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Teaching Her a Lesson


**Author's note: Here's a quick story I felt like writing to get a break from the main End of an Era storyline. It involves the same main character, but it is a year or so earlier than the End of an Era timeline and takes a different angle. Sorry I don't write too much, but this stuff is just for me to take a break from my non-erotic writing and unfortunately only occasionally erotic life. Enjoy.**

"U coming over tonite?" the message read.

I was finishing up another late night closing shift in the middle of an atrociously hot summer in an average American deep-south college town. It wasn't that busy at my pool hall that evening, but luckily my regulars and a few extra groups of drunken college students that hadn't left for the summer made sure I at least made 100 dollars.

There were only a few of my regulars left sitting going back and forth over some unimportant issue when my phone went off and I read the message. It was from Jada, my girlfriend at the time. Jada was young, barely twenty and I, at twenty-five was pushing it dating her. I usually demanded that my girlfriends be at least of legal drinking age, but she was cute and I enjoyed having a girl who would do whatever I wanted. She had curly dirty blonde hair and green eyes. She stood about five-foot nine and slender, but not too skinny.

I sighed as I pressed the button on my phone to reply. "Sure. You have anything to drink over there?"

I slid my phone back into my pocket and went over to pick up the credit card receipts from my last few customers as they gathered their things to leave, having finished their drinks.

"Bye Jason," said Samantha, a twenty-two year old waitress that worked at a corporate chain down the street with the three other people who were with her. She smiled and waved.

"Bye Samantha, drive safely."

The rest of her crew echoed her sentiments and I responded in kind. I walked back over to the cash register and closed out the last few checks with the tips added in. Samantha had tipped very well as she often did. I totaled out my report for the night and added in the waitress, Julie that had worked that evening. I had sent her home early since it was so slow.

Behind me I heard the splash of glasses being washed in the sink and I knew Reed, the cook that evening had come over to help me clean up. Besides being my co-worker, he was also one of my roommates along with another guy, Aaron. We all looked out for each other and when I learned he was looking for a second job for some extra money I got him this job.

"Thanks, man." I said over my shoulder. "How's the rest of the place look?"

"I just checked the bathrooms and pool-side looks fine. I finished cleaning the kitchen already too."

I just nodded as I opened the drawer and pulled out my credit card tips for the evening and added it to my cash that I had already pulled from the jar. I reached down and grabbed a twenty and handed it to Reed. I always tipped him for the extra work he did, like take out my trash and help me with the other cleaning I was ultimately responsible for.

"Fix us a drink?" I asked when I handed him the money.

"Absolutely," he responded stuffing the money into his pocket and pulling the plugs on the sink.

I finished counting down the drawer as my phone went off again in my pocket. I entered the numbers into the computer and pulled out my phone as the report was printing. "Yeah, we have drinks. A couple of my friends from work are here"

I sighed as I thought about having to deal with her fucking friends if I went over there. No telling if they were some of her older friends or the ones the same age and younger. "K, I'll be over in about 30 min" I responded.

I really had wanted to just go over there and fix myself a quick drink and get her to give me a nice slow blowjob before I fucked her and went to sleep. See, that was the only advantage of dating a younger girl. She pretty much did whatever I wanted her to do. I certainly wasn't the first guy to fuck her, but I was the first one to cum in her mouth and to fuck her in the ass. I taught her how to blow me to the point where she would do it on command no matter where or when.

I checked the end of the report to see that my drawer was 23 cents over. Nothing to worry about; especially with Charley, the owner who was about as laid back as they come.

Reed came back around the center island of the bar holding two Styrofoam cups. I took a quick sip and exhaled. "Damn, Reed, I have taught you well."

"Thank you, sir."

I laughed and finished pulling out the deposit for the evening and put it along with the slip into the bank bag before I pulled out a cigarette and lit up.

"Slow night, huh?" Reed said as he took a big gulp of his drink.

"Yeah, it happens during the summer. Did you lock the back door?"

"Yep, all secured."

"Cool, "I said as I walked into the storage room to flip off the main power switches that controlled the 30 televisions and the lights over the pool tables. I walked back out stopping to flick the ash of my cigarette in a random ashtray and took a big gulp of my drink as I walked back through the now dimly lit bar.

