tagGay MaleTeen's Submissive Journey Ch. 06

Teen's Submissive Journey Ch. 06


I started to regain consciousness. I was in my parents bed completely naked. My mother's 10 inch black dildo was at my side and there was cum drying all over my face an chest.

I looked over at Paul who was sitting at my patents computer in the bedroom. He must have heard me wake up because he turned around to greet me.

"Your folks have some interesting stuff on here boy."

There was various porn open on the screen. I cringed thinking of what Paul saw or did on their computer. He told me to wash up and get ready to leave. We were heading back to his house and he has some fun in store for me.

We arrived back at Paul's house. My ass was still sore and very loose from the dildo at my parents house. The next hour or two was very boring. Back at Paul's house he had me kill some time in front of the TV. All the while he was making calls and seemed to be somewhat busy.

It was late now and the sun was almost finished setting. Paul came to me and told me to follow him to a room. It was just a guest bedroom but he instructed me to get completely naked and stay in there and not to come out under any circumstance.

I didn't mind the request but was curious as to why he is having me do this. I felt like an object. A sex toy put back in the drawer. I laid naked on the guest bed and not too long after I started to hear other voices in the house.

I heard more and more, I couldn't tell how many men where out there but it seemed like a lot. Just when I thought it was the last one I heard the door open again and another man was greeted.

It was hard to make out any conversation with a few different ones going on. I moved closer to the door in an attempt to listen. I was almost knocked to the floor when a large man opened the door and came into the room.

"Looks like I found the dessert." He said as he closed the door behind him, scanning my naked body up and down.

I took a few steps back unsure who he was or what he wanted.

"I was looking for the bathroom, but since I found you I think I'll take a sneak peek." He grinned at me as he as he unbuttoned his jeans, flopping out his thick soft cock.

"Get on your knees boy, and make this quick."

I did as I was told, quickly gobbling the flaccid cock into my mouth. It grew fast on my tongue. It wasn't too long but it made up for it in girth. I was able to take the whole thing in my mouth. I wasn't too sure I'd enjoy it in my ass though.

I sucked and jerked the cock and a rapid pace. The man was moaning and telling me how slutty I was. I didn't care. I was just happy to be not laying about anymore. And after all, I was a slut. I popped the head out and kept jerking as I licked his heavy balls. I sucked his package into my mouth. I buried my face into his crotch. Taking in his scent. I was intoxicated by his manly aroma and now was begging for his cum down my throat.

I was sucking and licking the man when he grabbed my by my head and started to fuck my mouth. He grunted louder until I felt hot jets of cum hit the back of my throat. I seemed to swallow them naturally as each pump slid down my throat.

The man thanked me and commented on how good I was. I smiled to myself, satisfied with the job I'd done.

After he left I could hear Paul silence the room. I could hear him making some sort of announcement. I heard the words "fuck show", "boy toy" and other dirty words. I didn't want to be presumptuous but I figured he was talking about me.

Moments later Paul swung the door open to the room and told me it was "show time" and to get out of the room. He took me by the hand like a child to the living room where 8 other men where seated around. All already naked. As Paul walked me out to the center, the men made cat calls and a few grabbed at me and one smacked my ass. It was going to be a long night. _______________________________

Hope you enjoy this tease for the next chapter. I've been busy but any comments, feedback or ratings will definitely motivate me to get the next chapter out faster. Enjoy folks ;)

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