Tell Me


"Why? What makes it so good when Momma does it for her boy?" Karen demanded.

Mother and son held their breath waiting for the answer. They could almost hear each others heart beats it was so quiet.

"Because it's so nasty. It's only a naughty mother that will suck her son's cock. Only a mother truly knows how to suck her boy's cock right," Rick answered.

"Well, I must be a naughty Mommy if I'm going to suck my son's cock now, huh? So tell Momma. Tell Momma what you want," Karen said with a sultry pout.

"I want Momma to suck my cock. Suck my cock Mommy. Suck my cock!" Rick nearly shouted.

Rachel pictured her daughter on her knees before her husband, his cock standing out proudly while she put her lips over the head and sucked it into her mouth. She could see her hands sliding up his chest and over his body as he pulled her mouth down onto his cock so that it went deeper and deeper.

"That's it Mom, suck my cock. You suck my dick so good."

Eric opened his eyes and watched his mother. Her breathing was becoming ragged as they listened to the uninhibited sex happening only a few feet away from them. His own cock was straining against the sheet now and if she saw it she would know how aroused he truly was. He longed to grasp her hair and pull her into his own raging erection and have her engulf it with her warm mouth.

Minutes passed as they listened to Rick grunt and howl as his dick was being sucked by 'his mother'. The air in Eric's room became heavy with desire and he noticed a small wet spot forming on the sheet where the tip of his dick was tenting it up.

"Oh god, Mom, suck! Suck! Here it comes!" Rick bellowed. A long howl echoed through the walls. "Oh you sweet slut swallow it all!"

Rachel could feel her stiff nipples pressing against her dress. Her palms were sweaty and her breath was coming in ragged gasps. She nearly had an orgasm listening to her daughter and son in law in the next room. She knew her pussy was overflowing without having to touch it.

"Oh my," she said at last. She turned to look at her son, wondering how the voyeuristic experience had affected him. His face was covered in a light sheen of sweat and his eyes were filled with lust. His hungry gaze startled her at first and then it fueled a fire in her that had not been stoked in such a long time. She turned to look at his body covered by the sheet and she saw his erection staining the sheet.

"Oh my," she said again and his dick twitched in response.

"Mom?" Eric whispered, his voice cracking with need. Rachel turned to look her son in the eyes. She wet her lips with her tongue slowly.

"Tell momma," she whispered. "Tell momma."

Eric pulled the sheet down off his body and displayed his cock to her proudly. He looked up at her to see her reaction. Rachel looked at his cock longingly and touched it lightly with her fingers. She lifted it from his stomach and grasped it lightly, luxuriating in the feel of it in her hand. Once again her pussy was awash in wetness. Turning her body she knelt on the bed and moved her face within inches of his cock.

"You have to tell momma, Eric. What is it you want mommy to do?"

"Oh mom, please suck my cock. Suck it and make me cum."

"Do you want me to swallow your cum?" Rachel hadn't felt this turned on in her entire life.

"Yes, you're my sweet slut mommy. Suck my cock and swallow my cum."

Rachel kissed the underside of his cock just below the head. She swiped her tongue just below the tip and then swirled it around the head. Her fingers slid easily up and down the shaft slowly. She strained to look at him as she licked his cock. His eyes met hers and it was the most erotic sight he had ever seen in his life. She pulled her mouth off his cock and pressed it against her cheek and nose, inhaling his scent.

"I like it when you call me mommy. I like to suck your cock and have you say Mom. I feel so dirty doing this for you," Rachel admitted.

"Do you like being dirty, Mom?" Eric asked in a hoarse whisper.

"With you. Being dirty with you feels right."

"Suck my cock Mom," Eric said. He groaned when her mouth engulfed him again. He lifted himself on his elbows so he could see her more clearly. Pushing her hair aside he watched his cock slide in and out of her lips again and again.

"Oh Mom," Eric whispered. "Suck your son's cock. I have dreamt of you sucking my cock for so long. I have pictured your perfect lips wrapped around my dick, sliding it in and out of your mouth. I've jerked off so many times thinking of you sucking my cock. You make my dick so hard, Mom. Suck it. Make me cum. You know you want to make me cum in your mouth and then you can swallow it. Swallow your son's cum, Mom."

Rachel could feel his cock pulsing in her mouth. She lavished her tongue along the shaft. His scent filled her nostrils and she felt alive as she hadn't in years. His tool was hard and she wanted to give her son pleasure. She loved the taste of his dick in her mouth and she longed to feel it lodged in her pussy. She wasn't sure if she was ready to fuck her own son but somehow circumstances had conspired to put her in a position that sucking her son's cock seemed perfectly natural.

Her eyes locked onto his for a moment and then she opened her mouth wide and took him as deeply as she could. Slowly his cock slipped further and further into her mouth. At last she felt her nose press up against the base of his erection and his hair tickled her a little. She could feel his orgasm coming.

"Oh Mom," Eric whispered with a quiver. "Oh Mom, Oh god I'm coming, Mom I'm coming!" Eric's voice was growing louder and for a brief moment Rachel worried that her daughter and son in law would hear. Then her son's cock was jerking at the back of her throat and then she couldn't think of anything but swallowing.

"Mom I'm coming in your mouth. Oh god I can't believe it I'm coming in my mom's mouth. Oh god swallow my cum Mom!"

Rachel did her best to swallow it all but she hadn't done this in years and the sheer volume was overwhelming. A lot spilled out around her lips and covered the root of her son's cock and slid down to coat his balls. When at last the spurts stopped she pulled herself off and began to noisily lick up the rest.

Finally Rachel sat upright and looked at her son. He was no longer a boy. He was a man. And she needed a man. She had pulled up her dress around her waist and she was busy playing with her pussy through her panties.

"Baby?" Rachel said, her voice shaking. "Mommy needs you to do something for her."

"Tell me mom, tell me what you want me to do."

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