tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTeen Neighbour Get a Photoshoot

Teen Neighbour Get a Photoshoot


Two teenage girls Amie aged 19 and Jenny aged 18 were my neighbors. They both had a reputation as being sluts. I never had much to do with the Amie. She was always out with her scummy boyfriend. Jenny was more of a homebody. She would come by and say hello once in a while, even though she knew I had a steady girlfriend. I thought of her as more of a sister or friend than anything else.

One afternoon I was at home after college and to break the monotony of my studies I went to my dark room in my garden to develop some recent photos. I heard a knock on the door.

"Hi David, Its Jenny here, are you there"

"Yes, give me a minute to put away the film before I open the door"

I finished all the dark room work and then opened the door to great my neighbor She had her blonde hair tied up in a ponytail, her cheeks were bright red and her brow was sweaty. She was dressed in a pink t back top and black spandex running tights.

I had never looked at her in a sexual way before, and I had never noticed her figure before either. She would normally dress in old baggy jeans and oversized old t-shirts.

"I just went for a long run and I forgot my house keys. I am locked out, so I took the chance that you were home and I have come to visit."

I finished putting my developing materials in the drawer and then turned around. Jenny was leaning forward looking at some of my pictures on the table. The sight of her ass tightly wrapped in the shiny spandex pants awoke my hormones. She had a little round butt, which sucked in the spandex material up the middle seam. Her butt cheeks were framed at the bottom by an upward arc as the material strained against her taught hamstring muscles. The material stretched tightly around her hips, butt and legs. I noticed that it was slightly sheer as she stretched forward. At the seam by the waist I could clearly see the label showing through as I peered closely looking for that panty line, but there was none. The top was equally sexy. It had a t back with exposed shoulders, the t back connected to the front under the arms. It was probably too high cut for a girl with larger breasts. I could see the raw flesh of her boobs exposed on the sides. I could see the straps of a white bra by the side of the t back, but it was also skimpy. I wanted so much to run my fingers along these voluptuous breasts, feeling the soft white skin.

"Wow, your photos are great. I never knew you were such a pro!" Jenny remarked as she turned around to face me.

She noticed that I was staring at her ass. I could see that "I know what you are doing" expression on her face, followed by her stretching her shoulders backwards and pushing her chest outwards so that her ample sized C breasts stood out, in contrast to her petite frame. I felt embarrassed at being caught out ogling her.

I stuttered in response "Yes my passion in photography, I find it a great outlet for my creativity."

Jenny walked up to look at the photos I had handing up to dry.

"Wow! Did you take these photos? They are so sexy! is this a girlfriend of yours?"

I responded "I do some freelance work at a studio called Starshots and they do modeling portfolios for people. This girl was given a birthday gift from her fiancé to be made up and then have photos taken."

"I have heard of that but I didn't know they took such raunchy pictures."

"Well, the model can choose what to wear or not wear. They have bags of attire ranging from formal wear to lingerie and swimsuits and even fetish, and a lot take advantage of the opportunity to be a bit more daring" I explained to her.

Jenny amazed, continued looking at the newly developed photos of Angie, some with her topless and others dressed in lingerie and skimpy outfits.

"I have wanted to get a modeling portfolio done for some time, but it's so expensive. Would you consider helping me out with a few photos?" Jenny asked me.

I started to fantasize about taking photos of Jenny nude, so I answered her quickly without even giving it any thought.

'Sure, I have sometime today."

Jenny continued looking at the photos mesmerized "This girl has a really sexy figure. How old is she?" Jenny asked.

"I am not sure, I think early twenties. You have just reminded me that I need to return the gear she used for modeling to the studio. She put the bag in my car when we went to the beach to take some last photos and forgot to take it out when we returned to the studio."

I had finished my work in the dark room I closed the door as we walked through my backyard to the house.

"You still seeing that girl, what was her name, Nikki?" she asked me out of the blue.

"Actually, no, we broke up a few months ago. " I answered.

Nikki was the opposite of Jenny. She was quiet shy, inhibited and far too conservative. The only thing is common was that she also like to go running, but she would only ever wear baggy running shorts. She never wore anything tight, and if we ever saw girls wearing tight clothes she would call them sluts. I hated that about Nikki. All it meant was that I would have to feast me eyes on every girl I saw in the streets or gym that did wear running tights lusting after them.

We entered my house and went to the living room, where Jenny sat down on the sofa"

"David, I would like to have photos taken, can we do it now?"

"Yes, would you like to do it here?" I asked her.

"Well yes, I can't get into my house. Can we?" Jenny asked eagerly and excited.

"Nobody is expected home until tonight so let me get my camera and we can start. By the way do you want a something to drink?"

I opened the bar fridge.

"Help yourself to something and I just need to go to the toilet. "

When I returned Jenny handed me a glass of white wine as she clunked it with her glass of the same. We downed the wine. I didn't say anything about drinking alcohol in the middle of the day.

