tagRomanceTeresa's Christmas Party

Teresa's Christmas Party

bycamel jockey©

It started as every other Christmas party. There were the ones showing up primed, liquored or stoned and the ones wanting to suck up to the boss. We can't forget the ones who bring their significant others to show off or air them out annually. Being in charge of the entertainment, Teresa was back and forth with everything, ensuring the guests were having a great time, the food was ready and on time while verifying the shindig was on schedule.

Being new to the company, Lance decided to give her a helping hand. All the tasks were non-challenging but the amount of detail Teresa put into the party was worthy of recognition.

Teresa came solo, because her lover had hosted his party for the same day and she didn't want to drag him away from his employees, neglecting him while she was entertaining her co-harts.

As the night wound down, the crowd started to disperse. The parking lot was becoming bare and the tables were cleared. As we said good night to the last of the guests, Teresa and I decided to lock the hall doors and have a final drink to unwind.

I have only known Teresa thru correspondence, e-mails and corporation gatherings. This was a chance to get to know her better. Teresa was an office gal, who was medium height and carried her demeanor well. With her auburn hair, blue eyes, freckled nose and wire framed glasses, she was drop dead gorgeous. A beautiful woman was before me.

We started to chat about what the next few days held for us. I was returning to Saudi Arabia and her going to her boyfriend's mom's place for Christmas dinner.

It was a cloudy evening and the snow had just started to fall. The scene was so beautiful; I called her over to the window to see the Christmas snow. The puffy flakes were falling and streetlight showed they're decent from the second floor cubicle window to the ground below. Immediately I was intoxicated with the scent of her "White Diamonds". Teresa knew I had seen her from afar, and even tried to make eye contact for the few hours we have known each other. I respected her as Teresa and a friend.

Ever had one of those moments that you knew your were both magnetically attracted to each other. This was such a moment. As she sighed a sigh of relief, she was glad the party was over and she said her feet were killing her.

Before she could follow thru, I positioned myself behind her and leaned forward. I inhaled the scent of White Diamonds and felt the heat off my breath role across her neck. As the whiskers on my face brushed against her cheek, she let out a whimper, a whimper of tension and at the same time a whimper of excitement.

As I collected all my courage, I wrapped my arms around her and we leaned into the glass to see our destiny. My hot breath was sweeping over her nape, making her tense up and arches herself back onto my groin. I didn't know what to do.

I slowly ran my quivering hands over her stomach and drew her into me. She felt soft, warm and inviting. Between the blouse and her skirt, I found a little patch of warm soft skin. I allowed my lips to rub up against her ear lobe, and I softly pressed my lips onto it.

Our breathing became labored and slowly I lifted one of my arms to rest under her warm breasts.

I was out of control. With all my strength, I did not want to make the mistake of taking a newfound friendship to an irreversible level, but I was out of control and I swung my hand under her blouse and brushed my hand over her lacey bra. Trembling was all we could do. I wanted her like no other person in the world, but she was in control, so I thought. I rested for a split second and yearned to venture on. As I slipped my hand under her bra, she let out a sigh if approval. Her breasts were so firm, heaving and her nipples erect. As I cupped her nipple, I rotated it with my finger till I could massage the underside of nipple against the tip.

I was in heaven. Santa sure liked me this year and I wanted more. I had been naughty but this was nice. I was waiting for a sign, any sign. In a second, what seemed to me to be hours, Teresa slowly reached behind and squeezed my raging penis thru my pants.

With my teeth now clipping on her ear lobe, I started to ease my other hand down onto the waistband of her skirt. The movement and touch made her inhale, allowing quick access thru the top of her skirt.

Such warmth, and the giddy smell of sex arose from her perfect loins.

I passed one hand over her flat stomach and the other controlling her nipple, in one quick smooth action, I withdrew my weapons of lust and swept her around to see the look of commitment in her eyes. Our lips exploded into a furry of desire and we started to manually explore our wrinkled clothed bodies.

I slowly swept Teresa up and lowered her onto her cubicle floor.

Lying beside each other, I slowly unbuttoned her blouse and kept kissing her soft warm spicy lips.

I took my time to unwrap what Santa placed before me. With her blouse open, I explored every curve of her body with my eyes, hands and tongue. The white lacey bra showed the faint trace of dark nipples and a clasp up front. When I shuffled the rose on the clasp, I exposed the most beautiful shapes I had ever seen. Her breasts were feasted before my eyes.

