tagGay MaleThat Full Feeling

That Full Feeling


Forget what the net says. I've "experimented" on myself for years. As I learned pleasure and pain, I began to combine the two into a naughty bliss.

When I found out that I can take a 22" dildo all the way up my ass, my self-pleasure took off!!! It only took 10 years but I finally did it. Sounds crazy? Try it! Once I got past the sticking point, it just slid in...amazing. The excitement, the drama drove me crazy. So...now what do I do about this new craze? Something I always imagined but never thought could come true.

I was at the local rave spot having an ok time. My date left early and I was just going to finish a drink and then leave.

Just before I bolted, I glanced up across the bar and unexpectedly, this alluring and tall black guy began to stare back. He made his way over and to my surprise, made some small conversation with me. I was comfortable, but VERY curious. I had not been laid in quite a while. When I told him I was alone, he offered me a ride home. I accepted since I was close to home and wasn't suspicious of him. I was kind of drunk and feeling strange. My mind raced about thoughts I hadn't explored before.

That strangeness began tingling all over me as we drove home. I was too afraid to make any moves and really unsure about what I was really with him for. Luckily, he made me feel comfortable with some small talk and his self confidence shined all over. I had few thoughts in my mind...just minutes earlier I had peeked down at the front of his pants and the bulge protruding out from his cock totally caught my eye. "Is that his black COCK at rest?" I thought. I first thought he was erect, but it became obvious that he was relaxed and flaccid. I peeked again and again until he finally noticed. He smiled and asked me if I'd like to compare "equipment". I laughed quickly at first but soon realized that I was in over my head (and then some).

While he drove, he motioned down at his bulging surprise and I quickly unzipped him and pulled out his shaft. It sprang from the slice in his pants and beamed proudly upwards, then swayed in circles as it bobbed to hardness. He was slow to do everything, saying all the right words to keep me going. I had quick thoughts of stopping because this was SO bad! It only made my cock harder and closer to orgasm. I was totally willing and yearned for the right time. Secretly, I had always wanted to see a black guy naked. Just to see him, just to know what it looked like. The words penis, cock and dick echoed through my mind. I always heard the rumors of how well hung some were but WOW. When this guy pulled it out it was a fucking MISSLE! I was so jealous, turned on, and extremely aroused that I became short of breath.

With no experience but unbridled passion, I jerked him off as he drove and the now bulbous black penis literally engulfed my hand. I couldn't wait to get this guy home and worship his thick member...rub it against me and lick its sweet juices. As I brought it to its peak size, I realized that not only was I looking at a problem lengthwise up in me, but also I was so worried that it would not fit in at all width-wise.

I had fantasized about this for so long that it was almost reality before it happened. He stopped the car and drew near my mouth; I backed off and became so nervous.

He was at least 13" long and THICK (maybe 3"). His black skin gleamed in the streetlights and made a long shiny path for my tongue to follow. I grabbed his long smokestack and knew I'd never be the same. I became so joyous that my first time was with something so great. I eagerly put his head in my mouth and sucked very gently, caressing his thick black cock with my hands and wetting the sensitive parts of his giant pleasure rod. I sucked around the head, sliding my tongue ring around the ridges of his bulbous penis.

At first I was so into it that I thought I was being too easy. He put his hand on the back of my head and said "that's the way, yeah!" The passion soon gripped me and I felt the desire overtake my strategy.

I increased the speed, sucking it harder and harder and stroking his long black shaft with my hand. I wanted to be better than he could imagine, more polished, more skilled, more passionate!

His penis got bigger and bigger...so big I couldn't believe it. After a moment I was bent over with two hands stroking up and down his shaft and still plenty to put my lips around. I could see he was horny and ready to invade my tiny white asshole with his wet, hard black rod.

I felt my tiny pink hole ache for his shaft but I wanted this moment to last. I wanted to FEEL his gorgeous trophy — worship this black prize -- feel him dominating my manhood— and show him that his cock should be worshiped and pleased to the fullest extent possible.

I marveled at this newfound tool...something that EVERYONE can enjoy or be pleased by. The thought of a giant, thick black cock in a tight wet white willing pussy or ass...how many people were impaled and captivated by its power?

