You thought you were coming over for dinner, that's what we had discussed at out last date. But when you arrive you find me in lingerie and I instruct you to grab a quick shower.

In the bathroom you find a cold drink, a clean towel and clean boxers. You down the drink unsure of what's to come; you might need the relief. You shower and exit the washroom unsure.

You quickly spot me in the bedroom. I tell you to come in, I laugh at how insecure you look. I tell you to lay on the bed, face up. You make a strange face as I start tying your wrists to the head board in the softest scarves. As I lean over you to blindfold you I whisper "don't worry, this wont get out of hand. But here are some rules. You cannot speak, you can moan out of pleasure and you can tell me if you really don't like something, that's all. No moving, again, you can move out of pleasure, but if any movement is an attempt to take control everything will stop."

I finish with the blindfold and arm restraints and notice you still look worried. You're pulling on the scarves to see how scared you should be "This isn't about anything but sensation..." I say as I start to kiss your neck, you relax. I make my way to your ear where I nibble and suck until I can tell you are starting to enjoy yourself.

I climb on the bed and straddle your chest, you can just barely feel my lace boycut panties, but you can definitely feel my heat. I lean very far forward, my belly rubs your nose, as I take one of your fingers to my mouth. I trace my wet lips with it and slowly insert it in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. You moan, thinking of the things you know that tongue can do to you.

I giggle a little at your enjoyment and move down your body, purposely sliding down you. You enjoy the change from smooth stomach to lace covered breasts and forget the rules for a moment as you try to kiss my breast. I pull back sharply and jump off the bed. You whimper, and remembering the rules tell me you don't like it.

I feel sorry for you, and even sorrier for myself if this has to stop already. I straddle you again, this time hovering just over you thighs. I run my hands down your sides, barely touching you. You squirm as this tickles slightly. I run my hands down your sides again, this time with more forces, as I come to your hips I graze you with my nails. You moan a little at this.

I move up slightly so I can kiss you chest. I kiss and nip your nipples a little but move on quickly. I trace my way down your body, my mouth stopping at the top of your boxers, my chin purposely resting on your hardness. You groan wanting more. I smile knowing what I can do to you. I kiss and lick your hips as I only slightly lower your boxers where I continue to kiss.

Abruptly I pull your boxers back up and you pout a little thinking you have done something wrong. Luckily this time you remember the rules and I reward you by straddling your hardness. At this point it is very hard for me to control myself, I am probably more turned on then you are. I begin to grind, resting my hands on your stomach. I start to moan and then remember this isn't about me.

I slide off of you and take your boxers with me. I can see your hardness begging to be touched. Kneeling between you legs I lean forward and lick the whole length, bottom to top, where I close my mouth over just the tip and suck gently as I pull off. Then I quickly take you as deep in my warm moist mouth as I can, you moan at this and tilt your head back as the feeling washes over you. Again I suck gently as I pull off slowly. I trace my wet lips with your hardness, reminding you of what I had done with your finger. So I continue in the same pattern, I part my lips and you feel my warm breath. I flick my tongue out and run it around the tip as fast as I can manage, your hips jerk at this but I allow it, taking you in to my mouth again., and out again. I flatten my tongue at the base and slowly lick the whole length again. You cant see me, but I am looking up at you, enjoying your pleasure, almost soaking through my panties.

You can tell I have stopped, purposely leaving you wanting more and again you pout, but I know you will enjoy whats to come.

I crawl over you and straddle your chest. I untie your hand and put it to my panties. You can feel my heat and my wetness. I allow you to massage me through my panties, leaning back and resting a hand on your stomach for support. You move my panties to the side and run a finger along my wet slit, I moan, digging my nails in to your stomach a little. You continue to run your finger along my slit, knowing the roughness of your finger against my softness drives me mad. You gently dip your finger into me, making me groan and fall forward slightly, where I see you move the finger to your mouth and taste me. Forgetting my own rules I move forward to straddle your face and let you enjoy me.

You start by gently tasting me, softly. I hold the headboard trying to keep myself steady. Moaning with each soft stroke of your tongue. You find my clit and flick it with your tongue. I moan loudly encouraging you to continue. I allow you to keep the tonguing up for a few moments, until I am ready to come but not wanting it to happen this way, this wasn't supposed to be about me. I move down slightly and tie your hand again, this time you don't have any worry on your face.

I move down more and position myself above your hardness. The feeling of my heat makes your hardness jump and I want it so bad. I take it in my hand and slowly lower myself on it. Excruciatingly slow, feeling every single inch. I moan the whole way down, where I begin to grind, I want it so bad and I can tell you do too. I pull up, and lower slowly again letting you know how much I enjoy this.

I pull off and quickly return with my mouth to taste my wetness on you. Wrapping my tongue around your hardness. I can tell you can barely take anymore. I am not a mean person; I move up and untie both your hands but tell you you have to keep the blindfold on.

You agree to that much but before I know it you have me on my back. Hovering above me you are basically growling. Knowing I have done this to you makes me writhe on the bed below you, wanting you to have your way with me so bad.

Before I know it you have your body pressed to mine, but you haven't entered me yet. I can feel your hardness resting at my opening and you know how badly I want it. I am still squirming, running my nails up and down your back, pleading without saying a word. Finally you thrust into me with great force. I moan loudly and arch my back. You pull back slowly, teasing me like I love. One more hard thrust and I am done, trembling against your body, legs quivering at your side. It is not long after that that my moaning and scratching does you in, you bite my neck as you come knowing how I love this.

You collapse on top of me, feeling more spent then you ever have.

"Can I take off this blindfold now?" and I just smile, too fulfilled to say anything.

You're already planning your sweet revenge.

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