tagLoving WivesThanks for the Roses!

Thanks for the Roses!


Author's note: Welcome to my 2014 Valentine's Day contest entry. If you're new to my work-and seeing this is only my second LW entry you probably are-welcome! Now for my long time readers, a little disclaimer. I made a name here early on writing some dark material. In 2012 I wrote a sweet romance and since then have just enjoyed writing some fun playful group sex stories and some taboo fun. I've gotten some good natured ribbing from readers and author's that I've gone soft. So, for those of you that think that? Happy Valentine's Day, enjoy the story. LC68


I turned the hot water off and drawing the curtain back, grabbed a towel and began patting myself dry. I moaned softly as the towel rubbed across my swollen nipples. They'd been hard for so long they aching. Even though I'd indulged in stroking my clit with my soapy fingers, getting myself off in what seemed like record time; they were still hard. Then again, why wouldn't they be?

It Valentine's Day and I'd been worked all day knowing full well Charles was going to take good care of me tonight. It had been hard to concentrate at work. No matter how hard I tried to focus on boring invoices my mind would keep drifting to what I would be focusing on later; my special someone's nice soft tongue and big hard cock!

There were times during the day I was squirming in my seat thinking of how good my lips would feel wrapped around his thick shaft and could all but feel his warm cum squirting down my throat.

After all what said Happy Valentine's day better than a nice blow job? An even better pussy licking and Charles knew how to serve my pussy better than anyone else ever had! I forced myself to stop teasing my nipples and while drying my legs continued to let my mind wander to what was soon to come.

Charles would give me my first treat of the night by bringing me to a screaming orgasm with his amazing tongue then I would get my big gift; his hard cock in my insatiable pussy. Even after all these years, Charles could still have me horny all day just in anticipation of what he would do to me!

I spread my legs and teased the towel along my freshly shaved pussy. Pushing it between my lips, I shuddered as I slid it against my once again swollen button. Tossing the towel in the hamper I turned and looked at my reflection in the full length mirror behind the door.

Cupping my small, perky tits, I further teased them by rubbing my thumbs across them before picking up the new bra I had bought just for tonight. The bra was pink, but the cups were red heart shaped lace. I could still see my hard nipples through the flimsy material and wished Charles was here right now. He probably wouldn't be here for at least an hour, but I wanted to get ready early and lay there in bed, tormenting myself.

Picking up the matching thong that consisted of nothing more than pink string with a heart shaped patch of lace between my thighs. Pulling the thong up to my knees, and feeling playful, I turned around. Looking over my shoulder I wiggled my little heart shaped ass and shimmied the thong up over my slender hips. I took a moment to admire my rear and felt a warm feeling between my legs thinking Charles might turn it as red as the heart covering my smooth slick pussy.

My long red hair was still wet and flowing just past the middle of my back. I thought about drying it, but enjoyed the sexy sensation of the cool moisture against my warm skin. Donning my short red silk robe that was perfect for the holiday, I left the bathroom and padded down the hallway towards the bedroom. I was so worked up my body was attuned to everything and even the soft carpet beneath my bare feet was a sensual thrill.

On the way I stopped in the kitchen to grab two glasses the bottle of red wine I'd bought last night. I entered the bedroom pt the wine and glasses on the nightstand and opened the drawer to remove the lighter. I stared at the toys lined up inside and wondered which ones I might use later. The vibrator, the butt plug? Definitely at some point the bullet so I could come nice and hard on my long time lovers beautiful cock. I stared at the leash and collar neatly rolled up next to the eight inch strap on. No, not tonight, after all it was Valentine's Day and the least I could do was be nice. Well unless he acted up, but seeing it was a holiday I was sure he would behave.

I lit the candles on the nightstand then walked around the bed lighting the others on my bureau and the other nightstand. I looked around and smiled. The entire room was bathed in the soft glow of the flickering flames. It was cozy, but provided plenty of light for my man to get a great view of the show his wife was putting on.

Placing the lighter on the nightstand, I glanced over at the closet door and saw it was partway open. I rolled my eyes, couldn't even follow simple instructions. With a sigh, I stepped towards the door, but then stopped when my gaze fell on the table under the window. I smiled at the huge bouquet of roses sitting there in an ornate red vase. Screw the door, the roses more than made up for such a small detail.

