tagMind ControlTelos Ch. 08

Telos Ch. 08


Amy endured interrogation for some time. As the days passed by she noticed a gradual change in Susan's demeanor. She smiled more. She often appeared flushed when she arrived. The questions became less focused. Amy was familiar with the symptoms of Bliss. In small amounts is made people happy rather than totally senseless. It made them docile and suggestible, too.

Unfortunately being tied to a chair with too little food and water made her weak enough that her attempts to take advantage were largely useless. When she tricked Susan into kissing her the other woman quickly took over. Amy begged for another kiss, for another touch, for another word.

Susan was the whole of world.

And there was mistress.

Somewhere out there was her owner and Amy had to protect her. It wasn't always easy. Susan's words confused her.

"Hello slave girl," said Susan, "its mistress."

"No . . ."

"Did you forget me?"

"You're not mistress." Probably. Amy tried to look away.

"Tell me mistress's name."

"I don't . . . don't remember."

"So then I could be mistress and you've just forgotten me."


"You let me fuck you. You love me. You want to obey me." Susan moved closer. Her voice was like honey. :You do obey me. You love me. You want me to fuck you. You love me. You want to obey me. You want to love me. You want me to fuck you. You obey me. You love me." The words started to drown out Amy's other thoughts. "Isn't all of that true?"

"Yes." Happy. Eager. Obedient. "No . . ."

"Now now, you're just confusing yourself." Fingers slipped inside her sex. Susan's tongue played easier with hers. "Am I your mistress?"

Amy nodded.

"Say it.

"Yes, mistress."

"Tell me what I want to know."

Amy shook her head. "There's . . . no . . ." Refusing the order made her feel cold.

Susan's warm hand pressed against her breast. "Yes."


"Then I have to punish you."

"I'm sorry, mistress."

The door to the gray room clanged shut and the lock fell loudly into place on the other side. The ventilation cut out. The longer mistress was away the harder it was to breathe. It happened like that every day, or every hour for all Amy knew. Her new mistress was slowly taking over. She hoped nothing she said had betrayed her real mistress but it was hard to remember.

After what Amy guessed had been more than a week the door creaked open unexpectedly for the first time she could remember and Grace slipped into the room.

Grace whispered in her ear. "We're all on Bliss but they don't know. Put it in the water bottles while they thought I was out of it from playing with myself." She giggled. "You have to be careful. The blond man, the scary one," she giggled again, "he wants to kill everyone and that would be . . . um . . .um . . ."


"Right! I have one more thing to do." Grace looked her in the eyes. "Remember when we were in the white room together? I do. It helps you think when you get to cum." Her hand slid down Amy's stomach and one finger teased its way around her belly button.

Amy took a deep breath.

"You're on the Bliss, too, so be careful," warned Grace. "Susan is coming soon. She's got a bit more than usual." She leaned in for a kiss but reached down and drove her fingers inside of Amy before their lips touched. She held her in place as she pumped Amy to orgasm.

The heat of approaching climax rose inside of her until is suffused every fiber of her body with reassuring warmth. When it finally came the sensation of release was overwhelming. Her muscles tensed. Her toes curled. She squeezed the arms of the chair. Days of torturous denial escaped as a breath that left her starved for air. Pleasure echoed through her body, forcing her nearly to orgasm again each time. When they finally stopped she felt nearly as desperate as she had before but the world had more clarity to it. She gasped a few times more.

The door scrapped open. "Grace?" Susan looked about the room in confusion. "Why are you here? Where is . . ."

The slave girl smiled and took her by the elbow. "Sorry for wandering off like that, won't happen again."

"Right . . . um . . .

Grace pushed her forward. "You have to interrogate Amy." She pressed a bottle of water into Susan's hand. "Take this."

"Thanks. Right." She shook her head. "Right."

Amy's head for clear for the first time since she could remember and Susan was off balance. "Mistress, I don't think the toy works anymore. You should test it."

Susan idly turned on the little silver vibrator.

"On yourself to be sure."

"Right . . ." She unbuttoned her pants and pushed it beneath the waistband of her panties. "Oh . . . it wo . . . wo . . . works. It works fine."


Susan shook her head. "I'm supposed to be interr . . . something."

"Why bother? I'm your slave, remember?"

Susan nodded.

