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Tell Daddy Everything


The hour was late when Bridgett arrived home. Her father, Adam, took note of the time and wondered if her after school assignment had gone well and if she had been able to convince Todd Deckman, the Principal of Sheldon High to remove the less than flattering score from her GPA.

He patiently waited for her to come to his office and explain the events of the day and how they had transpired and what was the final outcome. He heard her shuffling around the house, doing her usual things, such as using the bathroom, putting her supplies away, changing out of her school uniform and into something more her style. When the knock on the door came, he scooted back his chair and told her to come in.

His eighteen-year-old daughter and apple-of-his-eye walked in shoeless and wearing a sheer tank top, with no bra, and a loose flowing mini-skirt. He knew she'd be without panties. It was after all expected.

Bridgett and he had become lovers the night she turned 18, just six months ago. He had kicked her mother out, a woman he never married, and Bridgett had come to him, offering herself, once she came of age. Adam hadn't refused her. In truth he wasn't even sure she was his. April, her mother, had never been a faithful girlfriend so who was to say Bridgett really was his or not. But his name was on the birth certificate, so the state called her his, and so he provided for her. Once she came to his bed though, he wasn't about to pass up what she was offering.

The past six months had revealed a lot of her mother in Bridgett. The young girl was just as loose with her pussy as her mother, but Adam demanded she only use her skills and talents to help herself and him. That's what today was all about. Bridgett had fucked up and failed a number of major exams. The only way to get the scores to "disappear" was to appeal to the Principal.

Adam was well aware of what would work with Principal Deckman and what wouldn't. Adam and Todd Deckman had gone to college together and after negotiating how long and what he could do with Bridgett a deal had been struck.

"Good evening daddy," Bridgett said as she closed the office door.

"I take it things went well?"

"Yes, Sir."

Adam patted his lap and Bridgett came forward. She took a seat and pressed her ass against his crotch. Adam groaned, placed his hands on her hips and rubbed her back and forth against his trouser-covered erection. "Tell me about it."

Bridgett cleared her throat.

"Well, after school was over, I went to his office and had to wait in the lobby until around 4. That's when Ms. Poster left for the day."

Adam moved his hands up to her waist and teased her flesh with the pads of his fingers. "Was she suspicious?"

"I don't think so. She never really puts her nose into anyone's business. If you're in the books for an appointment, you're in the books for an appointment."

Adam smirked. "And you were definitely in the books."

"Mm hm."

He let one hand move to slide around the front of her stomach. The palm rested under the sheer fabric, while his other hand moved up and down her spine, giving her a gentle prodding massage.

"Feel good?" he asked.

"Yes, very much so."

"So after you got into Todd's office what happened."

"Well, he greeted me just like you said he would. 'Hell Ms. Cum-slut'."

"And how'd that make you feel?" Adam asked, while drawing her shirt up and letting it rest on the small shelf of her breasts.

Bridgett shivered at the cool breeze that danced across her chest. Her nipples grew taught and her breasts seemed to become thicker and more heavy as Adam cupped them from behind. "It made me wet, daddy."

Adam licked his lips and tweaked her rosy nipples. He nuzzled her back, and kissed some of the exposed flesh. "Then what happened?"

His daughter moaned and sank deeper onto his crotch. Her ass rubbed hard against his swollen shaft and Adam grunted in appreciation. "Well, I walked over to his desk, bowed my head, and asked him how I could serve him."

"I bet he liked that."

"Yes, Sir. He did. He told me to slip off my panties and give them to him. He wanted to see if I was as dirty a girl as you had promised."

"And you were weren't you baby?" Adam whispered before twisting her right nipple hard and making his little princess squeal in pleasure.

"I was daddy. My panties were sopping wet. I had been thinking about what I was going to have to do with Mr. Deckman all day and then getting to come home and tell you about it -- well, believe me when I handed him those panties he knew you're little girl was a filthy cum slut."

