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I am such a lucky girl, 20 and already set for life. I knew there was a good reason I was so attracted to National Geographic. See, my grandparents passed away, and unbeknownst to everyone had decided to leave their only granddaughter a boatload of cash.

How much money it's indecent to say but enough that I was able to buy a large 3 bedroom house with a full finished basement complete with private movie theater and fit the roof with enough solar panels to light up the whole neighborhood during Christmas. The house being on the outskirts of town meant there was sweet, clean well water - so there are virtually no bills whatsoever.

Oh, I pay someone to pick up my trash, and I buy food, pay my phone bill, TV and internet but all that's a mere pittance and comes to not even a sixth of the interest I make on my accounts. Plus the house is totally paid off so I'm more than living comfortably.

I hadn't expected any of that, I was living with my parents, destitute with no hope of college and anything more than a fast food job and minimum wage the rest of my life; a friend with benefits who was slightly more pathetic than I was to take my mind off my misery, and more worthless junk than you can shake a stick at. All that changed so abruptly and I can't say I'm sorry in the slightest.

So, I lived in my house on my own for the first time. I bought sparse, modern furniture and a few high end high tech gadgets so I could listen to music anywhere in the house. The most comfortable bed in the world and beautiful bedding was my first gift to my self, and my pet parrot Kiwi got one of the larger bedrooms as his own and I turned it into a virtual mini-rainforest for him, and I was finally able to afford a real avian vet for my birdie boy which made my heart sing.

All the while I continued to see my friend with benefits and didn't say a word to him about how my life hand changed. I liked him well enough, but he was determined to be an asshole to me as I once was to him when he wanted to date me years before. That was about to change as well though. He lost his job, got pissed, got depressed and didn't know what he was going to do; he honestly thought he was a failure. I felt somewhat superior for about a nanosecond but then I realized that I actually had an opportunity to do some good.

I invited him to pick me up not at my parents' house, but at my house one night not long after, and when he came to the door I invited him in and told him. At first he was angry, seeing my success as more proof he was lousy and he was a bit annoyed I lied to him. Eventually he was mesmerized by my charms, and by that I mean the big screen in the basement, and we settled down to watch Clerks. He told me he was moving back in with his parents, I gave him a tour of my house; he told me he was broke but looking for a job desperately and hoped to move out on his own again, I told him when he could afford it to give me a call, I might consider a room mate. We had sex and soon as I came, I kicked him out and didn't hear from him again for 3 weeks.


He found a job! Working days at the local Denny's as a bus boy, which made me giggle silently but I was glad none the less. The tremor in his voice was almost cute as he asked if I'd really meant what I said about a room mate and how much would rent be and when could he move in?

"Well, rent is 275$ a month - less than half what you paid to live in that last dump [it really was, the ceiling was falling in and there was no heat or air conditioning] so I think that's fair - all utilities included but obviously you've got to pay your own cell bill, yeah I think I do want a room mate, and you can move in as soon as you've got the first month's rent."

"Great, but can I bring my cat?"

"Of course you can, tell you what why don't you stop by Monday after work and we can talk about your cat and how we're going to keep her and Kiwi apart and getting you moved in and figure all this out ok?"

"That's perfect, I get my first check that Friday, and I'll give you a call before I come over ok?"

"Alright, bye."

I had to get to work fast, it was already 1pm Friday, I called up a lawyer and had a rental agreement drafted to be picked up first thing Monday morning. I made a few stops at various places and ordered several things for the until recently empty spare bedroom to be delivered Monday morning, and stopped by the local computer store for a router and a cabinet so I could move my laptop out of the office in the basement (boys will be boys and I didn't feel like cleaning cum off my keyboard) and called my bank to go pick up the paperwork. What paperwork? I'll get to that bit a while later!

