tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTeasing Wife Gets Laided

Teasing Wife Gets Laided

bySally Tart©

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My name is Mindy, I’m married to John. John and I have been married for 11 years. We are both 29 years old. This story I’m about to tell you took place 4 years ago when we were 25.

John was the man that took my cherry when I was 17 and in High School. That happened in the back seat of his Fathers car out by the lake. I had been out with a few boys before John but none of them got to far with me.

My first real puppy love was Terry. I let him play with my then young breasts and he was the first boy to touch my vagina. For that matter once he was playing with me as we were making out. I didn’t know what was happening to my body. I know now that I was about to have my first orgasm with Terry. But I made him stop when my body started responding in this new way. Terry stole a car not long after that and he ended up going away to boy’s school. That was the end of our relationship. I then started dating my now husband John.

Now a little about myself. I’m not real tall, only 5’1” and 101 lbs., my measurements are 34C-24-34. Let’s see what do I look like? I have blonde hair and have been told that I resemble Heather Locklear. I don’t see that myself, but that’s what people tell me. Now John keeps himself in great shape. He works out every day and looks very hot if you ask me. So together we make a very nice looking couple.

A few years into out marriage John started bringing these men magazines in to our home. You know the one’s, Playboy, Penthouse, Gallery and some others. At first I was upset about these magazines. I felt like he liked looking at other women over me. John assured me that I was the only woman for his eyes. Sure he looked at the girls in these magazines but none of them held a candle to me. He knew just what to say to smooth me over. Anyway John said he got them for the stories. He couldn’t believe all the things that guys got their wives to do. I told him they are not true stories, just some perverts writing them. In any case John would read them stories for hours on end.

One day I was home alone and picked up one of his magazines to read what had him so engrossed all of the time. The first one I read was about some guy that liked for his wife to go out and screw other guys. Then come home and have sex with him with the other mans sperm still inside her. I was thinking how sick this was and how could any guy enjoy something like this?

I went on to the next story. It was along the same lines, wife getting fucked and her husband going nuts about it. The way some of the stories worded what was happening was starting to get to me. I don’t know why but I slipped off my shorts and started rubbing my pussy right through my little red bikini panties.

I’ve never masturbated a lot in my 25 years but this story was getting to me big time. I got the crotch of my little panties super wet. Without even thinking about it I slipped my hand under the waistband of my little panties. My fingers ran down over my clean shaven mound to my wet slit. I ran my middle finger up and down my pussy slit a few times making it very wet. I then started rubbing my hard clitoris with my index and middle fingers. I put the magazine down, closed my eyes and made up my own story in my head.

My mind played out this story in my head. I was having sex with my brother in-law in his bedroom. After we both came he left the room leaving me flat on my back in the middle of his bed with his cum running out of me. John came in the room next and got between my legs. He slipped his hard cock in my cummy pussy and moaned how good it felt with his brothers cum inside me. As I played this out in my head I had this great orgasm.

Well, I was hooked now. I would read some of the stories over and over again. I didn’t let John know that his sweet little wife was reading his books and getting herself off sometimes three times a day. I was now happy when I would see him bring a new magazine home with him.

As time went on one night we were laying in bed reading. I was reading my People magazine and John one of his men magazines. I looked down and seen he was sporting a big hard-on in his boxers. I rapped my fingers around his hard cock and asked him if the story he was reading was that good?

He moaned, yes it is kind of good.

What’s it about I asked?

He said it’s about some guys wife is taking turns fucking her husband and his friend in the same bed.

As I stroked his cock I said, oh so that stuff really turns you on doesn’t it?

John moaned, mmm yes it does.

Stroking his cock faster and keeping the game going I then said would you like to watch me screw one of your friends?

Closing his eyes and laying his head back on the pillow John moaned, mmm oh yes that would be so sexy.

On one hand I was half-mad and on the other half turned on the hear him say that. I then asked, so you would like to feel another mans sperm inside my pussy?

John moaned out, OH GOD YES as his hard cock jerked in my hand and sperm came flying out.

