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Ted & Emily


Emily, 19, studied her outfit in the bathroom mirror. She was wearing a tight-fitting, lace, black, baby doll, the hem of it barely covering her bottom. The top of it held her small breasts beautifully, awarding anyone who looked at them to see the fleshy, proud swelling of the tops of her creamy white breasts. Walking closer to the mirror, she took her makeup out and leaned in close to her reflection, very delicately, meticulously applying her lipstick. She then took out her eye shadow compact and started to apply a light purple eye shadow above her green eyes. And finally, she softly stroked her eyelashes with her mascara brush. She brought her face back and undid the rollers from her hair that her sister had helped her put in about a half-hour before. Luckily, her sister was gone now and the curls turned out beautifully. She combed through them gently and pulled the sides back with ribbons. Her husband, Ted, would be home in about fifteen minutes. She sprayed her bare thighs with perfume, doing the same with the tops of her breasts.

It was the evening, just starting to get dark out. She planted several candles in the bedroom which she would light up later, as she anticipated her husband and herself would be there most of the night. She slipped a lighter into one of the drawers and from the same drawer withdrew a box of cherry-chocolate candies and set it on the nightstand. She went out to the living room and hallway and lit the candles, shutting the lights off in the rest of the house. Sitting on one of the chairs in the living room, she anxiously waited for Ted.

Ted was 44 and they first met only five months ago. It was love at first sight. They had been set up on a blind date through a mutual friend. On their first date, they laughed, they talked and they found out that they had much in common. They both liked big-band music, horror films and playing tennis. On that first night, he walked her to her apartment door and gave her a gentle kiss good night. They parted for the night and went on their second date a few days later. Their passion for one another was already building fast. The suggestive, naughty innuendos they exchanged at dinner, the vulgar glances they gave one another, their eyes and body language saying more than words ever could. By the end of that second night, there was so much sexual tension that they couldn't bare not to fulfill their desires and she invited him to spend the night at her place. Without hesitation, he agreed and that night he took her virginity. They went on date after countless date, always giving one another little gifts, like cards for him or flowers for her.

Ted questioned himself for falling in love with an adolescent, asking himself if he was a dirty old man. Emily listened to his concerns and gave him such a kiss that it eased his mind, killed his worries and made his cock rise. The next time they saw one another, he popped the question and she very happily agreed and cried when he slipped a ring on her finger.

Their wedding took place three weeks ago. It was an outdoor wedding and there were many tears in both families and from both the young bride and her husband. They went to West Palm Beach for their honeymoon where they spent most of their time in their hotel room professing their love for each other between gentle tears, making love and showering together.

Yesterday morning his 16 year-old niece had an appendectomy and was terrified to death, as she had never had surgery before. She and her parents lived two hundred miles north of them. Well, her Uncle Ted was determined to be there for her, right at her side, telling her everything was going to be alright, and sure enough, everything was. Ted had phoned her yesterday and told her the surgery had gone smoothly. True, it was a simple, common procedure done hundreds, maybe even thousands of times a day, but the young girl was terrified and nothing could quite calm her nerves like Uncle Ted. That's one of the things that made Emily fall in love with him - his compassion, his nurturing, caring nature for the ones he loved. He had stayed overnight at his brother and sister-in-law's house and would be returning home this evening. Emily looked at her watch.

She heard the rattle of keys on the other side of the door and ran into the bedroom and shut the door behind her. She checked herself out just one last time in their full-length mirror. He announced he was home.

"I'll be out in a minute!" she hollered.

Ted hung up his coat. He looked around the living room. It was beautifully lit with candles. Such a romantic atmosphere. Such a romantic girl, in fact. He wore slacks, and a shirt and a tie. What a doll, he thought to himself, looking at the sensual atmosphere she had set for the two of them. He combed his hair back as best as he could with his hands and straightened his tie tightly up to his neck. He thought about sitting down as he waited for his young bride, but he was too excited to rest. Anxiously, he waited for his little princess to come out of their bedroom. Their bedroom. It always hit him as such a shock that this teenager and himself shared a bedroom and were, indeed, a married couple.