"Should we start? I will just go fetch my camera." I said as I started walking out of the living room. I was actually quite excited to take Jenny's photos.

Jenny followed behind me. We got to my room and she sat down on my bed while I opened my cupboard to look for my camera.

She leaned over my bedside table and opened up a penthouse magazine I had used to help me masturbate before going to bed the night before. I usually hid it in my drawer but somehow I had forgotten to put it away this time. Jenny started to flip the pages. I tried hard to ignore her. I hoped there wasn't any cum stains visible on the pages.

"Wow, these girls are hot, even from another girls perspective!" she exclaimed.

"It must take a lot of confidence to pose like this." Jenny got up to show me a picture of a naked girl sitting on a staircase with her knees up and her legs wide apart. Her pussy folds were red and looked moist as she touched her clit with two fingers.

"Do you fantasize over these pictures?" she asked me out of the blue.

I was stunned at her directness and never knew what to say, so I said nothing. I just smiled.

"You are embarrassed, aren't you!" she continued teasing me.

The truth is I enjoyed the strong sexual undertones and directness. Nikki would never speak like this. This openness was quite arousing. I should have teased her back, but was too much the gentleman to do so. Having Jenny wearing skintight figure hugging clothes and looking at dirty pictures on my bed was getting me horny. I felt my cock start getting hard in my pants. I felt the need to put my hand on it and adjust its position upwards so that it didn't push against the constraints of my undies.

I got my camera out of the bag and was taking the lens cap off when I glanced over at Jenny still paging away at the magazine. She had her legs parted and I could see her hips sticking out of the tights and I could see a clear oval camel-toe over her pussy. She was oozing sexuality. I so wanted to pounce on her and feel her body all over.

"You don't need to be shy about porn. I get off reading erotic stories on the Internet all the time" she tried to make me feel more comfortable.

"I read them too. My best is literotica. Have you come across the site?" I asked her trying to act as if this was a normal adult conversation.

"Yes, its one of the best sites." She answered.

I so wanted to take the conversation deeper and ask her what she fantasizes over, but I didn't have the nerve to do so.

"Ok, are we ready to go" Jenny asked as she stood up, removed her ponytail and brushed her long blond hair with her fingers.

We went back to the living room where I set up the lighting and reflectors and Jenny stood upright as I took a few shots.

She did a few yoga poses as I clicked away. I enjoyed watching her stretch and perving at all her curves, particularly her butt when she twisted around and her pronounced mound when she did a standing backbend, without being obvious as

"Can I see how they are coming out?" Jenny asked as she approached me.

It was a digital camera so I showed her the screen and she looked at them.

"They are boring, not like the ones I saw this morning. You mentioned tat you still had the bag of attire she used. Can I see if there is anything I can model in?" Jenny asked in a soft and shy tone.

"The bag is still in my car. I will fetch it." I replied.

I handed her the Louise Vuitton bag and Jenny took it with her to the toilet.

I eagerly awaited her return in some sexy dress.

"Ok, I am ready, now don't get a shock. " she announced her arrival.

I was anxious to see why she said that and then she walked through the doorway to the living room.

When I saw her, my mouth went dry and my heart started to race as my male hormones flooded my body. I had an instant erection. I was so horny I cared less if the huge bulge in my pants was discovered.

Jenny was dressed in black, mini-dress, which was sheer and very short ending just at the bottom of her butt. The model I took the photos of previously wore it with a solid black thong and matching bra on underneath, but Jenny was naked.

I was not sure where first to feast my eyes. I looked at her large but firm breasts with pink nipples sticking through, then I looked down at her abdomen. Her hard stomach muscles channeled down to a shaved mound, which crowned two fleshy lips covered with light blonde fuzzy pubic hair curls. In between the fuzz one could see a set of pinkish folds, crunched up on each other.

I nearly passed out.

"Now this is the modeling I meant." Jenny said flirtatiously.

I had nothing to say. I grabbed the camera and I took some photos as she got into different poses.

First she stood upright and opened up her arms wide, pressed her bosoms forward. I got a good picture of her with her nipples hard, pressing tightly against the dress. I captured the look in her eyes. It was one of lust. Her face was crimson red. She was definitely horny.

She then turned to the side, lifted her head upwards with her elbow bent and her hand in her hair and with the other hand she pulled the dress up her waist exposing her naked butt. I wanted so much to touch that delicious butt. It was smooth and her cheeks had a perfect round shape, with tight gluts, which were placed high on her thigh bone, curving into a nice inverted V in the middle, which paved a deep line up to her lower back.

As I moved closer to click a few more shots I noticed her clitoris swollen and protruding outwards, visible from between her butt cheeks. My tongue felt like it was hanging out. I had a dry and salty taste in my mouth from exhilarated arousal. I felt that throbbing discomfort in my pubic area. My balls felt like they were boiling with cum, desperate for a hand to stroke my long hard cock, and milk it up and down fervently until the spasms of tension and tightness in my balls are released and I can spurt out all my cum until my full balls have been emptied.

