tagIncest/TabooTeaching Our Daughter Ch. 02

Teaching Our Daughter Ch. 02


I had been gone for about a week and lusted after Elli the whole time.

I knew she missed me the same as I did miss her. Usually we fucked every night, at least once, maybe even three times before we called it a night. And most of the time it began with me getting a blowjob from her then I was going down on her before we really fucked each other in either missionary style or doggie-style.

The point always was arousing lust, not so much coming to an orgasm. It had an always welcome side-effect but we loved to excite each other, just bringing lust to each other, arousing each other right to the point of no return. It showed that that fire hadn`t gone out yet. You could really say that we were sex-driven, we`d like to say we`d love to lust after each other. It`s how you see it!

And as far as my wife had told me, Kim, our daughter, was about to become as sex-interested as her parents. So, I dare, like father like daughter. Or should I say, like mother like daughter. Anyway, it doesn`t really matter. I was proud our small one developed some kind of lust in the last week.

Elli also told me what our daughter wanted. She wanted to watch us having sex. She also told me that she gave our little girl her first masturbation lesson that included a practical demonstration.

That alone had aroused me like hell, the image of my wife rubbing our daughter into her first orgasm. And immediately I was hooked with the idea of some more practical lessons to teach her - together in bed with us.

This night I returned home, it wasn`t any different than usual. I got a boner in front of the TV - just seeing some big delicious boobs, my wife starting to rub me above my pants, giving a little show to our small one with arousing sighs and giggles.

We wanted to boil her lust before continuing our lessons. After we got up and disappeared into the master bedroom, I was greedy to get it from my wife. I missed her boobs and her filthy grin, when she blew me. She did a very good job, and after I ejaculated in a rushing climax, we had let it go slow.

I started to arouse her with slow strokes on her body, and each time she started to hump either my hand or my face to feel some gratification she never got from me. On the contrary, the more she wanted to come the more I tortured her with just stopping her at the edge.

I knew her well enough to know on her reactions of my lust-arousing caresses when she`d begin to come. She let me know with her eyes, or her constant pants. And when I didn`t notice the signs of her body then I just needed to watch her to know the exact moment to stop all my actions.

She cursed every single time I did this. But I liked doing this so much because I loved seeing her squirm. And I liked it because I knew she definitely loved it too, constantly hanging at the edge of climaxing for quite some time.

This night I took out our handcuffs and bonded her with both her wrists on the headboard. Then I let myself down beside her, always hovering slightly above her, kissing her languidly - and showing her how much I missed her - all over her body. When I had her breathing harder, I loosened one of her hands, stopped her from grabbing my erection.

"No, baby, you`re not allowed to do that."

I motioned her to do herself.

"Just rub yourself."

Immediately she got to work her clit, thrusting up to meet a better angle to enter her fingers in this pink, hot wetness. With a rough voice I devoured her before I sucked her nipples, one after the other.

"Ok, honey, but you`ve got to help me out there. I`m too horny to play games now. I wanna come. Wild. Loud. Hard. I need it really bad, dear! Fuck me."

"No, baby, can`t. Wanna feel my rubbing fist little bit time longer. I`d like to think that it`s you doing me. Will you watch me jacking?"

And then we both did look into each other`s eyes as we masturbated in front of each other. I got so unbelievably horny every time we did this, it was so hot.

I pumped my cock into my fist, watching her furiously rubbing herself before I stopped her just right at the edge of coming. I knew she loved that. I fixed her hand on the bedpost, opened her legs really wide and started licking her but never got to sucking her.

That was for later. I just licked her pussy up and down, sometimes languidly slow and then a few times with short and fast licks. Just right before she could climax, I changed my rhythm.

Oh, how she loved it. She writhed and panted and begged. But I showed her no mercy. My licks were drawn out very slowly, very long, from her scrotum up to her clit. Then I rubbed my nose on her bundle of nerves. She giggled. And then she begged, but no mercy. And she pleaded. And no, still no mercy.

And it was right this moment I saw Kim standing in the door, watching us with big eyes.

I really wasn`t surprised. She told my wife she wanted to watch us fucking.

She got denied it.

We teased her earlier with putting up a show for her. And now my wife was screaming bloody hell so I think even our neighbors could hear us fucking. One, two, three and four - and there she was, watching, panting. Clamping her hand between her legs, pressing them together and she was in a haze of lust, she didn`t even notice that I saw her.

And knowing she was watching us, I cruelly tortured her mother to more wanton heat anyway.

