tagTransgender & CrossdressersTess Was All Girl Ch. 06

Tess Was All Girl Ch. 06


For Arago 007, who whined, complained and nagged until she got her way, I think I married your sister. Enjoy and remember. "It's difficult to scroll down with sticky fingers. I suggest you read this to a 'friend'.

I appologise to all in advance. I really have no idea what category to put this story into.


Back from three days out of town at a soccer tournament, Tess returned to her dorm more than a little horny. Actually it was the three nights all alone that did the damage. But Tess, letting no opportunity pass, had set her travel bag on her bed, turned to Claire and smiled as she undressed. And completely out of character, Tess pulled her boxers down and stepped out of them as Claire watched. Tess stroked her cock and nodded. Claire, without protest, stood and undressed. When she was also nude, she crawled onto her bed and lay back, waiting for Tess to come to her. That was an hour and a half ago.

Tess was now laying on Claire and Claire was on her tummy. Tess was slow fucking her lover and Claire was moaning into her pillow. Claire clutched the sheets with both hands and lifted her ass to meet every thrust. She had long stopped resisting Tess's advances and no longer felt self-conscious about having sex with a, a, well, she couldn't say it. She couldn't even think it but she certainly no longer had a problem wrapping her legs around the girl and giving herself to her. Claire would let Tess fuck her and she would suck her and take her seed into her mouth and regret nothing. Claire was always ready for the pleasures Tess offered.

"I need to cum." Tess whispered. As she pulled herself from Claire, Claire rolled onto her back and Tess rose to her knees. She scooted forward and as the thick head of her enormous cock touched Claire's lips, those lips parted and Claire let the fat member search out her throat. Tess came without further notice. The warm sperm flowed in spurts, thick and salty onto her tongue and down her throat. Claire sucked and swallowed and took every drop. She stroked the softening rod, milking its final few drops. She looked up at Tessa as she licked her lips.

"Three nights is too long." Tess whispered. "Next road trip I'm taking you with me."

"I hope the noise doesn't keep your team mates awake." Claire said.

"Fuck'em." Tess replied.

"Were you ever tempted?" Claire asked.

"To what?" Tess asked.

"To fuck one of the girls on the soccer team." Claire said.

Tess leaned down and kissed Claire. "Yes." She said. "But then I found out none of them like to swallow."

"You're so bad." Claire said.

"You were just crying out how good I was." Tess said. "Make up your mind."

"I thing we are proof that you can be both." Claire laughed.

Tess straightened out and lay beside Claire, her arm around her and Claire's head on Tess's chest.

"I need to tell you something." Claire said.

"If you're pregnant, I need a running start." Tess replied and ran her fingers through Claire's hair.

"I'm not." Claire said. It took thirty minutes for Claire to finish telling about meeting Sarah. Going back to her condo and having sex. About being restrained and forced to service the other three girls as well. And, about the photo they took of her standing tied and naked in the top floor picture widow.

Tess finally asked. "Well, is that it?"

"Yes." Claire said. "I'm sorry."

Tess patted her head. "Nothing to be sorry about. They took advantage of you."

"So." Claire said.

"Not to worry." Tess said and kissed her cheek. "We will visit her soon enough."

It was late Friday night. Claire was walking down Barstow Avenue, just off the campus. The line of bars were filled with college students, all on their way to a hangover and/or hooking up for the night. For most it could be both.

When Claire stopped to look in the front window of 'The Library', a favorite hang of some of the rich high-society members of the student body, she saw Sarah setting at a table with a crowd of other students she didn't recognize. She entered and as she passed the table, Sarah looked up and smiled. Claire took a seat at the bar and ordered a beer. It wasn't long before Sarah came up beside her, set down her drink and slid onto a stool.

"Trying to improve your status?" Sarah asked.

"Slumming." Claire replied.

"Well, I suppose I could invite you back to my place again." Sarah put a hand on her arm. "We had such a good time last visit. Didn't we?"

"I remember that you did." Claire said. "Oh, and your little friends." Claire added.

Sarah looked around the bar. "I don't think they are around tonight. Guess you'll just have to make due with me." She turned back to look at Claire just as Claire's hand returned to the bar. She had dropped a powder into Sarah's drink but some was floating on top.

