tagGroup SexTexas Trio Ch. 20-23

Texas Trio Ch. 20-23


NOTE: Sorry for the delay, guys, but I had to rewrite practically all of the first two chapters. You'll be happy to find over half of this section is one long sex scene, though. I hope that– and chapter 1 of the Beast story– makes up for the wait! (Chapter 2 of Sleeping Beast will be up next week, btw.) FAIR WARNING: There's some non-sexual violence in Ch. 22.

REMINDER: This is only part of a much longer story. If you're just looking for the naughty bits, you'll find those here, too, but they'll be more fun to read if you start at the beginning! –Stefanie

–:–:–:–:–:–:–:–:– CHAPTER 20 –:–:–:–:–:–:–:–:–

Becky stayed in Cat's room that night, each needing a sister's reassurance after Nanny's savage condemnation of Catherine's affair. In their own suite down the hall, the agents of Nanny's ire tossed about potential solutions to their predicament.

"Well, Cochise was willin' enough to come get her."

"Yes, and whatever he said certainly quieted her objections, but that might not last. Tomorrow might be as bad as tonight, and I don't know how much of that Catherine can stand."

In the silent pause that settled around them, both men recalled the sound of Cat weeping in distress as Nanny dressed her down.

"I don't see what we can do about it other than marry her and get her out of here. We'll buy Nanny a house in town," Colt suggested, referring to Liberty Falls, "if she wants to be close to Cat without condoning the livin' in sin part. She can come live there or stay here if she wants to be 'specially stubborn about it."

Jeremiah stared off into nothingness for a minute. "Colt, I'm not sure Catherine will consent to any marriage if Nanny refuses. Nanny raised them: she's like their mother. I don't know if Catherine will go against her wishes when it comes right down to it."

Colt growled, "Then Nanny damn well better wish for happily ever after on a ranch in Liberty Falls."

Jem nodded, staring at the open window.

"Caleb's gonna earn his pay tonight, that's for sure," Colt concluded, heading for the bath.


Awake at dawn the following morning, Catherine and Becky shared little conversation. There wasn't much anyone could say. Nanny had put her foot down, and not even Becky at her most mischievous had ever blatantly defied their beloved governess in anything so serious as this.

Catherine was especially quiet.

If Nanny didn't change her mind, Cat wouldn't just be back to where she started. She'd be much, much worse off than she was a few months ago. Back then, all she had to worry about was hiding her puffy pink face after Harrison slapped her, or being forced to marry the horrid Monsieur Louis. Now, Catherine would be losing Colt and Jem, and she couldn't imagine going on without them.

Before the blue-eyed cat burglar kissed her in the firelight, Catherine's life was tedious and her choices unsatisfactory, but in retrospect, that boredom was actually a blessing. Every man she knew was another variation of the same polite, wealthy, arrogant chauvinist, but she hadn't known any other type of man. But over the past two months, she and Jem had talked endlessly about automobiles and electricity and the future of underground trains, while Cat and Colt had discussions by the dozen about the effect of railroad expansion on everything from immigration to the price of wool socks. How could she go back to boring after that?

Even if one took romance out of the equation, the privilege of having them in her life had guaranteed she'd never be satisfied with lesser men. She'd seen the little frown Colt wore when he was intent on what she was saying, and the glow which lit Jem's golden eyes as she questioned one of his theories. How could she be happy with anything less than being valued as a person, as well as worshipped for her womanly graces, after Jeremiah and Colt had shown her what love should really be? How could Catherine ever, ever be satisfied with anyone else?

Now, if Nanny didn't change her mind, Catherine would not only be subject to Uncle Harry's antediluvian dictates, she'd be grieving the loss of Colt and Jem. Cat didn't think she was strong enough to withstand that kind of pain.

Catherine's suite remained a tense and hostile place. Neither Catherine nor Becky had any experience in dealing with Nanny in a rage like the one consuming her this morning.

Neither did the maids, it turned out. Tea was served silently and gowns laid out the same way, everyone darting nervous glances at Nanny, who spoke not a word the whole time. She didn't bid "her girls" good morning nor even spare a glance for them as she directed domestic details. Becky's clothes were brought along for her to dress in Catherine's room.