Adam grinned. He slipped one hand down to his daughter's skirt, pushed his fist under the cloth and splayed his palm against her pussy. "You're wet now baby. Did you wash him off?"

"Yes, as soon as I got home. I'm wet now because of you."

"Good girl," Adam said before sliding one finger into his daughter's tight hole. He slowly began to tease the soft fleshy walls, and the sensitive lips. "Now he has your panties, what happens next?"

As Adam slowly fucked his daughter he listened to her talk of how she was told to climb onto Deckman's desk, spread her legs and lewdly display herself.

Adam closed his eyes and imagined the image his daughter was recreating with her words. She had the whole desk to herself. She had climbed on, sat herself in the center, bent her knees and placed the soles of her feet on the desk, so her toes curled around the edge. While she was there, she put one hand against her pussy, spread her lips and showed her Principal her leaking twat. Her other hand she used to lift her crisp white uniform top up, and pull her tits out of her white lace bra.

"He told me to play with myself," Bridgett was saying as her hips rolled back and forth against her daddy's fingers. She cooed and purred, and then hissed when he pushed a second finger in with the first and began to twist them while toying with her clit.

"You're such a dirty girl," Adam told her before rolling one of her nipples with the fingers from his other hand.

"I know daddy," Bridgett gasped.

"Do you want to relive it again, this time with me?"

His daughter spun around, causing his fingers to jerk from her sex. He laughed at her eager expression and soon she was on his desk and proudly displaying her slick opening and rosebud clit. "I squeezed my tit and twisted my nipple, while sliding my fingers up and down my pussy," Bridgett said excitedly.

Adam watched entranced as her young girl opening began to grow more wet and more swollen with honey. She slid her fingers inside, twisted them to the right and then the left, while massaging and kneading her right breast and then her left. Her moans were contagious and soon Adam was doing what he assumed Todd had been doing. He undid his pants, pulled out his cock and began to stroke his swollen shaft.

"God daddy, you're a lot bigger than Mr. Deckman," Bridgett said admiringly as she gazed at her dad's dick. He chuckled, rolled his fingers over the mushroom tip and squeezed some of the pre cum from the slit.

"Did Todd let you lick his pre cum?" he asked.

"Mm-hm, after I cleaned my fingers." Bridgett opened her mouth and began to wash away the juices of her sex. Her tongue lazily traveled along the slim digits, scooting every drop around until she had gathered each succulent bead of honey onto her tongue. She swallowed the aromatic liquid, sighed in pleasure and then asked her dad if she could taste his cock.

Adam opened his legs, held his cock out for her and Bridgett slid down to quickly envelope the head of his dick with her soft pink lips. He groaned as she swept her tongue around the head, and then used the tip to toy with the clear fluid that had escaped the tiny hole. When she was done, she smiled up at her father, and went back to the center of the desk, where she again spread her legs and lewdly displayed herself.

"What happened next?"

Bridgett smiled. "He ate me out, daddy. He pulled his chair up, grabbed my ass, and lifted me to his face."

Adam's lips rose in a large predatory smile. His dimples deepened as he pushed his chair forward and mimicked, as best he could, the actions of his friend. He grabbed Bridgett's trim hips, dragged her forward, lifted her ass with both hands and feasted on her bald mound.

The fragrant petals of flesh surrounded him. He rolled his face back and forth against her parted lips. His tongue reached out and flicked the hard strip of her clit, seconds before he let his teeth gently scrape the fleshy toy. Bridgett screamed in delight. "Oh fuck yes, daddy. Just like that. You know how your cum slut likes it."

Adam laughed against her pussy and continued to dine on the succulent morsel gyrating under his face. He pushed his tongue into her cunt, then used his fingers to plow further, while sucking on her lips and nuzzling her with his chin. "Come on sweetheart. I know you're gonna come for daddy. You taste so fuckin' good."

Bridgett bucked and rode her father's mouth. She called his name and begged him to "fuck her hard" and "eat her pussy".

Adam was relentless on his pursuit of his daughter's honey. "Come on slut. You fuckin' come, right now. You bitch."