A big wad of cum landed on his belly and as I milked more out it run over my fingers as I kept jacking him off.

Once I had him milked dry I asked him in a mad tone, so who would you like to see fuck me? He knew that from the tone of my voice I wasn’t real happy.

John said, oh honey I would never let some guy fuck you. And I wouldn’t like to see that. It’s just a fantasy thing. You know a guy thing.

I looked at him and said a guy thing? What is that? I don’t have a fantasy of seeing you fuck other girls.

He tried to hug me but I pushed him away and told him to go clean up his fantasy cum and leave me alone. I let him go to sleep that night thinking I was mad at him for the way he was thinking. I for sure didn’t let him know that I was just as turned on about these stories as he was.

The next morning I woke up dreaming about sex. My hips were pumping up to my dream lover as I moaned out that I was cumming. As my orgasm went through my body I opened my eyes to see that John had the crotch of my little black lace panties pulled to the side and was sucking on my hard clit. I held his head in my hands, rolled my hips up to his mouth and yelled out, OH GOD YESSSSS I’M CUMMINGGGGG.

My orgasm came to an end as John kept licking my pussy from top to bottom. He stopped licking and said what were you dreaming about young lady?

I lied and said nothing it just felt so good.

John laughed and said bullshit. Is that why you moan out “oh God fuck me Tom” before you woke up? Tom who? What Tom were you dreaming about?

Well it was time for the truth so I said in a very low voice your Brother. I was dreaming that your Brother was screwing me. Don’t ask me why it just happened?

John smiled and said see your just like me. Is it so bad to have a fantasy? As he was moving up over the top of me.

I said well maybe not, as long as it’s a fantasy. I would never really have sex with your Brother.

John said I would hope not. But you can always pretend like you’re having sex with Tom. Just close your eyes and think that Tom is sliding his hard cock in you right now.

After he said that John line his hard cock up to the entrance of my hot and wet pussy. He pushed just the head inside me. I moaned mmmmm yes.

John then said why don’t you tell Tom what you would like him to do to you?

I closed my eyes and played right into his hand. I moaned out oh God Tom fuck me please fuck me.

John pushed is hard cock deep inside me and said does Toms cock feel good deep inside your pussy?

OH GOD YES I moaned out as I pushed up to him.

John started pump his hard cock in my wet pussy fast and hard. He then whispered in my ear would you like Tom to cum inside you?

Pumping up to him I moaned out yes, yessssss cum with me, cum in me, yessssss, yessssss, give me your cum.

John was now pumping in me at full speed. He was fucking me like he had years ago. I was going out of my mind under him as I tried to keep in time with him. All this time my orgasm was building and building deep inside me.

John then pushed deep inside me and moaned out, oh God I’m going to cum in my Brothers wife.

That did it for me as I pushed up to Johns jerking cock. His sperm was squirting deep into my pussy as I moaned out very loud OH YES TOM, FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM. My orgasm took over my body as I milked Johns cock with my pussy lips thinking that if was his Bother Tom cumming deep inside of me.

Well, that was the start of our roll playing. From that morning on we would read the sexy stories together then play them out in the bedroom. John even went so far as to get some sexy sex toys to add to our fun. One of our favorites is this rubber-vibrating dildo. It’s maybe over a foot long and a little bigger around than a D battery. It is dark brown and looks just like a real black mans penis. Not that I’ve seen any in real life, mined you. John will use that thing on me and we act like I’m getting fucked by a black man then John will have his turn with me. Our sex lives just kept getting better and better.

It was right around this time that we started thinking about having children also. With me being 24 or 25 it was about the time in life to start a family. So the birth control pills went down the toilet. So each time we made love I was always hopping that this was the time the little sperms made their way to my eggs. And you know what they say. If at first you don’t succeed keep on trying until you do succeed. We tried a lot and a lot more.

After a year or so of no luck in the baby department I started thinking that I had something wrong with me. After a few trips to the Doctor and a ton of test she tells me that I’m fine. She said to have John go in and get some test done. I told John this and he got mad and said bullshit, he is fine, we’ll just keep trying.