Claire picked up Sarah's drink and swirled it. "Bottoms up?" She said.

"Kinky." Sarah said. Ten minutes later, she followed Claire out of the bar, intending on spending the night with Claire's lips locked onto her sex. She bumped into the door jamb then fell against Claire and finally her arm hooked around a parking meter where she slowly spun 360 degrees and then set down on the sidewalk leaning against a car fender.

"Need some help?" Tess was standing near.

When Claire looked up, she said. "I think she's drunk."

"Yea, looks like it." Tess replied.

Thirty minutes later, Claire stood quiet as Tess rubbed alcohol on Sarah's arm. She then drew a measured amount of an antidote to the drug she was given in the bar, into a syringe. Both drugs were obtained from a friend of Tess who was a pre-med student. She pushed the needle into Sarah's arm and in just a few seconds, a blindfolded Sarah started to respond. Tess then took a second bottle and syringe. This one was a muscle relaxer normally reserved for horses about to undergo an operation. Tess lifted Sarah's skirt and pulled her panties down her thighs. She rubbed the alcohol on an ass cheek and poked her again. Sarah jerked. The muscle relaxer, cleverly enough, did nothing to deaden pain, only prevent any sudden movement in response to it.

Tess sat down on a stool. They were in the basement storage room of the gym. A room used by the soccer team to store spare equipment. "Undress her." Tess said.

Sarah's head rolled slowly to the side. Tess had placed Sarah on a massage table when they had arrived. Now she turned the girl onto her stomach and used Velcro straps to secure her arms to the forward legs of the table. She bent the girl's legs outward and secured her ankles to the rear of the table. One longer strap went around her waist and was tightened until she moaned.

Tess kissed Claire. "Our work is almost done. Let's go." Tess took a black marker from her pocket and pull the cap off. She went to Sarah and wrote on her ass. When Claire looked, she giggled. It read. "Either hole. No condoms needed." The two set in the parking lot and watched the door leading to where Sarah was tied. Tess had sent a text to seven fraternities. It gave the location and a single photo of a nude Sarah with the caption. "I like to fuck." It took ten minutes for the first car to stop near the door and three boys climbed out and went inside. Shortly, two more cars with seven boys arrived. One had come back out and was smoking a cigarette. As the parade continued, Tess and Claire counted nineteen boys entering and later leaving the basement. Tess steered her car onto the street and toward their dorm room.

The kidnapping and rape was never reported. The few times Claire or Tess saw the little bitch, she would just turn quickly away and disappear in the crowd. She transferred to USC at the end of the semester.

Tess was laying on her bed. She put a magazine down and looked at Claire who was setting cross legged on her own bed. "Come here." She whispered.

Claire slid off and went to beside Tess's bed. "You want me?" She asked.

That a problem?" Tess asked.

"You know it's not." Claire said. "Don't be mean to me." She added.

"Fair enough." Tess said. "You think you can get undressed by yourself?"

Claire didn't respond but pulled her tee shirt off. As she looked at Tess, she thumbed the top of her PJ's and eased them over her hips. They fell to the floor and she did the same with her panties. She then leaned over and lifted a leg, pulling them free of her foot. When they were off, she tossed them toward her bed. "She stood nude and ran her hands over her tummy and across the front of her thighs. Her fingers dipped to her sex. Tess took her hand and eased her up beside her. She kissed Claire softly as her hands explored her body.

"Turn around." Tess said and Claire drew her knees up and switched ends of the bed. She lay down once more so her feet were against Tess's headboard. Tess kissed the inside of her knee and her inner thigh. Slowly Tess eased over until she could guide her now erect cock to Claire's waiting lips. As she ran it over Claire's mouth, Claire extended her tongue, licking the fat knob. Her mouth parted as Tess inserted herself deeper into Claire's mouth. The head slid over her tongue and lodged in her throat. Tess began to fuck her. She pulled the head out to Claire's lips and slid into her until her throat muscles strained and she could feel Claire straining for air. She would pull out and Claire would breathe and Tess fucked into her and Claire would squirm beneath her. She had her lover for twenty minutes before she pulled out to the head and emptied herself into Claire's waiting mouth.

