tagLoving WivesTerry Goes to Sea

Terry Goes to Sea


Although Terry generally enjoys sailing she was really not looking forward to that day's trip with her husband, Bob, and the man who wanted to do business with him. The man had a shady reputation and, even if the proposed transaction was legitimate, association with a man like Aaron Holcombe could tarnish his reputation. Besides that, Holcombe had a reputation as a womanizer who believed that all women were nothing more than sex objects. Terry liked the idea of being a sex object but she also liked to think of herself as being much more than that.

Once aboard, the two large, bare-chested young men who actually run the yacht were pointed out to Terry and Bob. They weren't really introduced, but Holcombe waved at them as they were at work, saying, "That guy in the jeans is Rick. The guy in the shorts is Ray. The rest of the crew is below decks but they will come up when we are out at sea." After that, he essentially ignored Terry while talking business with Bob.

Five miles from shore and Holcombe figured it was time to bring all his powers of persuasion to bear. After ordering the two crew members on deck to drop anchor, he called down to the rest of the crew, "C'mon up, girls." A minute later, four giggling, beautiful young women appeared on deck. They were all wearing nautical caps, smiles and nothing else.

"Bob, perhaps my crew members here can give you a good time and talk you into showing good business sense and dealing with me." Come below with me and watch the girls do their chores and we can talk it over and see what happens."

Terry pretty much knew what they would "talk over" and what the "chores" would be and Bob knew also, and knew that Terry knew. Even so, he went below with the others. Like her husband, Terry is in her forties and she has a very sexy figure, especially in the shorts and halter top she was wearing. Her face is pretty too, with big blue eyes and auburn hair, altogether, a very attractive and desirable woman. The "crew members", however, were barely 18 and really sexy and totally available to Bob, who is only human. The door closed behind them and a few minutes later, Terry could hear music coming from below. She was left to her own devices on deck.

Although not exactly an "old salt" Terry has spent enough time on yachts to know where the action might be and her thoughts focused on Rick and Ray, the two studly young men who, she knew, actually did all the work on board. Since they were anchored at sea and nothing much was happening, at least as far as operating the boat was concerned, they would be on the bridge and that is where she headed, carrying her purse.

Rick in his jeans and Ray in his shorts were standing idly around, looking out the Plexiglas windows, possibly in hopes of seeing the other crew members in action. They were surprised to see Terry when she knocked on the side of the door, but there was no hesitation in admitting the guest of their boss. Both the men were in their twenties, young enough to be Terry's sons, but there was nothing the least bit parental in her intentions toward them.

"Good morning, Ma'am," Ray greeted her. Rick nodded to her.

"Why aren't you guys with the other members of the crew," Terry asked. She knew why, or was reasonably sure she did but she was putting on a naïve act.

"Crew members, my butt," Rick answered. "They're nothing but high-priced call girls that the boss brings aboard to persuade people to do business with him."

"We don't have anything to do with them because we can't afford them and, even if we could, the boss would fire us if we did," Ray added. "He told us if we ever fool around with the girls, we'd get the sack." The big bulge in his shorts and the one in Rick's blue jeans, both very enticing to Terry, showed that they at least had thoughts of fooling around with the girls.

"How about me?" Terry asked, stepping up to Ray and fondling his bulging cock while squeezing his ass. "I don't work for Mr. Holcombe and you can easily afford me." He made no objection and didn't resist, just leaned against a table while Terry opened his belt, unzipped his shorts and pulled them and his Jockey shorts down to his ankles. Freed of its restraints, his stiff cock popped loose and bounced erotically.

With both hands on Ray's bare hips, Terry dropped to her knees in front of him. One hand cupped his balls and the other guided his cock into her eager mouth. Back and forth her head moved and every time her face moved forward, his cock went deeper into her mouth until her lips were on his pubic hair with every stroke. She could tell Ray was really horny from the way his cock throbbed against her tongue but she didn't want him to cum just yet so she removed her mouth, stood up and turned to Rick.

"Hey, Rick, don't be shy. There's enough of me for both of you and I'm really hot for you guys." Terry proved she meant what she said by unbuttoning her top, unhooking her bra and dropping both garments on the deck, letting her large breasts swing free. Her shorts and panties quickly followed and she was naked except for her deck shoes.

