tagLoving WivesTerry Takes on Three

Terry Takes on Three


It had been over a month since our last "swinging" outing and I was getting restless. Well, horny is more accurate. Terry wasn't quite in the mood, but with a babysitter set up and both our schedules cleared, she could hardly say no.

"You set it up!" she said. "What am I going to wear?" My mind was racing. What could I get away with? We went through several slut outfits before deciding on a one-shoulder open, one long sleeve lace "skirt", Fuck Me heals, and no panties, of course.

We made the usual small talk driving to the nicest on-premise club in the area. Very plush, comfortable place with a typical lounge set up in the front, and in the back a separate bar, 3 hot tubs, probably 8 private rooms, and two large group rooms. By the time midnight rolled around, Terry had over half her bottle of wine and was feeling no pain. She was also flirting with a couple guys we hadn't met before, both young and cute. Terry tells me she doesn't dance, so when I saw her on the dance floor, I knew she was getting hot. She "danced" with a tall, black gentleman, enjoying his rather large hands all over her. No protests when her lace skirt was pulled up over her ass either. She made her way to the young guys and successfully got herself sandwiched between the two of them. It looked like they were both trying to fuck her standing up. I was enjoying the show from the sidelines when she slipped over to me to say something.

"Let's go to the playroom", but I knew she had already agreed to this proposal from James and George. We changed into our towels (the only attire permitted), and caught up with her new friends. James introduced himself to me as Terry and I sat by the bar.

James was a slight but well-built tanned guy and completely shaved, also sporting a ponytail and cockring. George was a bit larger overall, but both were obviously in very good shape. George was temporarily distracted so the three of us chatted for a while. How long in the lifestyle, what do we all really do, etc. Once he and I were comfortable with each other, the conversation quickly turned back to sex. Terry fondling and sucking on his cock at the bar didn't hurt the mood either. With two to three dozen (naked) people around, here was my beautiful wife stroking and sucking James' cock to a raging hard on. I fingered her very wet pussy while her head bobbed up and down on his cock. James looked at me. "We need a room". I set off around the back area, leaving my wife giving James a luscious blow job.

No open private rooms to be found, so we went to a group room. Terry resumed giving James head while I watched and stroked myself. We then positioned Terry so I could lick and suck on her delicious pussy while she continued working on James. Another few minutes and she could hardly stand it.

"I need to be fucked" she blurted, as if we needed any encouragement! As James was already reclined, Terry slid up and mounted him. She loves to be on top, as I suppose most women do, and began riding his long thick cock. James was a quite verbal partner, almost a bit crude, but Terry just got wilder with each comment about her cunt, ass, tits, and mouth. She was grinding her pussy on his cock, when he asked if she'd ever had 2 cocks in her cunt.

"No, but I'd like to" said my wife, much to my surprise and delight. Taking my cue, I approached her from behind like a DP, only a bit lower. She squirmed as I entered, but accommodated my cock in her already occupied cunt without much trouble. Being one of two cocks in Terry's cunt was more than I could take and only a few minutes went by before I was pumping my cum into her pussy. "Get a cock ring" I thought to myself.

I pulled out and watched the two of them fuck for another 10 minutes before Terry came (again) and collapse between the two of us. We all required another few minutes to gain our strength and return to the bar. I thought that was the extent of our playtime. Wrong again!

We were at the bar flirting when George found us, his wife still MIA. Terry was in rare form and started fondling his cock too. James and I both got erections watching this. The site of James' girlfriend nearly mounting another girl on the next barstool didn't hurt either. She sucked our three cocks presented in front of her, bobbing from cock to cock. Raging hard ons surrounded her face and it wasn't long before we were again in search of another room. Luck was definitely with me that night, as I found one on my first pass! I led our little group to the room and closed the door. Quite the sight, I imagine, me leading Terry into a small private room with 2 guys right behind her.

Once in the room, we positioned Terry in the middle of the bed. James sat at her head, and continued to enjoy a masterful blowjob. George licked her cunt briefly, but that wasn't what she wanted. She slid her ass over in front of George's cock, who took the obvious hint and plunged inside her. Another wonderful sight. Two good looking guys fucking and getting sucked by my wife. They switched positions to allow James to fuck her and George to resume his blow job. Another several minutes passed and James pulled out, sticking his cock in her face. Terry alternated licking and sucking each cock, while I buried my face in her pussy. I love eating my wife's pussy, anytime, anywhere. Terry soon made it clear that she wasn't finished fucking, and pushed James underneath her. The room was filled with the sloppy sounds of James and Terry fucking. James asking if she liked having her cunt filled up with cocks earlier. Again, the answer wasn't in doubt. "Oh yes" she gasped. With that, George stood over her ass, and lowered his cock into her pussy. I rested against the wall behind them, watching two good sized cocks thrusting in unison into my darling wife's cunt. She came rather loudly, much to everyone's delight.

The three of them disentangled and she rested her back against me as I did on the wall. More rest and small talk ensued. Soon George was lying in front of her, eating her pussy and obviously licking her swollen clit. Terry reflexively spread her legs. I decided to help and grabbed each ankle. Would have paid for that picture, me holding Terry's legs wide open to two other guys could fuck her one more time. She later told me how hot it made her that I was "presenting" her this way. James jumped in first and the two of them began pumping again like it was the beginning of the evening. Finally, James tightened up and began cumming rather loudly into her gapping pussy. He slipped out of the room almost as soon as he finished. George took his place, thrusting vigorously into her with me behind her, still holding her legs wide open. She could hardly contain herself and came again just before George did. Finally spent, he too left the room for my wife and I to recuperate. All this was too much for me and I was more than ready to go again.

Tired and well fucked, she put up no resistance as I spread her legs out, this time from in front of her, and proceeded to pound away. Terry's cunt was already oozing cum from the guys' previous orgasms, as well as mine from an hour or so earlier. Nice, wet, loose, and sloppy. An absolutely perfect well fucked pussy. It didn't take me long to deposit the fourth load of cum into her pussy for the night. We both collapsed, taking several minutes to move, let alone find the locker to retrieve our clothes. The drive home at 4 AM was rough, but the mental images from the night easily kept me awake while my beautiful slut wife slept beside me. I can hardly wait for our next "date".

Hope you enjoy this TRUE story. Look at my profile for links to Terry's Geocites webpage.

Happy Hubby

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