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Tentacle Captive


She was fuming. He was so irritating sometimes! All she wanted to do was have sex but apparently all he wanted to do was play his new Madden 13. She even wore a low-cut blouse that beautifully cupped her full, firm DD cup breasts. She'd pierced them at a young age, and had worn a bra since to conceal it from her parents resulting in they're being incredibly perky. She'd done her makeup and curled her firey red hair so it framed her cute, round face. A breeze blew over her bare legs as she walked and around her short skirt. She hadn't even worn underwear!

It was only a short distance home if she cut through the woods. It was dark out, making her uncomfortable under a feeling of being watched as she reached a small wooden bridge spanning a creek bed. She quickened her pace, her heels clicking rhythmically over the wood.

A rustling started underneath the bridge once she'd gotten about a third the way across. Alarmed, panic took her limbs to a sprint. Vines snaked out from beneath coiling their way around her ankles, thighs, wrists, and biceps, easily overpowering her, dragging her backwards before lifting her into the air. She struggled, and let out a scream. In response, another vine coiled its way around her mouth, gagging her and muffling the cry. She was easily pulled underneath the bridge.

The more she struggled, the tighter the restraints wind, holding their prize. The vine covering her mouth mobilized, sliding around so its tip pressed on her lips. She tightly held them shut, as others began to make their way through her shirt and bra. She heard the fabric easily being torn from her skin and gazed down at her naked, restrained body only adorned by her short skirt. They slowly began to massage and knead her soft breasts, pinching and rubbing her nipples until hard.

Managing to pry its way through her lips, the member at her mouth was steadily wriggling over her teeth, covering her mouth and face with her saliva. At her refusal to allow its entry, the base made a second coil, sliding it over her head to blind fold her. Around her thighs, she felt movement and one of the vines moving slowly upwards towards her cunt, which was growing steadily wetter from the wide-spread attention.

It touched her outer lips, then ran around her labia until wet moving to stimulate her clit. This drew soft involuntary moans from her, the tentacle over her mouth nearly penetrating the barrier of her teeth. In frustration, yet another loop was formed that was placed over her throat. Slowly, as another arm of the plant snaked towards her dripping pussy, the one on her neck tightened, until by the time the arm was circling her entrance, her air supply had been cut off completely.

Frantic, she began to struggle, uselessly flailing her arms and legs against the attack. She needed air, she wasn't prepared for it to be taken from her so swiftly, and the attention to her body was making her want to breathe more rapidly. Instinct beginning to take over, she began to gulp at the air, giving opportunity for entry. The coil loosened, barely giving her the time to take the air she so desperately craved before pounding into her throat, face fucking her. At the same moment, the one at her vagina plunged in, and they began to pump in rhythm with the one occupying her clit.

She couldn't help but moan, they were all doing such a thorough job. When she was on the brink of an orgasm, a final vine swapped places with the one ramming her pussy picking up the same pace. Already lubricated, the one that was in her pussy circled her asshole, and slowly pressed its way in. Screaming, she came, covering the plant in her dripping juices but it did not stop. Instead, it manipulated her suspended body into a variety of different positions, some more elaborate than any man could achieve. She came again and again and again, until it became painful.

Suddenly, the plant withdrew from her now sopping wet pussy and asshole. It secreted a foul juice from one in her mouth, and she was forced to swallow it. Darkness quickly overcame her, and she welcomed the slumber. Still gagged and blindfolded by the appendage, she was moved and pressed underneath the bridge, invisible to any passerby.

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