"You should untie me," suggested Amy.

Susan giggled then caught herself. "That's not a good idea."

"What harm could I do?"

"Mmmm . . ." The toy had claimed all of Susan's attention. A vacant smile was plastered across her face.

"Untie me."

". . . kay . . ." She undid the knots as if in a dream.

Amy climbed out of the chair and immediately collapsed. After so much time tied to the chair she could barely stand.

Susan stared at her curiously. "How did you get free?"

"You untied me."

"Why did I . . ."

"Because you've been drugged. It's in water. Bliss. You lose, I'm sorry, but I promise master will make you very happy." Amy forced a kiss. "They must have known about you for months now. Grace put it in your water, that's why you feel so good. Keep drinking." She offered the water again and Susan failed to even mount an objection. "You've lost but you're going to be so happy now. Just like me."

Susan moaned.

The door was unlocked. "You have to lead," whispered Amy. "No one can know I won. If they find out everyone will . . . no one can find know." Amy half pushed the weakened resistance leader out into the stairwell. They had made it a few steps into the living room when the blond man appeared by the door with a thin blade in one hand. His shoes tracked blood on the hardwood floor as he cut off the exit.

"What . . ."

"I got started early," he said mildly.

Footsteps sounded in the hallway. He turned and whipped the weapon in an upward arc. A man stumbled forward. He fell to his knees in shock. The blond man gave him a contemptuous kick into the floor. The impact dislodged his head.

Susan stared blankly at the corpse. "Tom?"

"Just like old times." The blond man put one foot on the severed head and pressed down until it cracked under the weight. "Congratulations on your escape. Hand over the girl."

Amy gaped at the man. "No . . . she . . . no . . . I'm taking her. She's mine. I claim her for mistress."

"Very amusing." He began to move forward. "No need to worry that I'll harm her. There do need to be a few survivors to rebuild humanity. She has proven herself."

Amy retreated into the kitchen area, pulling Susan with her. "Grace!"

The giggly slave girl almost bumped into her from behind. "Amy! You got out and stuff."

"They must have guns." She dragged bother girl behind the peninsula as the blond man followed leisurely. "Where? Tell me. Grace you have to tell me."

"With the utensils. Tom showed me. We should find Tom."

Amy desperately grabbed a few drawers at random. "Later."

"What are you doing?" asked the blond man in amusement.

"Looking for this." A slightly battered pistol, an uncomplicated military issue USP, was in the back of one of the drawers. Amy slammed the magazine into place. She leveled it at the blond man.

"That's the second time you've held a gun to me." He sneered at her. "You insolent . . ."

She emptied the weapon into him.

"You insolent little child." The air around him rippled with heat and the room darkened as if every glimmer of light were being pulled into a halo around him. "Fine." He raised the sword. "I'll kill you off now and deal with you master later."

A flower with a steel stem and petals made of crimson fire bloomed in the middle of his chest.

He clutched at the sword. "Brother!"

The blond man's head jerked back awkwardly. A scream began to shake the room then abruptly cut off. His body twitched a few times. Cracks opened up all over his body and searing golden light shone out from inside. There was a terrible tearing sound like metal scraping on metal.

Amy twisted around to cover Susan as the explosion filled the room. She peeked over her shoulder when it had subsided. No trace of the man remained.

Master stood at the entrance to the kitchen holding a sword, fire still played along the blade. The air behind him shimmered almost in the shape of wings.

Beside him mistress was panting from effort. Ichor dripped from her fingers. She beckoned to Amy. "Come here."

She hurried to obey. Happy. Eager. Obedient. It had been so long since she could do that. Weeks of poured out of her as she collapsed into her owner's arms. "Mistress . . . I . . ."


Amy nodded, smiling.

"I'm going into your mind, now. Relax."

She couldn't have resisted if she wanted to. Mistress invaded every corner of her mind. The sensation was intensely comforting. She was totally safe. Her thoughts were harmless once more. She didn't even need to think. No struggle or decisions. Mistress would tell her what to do. If she was good mistress would give her pleasure. The mantra that was so important to her returned.




She gasped as the invasion went deeper. Mistress's fingers caressed the inside of her head, they massaged her brain. Her thoughts unraveled and the pieces were scrubbed clean one by one. She couldn't remember being so pliant.