When the sisters were alone, the maids gone and the door slammed behind Nanny, the women exchanged a panicked glance and flew to each other's aid. They took turns loosening stays, so Nanny's overly enthusiastic job lacing them in wouldn't suffocate someone before the noontime meal.

At last breathing a sigh of relief, they set off to join Jem in town. Their shopping expedition was subdued, and no one spoke of the matter at hand, but the day passed steadily in errands and afternoon visits to friends.

Becky, as planned, whispered into a few select ears that the lovebirds had been promised to one another since birth, but it had been kept secret to protect Catherine from kidnappers with designs on Jem's vast fortune. Becky made sure to say the information was privileged, still to be kept secret until after the wedding, thus assuring it would be all over town by the following morning. The way would then be clear for their disappearance a few weeks hence.

Assuming Nanny came to her senses, that was.

Nanny, in the meantime, endured a torture of her own. After carrying her from Catherine's room the night before, Cochise told Nanny everything Jem and Colt had learned about Harrison, sparing none of the details they'd kept from Cat and Becky. She'd also been subject to Caleb's more personal contribution, a terse lecture on the honest and loyal nature of his employers, their standing in the community, and the charitable deeds neither man would admit.

Determined not to be swayed, she'd tried to ignore it all, but Caleb held her in his lap the whole time, murmuring his words practically straight into her ear. His arms around her waist and slow caresses up and down her spine had done nothing to harden her resolve. Neither had Caleb's gentle reminder that she, Nanette, had been accidentally meeting him in corners, closets, and hallways for a month, welcoming his kisses as well as his hands roaming under her skirt.

Even Nanny's olive-toned medium brown skin couldn't hide her blush then, especially when she could feel him hardening beneath her thighs. She had to admit the hypocrisy of criticizing Miz Cat while night after night she dreamt of sneaking out to the stable and climbing on Caleb's stiff cock for the ride of her life. She was fifty-five, for God's sake, acting like a randy teenager with a man twenty-five years younger!

The next day was no better, with Caleb rubbing up against her the way he always did. Every time he did it now, though, she had to wonder if she'd been wrong for yellin' at Miz Cat. But still, Miz Cat knew better! She was a lady! And who ever heard about a lady bein' married to two men? No one, that's who!

"But what if there were two of Caleb?" Nanny thought.

Holy God in heaven!

She tried not to think any more about it after that!

–:–:–:–:–:–:–:–:– CHAPTER 21 –:–:–:–:–:–:–:–:–

Catherine was downcast the following day, too, enough so that even Harrison mentioned her mood, and he barely spoke to either girl these days, now that his continued wealth was assured by the presence of "Big Jim," the Argentinian rancher who'd promised to split Catherine's inheritance with him.

That self-same imposter, a rancher from no further south than Liberty Falls, Texas, now sat nursing a brandy by the cold hearth in his suite upstairs. He and Colt, having divested themselves of coats and ties, were discussing recent events in somber tones, neither harboring any hope for a visit from their beloved that evening.

Not only had she been through hell in the past few weeks, she'd endured a horribly emotional altercation with Nanny the day before, and only one short week ago, she'd been a virgin. Having made love to both of them forty-eight hours earlier, neither doubted she'd be sore. Under far less trying circumstances, far more experienced women than Catherine had chosen to take a few nights off before visiting again.

So when the door to Jem's suite moved silently and Cat slid in through the opening she'd created, Jem and Colt were astounded to see her. She barely made it inside before they were there, flanking her. For the space of a long, deep breath, Catherine stood still, absorbing the multiple sensations washing over her. Their bodies were large and heated and close. Their spicy, masculine scents mingled, and the moment might have been overwhelming, but together, they made her feel safe.

Their simultaneous arrival forced Catherine to choose who she'd kiss first. She'd anticipated the situation, though, and decided she'd always kiss the man she hadn't made love to last. Unless someone was having an especially bad day, that was. Jeremiah was due her favor tonight, and she leaned into his embrace, lifting her lips, while Colt stood close behind, brushing her long hair aside to nuzzle the curve of her neck. And just like that, all the confusion and heartache of her own day dissolved, soothed by the reassuring, soul-sustaining presence of the two men she loved.