I slowly passed my tongue over her nipple and felt it tighten under my control. It was so hard, but soft suckling it into my mouth. I surely enjoyed passing my tongue over the out of sight nipple, lodged within my mouth. Moaning was the only sound I could hear. With the attention being paid to one nipple I started to manipulate the other with my fingertips. I could hear her breath quicken and slowly her back began to arch. Her body was building up to a feeling she hadn't felt in a long time.

When she arched her body off the floor, she squealed for a breathtaking moment and tensed her entire body. When she relaxed, her body lowered itself to the floor.

When her breathing became normal, I placed my hand into the waist and of her pantyhose. She lifted her pelvis off the floor and pushed her pantyhose off and tossed them under the desk. As she regained some composure, I wiggled my body between her legs.

I could smell the scent of Christmas delight for sure. From Teresa, the sweet smell of sex was drawing me to commit to doing what I do best.

As I started to lower my mouth to her mound, she slowly pushed aside the folds of her pussy. Exposed was my one true goal. I moved my hot mouth over her clitoris, and slowly descended to her mound. With my mouth firmly over top, I flicked, sucked and manipulated her clit senseless.

My tip of my tongue touched ever so lightly, the head of her clit. She immediately squeezed her stomach muscles and tried to withdraw. Immediately, I wrapped my arms around her waist and drew her to me. She was locked into my embrace and my capture.

I passed my tongue over her clit so softy, and with her unable to repel my advance, she once again exploded with a gut wrenching orgasm.

I had to taste her from time to time, second to second and moment to moment. After a few minutes or what seemed to be hours, I raised my head to look into her eyes. She had removed her glasses and seen nothing but my glistening face. She felt so womanly, so exhausted and so content and to see a man who wore her sex like a shield, she sat up and placed a long sensuous kiss on my lips.

Repositioning herself, she placed me onto my back and slowly while looking at me undid my pants and withdrew my ragging hard-on.

She rubbed her hands up and down the shaft while not loosing eye contact.

Then in a heartbeat she took my penis into her mouth.

I almost exploded instantaneously but kept my cool. She worked her tongue and lips like something I never felt before.

In and out, in and out. I went deeper into her mouth and she sensed I was about to cum, so she inserted the tip of her finger into my anus, which forced me to push harder and forward.

I seen stars, lights and felt rockets go off. I have never had a celestial exploding orgasm like this in my life. I was twitching, jerking and convulsing. I was so wobbly kneed I could hardly stand up.

When I opened my eyes, Teresa had withdrawn my penis from her mouth and gazed upwards. I saw the sheen of my jizm on her lips and the burning desire in her eyes. I held her close to me and we both lifted ourselves off the floor and held each other for a few tender moments.

After embracing, I slowly turned her around and leaned her over her desk. I lifted her skirt at the same time she spread her legs.

I guided myself into her from behind and found myself going in deeper and deeper. I could hear the sound of wet sex and feel the warmth of her vagina around my shaft. Slowly I stroked in and out, in and out. I could hear her panting and I slowly dropped my hand to her pussy. With my exploring fingers, I found her erect clit. I brushed it so softly; I could tell I was igniting something deep within her. I felt her digging in deeper with every touch of her button and going further onto my shaft. We were oblivious to anything going on around us and wanted this moment to become the embedded fireside memory for all times.

With my thrusting and her arching, it felt like we bottomed out and only then, with my fingertip on her clit and my penis in to the hilt, I spent the last of my lust and she the tension of acceptance. I collapsed upon her for a moment until I got some form of composure.

I withdrew from Teresa and quickly wiped myself. The sent of lust was in the air. I lowered her skirt and drew her unto my lap, as I slid the chair over to the window. We both gazed out the window, watched the snowfall while embracing new found memories.

We had lost all track of time and now being 2am, we concluded it was time for us to be elsewhere. When the cab arrived, we both hopped in and it swept me to my room at the Airport Inn. We held each other for a moment and parted with a true memorable kiss before we resumed our lives.

It had been years since someone treated Teresa like the beautiful woman she is and Lance had been years since a woman aroused him enough to cum twice in one night and not want to curl over and go to sleep.

Christmas, 2004 Santa ensured Lance brought forward the woman in Teresa and Teresa awoke the man in Lance.

Merry Christmas.

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