Rick wasn't any shyer than Terry, and he was unfastening his pants as he stepped over to stand beside Ray. For the second time within minutes, Terry pulled down a young man's clothing and went to her knees to admire the stiff cock that appeared. Her admiration was not passive and seconds after it appeared, Rick's cock was partially concealed again but this time it was deep inside Terry's mouth.

After a few strokes, she again took the stiff cock out of her mouth and this time she steered its owner in the direction of a chair. "Just sit there and relax," she told him. Before she resumed sucking Rick's cock, Terry turned to Ray and handed him a condom.

"My pussy is wet and just itching for your big tool. Stick it in me and let's get busy."

Ray was not at all averse to the idea. After stepping out of the clothing that was around his ankles, He walked over to where Terry was kneeling in front of Rick, slowly bobbing her head up and down and taking his cock all the way into her mouth. When she felt the second man's hands on her ass, she arched her back, presenting her pussy to him and he immediately found out she had not been joking about her wetness. Ray knelt between Terry's legs and his condom clad cock slipped easily into her pussy, all the way so his balls bumped softly against her clit, and bumped her there again and again as he slowly fucked his cock in and out. Terry fucked back to meet him and murmured happily. She couldn't do any more that murmur because her mouth was more pleasantly involved, massaging Rick's cock.

The three of them quickly set up a rhythm, with Terry setting the pace. She would stroke her head forward, enveloping Rick's cock in her mouth, all the way to his pubic hair, while Ray drew his cock out of her pussy. Then Terry would back her mouth off from Rick, caressing his shaft with her tongue while she fucked back to meet the forward thrusts of Ray's cock. Both men were moaning from the pleasure they were getting from Terry's warm, wet mouth and her pussy, which was equally warm and wet.

Terry was having just as much fun as the men, maybe more but she could only murmur her joy around the throbbing cock that was repeatedly filling her mouth. Sometimes she took it out and happily licked around the ridge and the head, the way she had licked lollipops as a child. Terry used these times to encourage Ray to keep plowing his cock into her pussy. "Fuck me good, Ray. I love the way your cock feels in my pussy." But Rick's cock also felt good, plunging between her lips all the way to the back of her throat, too good for her to let it stay out of her mouth for very long.

As good as his cock felt to Terry's mouth, Rick was having fun too, so much fun that he had to cum. She felt his cock jerking against her tongue and knew he was about to give her a mouthful of his delicious semen so Terry tightened her lips and started stroking her mouth faster, still matching the surges of Ray's cock into her pussy. Rick groaned; his hips thrust forward and the muscles in his ass clenched as he climaxed, pumping his cum into the mouth of the person who badly wanted it.

Terry wanted all of it and she kept her lips tightly on his cock, milking out all of Rick's semen. When she believed she had it all Terry removed his cock and licked under the ridge and all over the head, letting nothing go to waste.

From one cock in her mouth and the other one driving in and out of her pussy, Terry's climax had been building for some time, like an avalanche that gets bigger and faster as it rolls downhill and swallowing Rick's cum had brought her avalanche closer to crashing into the valley. Without breaking her rhythm, she turned and said, "Give it to me good and hard, Ray. I'm getting ready to cum." He was glad to hear that because, horny as he was, he was still trying to hold off until Terry had climaxed.

Good and hard is the way Ray gave it to her, holding onto her hips and driving his cock in and out of her pussy. Terry still kept her hands on Rick's knees and her face in his crotch so she could present her pussy as well as possible to Ray. While she moved back and forth to get the most pleasure from the cock that was fucking her pussy, she felt Rick's cock rubbing against her face, and was thrilled to feel it stiffening again, even after giving her a big mouthful of his juices. Terry had definite plans for that cock, as soon is it was fully erect again.

As much as she was enjoying the two cocks, she knew there was something not right so she reached back, took Ray's right hand in hers and placed it on her clit. Although no genius, Ray could take a hint as clear as that and he started caressing her with his hand while continuing to plunge his cock in and out, enjoying the feel of Terry's pussy and the sight of her upper body writhing in front of him from the pleasure he was giving her.