I worked all weekend, cleaning the house top to bottom especially the main bathroom and the one off my bedroom. I wanted the house spotless when he came on Monday, a bit of pride on my part as well as to set an example. I swept and cleaned the spare bedroom and decided to paint it a nice deep red color with non toxic all natural clay based paints, one of his favorite colors too. The weekend went by rather quickly and ended with a hectic Monday morning running errands and directing delivery people but by 3pm everything was arranged and the front of the house looked the same, albeit cleaner, as the first visit he made.

He called, punctual as ever on his way from work, he was going to his parents to eat and shower and would be by at 4:30, I okay'd it and settled down to some music and a nice mixed drink so I would be good and relaxed for what was to come.

The doorbell rang what seemed like a second later, it was him and he was ready to talk, so talking is what I allowed him to do. He sat and so earnestly described to me how he would keep everything clean and clean up after his cat I wouldn't even know she was there and on and on. He described how if I wanted alcohol it was no big deal he would go get it for me and continued on in that vein. Finally I stopped him and laid down the following ground rules based on how I figured things would really turn out, not the "oh momma I promise if you get me that puppy..." version he was spinning me:

1. Clean up after yourself, you must clean all the bathrooms once a week and stock them with toilet paper and fresh towels every day. Do all the laundry, and keep your cat's litterbox clean at all times - that means scooping it every single day, because it's a potential health hazard to Kiwi if the bacteria are tracked into his room. You're also in charge of cleaning the theater and keeping your jiz cleaned off the computer desk. I'll help you with the theater; do the kitchen and my room, and the living room and dining room. I want your room clean at all times, don't throw laundry on the floor, make your bed and change the sheets once a week at least, if you make a mess clean it up. You're also responsible for any messes your friends make while they're here - if they puke on it, set it on fire, pee on it, or spill anything on it you need to clean it or pay for a new one.

2. No smoking in the basement, bedrooms, bathrooms, or kitchen - that means you're only allowed to smoke in the living room but until I get tired of the white curtains that room is also off limits - I'll show you the garage, it's heated and there are comfortable chairs out there, so for now that's the only place smoking is allowed. Pot smoking is allowed out there, but that brings me to rule #3.

3. No smoking pot or drinking with or even bringing anyone into my house that isn't of legal age - and by that I mean 21, me being exempt. That's grounds for immediate ass kicking. Also, no allowing of your pot smoking friends to deal drugs in my house, and if I find a stash of anything someplace stupid like the kitchen - it's MINE and no I will not pay for it. If I walk in on you smoking the least you can do is offer to share, I'll probably turn you down but I still want the offer, it shows proper respect.

4. While I'm on the topic of your friends, I know there are several out of town friends who stay with you occasionally, if it's a special circumstance like your birthday they're allowed to stay 6 days at the most; regular weeks you just want to party let's keep it down to 4-5 and they damn well better pick up after themselves otherwise I'm ok with it. No I repeat NO girls are allowed to stay more than overnight 1(once) per week and I don't want to see them leaving in the morning(heaven help them if they stay past 8am) or I'll do horrible, horrible things to who ever it is and make her cry and never come back. If I hear you fucking all the way across the house, it's an invitation to join, if she's ugly see the previous statement about girls who stay too long. Just keep those things in mind.

5. Your friends are your friends, not mine, and I respect that and won't intrude, but they also need to be respectful of my space. You don't have to walk on eggshells but keep the noise down, occasionally an invitation to smoke or watch a movie with y'all if you don't mind my company wouldn't be a bad thing, if they piss me off I'll ban them from the house. Mostly I'll stay out of your way when you've got company; likewise I expect the same when I do. The previous rules about girls and guys apply to me as well, just to be fair. Unless I know your friend well, do not ever leave someone alone in the house and go to work or leave - ever. I'll tell you which people I think are ok or not, this is my home too and I feel safe here and I know you'll understand how that can be a bit of a creepy unpleasant issue so I don't want to ever have to deal with it other than this one warning.

6. Pay your rent on time.

7. Don't sass me. I own the house and I care about you but major disruptions to my life or putting Kiwi in danger (by the way there's a list of things that are dangerous to Kiwi you need to initial and sign) or not caring for your cat or not paying your rent or doing your share in the house are all things I take far too seriously and I won't hesitate to kick you out for. I'll always do my best to be fair and talk to you if there's a problem, likewise you need to do the same, and if you are going to move out I need a month's notice.