Reed and I talked about nothing much for a few minutes then he asked me if I was going home tonight or if I was staying at Jada's.

"Well she just texted and asked me to come over there. She has a few friends over."

Reed nodded. "Right on. Aaron called earlier he said he got some more weed, you need any?"

I thought for a moment. "Yeah, tell him to set aside an eighth for me. I'll give him the cash tomorrow."

"Will do," Reed said before he took another long pull of his drink. "So you and the little lady having a romantic evening, or are you just going to fuck her face and smack her ass?"

I laughed. Reed and my good friend Mike were always privy to my sordid tales involving whatever girl I was with at the moment. Aaron would hear about it too, but he wasn't quite as interested since he often had his own adventures.

"Nah man, she's got some friends over at her house right now. I hope they're not her little young friends Laura and Sally. Those girls get on my nerves."

Reed shrugged. "I thought you liked them young."

I took one final drag off my cigarette and put it out before taking a huge gulp from my drink, trying to finish it off. "Jada rarely brings hot girls around me. Laura is fat and Sally is just strange looking."

"I don't blame her," Reed said before drinking down the last of his drink. "You cheat on her at every opportunity."

I drank down the final few sips of my drink before tossing it in the garbage. "Not every opportunity. It doesn't matter anyway; Jada would stay with me even if I fucked a girl right in front of her."

I stood up from my barstool and walked over to grab the bank bag. Reed tossed our cups into the trash and walked to the door.

After setting the code, I let Reed out first and then followed behind him locking the door. We said our goodbyes and I left to go drop off the money at the bank. It was almost three o'clock in the morning so the streets of town were empty as I drove over to Jada's little apartment.

She lived in one of those large houses that had been redesigned to be four separate apartments. Only hers and one other were occupied at the time, and the other was rented by a nurse that always seemed to be working the night shift, so she didn't have to worry much about noise.

This was apparent as I pulled into the small parking area behind the building and only saw two other cars besides mine and Jada's. I got out and I could hear laughing and music as I walked into the place. I really wasn't feeling a night with a bunch of eighteen-nineteen year-olds drinking way too much and falling all over themselves.

I tried to calm down a little before I walked into the apartment to see four girls dancing around and laughing with a couple young guys sitting over on the couch with beers in their hands. All of the girls were holding glasses with a variety of drinks in them. I immediately saw Jada as one of the four. I knew Laura and her fat ass with a protruding stomach and complete lack of real tits. Just the most unfortunate combination on any girl.

I also saw Sally and her actually okay body. She was really skinny and didn't have much to her, but I kind of liked skinny girls anyway. It was her face. She had these sunken eyes and huge nose. Her teeth were too big for her face and her chin jutted out like her nose.

I sighed and walked past them into the kitchen to fix myself a drink. I was going to need it.

Pulling down a bottle of bourbon and a glass I pour a generous amount in and added a few ice cubes. I took a quick sip and decided that the bourbon wasn't quite good enough to stand on its own. I grabbed a two-liter of cola and splashed a little into the drink.

It was then that Jada came into the kitchen, obviously more than a little drunk. "Hey baby," she cried out as she wrapped her arms around me. "How was work?"

I took a decent pull off my drink and turned around. "Fine," I said curtly. "Had a little bit to drink tonight?"

She gave a drunken laugh, "Just a little, honey. We're celebrating."

I saw one of the boys stumble through the living room behind Jada and latch on to the one girl I didn't know in there. I kept an eye out, wanting to check out this new addition to Jada's friends. She seemed cute. She was short, brunette and petite. Nice little rounded ass that she kept twitching back and forth. I caught her looking past the unstable drunk boy and her eyes locked with mine. She smiled.

Jada turned to see what I was looking at. She didn't catch on right away. "What are you looking at, baby?"

I shook my head as the other girl turned back to the drunken idiot. "Nothing. Just making sure your drunk friend there isn't about to puke on the carpet. What are you celebrating?"

"Brandy just turned 18 at midnight."

