tagLesbian SexThank You For Your Suggestion

Thank You For Your Suggestion


(Note To Readers: This story does not feature anyone having sex. The characters only discuss sex and their relationship. If not for some of the explicit words it could be rated PG 13. If you are looking for something more hard core please don't waste your time.)


"Why won't you suck my nipples?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. I suck yours all the time!"

"But I'm a girl! Of course you love sucking my nipples!"

"But Cindy, why won't you suck mine?"

"Don't be silly, Dan."

"Or play with them?"

"You don't really want an answer."

"I do. I know you don't want to give me a blowjob, but I'm just asking why you won't suck my nipples."

"OK, you asked for it. Because its--- well, its just silly."

"Silly? Why?"

"It's silly and a bit yucky because they are hard and flat and have hair growing near them. Your dime sized unresponsive nipples - it would be pointless for me to suck them or play with them."

"How do you know they're unresponsive? Although they are not nearly as sensitive as yours..."

"How pathetic you are!"

"But I suck yours! I play with yours every chance I get."

"Of course you do. Because that's totally different. Totally. Do I have to spell it out? Mine are soft, large, and sexy, with puffy areola the size of silver dollars. And they are really, really sensitive. They are at the ends of my -- well, my gorgeous tits. Of course you want to play with them, lick them , and suck them. But licking or sucking yours ... that would be ... a waste. I can't believe we're even having this onversation."

"You're just being selfish. Selfish and lazy."

"No I'm not! If you had something to suck - like my nipples - I'd suck them all you want, because it would be fun for me and for you there would be a point to sucking them. I'm not selfish or lazy. It all comes to you being envious of my tits. The issue is breast envy, not selfishness."

"Cindy, I can prove you're selfish in bed. After all, you also won't kiss or lick my neck, shoulders or stomach."

"Are you kidding, Dan! It's the same issue. Your neck, shoulders and stomach are hard and hairy! That's why. I'm not saying you're any grosser than any other guy.

But why do you think that, for formal occasions, girls often dress in a way that exposes their neck, shoulders, arms, and even sometimes their midriff, but guys never do? It's because our bodies are great to look at, are works of art. But your bodies should be covered up! Sorry, but it's the truth. If your shoulders, neck, and stomach looked like mine - hairless, soft and sleek, that would be different. You would wear something that showed them off instead of hid them, and I'd be glad to kiss and lick them all you want."

"But then I'd be a girl! I kiss and lick and your shoulders neck, and stomach, and also your rear, all the time."

"Of course you do. Of course you love doing that. They're exquisite, aren't they? Very kissable, very lickable. This just means that in addition to breast envy, you also envy me the rest of my female body. You have ... well, I don't know the name for it, but you really, really wish you were a girl."

"No its selfishness on your part. After all, I go down on you all the time, but you have never gone down on me."

"Come on - that's just so gross. Would you go down on guy?"

"Me? No. Of course not."

"Then why would you expect me to go down on you?"

"But, but..."

"Cocks are gross, right? Or would you like to suck one while it comes?"

"Of course not. But I go down on you!"

"Because I've got a pussy! A wonderful sexy pussy! Anyone would jump at the chance of going down on a hot pussy because they are so wonderful, almost magical, not gross like a cock. I can't believe that anyone would want to down on a cock, with its ugly, hairy balls. A cock that you pee with, that would come in my mouth! The thought makes we want to puke! No way. But I am doing you a favor by letting you suck my pussy. You love it right?"

"Sure I love it. But plenty of girls like to blow their boyfriends."

"And so do plenty of guys - blow their boyfriends, that is. Why don't you give it a try? Some guy's hairy balls would hit your chin while you have his cock in your mouth, while you blow him! I'd love to watch that!"

"But it's not fair! I have a cock, and you won't blow me!"

"You mean it's not fair that you have a cock instead of a pussy? I understand that, and agree with it. It's the first logical thing you have said. And it means you have pussy envy in addition to breast envy."