Ray was getting a lot of pleasure too, and it increased when Terry started cumming. "Yes! Yes!" she cried out ecstatically. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I'm cumming." He was glad to do as she wanted and his cock rammed harder than ever into the pussy that was enjoying it so much. Rick had his hands on her shoulders to keep her from falling and Ray held her tightly with both arms around her hips while his right hand continued to caress her clit. Terry was free to fully enjoy cumming and she made the most of it, moaning and sobbing from the intense pleasure, with her body thrashing between the two men. When she climaxed, the avalanche crashing onto the plain, her whole body gave a great spasm, and she relaxed between the two men, her body sagging. Ray kept fucking into her pussy until he also climaxed, sighing in pleasure as he filled his condom with semen.

All three persons, two kneeling and one sitting had really enjoyed themselves and they all hoped the sex wasn't over for the day. Terry felt especially good, first, because the sex with the two young men had been so good and was far from being over and, second, because she was doing the same thing with two genuine crew members as she was sure her husband and Aaron Holcombe were doing with the other four "crew members". What made her sure the sex wasn't over was the feel of Rick's cock against her face, almost as stiff as it had been when it first entered her mouth and the feel of Ray's cock, still fully hard in her pussy. Even though she had felt him cum, his cock hadn't softened at all. "This is my lucky day," she told herself. "These guys are really horny."

Turning her face so her lips were on the cock that had just filled her mouth so nicely, she pulled it back in with her tongue. After a few strokes between her lips, Rick's cock was as stiff as it had been when she first started sucking him off. Terry held it gently in her fingers and said, "I want this big dude in my pussy. Get a rubber from Ray and tell him to come up here and sit down because I have plans for his cock too."

The two horny young men were eager to comply and, seconds later, Ray was seated where Rick had been and his cock was where Rick's cock had been. He leaned back and enjoyed the feel and the sight of his erect shaft being enveloped by Terry's skillful mouth and she enjoyed the feel of his cock sliding between her lips. She hoped and expected to deep throat the young man who was sitting in front of her but she wanted to wait until Rick was fucking her pussy before she got really started. Until that time, she slowly stroked his cock with her lips, enjoying the feel of its warm firmness.

After she felt Rick kneel behind her and put his hands on her ass, Terry took Ray's cock out of her mouth and was satisfied with just licking the head. When she felt the tip of the other cock at the entrance to her love hole, she stopped even that because she wanted to fully relish the feeling of the long shaft sliding into her pussy. She was so wet, with juices from her pussy running down both legs that, even though his cock was big, it slid easily in, stretching her opening and sending pleasure radiating from the entire length of her vagina.

After Rick's cock had begun surging slowly in and out of her pussy, Terry concentrated on the one that would be pleasuring her mouth. At first, she took just the head and held it between her lips while she lovingly licked all around, especially the slit. Ray leaned back, enjoying what Terry's talented mouth was doing for his cock. She took a few more inches into her mouth, reveling in the feel of the warm, hard shaft against her lips and her tongue as she licked it. Terry took a little more of the stiff cock into her mouth and relished the feel of the firm tip pressing against the back of her throat. She really appreciated the way Ray was sitting quietly and letting her thoroughly enjoy herself with his cock in her mouth.

Terry enjoyed herself even more, slowly backing her mouth away from Ray's cock, again enjoying the feel of its rigidity against her lips. After licking the head once more, concentrating on the slit, Terry's mouth surrounded the shaft until the tip of Ray's cock pleasured the back of her throat again. Back and forth, Terry's mouth caressed his cock, her tongue licking its entire length while Ray let her pleasure herself and him. After a few more strokes, knowing that she would be free to suck his cock in her favorite way, Terry opened her throat the way she likes to do, and enveloped his entire cock, tickling her lips on his pubic hair. Terry loves giving deep throat like that, but only if the man will let her stay in control because too much activity on his part may activate certain reflexes and cause her to choke.