She was inexperienced and embroiled in a brouhaha such as she'd never imagined, but Catherine had spent much of the past two days remembering the night she'd lain between them. Far more rapidly than one might have expected, she'd come to accept her new reality: she loved two men, they loved her, and the three of them were going to spend the rest of their lives together, God willing.

Catherine also loved what they did to her body, singly or in tandem.

She murmured approvingly into Jem's kiss as his tongue dipped in to savor her sweetness, teasing hers into following when it withdrew. He cupped her cheeks, running his thumbs lightly across her closed lids. She felt his breath on her face and Colt's warmth behind her. The hard evidence of their arousal pressed against her from both sides, and the liquid champagne of her silk peignoir set intensified every minute movement as they rubbed against her.

She'd been consigned the narrow role of "genteel lady" for almost nineteen years, but her new knowledge met with heady memories to instill an audacity she'd never known. She knew she wasn't beautiful, but for the first time in her life, Catherine felt sexy. She was loved and desired, desirable, and aching for a release only Colt and Jem could bring her. She rotated her hips, rubbing her silk-clad body sinuously against one, then the other.

Momentarily surprised by Cat's abandon, her men were soon swept up. When she raised her arms to spin slowly in their embrace, Colt took his turn greeting their future bride, pulling her against him. Jem's hands roamed the rest of her body, clad only in the silky gown, and his lips wandered from her neck to the hollow behind her earlobe– which he'd noticed made her squirm.

Pulling her lips gently from Colt's and giving him a look that took his breath away, Cat turned again. With a slim, graceful hand on each of two broad chests, Catherine gazed solemnly from Colt to Jeremiah and finally admitted aloud what both had longed to hear. "I love you."

She dropped her arms and, with a little shimmy, her gown fell in a puddle at her feet, leaving both men stunned. Though her boldness wasn't as arousing as the sentiment she'd shared, her pale skin shone in the candlelight, and neither could resist her allure.

Jeremiah bent his head to capture her lips as Colt's caress swept down her body. One hand skirted her breasts teasingly while the other traced a shivery line along the bumpy crest of her spine, and lower yet. When his fingers met between her thighs, Colt parted her lips with one hand and teased her clit with the other, sucking a swollen nipple into his mouth to make the moment complete. Being kissed and touched everywhere at once like that, Cat suddenly felt faint.

When she paled, Jem scooped her abruptly out of Colt's embrace, earning himself a black stare.

He deposited Catherine atop the bed to shed his own clothes. By coincidence, he and Colt joined her simultaneously, one on each side. Luxuriating in the silk linens of the big bed, Catherine stretched her arms overhead to let them get closer. Time drew itself out as all three dreamed of the future before them, the sleeping positions they assumed now the same ones they'd keep throughout the years to come: Catherine in the middle, Jem to her left and Colt to her right. The beginnings of their family were there in that bed.

In unspoken agreement, the men took their time with Catherine that night. Her lips were claimed continuously as their hands roamed over her body. Jem's were slightly smoother than Colt's, but both were by turns delicate and firm, cupping her breasts, her belly or parting her nether lips to delve between them. Sometimes they mirrored each other, and sometimes the sensations they created competed for her attention, making Catherine's head spin.

When their lips left hers for longer forays elsewhere, Catherine closed her eyes, unaware of the small smile she wore, as she'd be unaware of the desperation and fulfillment to follow it.

Before long, her legs were splayed and draped high over their hips.

Propped on one elbow, Jeremiah watched his tan fingers on her smooth ivory flesh as he stroked her from ankle to thigh, while Colt's mouth and hands stayed busy on her breasts. By the time their hands met at the juncture of her thighs, Cat's pussy was glistening and she'd opened like a flower for them.

For a long while, they took turns manipulating her folds, indulging in an arousing battle for the hard nub of her clitoris. When Colt at last pushed one finger all the way into her tight sheath, she exploded, keening. Jem lifted his head to watch her face and Catherine opened her eyes while her clit still pulsed beneath his finger.

Colt kissed her as Jeremiah bent his head to the sensual task of bringing her to climax again. They alternated and playfully arrived at a rhythm, Jem thrusting deeply several times before pulling out to rub her clit while Colt plunged his fingers into her needy, grasping pussy. One slow stroke at a time, they took her mind apart, until Catherine began breathlessly to plead for mercy.

