tagErotic HorrorTeufelshunde


bySean Renaud©

"You know they used to tell stories about these woods." Jermaine said as he opened a beer. He was in his mid twenties and dressed like a cowboy complete with the ten gallon hat. "That this place used to be some kind of government facility back in the sixties you know one of those places from the Cold War when we were trying desperately to cook up something to beat the commies. Well at the time the Commies were breeding ape men by letting gorillas have sex with their women. It of course didn't work but their goal was to create something as strong as an ape with human intelligence. A super soldier."

"That's bullshit and you know it. Apemen?" Kirsten chuckled and took a long drag off her joint. It was a warm night so she was comfortable with a bikini top that covered less of her flesh than her long blonde hair did. The mini shorts she had on were cut so high that every time she moved her panties peeked out from their coverage.

"I shit you not the Russians were working on Apemen. Well over here we decided to go a different route. Now mind you this was before we knew a lot of the things we know about DNA today so the stuff they were trying here, radiation stuff mostly was radical. It was like they were trying something out of a comic book. Tried everything and got nothing to show for but a bunch of dead guys. Most of em minority types." Jermaine paused to take a drink. "Back in those days nobody'd look twice if a bunch of blacks turned up missin."

"So what were we working on?" Damian asked with his surfer drawl. He was wearing a bright red Hawaiian style shirt and cargo shorts. "I mean I know we did some screwy stuff."

"That's the thing, we were about to give up work on developing better weapons instead of better people. Middle of the sixties about. Then they brought in some new guy, a German who'd been part of Hitler's inner circle but was so brilliant we decided it was better to have him working for us than to execute him like the other prisoners. Apparently Hitler had been working on his own Super Soldier program called Teufelshunde. They'd been experiment on Jews of course, but they'd had some success. He recreated the program not five miles from where we sittin right now. Now here's where it gets interesting. Supposedly they made like a dozen of the Teufelshunde and were running experiments on em to see what they could do. You basically they tortured them to death to see how tough they were. Turns out they were tough, the women even more than the men. Well if you believe the stories three or four of them got away and they stalk in these woods." Jermaine continued.

"You're just making that up." Sara was already high; she'd been smoking half of the hike in. The stunning black woman was wearing a sleeveless sweater that clung to breasts like a second skin and a pair of jeans that seemed to have been painted on. "Even if the story is true they'd be like seventy years old and probably dead anyway by now."

"They had kids. And those kids live here, every so often we get one of those grizzly deaths its not wolves. There haven't been any wolves in Ohio since the eighteen hundreds. Same with bears and cougars, there are no big predators here." Jermaine added.

"Bullshit. We get bears, not very many or very often but we get black bears out here." Damian cut in. "Hell shot one with my Dad a few years back. We were out deer hunting when the big bastard tried to rush us."

"Okay maybe some bears. But you ever ask why hardly anybody comes up here to camp even though it's so pretty up here? Cus people go missin." Jermaine's voice dropped. "See they come out at night and the boys, they just use us for food but the girls. They'll drag you back to their den and rape you only you'll beg for it. They got these pheromones going that'll just get into a woman and she's addicted just like that. So either of you ladies find yourself getting wet for no goddamn reason you warn me so I can run."

"Real brave, you'd just leave us like that?" Kirsten pouted. "I see one man who's not getting any of this." She slapped her hand down on her rump. "Sara, you think you and me can share your man tonight?"

Sara's eyes flashed slightly as she turned toward her friend. "Don't go teasing me like that. You know I've wanted a piece of your pie for a while now. And I know Damian isn't going to complain about two ladies sharing him."

"I was gonna say your stupid story ain't scaring anybody but hey if it gets me a threesome you can go on with your story all night." Damian responded.

"Yeah fuck you to. I'm just tellin you what I heard bout these woods. I dunno if it's true or not." Jermaine turned his beer up finishing it in a single drought, crushed the can and reached for another.

"Well now that we've got the scary story out of the way and half of us are already baked, drunk or some combination I think it's time to go skinny dipping." Kirsten said pulling her bikini top away from her ample chest and wriggling out of her shorts and panties making certain that Jermaine got a good look at her shapely half moons. "I'm not going by myself am I?"