Brandy. That must be her name. 18 and cute as hell. She turned a little to the side and I could see her profile now. She had nice rounded tits about the size of oranges and a stomach that only came from hard work, unless of course you're a fresh-faced 18 year-old. Then it was just par for the course.

"I see," I said and pushed past my girlfriend back out into the living room. I grabbed a seat in the recliner and pulled out a cigarette. Laura and Sally came over to talk to me and I gave them a few short responses as they drunkenly tried to act more mature than they were. I glanced over at the guy not trying to get with young Brandy and noticed that he was passing out on the couch. Fucking lightweight kids.

I reached over and took the beer out of his slackening hands just in time, as he was about to drop it. I set it over on the table and lit my cigarette.

The other drunk kid was obviously striking out with Brandy as she kept blowing him off. He stumbled back across the living room and eyed me up and down. "Who the fuck are you?"

I took a long drag off my cigarette and blew out a cloud of smoke. "Jason," I said simply before taking a healthy gulp from my drink. Jada came back in the room with a fresh drink and saw her little friend eyeing me down. She stepped in quickly.

"Jason, this is Clinton," she said in a rush. "Clinton, this is my boyfriend, Jason. You've heard about him."

He gave me a quick nod and then looked over at Sally and Laura who were still standing beside my chair. He was obviously debating on which one to try and hit on, though in his state I doubted he could satisfy himself, much less a girl.

I loved these little small gatherings. Especially when I got to watch some young kid look like a complete idiot in front of girls. Jada came over and sat on the arm of my chair and ran her fingers through my hair as I smoked my cigarette and sipped on my drink. "Sorry about that, baby."

I made a noncommittal sound and continued sipping on my drink until I finished it. Jada had gotten back up and was standing near Brandy talking about something. Clinton had decided on Sally and she was shyly responding to his drunken advances. Unfortunately that left Laura standing near my chair trying to engage me in conversation.

Laura has some older brother that she used to always talk to about all her problems, but he went and joined the Navy and she rarely gets to talk to him anymore. So seeing me as an older brother-figure seemed natural to her. The only problem is that I had absolutely no desire to listen or give advice to this girl. That didn't seem to stop her.

I paid scant attention as she bitched about work and school and how no boys wanted to date her. I paid enough attention to her to be able to give short quick answers and reassurances. My real focus was checking out this newly legal Brandy. She was wearing little jean shorts that showed her nice firm tanned legs all the way up to that rounded ass that kept twitching with the beat on the stereo. Her top was tight around those firm little breasts. I watched as she talked to Jada and I realized a few things.

First, Jada had a thing for this girl. Not a "leave-your-boyfriend" kind of thing, it would take a lot for her to leave me, but more like an infatuation with the hot young girl thing. I would bet money that there was some cheerleader or prom queen type girl that looked a lot like Brandy at Jada's high school when she went there. I bet Jada looked up to her.

Secondly, Brandy knew it. The way she stood there, even though she was shorter than Jada, made it seem like she was looking down on her. She knew that Jada was a submissive pleaser and I wouldn't be surprised if Jada was constantly doing favors for this young girl.

Finally, Brandy was more in control of herself at this party than anyone else, excluding myself, which was quite impressive for one who was only a few hours into adulthood. The way she stood and sipped at her drink, taking her time, made her seem more adult than the girl who was two years older standing across from her.

My drink was empty by this point so I made a motion towards my glass and stood up from my chair. Jada noticed and came over to me. "Hey babe, you want me to fix you another drink?"

Typical, I thought to myself. I handed her the glass and sat back down. "Bourbon, splash of coke." I'd taught her how to make my drinks just as I taught her how to ride my cock. This wasn't the perfect girl for me, but I made it so she could play the part. I caught Brandy watching the exchange out of the corner of my eye. I could tell she was assessing the situation.

As I sat back down I saw her walk over my way. Laura had stopped talking, but she took my return as a chance to resume. Just that moment, drunk passed-out boy decided to slightly wake up. I could see him hiccupping and retching a little and knew that he might throw up soon. Before I could say anything Brandy steps up to Laura. "Oh, Laura, honey, I think Patrick might be getting sick. Would you help him? I wouldn't have any idea what to do."