It was also around this time that our sex lives got a little wilder.

We were having a cook out slash pool party in our back yard this one afternoon. Being the hostess I wouldn’t have time to play in the pool so I didn’t dress in my bikini. I just slipped on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. After getting dressed as I was coming out of the bedroom John stopped me.

John said why don’t we tease the guys at the party a little today?

Tease them like how I asked?

John said I don’t know, maybe you could wear a mini skirt with no panties and flash our male guest from time to time.

I looked at him and said keep dreaming big boy. That’s not going to happen, sorry.

John then started playing with my left breast and said well then how about you go braless today? It would really turn me on to see the guys checking out your great set of tits. You have nice tits, what would it hurt teasing them a little?

I said are you kidding me? It would turn you on to see guys checking out my boobs?

Hell yes it would John replied. Will you do it for me baby?

I smiled at him and said okay love. If it will make you that happy, why not.

I went back in the bedroom and removed my shirt and bra. With the bra gone I put the white tee shirt back on. The A/C in the house was really low and the cool air had my nipples sticking out a good inch. My breasts stand up real nice with out a bra with just a little sag. They just bounce all around like water balloons when I walk. Plus I had to be careful when I bent over. My V neck tee shirt would give anybody looking a good view of my breasts down the front of my shirt.

I went in the kitchen and started getting things together for our guest due in a few hours.

John came in and said, now that’s what I’m talking about. He came over to me and started playing with my breasts right through my shirt. He had been out cleaning the grill.

I pushed him away and said stop it you’re all dirty.

As he was walking back outside he said the guys are going to love your hard nipples. They’ll all be wishing they could suck on them.

I just hoped the wives and girls didn’t think I was acting too slutish by letting my boobs bounce all over in front of their husbands and boyfriends.

Our party was in full swing by early evening. Everybody seemed to be having fun and the beer was flowing like water. John and I are not big drinkers so we had to pace ourselves. The guests were drinking the stuff like it was the last day they were going to get any. Myself, just three beers and I’m out of it. I’m a very cheep date. John can do a six pack and he’s drunk. So after two beers I started drinking the punch. I wasn’t sure how many John had had.

I was in the kitchen getting more buns out and one of John’s friends Mark came in.

Mark said shit Mindy is it cold in here or are you happy to see me?

I looked at him and said what are you talking about? Thinking he was drunk and just not making sense.

Mark laughed and pointed at my breasts and said your nipples are really sticking out. Not that that is a bad thing, I like it. I was just asking if you’re horny or cold, that’s all?

I turned a real dark shade of red as I turn way from him and said Mark your crazy.

Mark moved up behind me and said don’t be mad at me. I was hoping that I turned you on and that made your nipples so hard.

I knew I shouldn’t be talking to Mark about the state of my nipples so I just said, Mark I think you’ve had a little too much to drink. Maybe you should go back out by the pool.

Mark put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around facing him and said would you mind if I give one of your nipples a kiss?

I was just about to go running away when John came in the door and said where’s the buns?

I followed John outside with the buns in my hand, leaving Mark in the kitchen alone.

I told John thanks you just saved me from being raped in the kitchen.

How’s that he asked?

I’ll tell ya later I told him.

So after the party was over and things were all cleaned up I headed for bed. I had just taken my shirt off when John walked in the bedroom. He walked up behind me and cupped both my breasts in his hands.

As he was rolling my still hard nipples around he said your tits were a big hit today.

A big hit in what way I asked?

He said he was in the pool floating around and floated over by a group for guys standing next to the pool. They were talking about how nice your tits look. They were hoping that you would get pushed in the pool so they could get a good look at your hard nipples. He said this gave him an instant hard-on hearing this talk.

When I told him what went on in the kitchen and John went nuts. He picked me up and dropped me on the bed.

He said why didn’t you let Mark kiss your nipple?

I hit him on the arm and said right. If I did that he would tell all your other friends and the guys would be lined up over here to kiss my nipples. I’m sure you would like all your friends kissing your wives nipples.

