Team Meeting


It didn't make sense to Philip. There he was working at the fast food place he had been working at for the last two years and he wondered how his boss still had her job. Christine was not the smartest tool in the drawer, but she definitely was one of the prettiest. She had long blond hair that normally extended beyond her shoulders although she usually wore it in one of those hair nets the company required her to wear. She usually overdid it on her makeup, always wearing that same deep red shade of lipstick and a little too much blush. She had the brightest of blue eyes, bright enough to sparkle if the light hit it just right. Her body was hidden under the company uniform, but the shirts she wore betrayed her perky breasts although in Philip's mind it was probably because of a wonder bra.

No matter what she looked like, Christine always made really dumb decisions when it came to her job. Whether it was forgetting to order something for the new promotion or over scheduling, it was always her fault when something screwed up and it was also his job to fix it. Philip had been covering her ass since he was transferred to her store and it was getting old. Phillip was wondering what it was going to take for him to get transferred out or to take over. It wasn't until he was told to report to a manager meeting that he realized what Christine did to keep her job.

The meeting was being held at the franchise headquarters in the middle of the market and it took Philip a while to find it. His Kia Rio was still pulling into the complex when he saw the really tiny logo on the side of door. He noticed that the windows around the door as well as the door itself had white plastic covering where the glass was. It was Philip's first time going to the office since his transfer since they moved it there, so this struck him as odd. He sat in his car as he watched two other guys walk into the office. He didn't recognize them at all, but figured that they were store managers from other stores in the area.

He then saw his District Manager walk in. Todd was in the company for a few years and his Ken doll looks made it easy to see that he was very spoiled and very lazy. His hands always seemed to be perfectly manicured and smooth, almost as if they never touched a spatula or a mop handle. He wore a brown dress shirt with matching slacks. As he walked into the office, Philip saw him looking around as if he was looking for spies. This also shocked him a little.

Then he saw Christine. Her hair was down so it flowed beyond her shoulder blades. Philip noticed her makeup wasn't as thick as it usually was. What really got his attention though was the outfit she was wearing. She wore a cheetah print halter top that accentuated her perky breasts and a matching mini skirt. For the first time, Philip saw her legs and noticed how long they were. She wore a pair of black heels that made her ass look really tight as she slipped through the door.

It wasn't until she walked through that he walked over to the door and attempted to enter. However, he discovered that the door was locked. This perplexed Philip because he knew the meeting hadn't started and that he was expected to be there. As he began to walk around the building, he noticed an open window and carefully snuck up before looking into it. The scene before him shocked him.

It wasn't much of a view, but he was looking through the Market Manager's office into the main room and he saw Christine on her knees before Todd. She had his member fully in her mouth as his hand was pushing her head forcefully up and down his shaft. Philip took the chance of sneaking through the window and carefully moving forward until he had a better vantage point to see everything. He noticed the other two guys in the room already undoing their slacks and allowing their dicks to come into view. He started hearing Todd taunting Christine about her numbers and about how many mistakes Philip had to fix that week.

As Christine's mouth kept sucking Todd, Philip noticed the other two moving towards her before one undid her halter top and allowed her breasts to come into view. Philip kept quiet as he saw Christine's nipples for the first time. The nipples were already hardened and the areolas were dark. One of the other men already had his hands reaching around and pinching her nipples. As Christine pulled Todd's cock out of her mouth, she moaned louder as the pinches became more forceful. Soon, she stood up and undid her mini skirt to reveal her lack of panties. Philip saw that Christine was clean shaven and seemed to have no hair in her area whatsoever. She then lay back on the table before all three men before they swarmed her like sharks on a fresh carcass. Todd's dick shove into her pussy as the other two men placed their cocks within her reach near her mouth. As Christine's legs were placed over Todd's shoulders, she started begging for him to fuck her faster. She then started stroking one man's cock with her hand as her mouth covered the other. Both men took a breast each as their hands began to pull her nipples.

Philip had a hard time not undoing his pants and pulling his dick as he watched Todd pounding her. It wasn't long until both men at her head began to stroke their dicks hard and began to deposit their seed on her face and exposed tits. Christine had loud moans as soon she felt Todd emptying his cock into her pussy. It was a quick moment of euphoria as Philip heard keys attempting to open the door at the other end of the office. Quickly, he leapt through the window and ran back around the front before noticing the market manager attempting to walk in.

As the key turned into the lock, they began to walk in and noticed the three men only in the meeting room. Philip looked around before he noticed Christine walking back in from the Market Manager's office wearing a different blouse and a pair of slacks. Philip thought about the scene he saw before and realized that she had the extra clothing hidden for this get together. As the meeting started, all Philip could think about was the look of contentment on Christine's face when the men climaxed on her face and tits. It was very difficult for him to concentrate until the Market Manager called on him to see if he would be willing to transfer to a newer store. Philip accepted almost immediately, almost thoughtlessly. He then noticed the look of sadness on Christine's face and his mind began to reconsider.

The meeting ended promptly an hour later after they discussed the timeline when Philip would be moving out of his current store. Philip had a hard time looking at Christine because he knew that this promotion would screw her over and not in the literal sense either. He began to walk towards his car as he heard her calling him from behind. As he turned, he noticed her briefcase in her hand and the cheetah printed clothing peeking out of it. The look on her face was sad and down and Philip knew that she was contemplating her future without him cleaning up her messes. They stood there talking for about ten minutes before a few drops of rain told them to take shelter.

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