I wondered if I could make a move on Jenny. I lifted my eyes form the viewfinder and looked her in the eye. Her eyes were glossed over, the exact same expression my ex girlfriend use to have when in the middle of sex.

"What pose should I do now?" Jenny asked breaking the silence.

"How about, you sit on the stairs and pose like the girl in the magazine." I dared her.

Before I could say another word she was already walking to the staircase. She sat down with her knees up and placed her legs a few stairs down. I sat on the floor a few spaces in front of her with my camera in my hand. All the posing must have been hard work. I could smell her perfume mixed with the scent of sweat. I looked up at her and saw that her brow was sweaty.

"Ok, here we go," she said as she twisted her head and threw her long hair over her shoulders.

In a swoop she straightened her spine, sat upright, took a deep breath, opened her knees wide. I had a straight on view of her pussy. It was quite clear that she was as horny as hell. Her folds were deep red and swollen. I could see a white creamy substance running down her folds. Her clit's hood was open and enlarged. I was entranced by this surreal experience. I felt weak in my body and I couldn't lift my camera up. I so wanted to let my cock out of its confines, to put it out in front of her and have her touch it.

"Are you going to take some pics?" she asked breaking my spell.

I lifted the camera and clicked away as she put her hands on her knees and looked straight at the camera. She then went further and placed her fingers along her pussy opening.

"Now, this is just like your magazine photo" she said pleased with herself.

She didn't leave her fingers in that position. I saw her fingers close in on her clit and rub into it in a circular motion. She did it quickly and then withdrew her hand. I was not supposed to have noticed that, I don't think. She turned around with her butt high in the air and supported her body with her hands rested on the stairs. I moved in right close to her body. Her pussy gave off a deep sweat scent .I could smell her sex all over her. I clicked away another few pictures of her butt, and at this angle I got a good close up of her pussy from behind.

"What next?" she asked.

"Can I get a few more like before, with your knees parted?" I suggested.

She turned back into that pose and again took the opportunity to have a quick rub against her clit, but this time she could not stop an involuntary moan. I was lying back taking the pictures; She continued to rub this time. I could not take it anymore. Enough was enough. I put the camera down, stood on my knees near her. I opened my shorts and I pulled the, down with my undies in one go and I put my erection into my hand and I just stroked it hard up and down.

Jenny stood up and we moved towards each other finding a position to just let go of our lustful raw animal instincts on each other. She sat on the floor with her knees wide open and her butt up as I swept under her and positioned my face under her pussy.

She took my cock in her hand and then put it straight into her mouth as she twisted my scrotum. She was fierce and like a high performing piston went up and down on my shaft softening her lips and hardening them as she skimmed over its head and then down again sucking in every inch of skin. I was moaning like there was no tomorrow. I took my hand and held these luscious butt cheeks as I sucked her clitoris up and down its length and then nibbling at its ends like when you are sucking a strawberry out of a straw and its stuck inside but you keep up the sucking pressure at the little bit sticking out to liberate it from the straw. I pointed my tongue and pushed it into her wetness. It was good to finally taste her juices and lick her inside her pussy. It was hot against my tongue and tasted like salty fish, mixed with cream and yet sweet too. I pushed my tongue as deep as it could venture exploring deep within looking for that g spot.

She shook as she lifted her mouth off my cock and let out a scream of pleasure. She was enjoying an intense orgasm. This went on for at least a minute. I continued to suck and lick as she arched her spine backwards rotating her hips in small movements pushing it against and away from my impending mouth. I felt a rush of warm juice run out of her pussy and down my chin. She must have ejaculated. I removed my tongue from within her.

I was close to orgasm myself as she continually stroked my erection, speeding up the rhythm. Jenny surprised me and inserted a finger up my anus and stroked around my inner g spot. This was a first for me, new unexplored territory and was quite an amazing experience. It was like she was pulling the spring inside my balls even tighter and tighter, coiling it around itself. Her probing finger was quite deep inside me when I felt the rising tidal wave ready to crash. It was like a collision from two sides. The intensity of my cock colliding with my contracting inner perineum muscles from my prostrate was being stimulated from within.

My balls tightened, and tightened even more. My prostrate jumped. My perineum tightened into a tense ball of nerves. The coil has reached its peak. My butt muscles tightened around her finger and I too let out a deep groan, as my whole abdomen sucked itself in and tensed. My breath was taken away, and then there was this moment of silence and then my cock throbbed up and shot a stream of cum out and again a second wave and a third as it pulsated up and down spurting white cum everywhere. I had not cum so much since a young teenager. I could smell it I the air.

We unfolded from each other and for the first time we hugged each other and French kissed. My cum was all over her stomach. She put her finger in it and rubbed it across my nipples. I too got to finally touch her beautiful big breasts and I rubbed her hard nipples between my fingers. My erection started to grow again.

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