Walking up to the bouquet I leaned over and breathed deeply, savoring the sweet scent. Picking up the small white card, I turned it over and read it out loud.

"For Debra, the woman I truly worship and adore, thank you for loving me so! Happy Valentine's Day!"

I smiled and gently put the card back.

"That is so sweet." I said softly.

"I guess something in this room has to be sweet."

I felt a thrill go through me and quickly turning saw Charles standing there grinning.

"Are you insinuating I'm not sweet?"

"I'm not insinuating anything," his smile turned into that nasty smirk that after all this time still excited me, "I'm telling you you're not sweet. Sluts never are."

"Ohh, so I'm a slut am I?" I sighed, "Is that anyway to speak to a married woman?"

"Depends who she's married to." He laughed, "In my case I don't mind."

I looked him up and down and licked my lips. Charles worked construction and it had been hot as hell today. His grey sleeveless shirt was soaked through with sweat and his well tanned arms were glistening with it. The moisture helped define his impressive arms and letting my gaze wander down I felt my pussy begin to heat up at the sight of the large bulge in his tight jeans.

He had taken his boots off before entering the carpeted room and the idea I could just yank his jeans down and off was an added bonus. My eyes returned to his crotch and I smiled when I saw it was noticeably bigger than it was before.

"See something you like, baby?" I asked.

"I know you do." He walked up to the side of the bed and stared across it. "How about you come over here and maybe I'll give you your gift."

"Ohh, I get something besides flowers?"

"You do. You get my dick shoved in your slutty mouth."

"Aww," I pushed my lips out into a pout and widening my blue eyes spoke in a little girl voice, "Just my mouth, that's all I get?"

"If you're good maybe I'll shove it in your sloppy cunt." He sighed, "Or maybe your ass; at least that's kind of tight."

"That is not very romantic." I shook my head.

He shrugged and smiled, this time a real one. His large expressive brown eyes were fixed on my long legs which the robe barely covered to upper thighs. He was sporting the bad boy five o' clock shadow and his thick black hair was sweat soaked and hanging just over his eyes. That look never failed to turn me into a puddle. Even his teeth were bright and perfect, a sharp contrast to the dark scruff and not for the first time over the years I considered myself a lucky woman.

"You're not with me for romance."

"True." Looking at the clock, I said, "You're early."

"I got out early. After all I couldn't keep a hot wife waiting now could I?"

"I like that." I gave him a wink, "Pretty clever aren't you?"

"Not clever," he said looking me up and down, "But lucky as all hell, so do I get a gift?"

"You mean in addition to my loose cunt?"

"Hey, that's your game." He pointed out, "You like being..."

"That's right it is my game." I told him, "It's always my game. Isn't that right?"

"Whatever you say Debra."

"Good answer." Grabbing the tie to my robe I pulled it from its knot, but held the robe in place, "Good answers get rewards don't they?"

"Yes." He answered, his gaze locked onto my hands.

"Well then happy Valentine's day, baby."

I let the robe fall from my shoulders and raising my arms above my head, did a slow spin for him, letting him take in my ass with just the thin strip of pink floss between my cheeks. When I turned back to him, the look of naked lust in his dark eyes caused my clit to begin to ache for release.

"That...is one hell of a gift."

"Yeah? Not so bad after all these years?"

"Better and better." He said softly, and then pointing at the bed said, "Now come get what you know you need slut."

A shiver went through me as he instinctively knew I how I wanted it, then again he always did. I walked up to the opposite side of the bed and said, "How about you come over here?"

He looked confused "Why does it matter?"

I rolled my eyes, "Really? After all this time?"

"Oh." he smiled, "I get it."

"You're not going to if you don't get your ass over here."

Charles walked around the bed and my heart began to pound in anticipation when he stood in front of me. Placing his large calloused hands on my hips, he looked down at me, "Take your bra off."

"Hold on, baby." I placed my finger to his lips and shivered when he gave it a soft kiss. "How about a drink first?"

"Okay." He sighed, "If I must indulge your sweet side."

"Only for a minute, because trust me I am not in a sweet mood." I Picked up the two glasses of wine and handed him one, "But the roses do make me feel I owe my sweet husband a toast!"

We clicked our glasses. "To my sweet husband," I smiled "And lusty lover."

We downed the wine in several long swallows and taking his glass I placed them on the table. Before I had even turned back around he repeated.