"You're okay. Oh, thank god. Good girl. You're okay."

After a while, no longer tense from her ordeal, exhaustion claimed her. For the first time in weeks she was allowed to properly sleep.

The lingering effects of the Bliss replaced her dreams with a pleasant fog.

Amy came to still lying in mistress's lap. She kept her eyes closed and listened. Master was speaking.

"You may as well have declared war, doctor."

"That was the idea." Heat surged through mistress. Power.

Master's next words came slowly. "I do not enjoy being manipulated nor do I take pleasure in the death of my . . ."



"Mostly I'm just relieved to know that you people can die at all. If you want revenge I suppose there isn't much I can do to stop you." The room began to warm. Amy heard the rushing sound of an igniting fire. Mistress shifted her weight but paused. She scratched the back of Amy's neck comfortingly as she steadied herself. "Long term you don't get to mystic fire thing and hope everyone leaves you alone. One side will be wiped out here. Either the planet gets soaked with human blood or all your brethren die."

"I can choose to do nothing."

"Then you support the stronger side."

"That is an . . . unfair characterization."

"But it's true."


Grace awoke in the white room, naked. She blinked a few times to get her bearings. Beside her on the bed Susan was still asleep, also naked. Grace walked over to the door to try to knob but her hand paused of its own accord before she could touch it. A tiny thrill of naughtiness ran through her. Good girls didn't try to leave the white room. She was clever enough to try being naughty even if master's control was always there. The thought made her smile.

Happy. Eager. Obedient.

She licked her lips and turned back around.

Susan was starting to wake up. The young woman was still flushed. "Where am I?"

"In the white room."

"Why?" Susan pulled the sheets up to her chest.

"For the same reason that I was put here."

"So let's not allow ourselves to be turned into slaves," said Susan. "We have to get out." She tried to leave the bed but the sheets refused to follow. With no other choice she let them drop. "You got out once before so don't worry."

Grace sighed. "No I didn't, Susan."


"I didn't escape." She clasped her hands. "Please try to understand. Amy is my friend."

Susan backed away. "You lied to me. You . . . you drugged me and . . . oh my god . . ."

The lock of the door clicked. Grace turned toward it and Susan followed her gaze.

Master quietly closed the door after himself. "Hello, Susan." He nodded to Grace. "A friend of mine suggested that I offer you a choice before doing anything else. Give me the names of the other members of your group and the networks you use. If you don't they will all be killed."

"Not by him," interrupted Grace.

Susan clutched the sheets again. "Grace, what is going on?"

"The others will hunt down your friends unless master gets to them first."

"This is insane." Susan's eyes darted around the room.

"Please, Susan, he's not going to hurt anyone. He's going to help." Grace put a hand on master's arm. "You can save all of those people."

She shook her head. "I refuse to be turned into a slave!"

"But it's wonderful and . . ." Grace realized her mistake almost immediately.

A look of horror shadowed her friend's face. Susan backed as far away as the room would allow. Her eyes cast about the room. She took a deep breath and made as if she were going to fight.

Out of the corner of her eye Grace saw master start to move. "Wait." She pulled harder on his arm. "You're scaring her. Let me keep talking to her."

He looked down at her. "You are asking me to endanger the lives of her allies."

Grace nodded.

Master examined Susan for a few moments. "Very well. You have one day." He left silently and locked the door behind him with a click that made Susan jump.

Grace took a seat on the bed again and waited for Susan to calm down. "The others have always killed off problematic people but master is trying a different way. If people are kept under control then there's no need for any of that. Tell master and I promise he'll protect them."

"And if I don't?"

"Being a slave is wonderful. You'll enjoy it."

Susan stared at her for a minute. "You've been brainwashed."

"Exactly!" She dropped her smile when she saw that the other woman didn't share her enthusiasm. "I am happy, though." Happy. Eager. Obedient. Grace ran her hands over her skin and enjoyed the sensation. "There are a lot of bad things in the world and master will get rid of all of them."

"By removing free will."

"I'm sure you weren't doing anything good with it."

Susan made her way up onto the bed and took a seat. "You hate me for what I did to Amy."


"I tortured her."

"You thought you needed to know what she knew and you were probably right. Of course, now you do know everything." She tried to smile comfortingly. "When master comes back you'll tell him everything anyway."