She emerged from the bedroom and walked down the hall, standing in the doorway of the living room. His eyes were wide. He couldn't believe that a creature could look as sexy, as beautiful, as perfect as her. He stood up and growled. His wife put her hand up to her lips, giggling. She knew what that meant. That growl always happened when he saw something he liked, when he was aroused, when he set his eyes on hers and wanted her right then and there.

The young woman stood awkwardly, her hands behind her back, shifting her weight on either foot. He walked up to her, his eyes looking her up and down, craving her body, hungry for he lovemaking. He gently held her shoulders.

"Oh Princess," he said. "You look gorgeous. You look so sexy, so beautiful." He lowered his voice and told her what she deemed to be "one of the sexiest phrases". He said, "Baby, I think my pants are getting tighter."

She sighed, "Daddy, you know what that does to me."

He nodded, "I do know, sweetheart. Would you mind if I gave you a kiss?" he teased.

She closed her eyes and tilted her head sweetly up to her new husband. Nothing happened. Her eyes fluttered open wide in surprise and he chuckled at her, stroking her cheek with his finger. He loved being this close to her. What a precious, precious girl. His smile disappeared and his seriousness took over, leaning in to kiss her. She kissed him back hungrily, her hands resting on his chest.

"Oh honey," he moaned quietly. "I love you."

"Mmm," she sighed. "I love you too, Daddy. I missed you so much while you were gone. I know you weren't gone even two whole days, but I missed you."

He kissed her once again, his tongue slipping into her mouth. He stroked her curled hair and very gently rubbed her back, the lower part of it covered in her black lingerie. The young woman could feel his cock straining against his pants up against her and she started to undo his tie. Softly, he pulled the straps of her baby doll down over her arms, but not yet exposing her breasts.

"I missed you too, sweetheart," he whispered. "I hate to think of my little baby sleeping all by herself. Where you lonely, darling?"

She nodded. "Oh yes, very lonely."

"Aw," he said and continued kissing her. The heat was too much to bare and he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and lead her into the bedroom, the candlelight from the hallway being their only light to guide them, streaming into the room. They confessed sexily to one another that they had been playing with themselves thinking of each other while they were separated.

She eased her youthful body back onto the bed, exposing her smooth thighs and her wetness to him. He crawled over her and kissed her gently on the lips then crawled down on the bed and slid the tight, lace fabric up from her hips up around her waist. Looking into her eyes, he quietly, slowly, lowered his head to her open, wet pussy that was waiting for him. He fingered her lips with the gentle pads of his thumbs, pawing at her sex, lovingly molesting her and then finally licking her sweetness up and down. She was soaked and her excitement glistened. She was so warm, so moist, so ready for him. But she was young, she was still tight, and so he took his time with her, preparing her for his large cock that was already fully erect, straining in his slacks. He licked her up and down and gently began to kiss her skin that blossomed around his tongue like sweet pink petals. Her hole was open and leaking and she was fully ready for him.

He stood up and began to undress himself and she stood up, pulling her lingerie up over her head. They took their time in undressing, watching one another like one, long, slow-motion wet dream. They were both naked and she walked over to him and started to kiss him and pulled her back onto the bed with her. He agonizingly pulled his lips from hers and held his cock in his hand, sinking it into her pussy. He went slowly with her and watched her face carefully. She showed no signs of pain and so he continued. The deeper he put himself into her, the louder her whimpering and her cries of pleasure became. He was in all the way and stayed that way for a moment.

"Oh Ted," she moaned. "Come on, give it to me real good."

"Real good?" he teased her in a low voice.

She giggled, "Oh yes, really good, hard, fast."

He groaned at her words, studying his body inside of hers. "You got it, angel."

He began to move his hips, pumping his cock in and out of her, slow at first and then faster and faster. It didn't take him long before he started to moan out loud. Oh, what vulgar, hot sounds. His moaning, the squelching of her pussy juice around his manhood, her little whispers, urging him on.

