of black silk panties. I pulled them out to get a closer look. They were string bikini briefs with a lacy floral front to them. I brought them up to my nose and had a quick sniff.

My heart was racing and I had butterflies in my stomach. It was as I took the second sniff that I heard Sue saying from behind "What the hell are you doing?" I froze.

"Well Tom, explain!"

I turned and looked at her, "I am sorry Miss Jones. Really, I mean it. I don't know what else to say."

I could see the anger on her face, "I should call the police."

"No please don't."

"Well then, tell me young man what you were thinking?"

"Well, I have always thought you were the hottest thing on two legs. I have had a crush on you since my first lesson with you. I just wanted to know how women smelt, I really am sorry." As I said this I could see the anger lessen on her face.

"OK then, put my knickers down Tom, I think we need to chat. I came up here to find out if you wanted a cup of tea, and this is what I find." I dropped the knickers on to the floor. "I tell you what I will do Tom. If you do what I say then I won't call the police OK?"

"Yeah, sure."

"OK first things first I think you should work for me at half price. Also, I need to see your underwear."

"Er, what?"

"Well, you have seen mine, it is after all only fair."

I stood up, undid my jeans and let them fall to the floor. As I did this Sue sat on a stool in front of her vanity mirror. I could see her running her eyes over my groin. "Well, someone seems to have something to shout about, don't they Tom?" Her words, not mine.

I just stood there feeling shy, then she reached out and ran a hand over front of my Y-fronts. "You know, I have always thought you was a good looking lad. Why not show me the rest?" With that she grabbed the waist band of my underpants and yanked them down. My semi-erect cock sprang out. She took my cock in her hand and start to play with it.

Sue looked up at me and said "Don't move." All I could do was look down at her. This was great! A women I had wanked over more then once had my cock in her hand and she was wanking me off. Sue looked up at me and said "I take it you like?"

"Yes Miss Jones." With that she lent forward and took me in her moist mouth, I could feel her sucking. This was great as I had only ever just kissed my girlfriends before. I closed my eyes and listened to Sue slurping on my cock.

After a few moments I could not hold out much longer and began to cum in her mouth. Sue let me cock flop out of her mouth.

"Have you ever done anything like that before Tom?"

"No Miss Jones."

"Well I think you should repay the favour." With that she stood up, kicked off her slippers, undid her jeans and pulled them off. I could see that she had had on a white pair of silky briefs similar to the black pair I had dropped on the floor. She pulled them off to reveal a thick dark patch of pubic hair. I knelt down as Sue opened her legs. She had a big pair of dark brown pussy lips poking out of her pubes.

I ran my tongue over her lips, letting the tip just slide into the parting. I could hear Sue's breathing getting heavier. She reached out and grabbed the back of my hair. I could feel the nub of her clit, and began to run my tongue in a circle over her clit and the top of her lips.

"Yes, that is it, I am cumming!" Sue started to grind my head and tongue into her pussy. I felt her give a shudder and with that she let go of my hair.

"Wow, for a first time you are good." Sue said as she stood up a pulled of her top. Her 38B breast had dark brown nipples. "I take it you like, huh?"

"Yes Miss Jones."

"You know, you really should call me Sue, I mean you just ate me out." She knelt down and begun to suck me off again. I could hear "Ziggy star dust and the spiders from Mars" drifting up the stairs. It was not long before I was hard again. "I think it is time we made a man of you Tom." With that she lay back on the bed.

I climbed on top of the bed and let her guide me into her. I could feel the wet tightness of her pussy. I started to pump in and out of her pussy. This was amazing. Sue wrapped her arms around me and dug her nails in to my back. She ran her nails down my back as her pussy griped my cock. After about ten minutes Sue shouted that she was cumming and let go of my back. It was soon after that that I started to cum myself. I climbed off Sue and sat on the end of the bed.

Sue got up and said "How about that tea, hell I will even make you a bacon sarnie?" I looked up at her and smiled. She looked back at me and said, "You're going to make some woman a very happy wife."

That summer, each weekend, I would go over and fix up Sue's house, each time we has some of the best sex I have ever had. I have to admit that Summer, and what I did during it, was a great way to say good bye to my teens.

A lot has happened since '79. I got married, and had kids that are now all grown up. I started a company of my own. It is painting and decorating firm, and I do pretty well for my self. The other day I got called to do a quote, when I saw the address I knew I had to do this one myself. It was Sue's old place and I had not been there in 29 years.

I pulled up outside the familiar house and it felt like I was a 19 year old boy again. When I rang the bell I had butterflies. The door was answered by a tall brunette that looked just like Sue did in '79, so much so that I found myself saying "Sue!?"

"No that is my Mum. she is in the living room. You had better come in." She stepped back and let me into the hallway. I made my way in to the living room and saw Sue sitting on the couch. "Wow you still look as sexy as ever Miss Jones." I said. Sue looked up and said "Hi Tom" with the same smile she had 29 years ago.

The end

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