"I understand, Dan. Look, you admit that pussies are great. And girl breasts, necks, shoulders and tummies. The bottom line, Dan, is that you want me to make love to you as if you were a girl. That's it, isn't it?"

"Well, I suppose that is one way to put it. I'd have to agree because then you would suck my nipples, lick my neck, go down on me and ..."

"In other words, Dan, you wish you were a girl! You wish you had a hot pussy, girl tits and nipples, a girl's shoulders, neck, face, and tummy. Girl all the way! You wish you were a girl so I would make love to you like a girl should be made love to! I understand completely. I also would rather be a girl than a guy because I agree with you that girls' bodies are so much sexier."


"We aren't sexier? Yes we are. And you wish you were a girl. And I sympathize with you. I really do. You want to have a sexy body. You wish you were as sexy as I am, instead of having that hairy, gross cock and balls, and those silly, useless nipples. Then I would go down on you --because I am not selfish."

"I don't want to be a girl. It's what you want. You wish that I were a girl. You wish that you were making love with a girl instead of with a guy."

"Don't be silly. I love lying there while you ride me. I come like crazy. You know that. You have seen and heard how many times I come when you hump me. You just wish you could come as many times as me. You have clit envy! You wish you could trade your cock for a clit. That's the second logical thing you have said today. That trade would improve you quite a bit."

"Cindy, you said that if I had girl nipples on girl breasts you would play with them and suck them..."

"Your chest would sure be sexier if it looked like my chest. Don't you agree?"

"Yes. And if I had your shoulders, your neck, and your tummy, you would kiss and lick me all over..."

"Of course. Because you'd be as sexy as I am. And I am not selfish."

"And if I had a pussy you'd go down on me."


"Or are you selfish?"

"I'm not selfish. If you had a pussy instead of a cock I'd go down on you!"

"In other words, if I were a girl you'd be the active one. If I were a girl you would actively make love to me, instead of just passively letting me make love to you! Maybe you should make love with another girl, instead of with me?"


"Well, Cindy?"

"You --- you want me to make love with a woman! But I am not a lesbian or even bi. But if I did do that, with a girl I would be active. I am not a selfish person. I just don't like to be grossed out by certain male body parts.

And its time to end this silly conversation. I'm leaving, Dan. Or should I call you Danielle, because we both know you would rather be a girl. And don't call me - I'll call you. Maybe even before you have your gender change operation, which I recommend you look into right away."


Weeks passed. Dan tried calling Cindy several times, but he never received a reply. He decided they were finished. Months passed. But then one day an E Mail arrived.

"Dear Dan

You sere right, and I was right. You were right that I would rather make love with another woman. And I was right that with a woman I would not be selfish.

Shortly after we parted I met Amber, and it was love at first sight. This was quite an unexpected thing to happen to me because I had never before even thought about another woman in a romantic way. That is, before you and I had our last conversation.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and we made love. I found myself eagerly sucking her nipples and playing with her breasts for 10 and even 20 minutes at a time. I showered every inch of her body with caresses, licks and kisses, again and again. I happily went down on her until she couldn't take cuming any more. In short, I did everything to her that you had asked me to do to you.

In fact, Amber jokes that she hardly gets any time with my body. I am so busy attacking her body that she claims she hardly ever gets time to suck my nipples, kiss me all over, or go down on me. It's not true of course - she does all these things and more to me all the time. But I am relaying her comments so you will know that, sexually, I am the active one in our relationship most of the time.

And, after a whirlwind courtship, Amber and I got married. I've never been so happy, in every way.

Thank you so much for opening my mind to possibilities I had never considered. I guess you read me pretty well. Maybe I was happy getting fucked by a cock because it's the "normal" thing for a girl to do, maybe I was too unimaginative to even "think outside the box" of heterosexuality, maybe I was repressing my true instincts. Regardless, I owe my current and future happiness to you.

With Best Wishes From My Honeymoon,


PS - I still think you'd really prefer to have a sex change operation and become a girl. I tried your suggestion, so to be fair you should try mine!

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