I let my fingers drag through her slit, holding her down with my other hand. Then I stopped again right before she was about to come. I blew some hot air onto her quivering inner lips, felt them rippling and withdrew them suddenly. I stopped when I fingered her, when I licked her cunt like a melting ice cone, when I ate her like sweet cake, when I nibbled at her clit or when I sucked on it. Each time I denied her to come, each time I knew that would heighten her orgasm the moment I let her come. She always was so grateful the moment I was letting the orgasm rush through her.

And when my wife came in the earth-shattering orgasm I promised her, my cock was still ready to fuck her again.

"Sorry, honey, I will need some time to recover ", she said panting like an old locomotive."Go, check on our little one. I`m sure she might want to have an orgasm, too."

"You saw her, too?"

"Yes, and it made me hot as hell knowing that she was watching us, knowing she got all fired up over it. I think, she`s ready now. Go, help her and give her what she needs from you."

I started to get curious as to what our daughter was up to and slowly went to her room, the door was slightly ajar.

I could see her, I almost grunted out of sheer lust, as I noticed what she was doing.

Kim pleasured herself by grinding down on a big pillow - hissing on the verge of coming:

"Yes, mum and dad fucking! That`s so hot!"

I went into Kim`s room and quietly stood there watching our little one masturbating herself on her pillow, and I almost jumped out of my skin as her humping suddenly stopped.

She must have noticed someone with her in her room, groaning out of lust. She jumped up as she saw me, standing there with my raging hard-on, fisting it, rubbing it while I watched her. She was now beet-red, and started stammering:

"Daddy, it`s not...how...!"

"Hey, sweetie, tell me! Did you like watching us?"

"You know? You saw me? Oh no, dad, please, I`m sorry, I didn`t mean to...!"

"Calm down, sweetie. I`m not mad at you. Really! But answer me, did you enjoy watching us?"

A silent nod, my daughter was too embarrassed to answer me as it seemed.

"Did it make you hot?"

"Yes!" The answer came very quietly, almost inaudible.

"Just like now, you`re maybe enjoying it to watch my erection? Huh, sweetie? Tell me, have you ever seen a stiff penis before?"

She now was really too embarrassed to answer, she just stared at my upright standing cock.

"Tell me, do you like what you see?"

She shyly nodded and I believed her because she simply stared at my erection. Obviously, she indeed hadn`t seen a stiff cock before in real life.

"So, and you also enjoyed it seeing your mother getting it?"

"Yes!" She almost groaned it when she answered with an aroused moan.

"Let me tell you something. Mum liked it, too, to know you were there, watching us. Gave her some more thrills, made her even hotter to know you got aroused by watching us."

"Mum saw me, too?"

"Yep. So you got your wish granted. You wanted to watch us fuck as your mom told me the other day, and now, look at you. You finally achieved your goal. You actually did watch us fuck. And as I get it what you were doing here, you got sexually aroused by watching us. No, you are not just aroused, you`re even burning out of lust right now, isn`t it so, sweetie?"


"Your mum thought so. She said to me that I should take care of your needs right now. She seems to be right, you`re so horny now that you thought about a little self-gratification, right?"

"Um, yeah"

"Then go on, sweetie, make yourself cum on your pillow." Her eyes shot open, like round saucers as I suggested this.

"Right now, with you right there...watching?" She almost whimpered as she pictured this imagine in her mind.

"Yes, baby, same rights here. You watched us, and I now want to watch you. Same rights for me, don`t you agree?"

"But, dad...!"

"No, sweetie, you wanted to act grown up. Now I expect you to really act grown up. Go ahead, fuck that pillow! At least until I tell you to stop. And kid, I´ve noticed that you like watching my cock, you may watch me jacking off while you do yourself. I like to stimulate it when I found something hot to look at. And my daughter humping a pillow to get herself off is kind of arousing to watch. So, baby girl go on, fuck that pillow."

I slapped her ass and even turned her pillow around so she could watch me before she really started to hump again. First she hesitated a bit, but as she looked at my dick, saw me pumping it into my palm, my fist slowly sliding up and down, she got overwhelmed with lust and then she again started grinding with a lot more enthusiasm.

And it really was an arousing view to see her grinding down on that ball of cotton, sliding her sensitive love button over its rough clad, humping away like a dog in heat. The wilder she humped the faster I jerked my member.

I slowed down as I realized she was nearing her climax. I signaled her to stop, sat down beside her, lifted her off that pillow and sat her on my lap.