Her cum squirted out, coating his face. He grinned and drank what he could, then continued to eat away at her sensitive flesh. She climaxed again. Her legs wrapped around his head, pulling him toward her. He dropped her ass and opened her pussy wider with his hands, exposing all of her flesh to his eager abuse. Once more she erupted, blanketing him in liquid silk that fed his sins. When he felt her body sag and heard her breathing becoming shallow and heavy, he backed off and watched her little body shiver and tremble.

Adam loved this part of fucking. The moment when his daughter was coming down from some ethereal cliff. He wished, as a man, he could be a part of it. He often wondered what that explosion felt like, but he was content to know he had been the cause of it.

When Bridgett had composed herself, she sat up and looked at her father. "Fuckin' A+," she hissed before sliding off the desk.

Her father had only seconds to move. He pushed the chair back and soon his cock was entirely engulfed in her eager mouth. His head fell back and for a moment he let her have her way with him. She knew how to please him and she knew to make him come now would not be wise. So she did what she was good at. She sucked him fully down her throat, held him for a second and then lifted her head back up, before repeating the process four more times. Then Bridgett popped off his dick and went to work undressing him.

She pulled off his shoes, socks and then with his help his pants and boxers were left in a pile. He took off his shirt and sat back on the chair, while she peeled off what one could barely call clothes. When they were both naked, Bridgett was more composed as was Adam.

His daughter went back onto her knees and began to massage his calf muscles, then his thighs and this the soft flesh of his hips. His cock jerked back and forth as her angelic porcelain features looked innocently upon his raging shaft.

"It's so big," she whispered. "Mr. Deckman's really was small daddy."

"Was it?"

"Yeah, but you probably knew that. You were college buddies and all."

"Yeah, I know Todd's not a Goliath of a man." Adam stroked his cock, while Bridgett lovingly caressed his balls. He closed his eyes and felt her breath against his skin. She kissed first the left testicle, then the right, before licking behind the velvet sack and pressing her tongue against the soft flesh that lay between his balls and ass. "Aw baby doll. You spoil me."

"Daddy," Bridgett's voice told him to open his eyes and look down. "You spoil me and I love you," she whispered before opening her mouth and guiding his balls into the warm blanket of moist heat.

They stared at each other as she sucked his balls. His hands reached out and he caressed her cheeks before pushing his fingers through her hair and gingerly stroking the soft tendrils. "Very nice," he told her and watched her lips rise in a smile. "Suck my dick, sweetie."

Bridgett slid his balls from her mouth and licked her way up to the head of his cock. She then bobbed down and engulfed most of his girth and length. "Perfect," he told her before she slipped back up, toyed with the head and dropped partially back down again.

His baby girl teased him for several minutes. Every so often coming off and ignoring his rod in lieu of rolling his balls back and forth with her tongue. His hips began to rise and fall and he reached out to bring her back to the task at hand. "Make daddy come."

Obediently she set to work sucking, stroking, and encouraging her daddy's semen to shoot into her mouth. He pushed her fully onto his dick and felt her lips surround the base of his rod. Her fingernails dug into his flesh, marring his skin, but she only used him as an anchor. She was not trying to pull away or deny her daddy what he needed most -- her tiny throat accepting every ounce of his nectar.

When Adam came he growled low and his body jerked several times. He kept Bridgett where she was and like a good little girl, she swallowed and didn't put up a fuss when the cum caused her to gag. She worked through the discomfort, breathed through her nose and when he was finished she slid back up and made sure her daddy was clean.

He reached down and wiped her mouth, gathering his semen and offering it to her. Bridgett purred as she licked the creamy tendrils and then she smiled when he told her how pleased he was.

"Did Deckman fuck you baby?" Adam asked. "Did you seal the deal and get the GPA we wanted?"

Bridgett's lips rose in a smirk. "We got what we wanted daddy. When I was done sucking his dick, he asked me to get him hard again and then he fucked me against his desk."

"Let's get started then..."

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