It would be people's dirty thoughts and selfish sexual desires that would trigger the most explosive orgasm I ever had. I realized that I wanted to give my all for this sweet tool and hope that he would find me fit to please, ream out, and fill with his sweet juices. There was a moment of clarity...when I realized that this giant black pole would be inside me. My love canal opened like a tunnel and my nerve endings being brushed by its rigid penis just made me shivvver...ten, twelve inches inside my body.

I reveled in the notion that there are LITERALLY hundreds of black guys with enormous hole pleasing cocks out there. Cocks that make you gasp at the size makes instant sluts of us all.

I masturbate furiously with my left hand as I stroked his long, thick pole in my hand...sucking his bulbous head with slurps and gags.

I loved pleasing this guy, his cock grew full size and stood engorged and fat...WOW! Damn near the size of my forearm. I slipped it deeper and deeper into my throat, trying to hit all sides top, side, and bottom. I wondered HOW it would fit into my tight ass? I swirled my tongue around his giant member, circling the rim of his bulbous head with my tongue ring. I was savoring every inch of his manhood.

He had complete control of me, I was his for the taking. I deep throated his shaft as I wiggled the base with my fingers. I worried that not only he was obviously too wide for my anus but also too long to long fuck me. Yet my desire to please him took all priority. I wanted to satisfy him like no other woman could. I got out a cock ring to use on him to keep him his absolute longest and thickest.

I opened my throat as far as I could and stuffed his big prick in it, sometimes cutting off the air so I learned to breathe through my nose. I surrendered to him shortly thereafter... he penetrated my ass and I screamed and moaned like a little girl. The huge head split open my sphincter and I whined and moaned for more...begging him to drive it deeper. My eyes teared but my lips smiled and I begged him to sink it even more. I wanted to suck it, fuck it and swallow it all at once.

I pulled him out and aggressively sucked the head, shoving my tongue down his big hole and rubbed his anus. His cock had sent my anus into convulsions. I had to stall him...so I stuck my tongue in his peehole again and he slapped me...saying it hurt. I did it again as hard as I could in disobedience.

He overpowered me and bent me over on all fours. He REAMED my asshole as revenge and I could feel his massive cock nailing my prostate. The doorknob-sized 13 incher worked me over til I screamed in pain. Even in the midst of his domination...he was thoughtful enough to slow down so I could relax enough to get him all the way in. I pushed with all my might and arched my back to straighten my anal canal.

I felt it curve up inside me and inch...by...inch...sank deep inside me until I could feel his giant balls pressed against mine. It was penetrating every nerve I had and was SO intimate that I began to feel emotions and almost cried...No one had ever been so far inside of me before! It was so awesome...I shook and screamed... moaned and wailed...it was the most intimate feeling I had ever had. I was his fuck-toy forever! No one had ever given me such pleasure. I couldn't stop moaning with every stroke he made.

He began to hit what must have been the wall of my colon because I got so horny I was ready to cum. As he went faster and faster I couldn't hold out. He kept pumping harder and harder and I kept soon realized that I was about to cum...like a bitch! Could I cum without touching? I thought so. I concentrated real hard. And after vivid, dirty, erotic visions and rantings about his gorgeous, black cock, I exploded all over the place.

It caused my sphincter to contract so tightly around his bulbous head and thick shaft that I set him off too! I heard him moan and yell, he grabbed my hips with both hands and pumped his pelvis furiously all the while I was being fucked so hard by his smooth, wet, giant black cock. I couldn't feel totally satisfied until I heard his voice let out a deep, 10 second roar of ecstasy! I rubbed him all over as the moment continued on and on...I wished it would never end!!

He was in such pleasure and I knew his dick was exploding inside me. Filling my soft, pink ass with cum and nearly knocking him unconscious. I pulled my aching anus from his shaft and treated myself to licking up his fine juices. I didn't waste a drop as I ran my tongue from base to head...he quieted down and fell fast asleep. I stroked and caressed the shrinking pole all the way to his belly. I had accomplished my goal. He showed me what I had been missing I couldn't wait to wake him up in a few hours! I went from bicurious to black size queen overnight. The possibilities are endless!

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by Anonymous07/10/17

Great story

Yes I was serviced a few years ago
By a nice black
Guy. And the way you wrote your story is exactly how it feels . I read your story and it brought me back
When my
Friend fucked me . My assholemore...

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