"Touch me!"


"Ok, not ready for it. It`s okay, baby. You haven`t come yet, right?" She shook her head no.

"Ok then, baby. Then I will take care of your needs just like your mum told me to do."

So without any further words I grabbed her tighter and pushed my hands between her legs. As my fingers immediately slit through her pink wet pussy, she yelped out loud out of surprise and joy. And as I instantly entered her core and started to finger-fuck her wildly, she panted, almost crying:

"Oh, oh, oh...yes...daddy! Oh my God, you`ll make me come!"

And just like I did with her mother, I stopped at the verge of her orgasm! What I hadn`t expected was the wild protest. She almost yelled at me.

"No! Please, let me come, dad!"

"No...not right now, maybe another time, sweetie!"

She panted like a dog, almost on the verge of tears out of lust.

"Please, dad! I can`t stand it. I can`t cope with this itch. It kills me! Please, dad, rub me. Make me come, please, please, please!"

So I started to finger-fuck my little once again, but this time I started slowly.

But Kim wouldn`t accept this. She grabbed my wrist to hold me still in place and fucked herself on my hand.

Then my daughter started to quiver and came.

Her orgasm was shaking her badly but she enjoyed it without any noticeable movement, she had clamped her thighs like steel around my hand.

When the waves had almost stopped, she exhaled hard and opened her eyes. And she loosened her grip at my wrist. She looked at me like in a trance, the sheer bliss of her orgasm just right visible in her eyes as she grinned at me.

"Ah, I see, you liked it!"

And I decided she wasn`t finished yet. She definitely looked as if she needed it once again, her sexual hunger just as visible as the pure bliss of coming right on her face. So I watched her up close, smiling at her, as the shot of heat hit her again as I started to rub her clit once more.

She smiled as a kind of agreement, and then she hugged me tight, her arms around my neck and her lips at my left shoulder.

I heard her aroused moan on my ear, as she jerked her hips up to reach my palm when she clutched herself at me. This was the time I stopped again!

"No, sweetie, this time you can`t have it your way. This time it won`t be you who decides when you may come. This time I will do you. I will fuck you and I will tease you merciless."

I encircled her with my left arm and grabbed both of her wrists to stop her from intervening with my intentions. I pressed her arms at her body to hold her in place and continuously rubbed her clit very slowly.

She was so hot, she couldn`t get out a word. She just writhed in my lap, trying to gain some leverage to fuck herself on my fingers.

And as this didn`t help her to get enough of the needed pressure, she began whimpering in total wantonness.

So I laid her down on the bed, right as she grabbed on my hard member. She touched me on free will.

Now I knew that she was horny enough as she was ready to mutual caresses. She wasn`t used to give a hand-job, that was certain. But I let her do whatever she wanted to do. And not until far later I heard her rasping voice:

"Dad, do you like that?"

"Yes, honey, go on. You don`t have to be so gentle."

With these words she encircled me with her palm and imitated my fisting strokes with her closed palm, up and down my erection. Pre-cum already showed on my head, glistering there, some on her hand. Like in trance she looked at the colorless fluid.

I didn`t want to come before her. I first wanted to give her what she needed so desperately. So I moved my hand over hers, made her stroke another two, three, four times to let the fluid drop on her fingers but then I pulled her hand to my mouth and licked her fingers.

That erotic action shot all the more heat in my little girl`s eyes. I could see her burning in flames now. As I licked around all her fingers and sucked on them, she groaned in deep desire. She was surprised when I suddenly pushed her hand down to her crotch again and croaked:

"Please, sweetie, rub yourself! I want to see how you touch yourself."

And I pressed her middle finger down in her slit, led her hand with mine up to her clit and pressed on it. My small one watched me doing this and panted in shallow breaths.

"Dad, I can`t. Not now. I want you to touch me. Rub me, please!"

Now I gave in because of the obvious misery she was in and did what she begged for. I finger-fucked her while I suckled on her nipple. I felt her orgasm rushing through her in waves, not only around my fingers she clamped her muscles but she grabbed on my shoulders like she`d drown in deep water. She couldn`t hold her eyes open, as hard as she tried. She whimpered:

"I`m sorry, dad! I need to ...! I`m ....!"

And then she broke apart, panting hard, almost screaming:

"... commmming!"

It was the most beautiful sight I`d seen in my life, seeing her completely satisfied, the post-orgasmic bliss totally visible on her face.

After kissing her tenderly, I went to my wife and she did me perfectly.

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