"And that's all folks. I've got a stack of shit for you to sign, a basic lease agreement stating you're responsible for any damage caused by you or your cat or guests, your rent and when it's due, that you understand and agree to abide by the rules of the house, etcetera. Then there's the paper that outlines all the stuff that's toxic to Kiwi and shouldn't be in the house ever, and your cat too actually, read each line and initial it then sign and date the bottom. There's a copy of this posted on the fridge for reference, plus the house rules, what I talked about were just the basics sign and initial those you get a copy too. A few more things, just copies of stuff for taxes and whatnot, just sign here - here - here - here, OK! Done; let's go view your room."

"My room; why do I need to see it I've already seen it haven't I?"

"You have, but I thought since it would be a pain in the ass to move a bunch of stuff in and out of the house that I'd go ahead and include furniture, I think you'll like it and if you don't I can return the stuff."

I show him the blood red room, with the dark wood floors and the queen sized bed with new blood red matching linens and allergen free pillows, the desk, flat screen TV with wall mount stereo and space for his video game consol, and custom storage in the huge walk in closet with a nice lidless hamper, the intentionally bare walls so he's got room to put up his much loved posters... I know this guy, and his astonished and peaceful facial expression said I'd chosen perfectly. Oh, and the ceiling height cat jungle gym hiding behind the door didn't fail to bring a smile to his face.

He comes over to me, gives me a light, but passionate kiss and before you can turn around twice and say, "Twiddledi-di" we're naked, fucking in the new bed. It was a long day, I was slightly drunk and somewhat tired from all the excitement and before I knew what happened I woke up in his bed, he cuddled up against me sound asleep, it was 2 am. I slipped out of bed without waking him went and got myself a tall glass of soy milk. Then I went to take care of Kiwi who was a bit irate about having his dinner delivered so late. Once done I showered, picked up the papers in the living room and filed them away and crawled into my bed truly content.

I awoke to a beautiful afternoon, sans my new house pet. Hoping he'd gotten up in time to go to work, which was almost a certainty since he made his bed, I went through my daily stuff, took care of Kiwi, cleaned, cooked lunch, got on the internet and finished my small amount of homework for the online class I was taking... and he called punctual as ever to ask, "Did last night really happen?"

"What? Did a wonderful girl just invite you to move into her beautiful home for next to nothing in rent, set you up in a luxurious suite, and have passionate sex with you?"

"Ha, yeah that, it was fantastic. I was wondering would it be alright if I go ahead and move in this week?"

"Do you have your rent yet?"

"No but I get paid on Friday, its only four days early!"

"No, I'm sorry, I might be able to make an exception for half of your rent, until Friday when you pay the rest but I cannot allow you to move in for free."

"Ok, let me see what I can do, would tonight be ok if I do get the rent?"

"Tonight would be fine, come on over if you do."

Sure enough, two hours later the doorbell rings and it's Him, with $150 in hand, most likely borrowed from his mom, ready with his clothes, cat, video games and computer to move on in. His cat has to stay in his room for the day it'll take for the cat proof animal gates to arrive so I can safely section off Kiwi's room and the living room where Kiwi's play stand is from hungry kitty paws. That's ok, he gets settled in, we order pizza and watch TV, and talk a lot. I have him read out loud to me the house rules twice, as well as show him the various in and outs of the house.

I'm not a control freak but for instance simple pine-sol can't be used in the house because the fumes are deadly to birds, as are air fresheners and scented candles so I had to go over all that stuff very carefully and explain about the cleaning routine. He soaks all this in marvelously; seemingly sincere and interested in knowing what it takes to care for a bird, because I know he really does love animals I know that Kiwi, at least, will likely be safe even if my sofas aren't. The ultimate reward for all this is getting to meet Kiwi and play with him, Kiwi learning his name, and more sex. This time I don't fall asleep and instead head directly to the shower and my own bedroom after saying and receiving in return a, "Thank you."