Gratefully, she drew her thighs together as Jem crept up to claim her mouth, but both men kept their hands on her body, stroking her gently while she came down.

Finally, she opened her eyes, her breasts still heaving as she recovered.

"Oh, my goodness," she managed to whisper, earning twin grins and admiring eyes, but only a few minutes of respite.

Jem went back to nibbling on her lips and Colt her breasts as their fingers came alive again, and she began to squirm. This time they seemed determined to unhinge her altogether with the more measured pace of their ministrations. Swipe after deliberate swipe brushed teasingly alongside the aching ridge of her clit, never making contact. Cat's curvaceous hips were in constant motion, her fingers digging into whatever firm pad of muscle she could reach. When they both pushed a finger into her at the same time, Cat gasped and her body arched in surprised delight, but her orgasm hoovered painfully out of reach.

Catherine's brow creased in frustration.

The writhing digits inside her unwound her sanity, fucking her slowly for what seemed like hours. When Colt finally freed his finger from Catherine's heated cunt, it was just to wipe her wetness downward and resume his ministrations– on her bottom!

Her eyes opened in shock, but she met Colt's gaze with no sign of the panic he'd expected, and he continued to ply the delicate hole with her own sweet juices, repeating their earlier reassurance. "We'll stop any time you want, Cat. All you have to do is tell us. All right?"

His fingers continued to explore while he waited for her assent.

Breathing in little fits and starts, Cat gave a tiny nod.

Catherine's wetness lubricated her more than enough for the one finger he planned to insert, but Colt watched her response carefully as the circles her drew around her opening grew ever smaller, until his finger was centered directly over the tiny, tender dimple. He pressed steadily, and Cat's ass yielded, easily admitting the tip of his index finger.

She whimpered, but she didn't tense up, and she didn't close her eyes.

Colt let his fingertip slip out to collect more moisture, then pushed inward, repeating the process until each penetration was slick and effortless and the shock had faded from his angel's lovely face.

Conscious of the tension in every curve of Catherine's body, Jem slid a second finger into her pussy, turning his wrist as he began to increase the speed and power of his thrusts, and she pushed up to meet him, giving Colt better access to her bottom.

Catherine's hips didn't pause even when Colt pushed his finger all the way into her hot, sweet ass. Instead she moved faster, her moans increasing. In no time at all, Colt was easily fucking her ass with his finger as Cat rocked between his hand and Jem's.

Lifting his head from Cat's breast to watch Catherine's face, Colt caught a sideways glimpse of Jem's expression. He grinned in silent agreement. Miss Kitty sure was a hell of a surprise.

Catherine missed the byplay. Intent on the pressure welling uncontrollably upward from her bottom and her pussy to her belly and her spine, Catherine would have missed a hurricane in the upstairs hallway. She no longer felt the warm skin beneath her palms, nor was she aware that her nails were leaving impressions like small pink half-moons in their flesh. All she felt was the two insidious fingers writhing inside her, and the primordial joy of her body being possessed by the men she loved.

Her whimpers grew ever fainter as she struggled to breathe, the glowing bubble of tension below driving the air from her lungs. At last, with her hips elevated and her lungs seizing, Catherine came, her body clamping down on their fingers as she trembled between them.

The spasms of ecstasy went on and on until she thought for sure she'd swoon, but at last her hands relaxed, her shoulders settled back against the bedding, and the men released her from captivity.

Catherine gulped and gasped her way to reality. "Oh my goodness," she said again, as her eyes blinked open.

Once her heartbeat slowed to a manageable gallop, she continued, "Is this a special celebration of our engagement or are you just trying to kill me?"

Both men burst into laughter, delighted with this new, impudent version of their lover.

Jem came down to earth first, nuzzling her neck. "No, my love, we just wanted you to know what to expect."

Grinning gleefully at her question, Colt winked and clarified, "For the rest of your life."

Cat wasn't sure she could cope with that kind of intensity on a regular basis, but she smiled against Colt's mouth. She'd just have to try and do her best.

Jem rolled the tips of her nipples between his fingers, watching them tighten, thinking they looked like his cock felt. He was so aroused, he could hardly restrain himself. Only her inexperience prevented him from rolling her over and slamming his cock in to the hilt when Catherine offered him her mouth. He growled into her kiss and pulled her on top instead.

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