When she was spent, Tess rolled onto her side. She closed her eyes and ran her hands between the girl's legs. Her sex was wet and she was aroused. The slightest touch of Tess's fingers along her labia caused Claire's ass to lift and she would slowly rock her hips to Tess's fingers.

There was a knock at their dorm door. "Why don't you get that?" Tess said. Claire got up and reached for a robe. "Just go." Tess said. "There's only girls here." Claire opened the door and poked her head out, keeping the rest of her body hidden. A girl she recognized as the clerk at the nearby coffee shop stood there smiling at her.

She was a nineteen year old beauty wearing a white tee and black pleated skirt. She still had her name tag on her shirt pocket. "Tess asked me to come by." She said.

Claire looked at the girl and called out. "It's for you." But Tess was standing right behind her.

"No need to yell." She whispered. "And no, it's not for me. Why don't you invite her in?" Tess turned and went back to her bed and set down on the edge. Claire moved aside and the girl entered. Claire saw Tess hold out her hand and the girl went to her. She stood right in front of Tess and Tess ran her hands around her waist. She found the zipper to her skirt and slowly lowered it. Tess pulled it until it fell to the floor. She lifted her tee and pulled it over her head. She had small breast s and wore no bra.

Tess looked at Claire who had a confused look. She worked the girl's panties down and turned her to face Claire. "Go." Tess said. "Please my girl." Tess patted her ass and the girl walked across the room to where Claire waited. "By the way," Tess said as she curled up in her bed ad opened a magazine. "Say hi to Grace." She took one more look toward the two. Claire was peering over Grace's shoulder. Tess smiled and turned a page.

Grace slowly pushed the robe from Claire's shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She ran her hands around Claire's waist and urging her closer. When their lips met, Claire realized just how much in need she really was. She began kissing the girl and running her arms around her. She explored her back, touching every rib. Grace whispered to her. "Get on the bed." And Claire did just that.

She settled in the center of her mattress and watched Grace crawl up between her legs. Her knees were pushed up and she was opened wide. She watched as Grace lowered her mouth toward her sex and she began to shiver in expectation. When the sensation actually came, Claire moaned out loud. She had wanted that touch more than even she realized. She ran a hand through Grace's hair and Grace began to lick along her labia. She arched her back and lay her head back onto the bed. The touch of another woman was glorious and she rocked to the tempo of the girl's tongue. "Ummm." She moaned. "you feel so good."

Grace paused just long enough to look at Claire and smile. She quickly returned to make a long lick from her anus to her clitoris and then run her tongue around that swelling bud. Her lips tightened onto it and she sucked it into her mouth. When her tongue began flicking the tip if it, Claire's stomach muscles tightened and she felt an eruption building deep inside. She tightened her grip on Grace's hair and began humping her ass, encouraging that amazing mouth. When she came, she flooded Grace's mouth with her juices and she could hear Grace lapping between her legs. She shook and vibrated for minutes before her body finally started the calm. She was still breathing rapidly and Grace still held her clit captive.

"When you're finished." It was Tess. Grace looked up and Claire turned her head. Tess rolled onto her side and patted the bed beside her. Grace crawled off away from Claire and went to Tess. Tess was fully erect and she was stroking herself. Grace made no indication that the sight was anything but perfectly normal. Tess pulled her onto the bed and whispered to her. Grace turned onto her back and waited as Tess eased between her legs. Grace immediately took her captive, wrapping her legs around Tess's waist and hooking her ankles together.

Tess gripped her cock and ran it along Grace's slit. When Grace started to work her ass, Tess pushed and sent four inches of hard cock into her vagina. Her labia was stretched tight around the thick rod.

Claire lay watching the two as Tess worked herself into the girl. She slowly pumped her cock, pulling out until she held only the fat head and then sending a little more into her depths with each stroke. It took a few minutes as Grace was moaning and clutching Tess's neck as Tess's scrotum finally slapped gently against Grace's ass; her cock now buried in her lover. Tess made a long slow withdrawal and again shoved her entire length into Grace. Grace's ass came off of the bed and she whimpered in pleasure as Tess took her.