Laura acquiesced and went over to help the poor kid to the bathroom. That left Brandy there with me. She watched as they stumbled away and then turned to me. "So you're the famous Jason."

"That's what they call me, but I'm not sure about the fame part."

"Oh Jada just talks about you all the time at work."

I nodded. As if speaking her name was summons, she returned to the living room with my drink. I took it from her and sipped. It was close enough to right. "Thanks."

"Oh Jada," Brandy said holding up her glass. "Would you mind making me another drink, too? I have no idea what you put in it, but it was so good."

"Sure, Brandy," she replied taking the glass. "It is your birthday after all."

As Jada walked away Brandy laughed a little. I looked up at her and raised an eyebrow in silent question.

"It's fun to have people who are so easily manipulated, don't you agree?"

I smiled and sipped my drink before I pulled out another cigarette.

"Could I get one of those?"

I pulled a second out before I put the pack away and lit them both at the same time before handing one to her. "I'm sure a girl like you has had plenty of people to manipulate."

She smiled as she took a drag from her cigarette. "I learned a few tricks, but there are always those who seem more difficult."

"It takes practice." I glanced over to see if anyone could hear us, but it seemed Clinton had finally gotten what he wanted and was busy making out with Sally on the couch. How he managed to navigate around that nose was beyond me. "I'm sure you'll get plenty."

I saw Jada coming back with Brandy's drink and I used that moment as an excuse to walk away and go to the bathroom.

"Wait, Jason," Brandy began.

"I've got to pee," I responded. The look on her face, mouth open, brow lowered, eyes squeezed, was priceless. She wasn't used to guys simply walking away from her. This could be fun.

I walked into the hallway and started to go into the bathroom there, but then I heard drunk boy throwing up and remembered that Laura was in there helping him. So I turned and went into Jada's room and into her small bathroom.

After I finished my business, I was walking out of the bathroom and I ran right into Jada who was holding a drink in her hand. A drink I was now wearing.

"What the Fuck?!" I yelled as the liquid soaked through my shirt and ran down the front of my pants.

"Oh my god, baby. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Here, let me get you a towel. She ran over to her dresser and set what was left of her drink down and opened the top drawer.

I was holding my shirt out, trying to keep the cold soaked shirt off my skin, but failing to keep it from soaking down my pants.

Jada rushed back over and began patting my shirt and pants trying to soak up the liquid, but it was no use. I grabbed her by the wrists and pushed her back a little. "Fuck it, I'm soaked." I reached down and began undoing the buttons on my shirt enough to where I could pull it off. I shoved the clothes in her direction and took the towel out of her hands to dry the little that had gotten through my shirts.

"Go throw those in the washer before that cranberry juice shit stains them." I told her as she stood there on the verge of tears.

In the process I had set down my cigarette on an ashtray on her dresser. I picked it back up and took a deep drag, looking around for my drink. I saw it on the counter in the bathroom and walked in there to grab it as Jada rushed out of the room with my shirts.

I stood there in front of the mirror and remembered that some of it had gone down the front of my pants. I cursed the stupid girl again and began pulling everything out of my pockets and taking my belt off. I dropped my pants and yelled out of the bathroom. "Jada, get your ass in here!"

I walked out of the bathroom putting the last of my cigarette out and setting my drink on her dresser. "Jada!"

It was then that I noticed I wasn't alone. There on the bed was Brandy. And I was standing there in my boxer shorts, holding my pants as Jada strolled back into the room. "Yeah honey, I'm here."

I was stuck there for a moment, but I quickly regained my composure. "My pants need to be washed too."

Jada glanced over at Brandy who was looking straight at me and then back to me standing there half-naked. "Okay," she said, taking them from me. She stood there for a moment glancing back and forth between her hot little friend and her barely-clad boyfriend.

"Before they stain," I said, snapping her back from her thoughts. She rushed out of the room quickly.

I turned back to Brandy who was sipping her drink leaning slightly back on the bed. She looked me up and down for a moment before casually looking me in the eyes. "Sorry to burst in on you like this, but Clinton and Sally are really getting into it on the couch. Jada thought we should give them some privacy. I suggested we come in here."

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