"No I won't."

Grace smiled. "You won't have a choice. Master will ask and you'll answer. He got through fixing your mind last night. No more freedom."

"That's insane." She climbed off the bed. "I haven't been brainwashed like you and I don't want to be. My thoughts are still under my control."

"Then why haven't you tried to escape? You could have attacked me. There are all sorts of options open to you. I tried all sorts of things when I was first in here. Did getting out ever cross your mind?"

Susan was silent for several seconds. "I . . . no . . . I was going to but . . . I sort of . . . um . . ."



"About escaping."

Susan blinked. "Right I have to . . ." She shook her head. "It keeps getting away from me. Must not be that important. You were telling me something."

"When master comes back he is going to force you to tell him what you know and it might not be pleasant. If you agree to tell me now he won't have to."

"I can't."

"You can." Grace caught the older woman by the shoulders but Susan flinched away. It had always been easier to work with Amy. "I promise that being a slave is fine. Besides, you already are one." She moved closer. "Please. It will be easier. We can work together. It's very enjoyable."

Susan licked her lips but moved away. "I can't be a . . . I can't be you . . ."

Grace released her slave sister. "Okay." She lay down on her side of the bed. Susan watched her cautiously until both of them had fallen asleep.

Grace awoke in the white room to find master sitting at the foot of the bed, idly stroking her foot.

He smiled at her. "Is she still defiant?"

"Yes, master."

He sighed. "I think I would have preferred for you to succeed without my intervention." He stood and moved to Susan's side. "Time to wake up."

She stirred in her sleep.

"Wake up, Susan."

Her eyes fluttered open. "Who . . ."

"I am your new master."

She made a futile gesture of struggle beneath his gaze. "No."

"Yes." He placed a hand on her belly. "I could make you enjoy this but I have been told I should not. Nonetheless you have information I need. Your allies will die without my aid. This is your last chance to make the choice yourself."

She glared at him wordlessly.

"Very well. Tell me their names."

Susan listed off a few of them without hesitation.

"Good girl." The words made Grace smile even though they weren't directed at her. "I need to know the leaders so I can find the rest. Where do they live?"

Susan tried to be evasive but as Grace watched master patiently maneuvered past every display of resistance. She was worn down over the course of several hours. Each defiant answer was met by a sense of inevitability. Each unthinking act of obedience received polite praise. When he was done Susan collapsed into the bed.

"Good girl," he said again.

This time Susan nodded.

Master patted her on the head then turned toward Grace. "I've been so busy that I worry I might have neglected you."

"No, master."

"You do not need to spare my feelings." He stepped away from Susan and sat down beside Grace. "I think we should show your new friend the value of being a slave." His hand slid up along her side. "Relax."

"Yes, master."

His weight pressed her into the bed. His lips came ever so close to hers. His fingers fluttered along her ear and down her jaw. His eyes caught hers. He held her there for a long time. Grace mewled softly as he explored her body with heated fingers. A kiss stole away her breath.

"Master don't you . . . need to . . . don't you need to be protecting those people?"

He kissed her again. "Hush."

Before she could answer he silenced her again.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Susan watching them. The older girl seemed hypnotized. A hand crept up to Susan's breast as she tried to turn away.

Grace smiled at her new slave sister for a moment before master turned her head back to him. He kissed her again. Grace returned the kissed. He pressed her down harder. One hand took her by the back of the neck and he slid one hand down to her sex. Heat poured into her. Every breath pulled in a bit more. A kiss landed gently on her throat. Her vision began to go white.

He kept her suspended by her the sensation until she had lost all track of time.

Climax exploded inside of her.

Grace's vision returned to her as she relaxed into the bed. Master kissed her once more and drew away. "Stay with Susan now. I'll help her friends."


Sunlight filtered through Laura's wineglass while she absently swirled the contents around. Declaring war was feeling more and more like a bad idea. When she'd been at odds with the clean shaven man Amy had been perfectly safe. If anything happened to Laura then he would take care of Amy. If they were allies, though, the others would kill Amy in the event of failure.

Not that the clean shaven man was really much of an ally. Being trustworthy didn't make him reliable. Their priorities lined up too infrequently for their association to last very long. It would be a polite sort of betrayal when he finally decided they had to return to being enemies but it had to come eventually.

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