"Hell no." Damian replied unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt and pulling it over his head. Then he pulled his shorts off and slapped Sara's ass. "C'mon beautiful."

"You don't have to tell me twice." Sara stripped down and three of them headed down to the lake.

"Shit sounds like fun." Jermaine stripped down and followed the others down to the lake diving off the pier into the surprisingly warm water.

Four twenty some things nude in the water went quickly through the expected stages starting with the women pretending that they weren't staring at each other. Then swimming around accidently brushing against each others parts. Next playfully sneaking handfuls of flesh and within a few minutes they'd broken off into pairs heavily making out in the water.

"Did you hear that?" Jermaine asked breaking away from his kiss to stare back up at the campsite and the unattended fire.

"You can stop trying to scare me, unless you really do want me to go with Damian for the night." Kirsten teased licking the side of his neck. "There is nothing out there and the only beast here is this." She squeezed his hard cock. "And I'm looking forward to it."

Sara tilted her head back letting Damian kiss along her throat and over her shoulders while a content purr rolled from her lips. "Gods you know how to turn a girl on." Leaping up into his arms Sara guided his cock into her and started humping right there. Each time she rose out of the water her breasts slapped back down splashing Damian's face.

A loud crunching noise brought everybody's attention to the nearby tree line searching for the source of the sound. "I told you I heard something." Jermaine hissed.

"Yeah but you probably heard a raccoon not a Teffle, Tuffle thing." Kirsten whispered back. Her heart was racing though; part of her was taking his story seriously.

An ear piercing howl shattered the silence of the night and a dark figure charged out of the woods leaping into the air covering most of the distance between the shore and the four in a single bound. IT splashed into the water and started quickly swimming towards them. "Run!" One of them shouted. It wasn't necessary to tell any of them to get the fuck out of the water. Kirsten made it first followed quickly by Sara and Damian.

Jermaine had stopped and was spinning quickly in the water. "Where'd it go? Where the fuck did it go?" Jermaine shouted hysterically. A font of water exploded just inches from him. He didn't even get a good look at it before slashing claws disemboweled him. A second slash nearly removed his head and he was dead before he hit the water.

"What is that thing?" Damian gasped quickly ripping through the campsite for anything that could be used as a weapon. The best he could find was a thick walking stick, which fortunately he'd taken several years of Kung Fu and was reasonably proficient with a bo. "We have to get away! Back down the path there were some cabins we can hide there until morning."

Sara was already racing down the trail as fast as her feet would carry her. She didn't have a clue where she was headed other than away. She had to get away from that thing. She didn't notice the tiny cuts forming on her bare feet as she ran over rocks and fallen sticks or scratches on her breasts and stomach when she crashed through a bush instead of going around it. The only thing that mattered was getting away as fast as she could.

Kirsten wasn't far behind but she'd picked up a thick branch was constantly searching the sides of the path for that thing that killed Jermaine. Damian was keeping instep with her his eyes glued to the rear where the creature had to be. Another howl erupted into the night so loud it seemed to resonate through Damian's chest. "Goddamn." Then a second and third howls answered the first coming from every direction.

Sara reached the cabin first to find the door locked tight but she couldn't think clearly enough to try anything but pounding on the door and wrenching at the knob hoping that some how she'd be strong enough to rip it open and get to the safety inside. "Let me in!" She shrieked. Kirsten ran up beside her and hurled her branch through one of the windows. Seeing the opening Sara quickly climbed through the window cutting her hands as she did.

Kirsten was almost to the window when she noticed something. Her stomach was starting to heat up and her pussy was getting wet. It happened so fast it was like she'd been hit in the chest by something but she was suddenly so horny she couldn't help but start playing with herself. She sank to knees and shoved two fingers into her cunt furiously fingering herself. Her free hand went to her nipples, pinching and twisting them.

"The fuck are you doing?! Did you forget that thing is after us?" Damian tried to pull her to her feet and got her halfway when he spotted the Teufelshunde hiding in the trees just a few feet away. As soon as their eyes locked it dashed out impossibly fast. Damian barely had the time to get the staff in front of him to hit the creature across the nose driving it back.