Things are turning out marvelously, the sex, learning, and ease continues for a week. The only hiccup being suddenly aware of the smell of smoke which I followed to the living room only to find one of his friends has on his first visit to the house lit up a joint in exactly the wrong place while He was in the bathroom. I make it very clear how wrong a choice that is, and the friend hastily apologizes and moves to the garage. After that I post a small wooden No Smoking Thanks sign on the front door and no one else makes the same mistake.


A whole 6 months go by perfectly, the bathrooms are always stocked and cleaned, more often than not my dinner is cooked for me, the laundry is done well and put away perfectly - something I didn't require.

The house is mostly quiet except on Friday and Saturday nights and then it's always a happy noise and not rowdiness and drama. Kiwi has become a little social butterfly, most of the people who come to the house have been accepted into the flock and even those that haven't admire Kiwi. As it turns out the cat is afraid of Kiwi so they can be in the same room together supervised without trouble and I trust Him to do the supervising now.

I kept my word about not intruding, I decided to take on a few more classes so most evenings I spend doing homework. Only once I went and had a few drinks and watched a movie with the group - it was fun. There were lots of jokes made about me being a "ghost" because they really do hardly ever see me, and my pale complexion doesn't help.

The sex, what can I say about the sex, after the first week I got tired of choking on pubic hair so I set Him up shaving, and he took to it without complaint and I am very happy. We still haven't had sex in my room, the master suite yet, sometimes I giggle at the irony but he seems not to notice, seems happy. As time goes on we both express things, adventurous things we've always secretly wanted to try but never have and we try those things, so far there haven't been any major disappointments either.


A whole year has gone by, we've tried just about everything we can possibly think of sexually - bondage, spanking, play piercing, multiple partners of both genders, every position and way you can thing of, sensations, toys, it's wonderful and we talk and giggle about it freely.

The house is still clean, I cook more now because I realized He was a bit out of his element the 8th time I had spaghetti in less than a month but he's learning really well. He enrolled in a cooking class without even telling me and now he's starting to teach ME things.

Surprisingly he's kept his Denny's job, his longest job ever held. He doesn't seem to mind it and it gives him the flexibility and money to do what he wants and he seems happy, as am I. He spends most of his evenings at home stretched out on the couch next to me, Kiwi on his chest and his cat curled up on my lap using my boobs as a pillow.

Sometimes I think it's weird that we haven't had an argument yet - not a single one over anything. I feel lucky I met such an even tempered guy and he's my room mate, he did get annoyed with me when I bailed out of going to a concert with him, but I didn't want to go. I don't leave the house much anymore and I wasn't feeling well and in the end I said I was sorry and he brought me back a T-shirt, so it was forgotten, but definitely not a true argument.

A few weeks back there was one weird incident, it was Christmas evening and we finished setting up the Christmas tree, had dinner and handed out gifts to the animals and each other. When it was all said and done I was so sleepy I stretched and was about to excuse myself and go to bed when he said, "It's Christmas, don't you want some company tonight?"

His tone was so confusing, he almost seemed mad at me. I didn't know what to make of it and must have shown how confused I was because he stood and gave me a sweet hug and a kiss on my forehead and dropped the subject. I figured he wanted sex, but I was so tired and it was an unspoken rule that whenever someone had had a particularly tiring day or set of days, like when I had my exams or he works overtime that the other person leaves you alone unless you invite them... he must not have realized how tired I was is all.

Since then things have been normal, friends over on the weekend, though he rarely smokes anymore and drinks even less often, sex and giggles, caring for the animals, watching movies. I finished my classes and now I work freelance doing stuff over the internet. I don't have to but it's creative fun work and it makes me happy, so I barely ever leave the house, not that I could leave Kiwi by himself and where would I go anyways. I'm totally content with my life as it is. I really enjoy my days alone and my quiet evenings. I think I might turn a spare area of the basement into a library or reading area, maybe he'll help me.

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