tagAnalTeen Stud Pt. 06

Teen Stud Pt. 06


Note: all characters are at least 18 years old.


Matthew sat on the chair in his room waiting for Ava to arrive. He had texted her earlier, telling her to come over for a surprise. He looked at the bed and smiled. All his equipment was ready to go. Matthew had recently done some work in a sex shop in town and the owner let him take home anything he wanted as payment. He stood up when he heard footsteps in the hall outside his door.

When Ava entered the room he immediately grabbed her, pushed her against the wall and handcuffed her hands behind her back. "What the fuck is this? What are you doing?" she demanded.

Matthew grabbed her face and looked her in the eye. "Don't speak until spoken to," he told her. He grabbed a mouth gag off the bed that would force her to keep her mouth open. He set it to the widest setting possible and pushed it into her mouth. Then he grabbed a leather collar from the bed and put it around her neck. Two light chains joined the collar to each top bedpost.

Ava looked up at Matthew with wide eyes. She was frightened and she didn't want to do this, but she knew she had to do what Matthew said. He was the only thing that could get her to orgasm now, his thick cock stretching her so tight. She already did everything he told her anyways. She just had to hope that this was a one time thing and that Matthew would go back to fucking her normally.

Matthew stood behind, knowing that she couldn't turn around to look at him. He undressed her slowly, taking his time, teasing her. He wrapped a belt tightly around he lower waist, and two more around her upper thighs. The thigh belts joined with the waist ones to pull Ava's ass up, making it so that she couldn't straighten her legs. He took in this lovely view of her plump ass before tenderly caressing her cheeks. Then he began to spank her. He slapped each ass cheek over and over with the palm of this hand, not going lightly at all. By the end Ava was screaming out in pain.

Matthew stepped back and picked out a vibrator from his equipment. It was the biggest one he could find in the store. He turned it on and pushed it into Ava's already wet pussy. She moaned at the feeling. Next Matthew undressed himself and walked out into Ava's line of sight. She looked at his huge throbbing cock looming right in front of her face. Matthew's cock was 8 inches in length.

Matthew climbed onto the bed in front of her face, between the two chains, and knelt in front of her face. He took the base of his cock in his hand and fed it into Ava's waiting mouth. The gag kept her mouth open just wide enough for his cock to fit it. Matthew grinned. Ava had never been able to fully deepthroat his cock before, but today he was going to teach her

Matthew took the sides of her head in both hands and pushed 4 inches of his cock in until it reached the back of her mouth. She gagged. He waited a minute before pushing another inch into her mouth, pushing his cock head into her throat. She started gagging crazily, trying to pull back but the chains wouldn't allow it. Matthew pulled back out of her throat and gave her a minute to breathe. When he started to push back towards her throat she groaned and tried to pull back again. "Shhhhh", Matthew told her, stroking her face. "It's okay". He pushed two inches of his cock into her throat.

She gagged and tried to scream, but it was muffled by Matthew's cock. Tears were streaming down her face. Matthew pulled out of her throat after a minute but stayed in her mouth, allowing her to breathe. After a minute he pushed three inches of his cock into her throat this time. Ava gagged less this time; she was getting used to it. He pulled out again, giving her a minute, before pushing his full length into her. Four inches of him was in her mouth, the other four inches buried deep in her throat. Her nose was mashed into his ripped abs.

Matthew pulled out again, only to push back in straight away. He began to thrust in and out of her like this, slowly at first but always gaining speed. Her gagging was a lot less obvious now, she had learned to control her throat muscles. Matthew knew that the next time she gave him head, she would be able to deepthroat him without him having to force himself on her. He increased the pace of his thrusting again, face-fucking her wildly until he felt that tightness in his balls.

"I'm going to cum in a minute and if you don't swallow every last drop, you'll be punished later," Matthew told her. He pulled half way out and began to unload into her mouth. She tried her best to swallow as quickly as she could, but he was just squirting too much into her. His hot cum began to dribble out of the corners of her mouth. She looked up at him with pleading eyes. "You shouldn't have don't that", he tutted. "Now you've got cum all over my sheets."

Ava tried to apologize but she couldn't talk past this stupid gag. Matthew walked behind her. The vibrator was still going in her cunt and he saw that she had climaxed at least once during the skull fucking. He rummaged around through his stuff until he found what he needed.

Ava heard a crinkle of foil that sounded like a condom being opened. She wondered why Matthew was bothering with one. He knew that she was on birth control and he didn't particularly like to use them.

Matthew rolled on a condom and opened the bottle of lube. He poured some on his cock before remembering something. He picked up a large rag, walked around to Ava and stuffed it into her mouth. He didn't want her screaming too much. He went back behind Ava. He'd leave the vibrator in, he decided. He got the bottle of lube and poured some on her asshole before massaging it in.

Ava felt something wet on her ass and figured out what was about to happen. Surely he wouldn't, she thought. There was no way his thick cock could fit in her tiny ass. She thrashed and tried to move away, but the dam chains and belts kept her from moving. She tried to plead with Matthew not to do this but she could hardly make a noise thought the gag and rag. She groaned when he slipped a finger into her ass.

Matthew pulled his finger out. Her ass was so tight. He might not even be able to get his cock in there at all. Ava would be in a lot of pain, but she shouldn't have gotten cum on his sheets. He laughed to himself and got into position.

He lined his cock with her ass and pushed. Nothing happened apart from Ava making a pained noise. Matthew poured more lube on his cock and pushed in harder. His head entered her hole. He pushed again and the rest of his cock slid in. Ava was screaming into the gag in complete agony, thrashing as much as she could.

Matthew grabbed both of Ava's handcuffed wrists in one hand and began to push in and out of her. She screaming continued. It was a good thing he was home alone, he thought to himself.

Ava's hole was so tight, it almost hurt to keep pumping into her like this. Her ass cheeks, still red from his spanking earlier, shook as he pounded into her. He was thrusting as hard as he could and it was only half his normal speed. He'd only been fucking her ass for a few minutes when he felt the need to come. He slammed into her, pressed his weight into her back and orgasmed.

It took a few seconds for him to pull out. Matthew pulled the filled condom off, threw it in the bin and went into the bathroom to have a shower. When he came out about ten minutes later, the only noises in the room were Ava's whimpers and the vibrator that was still in her pussy.

Matthew took out the vibrator, undid the belts and chains and took her collar off. He pulled out the rag and gag. Ava continued to whimper. Her body was cramped from being in that position for so long, her jaw was sore from being open that long, and her asshole was on fire, not in the good way. It took her a whole minute to stretch out and lie down on the bed. Matthew lay down beside her and pulled her into his chest. He knew that her parents were away for the weekend. That was a good thing as she probably wouldn't be able to get out of his bed for a few days. Matthew reached over to the bedpost and turned off the secret camera before wrapping his arm around Ava, who was still crying and whimpering. Even though he was the one who had caused her this pain, she still gladly snuggled into his muscular body


This is the last teen stud story. I hope that you've all enjoyed them :)

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