tagGay MaleTeen's Submissive Journey Ch. 02

Teen's Submissive Journey Ch. 02


I was on my way to Paul's hose now. Driving there in my moms mini-van, I kept having an urge to turn back but my raging boner kept me going. It was hot that day, i was wearing a pair of cargo shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers. I parked across the street after finding Paul's house. My heart was racing and if I decided to jerk off right then I'd barely last a minute.

I finally worked up the courage and walked up to Paul's door and rang the bell. Paul opened the door a few moments later. He looked even sexier than in the pics. He was wearing loose mesh shorts and a tank top.

"Joey! Glad you made it." Paul exclaimed, confusing me for a moment.

I had not been called Joey before except in our online chats so I had to quickly get used to it. Paul showed me in and offered me some iced tea, which I gladly took. We made small talk for a little while then Paul suggested we go to his bedroom. The excuse he used was that room gets the coolest from the air conditioner. On a hot day like that I couldn't refuse that offer.

Inside Paul's room I saw his big comfy looking bed and his computer in the corner.

"That's were we make the magic happen." Paul joked, gesturing toward his computer, the webcam perched on top of the monitor.

I giggled as I sat down at the end of his bed.

"Oh hey let me get you out of those shoes, you should be comfortable." Paul said as he saw me still in my sneakers.

"Sure, thanks." I replied, removing my shoes and socks and handing them off to Paul.

He left shortly and came back in to the room.

"Mind if I take my shirt off? It's hotter than I thought in here" Paul asked, taking off his shirt without an answer.

"As long as I can take mine off too" I said, lifting my shirt over my head. I'm not sure if he put anything in that iced tea but I was feeling a lot looser.

Paul sat next to me on the bed and placed his hand on my chest rubbing a small circle. He commented on how smooth I was. I looked back at his chest, covered in thick manly hair. I reached over and touched it but before I knew it Paul was leaning in and trying to kiss me.

I never kissed a man before and had not much experience with girls either. I was shocked at first but then eased into it as Paul kept the kiss going. He was still rubbing my chest and I his. He tried to slip in a little tongue before breaking the kiss and telling me that it was "too hot for pants." Paul proceeded to stand up in front of me and started to unbutton, unzip and remove my shorts. I just let him do it and lifted my legs as he whisked the shorts out from under me.

Paul stood there and threw my shorts to the corner. I was there on his bed in only a pair of tightie whities.

"Cute undies Joey." Paul joked. "Come here and get mine off now boy."

I was a bit taken back at first. I was so excited to do as Paul told me and better yet, get this sexy man's pants off. I leaned over while still sitting on the bed and went to grab his waist line. But Paul quickly grabbed my hand and told me to get on my knees.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was rock hard then. I obediently fell to my knees and began to slide the shorts down and to my surprise he wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Too hot for boxers on a day like this don't you think Joe?" Paul said to me in a sarcastic and dominant way.

I couldn't believe my eyes. There in front of me was a huge hanging piece of meat. It was barely getting hard and already looked big. I just looked at it in awe for a few moments until Paul spoke.

"Are you just going to look at it or are you going to suck it boy?" Paul looked down at me with a crooked smirk that really turned me on.

I took the massive cock at the base with both hands and started to play with it, stroking it up and down. I massaged the balls and worked my hands all over the cock until it was completely hard. By they time it was huge and right in from of my face. Just over 7 inches looking at me, leaking pre cum.

I didn't want to keep Paul waiting, so I put my mouth over the head and began to move my head up and down but using only my lips. Having never sucked a cock before I was hoping I wasn't making a fool out of my self but also loving the situation.

"Use some tongue boy." Paul urged as he began to gently touch my hair.

I started to use my tongue, licking all over the head. I kept jerking him the whole time and soon he told me to jerk him faster and don't stop. He pulled my head off his cock slightly and told me to open my mouth wide. I knew what was coming.

Soon Paul let out a big moan and thick, hot streams of cum landed in my mouth and on my face. The taste was tart and sour at first but I started it like it after a little bit.

Paul stood there, panting and jerking the last drops from his cock. He took his hand from my head that was keeping it in place and told me to suck him dry. I did as I was told and as his cock shrunk I got a few more drops of his rather tasty cum. He used his cock to scoop up some cum that landed on my chin and cheeks and fed it to me. I felt like such a whore and I was loving it.

After it was all clean he told me to use the bathroom and wash my face. I was in there a bit long, reflecting on what I had just done and wanting to do it all over again. It was the most amazing feeling or experience I'd ever had. My own hard cock was soaking my briefs in pre cum and I was ready to get them off and see what else Paul had in store for me. That was until I heard Paul shout to me from his bedroom.

"Hey Dale, could you come in here for a second?"

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