tagGay MaleTeen's Submissive Journey Ch. 04

Teen's Submissive Journey Ch. 04


My ass was clenching around Paul's pulsing cock. He was pumping a hot load deep in my ass. Paul had found out who I really was and planned to use that against me. To use me for what ever he wanted. If I didn't comply he would tell everyone I knew, my family, my friends that I was gay. He even took a picture of me with his massive cock in my mouth so there was no denying it. I was his blackmail bitch, and I can't say that I minded.

When Paul finished pumping every drop of his man juice into my asshole he pulled his deflating cock out and walked right out of the room without a word. I was still there on his bed with my newly un-virgin ass sticking up in the air. I felt cum start to dribble out and roll down to my hanging balls. I felt so used, I felt like a slut. I heard the water running in the bathroom. I stayed in my vulnerable position until Paul returned. I didn't want to make him mad by moving. I also loved the feeling of being exposed.

"Go get cleaned up slut." Paul barked as he reentered the room.

I turned over and look at him. His hanging cock and balls hypnotized my for a moment. They were glistening from being just washed. I did as I was told and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I closed the door I heard Paul shout from the next room.

"Keep my cum in your ass, clean up everything else boy!"

I wasn't sure why he wanted me to keep his cum in but I did as I was told. As I was washing up I heard Paul speaking in the next room. I could tell he was on the phone. I didn't know who the other person was but it sounded like he was talking about me.

"Yeah, I got him here now.....yeah he's fresh, I just took his cherry.....yeah man first time I seen him..... so you'll be over soon?..... yeah ..... good..... see you soon"

I had no idea what that meant but I assumed we'd be having a visitor soon. I pretended to keep washing for another minute before reemerging to the bedroom. Paul had put on some loose shorts and a tank top.

"All cleaned up boy?" Paul asked as he was setting up a video camera.

"Yes sir." I looked scared and confused at the video camera being set up.

"You're going to be fucking a friend of mine when he gets here. And I want to have a souvenir." Paul said as he loaded the camera with a tape.

I silently nodded and sad on the bed. Paul left the room and I stayed and waited for about 15 minutes before I heard a knock at the door. Paul answered and I could hear him greet our new guest. They talked for a few moments and I could tell the guest was eager to see me.

"There he is." Paul pointed in my direction as he and the new guest entered the door way to the bedroom.

"Mm he's a fine looking one, how old is he looks really young man" The guest brushed his hand over his budge as he looked me over.

"That's my little secret." Paul teased the guest back.

Paul walked over to me and pulled my on to my feet to present to the man.

"Dale, this is Victor. He will be fucking you today." Paul joked as he showed me off to this guest.

Victor started to walk over to me. He had thinning hair and a pudgy stomach too. He was larger than me and made me feel small. He touched me all over, inspecting me. He felt my cock, balls and bent me over to check my ass.

"Paul, this little slut is leaking." Victor laughed at the cum still dripping from my ass. I was trying to keep it all in but my ass had loosened up.

"I told you I filled the boy up." Paul said as we moved behind the camera.

Victor pushed me down more so I was now bending over the bed. I heard him start to get undressed behind me. I was shaking slightly with nervousness. This was something I never expected to happen when I came here this morning.

I heard Victor's pants drop and a moment later I heard Paul comments on how hard he was already. I knew I was in for some pain. A second later I felt a cock head on my ass and Victor's hands on my hips and back. I gasped as I felt a thick cock head start to push into my hole.

I was happy I was already lubed with Paul's cum. Victor pushed inside me. He felt shorter than Paul but thicker. Victor started really pounding my ass. Paul was laughing and throwing in a few remarks. I could barely hear over all the slapping. Victor continued to fuck me with long hard strokes. I felt my own cock growing again. I was loving this feeling.

Vic pulled out of my ass and ordered me to turn around and suck his cock. He was planning to cum in my mouth. I turned and got on my knees to face the thick cock that was just inside my ass. I paused for a moment realizing where the cock I was going to suck had just been.

"Don't be afraid of it, suck that thing boy." Victor ordered me.

"This is the first time tasting his hot little ass." Paul cackled behind the camcorder.

Before I had a chance to respond Victor grabbed the back of my head and started to force feed me his cock.

"That a boy Dale, Vic, you're really making a slut out of this one." Paul was enjoying watching me be broken in.

"That's what these little fag sluts are for." Vic laughed as he gave me a mouthful of cock.

The taste wasn't as bad as expected. I was a nice mixture of Paul's cum from earlier and Vic's precum. As Vic let my head go I started to really get in to mood. I wanted to give them both a show. I was still a beginner but I did my best to take Vic's cock deep. I also moved my head around a lot, spit on it and really got into being a slut.

"Fuck Paul, I thought you said it was this kids first day?" Vic moaned as I went to work on him.

"That's what he said, the little slut must be a natural cock sucker." Paul was surprised at my eagerness.

I continued showing off and trying new things on Vic's yummy cock until he exclaimed he was about to cum.

"Do it on his face, I want to get a good shot for the video." Paul directed.

I kept sucking until Vic popped his meat out of my mouth and began to jerk vigorously inches from my face. Moments later hot bursts of goo were landing on my face. I felt like I was covered by the time he ran out. I was kneeling there smiling, enjoying what I made happen.

"Don't just sit there bitch, clean up his cock." Paul demanded me as he brought the camcorder closer to my face.

I opened wide and started sucking and swallowing all the juice from Vic's cock. I could barely open my eyes from all the cum but could feel Paul's video camera inches from my face. I cleaned off Vic's cock and with my eyes still closed looked over where I felt Paul and smiled.

"Damn boy, you are covered in jizz. Now smile and say for me, I'm a little fag boy and I love cum." Paul delighted as he gave my instructions.

"I'm a little fag boy and I love cum!!" I squealed.

I was high off the experience, high off the cum. My own cock was still hard and dripping precum but I felt as though I orgasmed 9 times. Instinctually I started to wipe the cum on my face into my mouth with my finger. I was coming down from my high and the reality of what happened was sinking in. Now Paul had a full movie of me sucking cock and getting fucked. I almost didn't care I had one of the best times of my life.


Thanks for reading guys and girls. I look forward to your comments and feedback :)

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