"Now take your bra off and show me your tits."

"Show me your tits?" I mocked, "What are you twelve? I...ow!"

I yelped as Charles pinched my nipples through the bra.

"I said take the fucking bra off, slut!" he demanded.

The pain in my nipples and the commanding tone of his voice sent a wave of heat through me. This is what I had waited for all day.

"Please don't be so mean, Charles." I pouted "It's Valentine's Day! Be sweet to me!"

"Whore's don't get treated sweet, they get treated like the pigs they are!" he emphasized his point by reaching behind me and grabbing my wet hair, yanked my head back.

I moaned at the sharp pain in my scalp, then cried out in surprise and pleasure when grabbing my bra between the cups he yanked hard, ripping it in half. I looked down at my now exposed tits. My pink nipples were hard and already looked puffy from the pinch.

"Is that how you show them to me?"

"No sir."

Cupping my tits, I lifted them, presenting them while I looked up demurely through my eye lashes.

"Play with them."

"Yes sir."

I began caressing my nipples with my thumbs and asked, "May I take your shirt off?"

"No, I'll do it." He smirked.

I thought about taking over and getting the pleasure of removing his shirt, but held back. He could be in charge; for now. Releasing my hair, Charles peeled his shirt off and my mouth began to water at the sight of his powerful chest and rock hard stomach. Tossing the shirt aside he placed took my nipples between his finger tips and I braced myself. Instead he began rolling them gently and I shuddered beneath his touch.

My tits heaved in my hands as my breath quickened and I was beginning rock from side to side, squirming with desire as I had been at my desk during the day.

"You like my tits, baby?"

"Little small, but they'll do."

Even though he was trying to keep the game up I could feel his fingers trembling as he held back.

"Sorry they're so small. Maybe I'll take them away."

I made to pull back and cried out when this time the pinch ended in a hard twist. Releasing them he flicked his wrist and caught both my throbbing nipples with a sharp back handed slap.

"You've got a lot of mouth for a filthy pig." He snarled at me, "I think it's time you used it for the only thing its good for."

Grabbing my shoulders he tried to force me to my knees, but keeping my legs straight, I fought him and gave him a thrill, by begging, "Oh please Charles! Please don't make me! I...I'll be a good wife from now on, I will."

"The hell you will!" he caught my hair again and pulling it back placed his face inches from mine. "You're not a good wife; you're a dirty fucking whore!"

Charles pushed my shoulder causing me to turn to the side and lose my balance. Still holding my hair, he yanked it downward sending me staggering to the other side. Sticking his leg out, he tripped me. As I fell he gave my hair another yank, and then let it go. With a cry of pain, I spun around and fell on my ass hard against the bed. I sat there with my eyes watering from the fiery pain in my scalp and my pussy dripping from the same.

Charles stepped up between my outstretched legs and I found myself staring at his bulging crotch. I reached for his zipper and yelped when he slapped my hand away.

"You wait until I give it to you."

I whimpered and not all for his benefit. I'd been tasting that cock all day. I forced myself to be patient and go along with the game. After all, me being taken like a whore was hubby's favorite. Or was it mine? Who cared at this point? All that mattered was Charles fingers unsnapping his jeans and slowly pulling his zipper down.

"Open my jeans."

I eagerly grabbed the sides of his pants and when I pulled them apart, smiled. He wasn't wearing underwear, God how I loved that look! I ran my fingers though his pubic hair and then slid my hand in to pull out my prize. I had just wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft when he slapped my arm away again.

"Did I tell you to take it out?"

"But I want it!" I pouted.

Knowing I was playing into his game I reached for his jeans again and this time he caught both my wrists in his hands. Yanking my arms over my head, Charles gathered both my slender wrists in one large hand. He squeezed them tightly and I whimpered as they were pressed tightly together.

He reached into his jeans and with teasing slowness withdrew his cock. Like the rest of him, Charles cock was nothing short of perfect. Long, thick and as always, hard for his favorite slut. The head was swollen purple telling me he'd been hard ever since he'd entered the room and probably before. There was precum oozing from the slit and I licked my lips already tasting it.

Holding it at the base, Charles lowered his cock to my mouth and opening wide I darted forward, trying to catch it between my yearning lips. With a laugh he pulled it away and gave my wrists a tug causing me to moan at the pain in my shoulders. Letting his cock go, he gave each of my nipples a hard flick with his finger.