While her mouth was immensely enjoying one cock, her pussy was getting just as much fun from the other, as Rick slowly drove his cock in and out, his balls brushing against her clit. Later, when she was ready to cum, Terry would want him to fondle her there as Ray had fondled her. For the time being, though, just the intermittent feel of his balls bumping her clit, combined with the pleasurable stretching of her pussy as his cock surged into her, was building her slowly toward her climax. Terry wanted to cum, of course, and she wanted the men to cum also, but not until after a long and mutually pleasurable period of fucking and sucking.

Rick was receiving tremendous pleasure too, from the best pussy of his experience. With every thrust of his cock, she fucked back to meet him and her trained muscles gently squeezed and released him, sending waves of pleasure through his body. Everything about Terry gave him pleasure, from the soft, smooth skin of her hips under his hands and the feel of her ass against his legs as he drove his cock into her to the sight of her fine, sexy body as it writhed in pleasure from what his cock and Ray's were doing for her. All of Rick's sexual experience had been with prostitutes or inexperienced girls and this session with the uninhibited and experienced Terry was the best sex he had ever had.

It was the best for Ray also, as he watched Terry's head slowly moving down and back up, and felt her talented lips and throat and tongue enveloping and caressing his cock. Knowing that he would need to sit passively and let her use her skills to give him immense pleasure, he resisted his natural urge to drive his cock into her mouth. Ray was well rewarded; Terry's mouth was the best place his cock had ever been except maybe for Terry's pussy earlier that day.

It was so good that Ray couldn't hold back any more, even though he had ejaculated a short time before. "I'm going to cum," he told her.

Terry couldn't say anything but she did shorten up the strokes with her mouth. She knew that when he was close to cumming he might not be able to resist the urge to thrust into the mouth that was making his cock feel so good. Instead of taking it down her throat she limited herself to taking Ray's cock into the back of her mouth, all the while caressing it with her tongue. By tightening her mouth Terry made the feel of his stiff shaft sliding between her lips even better. When she felt his cock throbbing, Terry kept stroking with her mouth and positioned her tongue to catch Ray's semen when he ejaculated.

He could no longer resist, and his cock started thrusting into Terry's mouth but he did resist the urge to grab her head. His movements didn't bother Terry because she was still in charge and still regulated how fast Ray's cock plunged into her mouth and she still allowed it to bump pleasantly against the back of her throat. He grunted and pumped his first burst of semen onto Terry's tongue where she could savor the taste and the texture. She swallowed it, stroked again, and enjoyed another spurt of Ray's cum. Terry continued bobbing her head while Ray kept ejaculating into her mouth. After he was done cumming, Terry tightened her lips even more to squeeze out all the cum still inside, and then took his cock out of her mouth and licked off everything on the head and under the ridge. It was very gratifying to her to feel that, even after cumming twice, Ray's cock was still semi-hard and she could feel it stirring and stiffening as she licked it. After a few more minutes, with a little more mouth and tongue action, it would be ready to please her pussy again.

Her pussy was being tremendously pleased just then by Rick's cock as he slowly drove it in and out, with Terry fucking back to match his strokes. After swallowing all of Ray's cum, she turned her full attention to what her pussy and Rick's cock were doing for each other and how they could do it better. Besides continuing to fuck back to meet the deep thrusts into her pussy and the involuntary writhing in pleasure from the feel of Rick's cock impaling her, Terry started swiveling her hips. With the new motion, every part of Terry's pussy was massaged differently from every thrust of Rick's cock into her, and his cock was caressed differently by her pussy.

Terry's climax had been building since Rick's cock had first penetrated her and it again felt to her like an avalanche, rolling downhill and growing in volume as it rolled. Like an avalanche, her climax had been gaining momentum with every stroke of his cock into her pussy and when Ray had pleasantly flooded her mouth with his semen. With her new movements, and with Rick so thoroughly filling her pussy with his cock, Terry knew she would be cumming very soon.

"Play with my clit; I'm ready to cum," she told Rick and he knew what to do. His left hand continued to rest on Terry's smooth hip and his right hand curved under her to fondle her clit.

"Fuck me faster and harder."

Rick complied, driving his cock faster into her pussy, holding Terry steady between his left hand on one hip and his right arm against her other hip while his right hand massaged her clit, keeping time with the plunges of his cock into Terry's pussy. "Yes! Yes, like that," she cried out. "Keep fucking me like that."

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