"Yes, yes...Oh Ted, yes, yes...."

"Oh yes, angel, yes precious. You like it when Daddy fucks you, baby? You like it?"

She bit her bottom lip and moaned, "Yes, oh fuck me, Daddy."

He watched his cock drilling in and out of her sweetness. "Damn it, oh Lord," he groaned. "Damn, you're so tight, so sweet. You're such a good little girl, putting out for Daddy whenever he wants it. You like to put out, don't you, sweetheart?"

She nodded.

"Fuck," he said, pounding her harder. "I thought so, I thought so, precious."

She studied him fucking her. His body was working hard and she lifted her hips up to meet his thrusts. He was looking down at the fucking - his cock going in and out, in and out. Oh. He loved to fuck and she loved to fuck too. She could tell by the look on his face that he loved to screw his little girl, his sweet little piece of ass that would put out for him, ready herself for his dick, whenever he wanted.

Little Emily was every man's fantasy. He took his eyes away from their sexes for a moment and looked into her eyes. She was looking at him. Their eyes met and they danced with lust and love for one another. He leaned his head down to kiss her and their tongues made love as their bodies did. He gently took his mouth away from hers, savoring her kiss.

"Oh Daddy!" she suddenly squealed. "I'm going to cum soon," she whimpered.

"Fuck, oh me too, sugar. Come on, come on," he said, urging her to push her hips up faster. "Yesss, oh that's a girl, that's a girl. Oh my, you're really showing your stuff to Daddy tonight aren't you, my little princess?"

His cock couldn't take anymore of her sweetness without letting go, and his cock let go. It spewed his cum into her body and her body froze, her lips milking his cock as she was about to cum. Her pussy lips throbbed around his cock and all her sweet juices flowed around his manliness. Their hips started to slow very gradually and their sighs lowered and became softer, the room quieting down. Their hips eventually stopped and he very gently eased his softening cock out of her wetness. She lied there, her fingers letting go of the comforter beneath her from her tight grip.

"Oh Lord," Ted groaned. "Oh my goodness," he chuckled sexily. "My oh my, that was absolutely wonderful, darling." He crawled up next to her naked body and lied on his back beside her.

She turned on her side, entwining her left leg in between his. He could still feel her wetness against his thigh. She giggled, asking him if she really had done a good job. Drowsily he nodded his head, unable to find any words, only able to grin that he had perhaps the sexiest wife on the face of the earth. Their panting decreased and they naturally eased their bodies, molding into one another.

He wrapped one arm around her shoulders, stroking her soft, angelic hair. With his other arm he reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the heart-shaped box of chocolates. Managing with his one free hand, he manipulated the box open from it's ribbon and took one of the cherry-chocolate candies out. He smiled and put it up to her lips. Her lips formed a smiled, but stayed closed.

He laughed, "Come on baby, open up."

She giggled, "I already did." She opened up her sweet, pink, bubblegum lips and allowed her handsome husband to feed her. He slipped it into her mouth and she chewed it happily. He took another one out and brought it to his lips. The young girl grabbed it from him and popped it in her mouth.

"Hey!" he shouted, playfully grasping her neck in his big hands and shaking her head back and forth. She laughed, the dimples showing in her cheeks. Opening up her mouth, she stuck out her tongue and showed him the eaten candy. After a groan of disgust from him, she darted her tongue back into it's cavity and she laughed, swallowing it.

They lied there together, eating the candy, feeding it to one another. It started to rain and it drizzled down the windows. She got up off the bed, showing her nakedness in it's entirety to him as she went walking through the room, lighting the eight candles with a lighter. Two on each of the twin nightstands and two on either side of the television on the dresser. She stood there lighting the last candle. Ted slipped from his place on the bed and approached her. He very gently wrapped his arms around her body, their nakedness pressed up against one another. Emily hugged him back tightly, her chin resting on his shoulder and looking up. Their shadows were dancing on the ceiling by way of the flames. Their shadows gradually started moving faster, after her husband, again, growled his sexually excited growl.

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