This was the first time any of them had gotten a proper look at the creature. Teufelshunde easily stood seven feet tall and was covered in thick grey shaggy fur from head to ankles save for its bared chest. The face was inhuman with over pronounced jaws like a gorilla filled with frightful set of teeth. Its eyes were the worst by far. They were human eyes, the intelligence there was obvious.

"The fuck are you?" Damian whispered. Then it struck again, years of martial arts training instantly leapt into his mind and Damian slipped backwards away from the slashing claws then darted forward snapping the stick against the beast's skull before backing away again. The creature struck again and again each time Damian was able to deflect it somehow. It was fast but not trained at all and obviously little experience fighting skilled opponents.

"Oh god I need to come!" Kirsten shouted at the top of her lungs. She was still leaning against the cabin, now with three fingers working in and out of her cunt. Her back was arched so far that her ass was off the ground pumping. If the situation had been different Damian would have been turned on.

Slowly he was starting to tire the beast out, it was getting slower and easier to dodge and several cuts opened across it face from the repeated hits Damian was scoring. Then howled and a second later there was an answer from directly behind Damian. Spinning the staff in a full defense he spun to face the new threat but found nothing then turned back to the beast and found that it and Kirsten were gone. There was no point in chasing those things through the forest. He still had Sara to defend so breaking the rest of the glass away he climbed into the cabin.

There wasn't much in the way of furniture in the tiny cabin but there was enough to barricade the window and door relatively well. Not enough that it would stop one of those things if it was truly determined to get them but enough that they'd at least have a warning before it was on them.

Sara was hiding in a closet with her knees pressed up to her tits and her arms wrapped around them whimpering. "We're all gonna die. Gonna die, all gonna die. It's gonna come back and it's gonna eat us and kills us."

"Baby I need to calm down. I need you to be quiet, I can protect you but I need you to calm down. Do you think you can calm down for me?" Damian inched closer to her wrapping one arm around her shoulders and pulling her against him. At the same time he was straining to hear anything outside but he couldn't hear anything.

"No you can't, you can't protect me. Nothing can protect me, we're gonna die. First me then you." She was hyperventilating as well as gibbering. "Gonna die, gonna die just like Jermaine. God we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna." Damian seized her face and kissed her. For a moment she struggled to escape but then her tongue slipped out to dance with his.

"It's gonna be okay I swear." Damian kissed the top of her forehead and stood up preparing to look through the cabin for any kinds or weapons or things he might have missed when he was barricading the windows. He'd started to turn when Sara grabbed his hips and spun him back towards her taking his flaccid cock between her lips and hungrily slurping. Sara started licking and sucking like her life depended on it gagging herself several times as she struggled to take the full length down her throat. Saliva foamed up out of her mouth and coated Damian's cock. Closing her fingers around his tick member she attacked his scrotum licking and popping first one then the other into her mouth spinning her tongue around it. At the same time she jerked Damian off, focusing her hand on the tip of his cock. Every time he moaned she got a little hornier.

"Fuck me." She begged as she came up for air for a second. Standing up without letting his cock fall from her lips Sara walked Damian out of the closet and over to an old style leather chair. Then she released his cock and leaned over the arm of the couch wriggling her hips enticingly. "Please fuck me, fuck me right now. Gimme that big dick please!" Damian gripped her hips from behind and sank his cock into her. "Thank you, oh god it feels so good to have you fuck me. This one last time." She gripped the chair so tightly her nails left crescent moons in the leather.

"You're not going to die. I promise." Damian reassured her meeting each of her thrusts with his own. It occurred to him for a second that if those things came back he wasn't going to hear them. Not over her moans, not over his own heart racing in his chest and certainly not over the slapping of his hips and her thick juicy ass. Then it didn't matter and he focused back on Sara who had one leg thrown up on the chair letting him get even deeper with each stroke.

"Just fuck me Damian. Make me cum. I need to cum right now!" She reached between her legs and started lightly spanking her clit. "Oh God, just like that don't stop!" She howled throwing her head back to stare at him. "Don't you fucking stop, don't you fucking stop. I'm gonna; I'm so close, so close!" She reached back hooking her arm around his neck and leaned jammed her lips to his in a savage kiss. Damian could feel the moment her body went rigid and she came, he'd never had a woman squirt in real life, until right then he swore it was only something in porn but Sara squirted enough to soak his leg while he fucked her. "Holy shit." She mumbled. "I wanna taste it."

