Teasing GrandPa

byWyden Long©

"Would you like a nice cold glass of tea?"

"If it's half as cold as that drop on my belly, I'm not sure I can take it. Can you hold it a little lower, please? I can't reach it."

"Just wanted to watch you reach for it, baby."

"Oh. Well in that case..." Kimmie stretched her arm above her head to reach for the glass and his fantasies were fulfilled.

Her skimpy top pulled completely off her nipple, leaving the bright pink, engorged tip thrusting into space for her grandpa.

"Is that what you wanted to see, Gramps?" She grinned wickedly at his shell-shocked appearance.

"Yes, but I had given up all hope of seeing something so beautiful in this life."

"Oh, Gramps. You say the sweetest things. If you liked that, try this."

Kimmie pulled her top back over her swollen nipple and began to rub the wet sides of the sweating glass across the thin cloth that barely covered her tits. In seconds, both nipples were jutting out against the cloth which had become soaked and completely transparent.

"How's that, Gramps?"

"Oh my, child. You're going to kill me, but I'll die happy."

"Would you like to see more?"

"Is that a trick question?"

"No. I just wondered if you would like to see my sweet little pussy. Would you?"

"You're not just saying that to give me a heart attack so some handsome young, virile ambulance attendant can come in here and fall madly in love with you and fuck you silly while I lie here gasping for breath until the life drains out of my dying body--are you?"

"Oh Gramps. You say the silliest things. Do you really think he would fall in love with me and fuck me silly?"

"I'm absolutely sure of it."

"I'm sitting here nearly naked in front of you, talking dirty, and you don't even have a hard on."

"Hah! That's what you think, little girl!" In a single fluid motion, Frank stood and whipped his shorts down to reveal a massive erection pointing at the sky. "What do you say to that, little girl?"

"Oh Gramps. It's so beautiful. Can I please suck it just a little? Please? Just a little? It's so big and fat and it's already dripping."

"Well, ok, but only until Thursday."

"What happens Thursday?"

"That's when I give you an extension. Are you sure about this, honey? You know I would never do anything to hurt you, but you seem to be old enough to handle it and I'm certainly old enough, period. What would your mother think?"

"If she could see what I'm looking at, she would probably fight me for it."

"You think so? Really?"

"Yeah, Mom's pretty hot. Since she got divorced, sometimes we double date."

"Really? Doesn't that cramp your style a bit?"

"No, not a bit."

"What if some guy wants to get in your pants? What then?"

"Promise you won't tell her I told you?"

"Told me what?"

"That we met a guy one night who fucked us both."

"Oh shit! Sorry Honey. You caught me off guard with that one. Here, let me help you off with that top. We need to rinse the cum out of it before it stains."

"Gramps, you don't know diddly shit about what causes stains. You just want to see me naked, don't you?"

"Well, sort of."

"Sort of, my ass. You don't even realize that you were jacking off right in front of me while I was telling you about me and mom double-dating, do you."

"I was not!"

"You were so! That's how I knew it was coming in time to keep from getting cum in my eyes. If you had given me a little more warning I could have gotten my mouth over it in time."

"Go on. You don't really know how to suck cock, do you?"

"Scout's honor."

"Go on."

"No, I'm really good at it. Some of the guys say I could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch ball, but I think they just stole that line from an old Willie Nelson movie."

"Go on. Next, you're going to tell me you can do deep throat."

"Sure can, plus I can lick your balls with my tongue while I hum."

"Oh, sweet baby! Open wide, your granddaddy is ready to die and go to heaven."


"What's that, baby?"

"I said take it easy, please. It will take me a minute to get my mouth that wide open. Why don't you take my shorts off and lick my sweet little pussy while I try to unhinge my jaw? Maybe a little pussy cream will take your mind off the need to drive that hammer down my throat."

"You and your mom really had a three-way?"

"I didn't say that. I simply said he fucked us both."

"Well, did you have a three-way?"

Kimmie grinned. "Bigger than shit! You should have seen Mom's eyes light up when I went down on her. He was sitting on the edge of the bed and she was sitting on his prick, facing away from him so she could watch herself in the mirror playing with her clit while they fucked. I walked in on them while they were fucking away and simply knelt between her thighs and started licking. It blew her mind."

"Damn, honey! You're blowing mine. Did you and your mom ever do anything else together, just the two of you?"

"Sure did. Want to hear about my strap-on?"

"Child, you are surely going to be the death of me, but I can't imagine a better way to go."

"Oh, Gramps. Just shut up and eat me. You've already got off once, but I haven't. I need to cum, too, you know."

"My pleasure, darlin'"

"Right there! That's it! That's the spot! Oh shit! Oh! Don't stop, Gramps. Please don't stop. Even Mom hasn't found that spot. Oh, you sweet old man. You're going to cum in my mouth. Come on Gramps, let's cum together. Aaaaaaah!"

"Bet you didn't think you could cum twice in one hour, did you?"

"Bet you didn't, either, Miss Smarty Pants. Hey! Do you think your mom would let me fuck her? Is she that desperate?"

"Hell Gramps. She isn't desperate, she's just horny. She must have taken after you. Still, I'm not sure she could get around the incest shit. You know?"

"Yeah, I know."

"Listen, why not invite her up for the weekend? I'll get her into a 69 some time during the night and you can just walk up and ram your dick in her while I hold her on top of me. Sound like fun?"

"Fun? Fun? Damn I like the way you think. I've got to warn you, though. I'm getting hard again just thinking about it."

"Don't worry Gramps. I know exactly what to do with that. I'll sit across your lap like I used to do when I was little and you can have all of your fantasies come true in one day."

"You're really going to fuck your tired old grandpa to death, aren't you, Kimmie?"

"All I can do is try. When should I call Mom?"

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