John had my shorts and panties off in record time. Just as fast he was on top of me between my legs.

As he was slipping his hard cock inside me he asked if I think I would have liked for Mark to suck on my nipples?

I just moaned, mmmm maybe so.

Next time will you let him kiss them?

As I hooked my legs around John’s hips and pushed up to him I moaned out, mmmm yes next time I will.

That statement made John a wildman as he started pumping into me very hard and fast. I don’t recall him ever screwing me as hard and as fast as he was right then. And feel good, wow, it felt great. I had no idea that this little boob show that I put on that day would make us both so horny. We didn’t have sex that night we fucked. We fucked almost all night. John just kept going forever that night. I’m not sure how many orgasms I ended up having that night.

The next morning after a long slow wake up screw John told me had had a plan for our next party.

His plan was as follows. It didn’t have to be a party it could be just anything. He would like me to dress a little sexier and do a little teasing of his male friends. He would have a few drinks and act like he was passing out or falling asleep in a chair near me. I’m to lead some guy on as he watches though the slits of his almost closed eyes. If the guy who ever it is starts getting to out of my control John would wake up and look around like he didn’t know what was going on. Putting a stop to any action going on.

I said your asking me to act like a slut with one of your friends?

It could be anybody John replied. It doesn’t have to be one of my friends. It could be just some guy that you find attractive, it doesn’t matter.

And just how far would I go with this person I asked?

Just as far as he starts thinking that he’s going to get into your panties. I’ll wake up and save you. Then I’ll be the one getting in your panties.

I told John that he was nuts and that was a bad thing to do to some poor guy.

He laughed and said fuck-em he’ll have hands to take care of himself. Then we can go take care of each other. What ya think?

I smiled and said I think I’ll need a few drinks to do this but what the hell, sounds like it could be fun.

John hugged me and said that maybe we could try something next weekend.

I gave him a hug and kiss back and said I’m sure you will think of something.

Well the next Saturday John came in from doing his yard work and asked if I would like to go for dinner later on and then stop by Mo-Joes for a drink?

Mo-Joes is a dive bar that a lot of his friends hang out at on the weekend. Why that shit hole I asked?

John came up to me and took me in his arms. Squeezing my ass with both his hands he said I was thinking we could try teasing someone tonight if you’re up to it? And that would be a good place to find someone we know.

You want me to tease someone out in public like that?

Oh no John said. Well get whoever it is to come back to the house with us. That way we’ll have control over what happens. And other people wouldn’t get the wrong idea about you being some slutish housewife.

I felt a little better after hearing that. But still wasn’t 100% sure about what we were getting into. This was going to be a first for me playing a slut housewife with some other man. But the idea of doing it had my nipples hard and vagina wet.

A few hours later after a shower I asked John what he would like me to wear?

John just smiled and said you pick out your outfit just make it a skirt or dress, okay?

I said okay, but it’s not going to be too dressy, seeing how we are going to Mo-Joes.

John laughed and said your right you might get your clothes dirty just sitting on the barstools in that place.

As I was fixing my hair John dressed in some nice jeans and a dress shirt. After he was dressed he left the bedroom leaving me alone to get dressed.

First I slipped on a little pair of power blue French-cut bikini panties. They are very sheer and see-through both front and back. Next I put on my Victoria’s Secret matching push-up bra. It is also very sheer and see-through. You could see my dark nipples right through the lace front. Next I rolled on a pair of lace topped suntan colored thigh-high stockings. They came up just an inch or so below my crotch making it easy to wear a shorter skirt or dress that I knew John would like. I wasn’t sure what skirt or dress I should wear.

As I was looking through my closet I came across my little blue and light blue plaid Catholic Schoolgirl skirt. I comes down about mid-thigh with pleats that flare out making it look shorter than it is. I’m thinking this will do, John loves me in this skirt. I stepped in the skirt and pulled it up my legs. I zipped up the back then checked myself out in the mirror. Oh my goodness this skirt looks really short, oh well.

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