Sara sank to her knees and licked the underside of Damian's cock taking extra care once she reached the tip she traced the tip with her tongue. That was all it took to push Damian over the edge. The first glob of semen missed her entirely landing on the chair, the second splattered her cheek and the third landed right on her tongue where she immediately swallowed it down. Then she kept sucking his cock until every last drop was out.

"You gonna be okay now?" Damian panted. Sara nodded. "Let's see if we can maybe find some clothing then and finish barricading this place.

Kirsten knew she should be afraid of the Teful, Tuffle, what ever it was. She knew that she should have been screaming for help and pounding her fists against its broad muscled shoulders but she couldn't. Whatever it had done to her was too strong for her to fight it and the only thing she wanted to do was cum. Her fingers were still between her thighs chasing after an orgasm that just wasn't coming. She had no idea how far the creature had carried her when it finally stopped and crawled into shallow cave dumping her on a pile of soft leaves and grass. It was then that she noticed the weapon hanging between its legs. Easily a foot long and nearly as thick as her wrist and not even fully hardened yet. Kirsten was on her back with her legs splayed open as she watched the creature getting harder and thicker with each heart beat. "Oh God." She swooned.

Teufelshunde had brought her to the cave for one reason and Kirsten wasn't going to complain. It sank down to all fours stalking closer to her. It sniffed her pussy pressing its cold wet nose against her flesh and a tremble fired the length of her spin. A long thick tongue slid from its jaws and over her cunt, then wriggled inside. Kirsten wove her fingers into the creature's hair and pulled it deeper into her groaning. She was already too far gone to worry that she was doing this with some kind of animal; she just needed the orgasm that she was certain it could give her. Her legs wrapped around its skull squeezing so tight a human would have been hurt but it didn't even pause. Instead its thick tongue wandered deeper into Kirsten's pussy. She twisted and pulled until the beast found the perfect spot with its nose pressed against her clit and that was it. Kirsten threw her head back and howled as her orgasm crashed over her like a wave.

Her body went limp for a moment as she let the pleasant waves wash over her. She didn't notice the Teufelshunde pull its face from between her legs and climb over her until it started pushing its massive cock into. "Too big." She lightly protested. She'd never had anything near that large, she wasn't even sure if humans could get that big. She was scared it was going to rip her but it seemed to know her limits and was slowly impaling her giving her time to relax. It wasn't possible but the creature pushed until nearly the entire thing had vanished into Kirsten. It was the most amazing feeling she'd ever had. She felt like she was completely stuffed, she'd never had that much inside her before. "God." Then the fest feeling in the world got better as the creature started rutting her. It wasn't fucking, not like a human; no human had the raw power this thing possessed. It was more animal than man pounding away at her without any thoughts about her.

Instincts took over and Kirsten's legs wrapped around the Teufelshunde waist, it was too thick for her to get them all the way around it was more like straddling a horse. Her hands moved to her breasts holding them up mostly to keep them from bouncing as much as they were but the beast took it as an invitation and started licking over the pink nubs. The heat that was already in the pit of her stomach flushed over her entire body. Trying to silence herself she bit down on her lip but it wasn't enough to hold back the ecstatic screams. It was barely enough to slow them. Kirsten screamed again at the top of her lungs as another orgasm ripped through her body this one leaving her completely limp in its wake.

That didn't stop the Teufelshunde from rutting her to oblivion. It kept fucking her for nearly a minute before it came splattering her insides with what felt like a gallon of cum. Kirsten felt the warm sticky fluid oozing out and pooling between her thighs. She also felt something else, the creature's cock was getting thicker in the center, swelling up. If she'd been on top she would have tried to pull away but pinned beneath the easily five hundred pound beast she could only hope it pulled out. When the creature finally moved Kirsten realized she couldn't pull free, it had swollen up inside her. It was only frightening for a second, and then she curled up against its arms confident she'd never want to leave.

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