"Don't move." He said softly, his dark eyes gleaming, "Just open your mouth and wait for it."

Looking into his eyes, I opened wide and stuck my tongue out. Holding his cock just over my tongue he squeezed it. His pre cum dripped onto my tongue and I wanted nothing more than to swallow it, but remained still.

"Go ahead."

I gratefully obeyed him and swallowed, savoring the salty taste and the sensation of the thick sticky fluid sliding down my throat.


I offered my tongue once more and this time he began slapping his hard cock against it. I moaned in frustration as he teased me with what I'd craved all day. He shoved the head into my mouth and I managed to continue to play along and not take him between my lips and start sucking.

"Good girl."

Charles started thrusting his hips, sliding his cock across my tongue and into my wide open mouth. My body was trembling as I resisted the temptation and smiling down at me he pulled his cock from my mouth and whipped it across my face.

"Like that, slut? Like that big dick in your face?"

"I do!" I whined then cried out as he slapped his thick cock into my cheek hard enough to hurt. "Oh, I want it!"

"You want this cock?" He asked continuing to assault my face with it by slapping one cheek then the other. "That makes you a fucking whore doesn't it?"

"I'm your whore," I breathed, then with a wink added, "Only your whore."

"Beg for it." He smirked.

Oh, he was starting to push his luck, but this game wasn't just for him and I kept playing along.

"Oh, please, Charles! Please let me have that big fucking cock! It's my favorite cock!"

"You fucking pig." He sighed, then with no hesitation released my hands grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep into my mouth.

I'd been fully expecting him, but squealed for his benefit and widened my blue eyes. I only had half his length in my mouth, but still had to open wider to fit him. Charles gave me a couple of slow pumps and unable to help it moaned when I wrapped my lips tightly around him and pressed my soft tongue to the underside of his shaft. He grabbed two handfuls of my hair and wrapped them around his hands until I yelped in pain around his throbbing cock.

He withdrew until just the tip was in my mouth and sucking as hard as I could I was rewarded with both a nice squirt of his delicious precum and a cry of pleasure. I winked at him and he frowned, knowing I'd just scored a point for making him lose control. Oh, how I loved this game!"

Holding my head by my hair, he whispered, "You want it? Then take it!"

He plowed forward, burying his entire length in my mouth. I gagged around his hard flesh and felt spit drooling down my chin. My eyes were starting to water and putting my hands on his hips I pushed against him. I couldn't move him and as our eyes locked he smiled, "Lick my balls, slut."

I worked my tongue out and wiggled it across his sweaty balls. He began to breath heavy and I could feel his cock trembling in my mouth as he fought for the control I'd already shown. I whimpered for effect as I bathed his balls with my tongue and felt my thong sticking to my dripping pussy as I imagined how I looked. On the floor, pinned against the bed with a huge cock buried in my face, I felt like the slut he was treating me like and loved every minute of it.

Charles stared down at me and with a sidelong glance across the room. I blinked twice. With a nasty smile, he slipped his cock back out then began fucking my face hard and fast. Each time he drove himself forward I squealed as the tip of his cock struck the back of my throat and his balls slapped against my chin. Tears were flowing down my cheeks and the drool was spilling from my mouth and down onto my tits as he relentlessly face fucked me.

"Look at you taking that cock you fucking pig!" he snarled while driving his cock into my mouth hard enough to cause me to gag around it. "Don't you dare make a fucking mess!" he warned me.

He stopped thrusting and started using my hair as handles, pushing my head back then yanking my face forward, impaling my mouth on his cock. I was sued to it now, but was still going out of my way to make gagging sounds as well as gurgling and make sloppy sucking sounds. I could feel my face getting red from struggling to breath and knew my make up was running down my face. I could feel the strings of saliva trailing down my chin and neck and knew Charles loved every minute of it and also knew he wasn't the only one!

He stopped pulling on my hair and began fucking my mouth again with long hard strokes. He was breathing hard and each time he plunged his hard flesh into my now sore throat he gasped. I knew him well enough to know he was getting close and catching his eye, I saw the question in his. If could have smiled, I would; even as he seemed to have me at his mercy he knew he needed permission. Nothing better than a well trained man who could not only put on a show, but know his place.

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