Tess started a steady fucking of the girl as the two humped and thrashed together. Grace hit an orgasm and road it while Tess never missed a stroke. The two fucked and Claire watched in amazement. She wondered if that was what she looked like when Tess fucked her and she decided it must me. As she watched the two, Claire realized that she was not the least bit jealous. On the contrary, she was happy Tess was able to be with whoever she chose, whenever she wanted.

At that moment Claire realized that she would always be the one Tess lived with and all these others would just be toys. She smiled just as Tess stiffened and her back arched and Claire knew she was pumping an impressive load of seed into the beautiful girl. Grace whimpered and grunted as she felt the creamy offering spray over her cervix.

The two lay together for a long time. Grace still wrapped around Tess and Tess's softening but still impressive cock in Grace's vagina. When Tess did roll onto her side she just motioned to Claire who left her bed to join the two in Tess's. Tess ran a hand behind Claire's head and guided her mouth to her limp cock. Claire sucked onto it without hesitation. Tess was slick and coated with Grace's sex and she tasted delicious to Claire. Claire worked the huge dick into her mouth and used her tongue to bring it back to life. When she was hard once more, Tess pushed Claire away and rolled Grace onto her tummy.

"Something new for you sweetie." Tess said and straddled the girl. She used the fingers of her left hand to spread Grace's ass cheeks and she guided the cock to her puckered anus with her right. "Deep breathe baby." She pushed and Grace's reflexes caused her to slide up the bed away from the invader. Tess pulled back. "Come here." She said and Grace slowly scooted back to Tess. Tess ran her cock head over her ass again and when she pushed, grace grunted and cried out but she remained under Tess. The cock had opened the girl and her anus stretched to accept it. Tess leaned down and kissed the back of her shoulders. She kissed along her neck as she worked the cock into Grace. Her lips traced along her spine and the back of her neck as she pushed and sent seven inches into a tight never before violated ass.

Tess began to fuck the girl with intention and Grace finally began to respond and her pain and fear began to morph into a hint of rising pleasure. She was lifting her ass to meet Tess and she was moaning each time the thick cock entered her bowels. Tess was stroking her faster now and Grace was grunting and straining to accept her. When Tess was certain her orgasm could not be delayed, she pulled free of Grace and rolled toward Claire. She took hold of her hair and brought her mouth onto her waiting cock already oozing cum. As Claire took the head in her mouth, Tess pumped and sent thick ropes of seed onto Claire's tongue. Claire accepted every drop and sucked her clean before Tess released her grip.

"It's late." Tess said. "Grace is going to stay the night. She can sleep with you." Tess patted Claire's cheek. She then patted Grace on her little round ass. 'Go and be good to my girl." She said. The two moved to Claire's bed and settled in, pulling up the covers.

Tess reached for the light beside her bed and switched it off bringing the room into darkness. She heard quiet rustling of bedding and she thought she could see one of them working their way between the legs of the other. Then there was a moist lapping and soft moans. "Claire." Tess whispered.

"Yes?" Claire replied.

"Try not to keep her up too late." Tess said. "I don't have a class until one tomorrow."

"Okay." Claire answered.

"What I mean is, that I plan to let our little guest spread those sweet cheeks of hers for me again in the morning." Tess said. She heard soft giggles and she was sure there were two voices. A good sign she thought. Tess fell asleep to the sounds of mattresses squeaking and girls moaning and sheets rustling. Ah, the sounds of nature.

When Claire left for class the next morning, Grace had moved over to Tess's bed and when she looked back before closing the door, Tess was pushing hard and sinking her cock into Grace's anus and Grace was moaning. Thinking about the two back in her dorm, Claire was soaking wet as she entered her first lecture. It was stadium seating and she was sure the girl setting in front and slightly below her would see the stains in the crotch of her jeans, if she was to look. But what she was really concerned with was that the girl of someone else might smell her sexual arousal. She couldn't wait to get back to her dorm room. And it was only nine thirty. It was going to be a long day.


Please enjoy, vote and comment if you have the time. It is why we write. Well that and, well, you know.

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