tagGroup SexThat Rough New Year Night Pt. 01

That Rough New Year Night Pt. 01


It was 31st of December 2017 evening. Me and my well-groomed friend Rakesh hopped onto a pub for our New Year's Eve party. We were waiting at the bar counter for a couple of other friends to join us at around 9 PM. Thus, we sat upon two adjacent stools and ordered two rounds of Johnnie Walker. After a few minutes, two business women sat beside us judging by their office attire, the laptop bag and their conversation:

Woman1: I did not expect the deal to go this way. It's horrendous. What the fuck were you thinking Radhika?

Radhika: Hey, it wasn't my fault, all right. The presentation was sloppy. Don't bark on me, instead shout on your lovely engineer who gave me the statistics.

Woman1 signaled the bartender for a round of black dog.

Woman1: This new year is starting with a bummer Rad. Get your fucking act together or I will have it report it to Sudha. Do whatever the fuck you have to do, for getting this deal or it's your ass on the line here and not mine.

She finished her peg and went away with her bag towards the lift lobby. This bar that we were in, was at the ground floor of a big three-star hotel.

Radhika: That fucked up bitch!

She went on to order two large pegs of Johnnie Walker.

I looked at my friend and we collectively checked her out. She was dressed in a grey knee length office skirt with a pale blue shirt tucked in around her waist, accompanied by a jacket, the typical modern office woman look. And she looked amazing as her figure complemented her dress very smoothly. She was wheatish in color with nice boobs which I could estimate as size 34. I exchanged a few glances with her before starting a conversation:

Me: Tough day huh!

Radhika: Shitty day. I am royally fucked.

She said gulping down the entire 60 ml neat peg.

Me: That bad huh. Since you're drinking my favourite brand, the next one's on me.

Radhika: Get two of them Mr. ...

Me: You can call me Shekhar.

Radhika: And you can call me...

Me: Radhika. I overheard in between the hurls the other lady was throwing at you.

Radhika: Sharp. Actually, she was pretty damn loud. Fuck her!

And our conversation started along with numerous pegs of Johnnie Walker. Our other friends joined us, but they went to the dance floor with their respective girlfriend. For tonight, I had only one girl in mind, Radhika. She was 28 and a management guru for a bug firm. Her latest deal almost tanked tonight post which she bumped onto us.

In between our talks, me and Rakesh touched her here and there in the guise of our animated talks as Rakesh moved to her side. She took her jacket out as she was feeling very warm. And this was enough to give us an excellent view of her firm and succulent boobs. Blood rushed through the veins of our drunk ass penis making it to slowly rise itself.

We kept on talking about our lives as she was quickly inebriated herself. At one time, she kept her arm over my shoulder and said "Tumne yaar aaj jaan bacha li. I have no friends in this city aur woh chudail mera khoon pee rahi thi."

Me: How could I not entertain a beautiful lady? It would have been a crime.

We started laughing heavily as we were drunk. It struck 12 o clock bringing with the new year. She hugged both of us.

Radhika: Think I should go now. Thank you, guys.

She started walking fumbly in her high heels as I called her out.

Me: Hey Radhika, think you're forgetting something.

She forgot her jacket and laptop bag on the bar counter.

Me: Which floor is your room in?

Radhika: It's fifteenth floor.

We offered to carry her stuffs until her room as she was fumbling, to which she agreed. We passed through hordes of drunk people in the bar and started waiting at the lift lobby. As we entered the lift, in my drunk state I witnessed that we were the only people in the lift and it had no camera. Radhika was looking absolutely stunning and I wanted to kiss those cherry lips badly. I held her hand turning her towards me. I put my arm around her waist as she kept looking at me with her big eyes which did not give any signs of disapproval of my actions. I planted a kiss on her lips. We kissed for about ten seconds when she pushed me away but I did not let go of her waist. Rakesh kept on watching as he held her from behind and started kissing her neck gently and pressing her boobs over her shirt. She let out a soft moan. We knew the job was done.

She was getting very excited due to our touches. She bit her lips repeatedly. I saw that we almost reached fifteenth floor and stopped our actions. Radhika adjusted her shirt and sprang out of the lift as we walked towards her room across the hall. The feeling of lust had overtaken the three of us. We entered her room and kept her stuffs. Rakesh grabbed her and started kissing her and she tried to push him away. But instead he rested her back against the wall holding her tightly. She was breathing heavily which was evident from the movement of her boobs.

Radhika: Just don't Rakesh! I am not of your type.

Rakesh: How come you are judging my type? You are everybody's type baby.

He kissed her again and loosened his grip on her but this time she did not utter a word. Rakesh started kissing her, this time longer as he inserted his tongue on her mouth holding her firmly. She was also going mad with the hormones rushing. Rakesh started pulling her shirt as he felt her soft smooth skin. I began raising her shirt as I kissed her thighs. I unhooked her office skirt thus revealing her sexy black panties. I kept kissing around her thighs while Rakesh was kissing and biting her neck region. She was moaning aahhhh, ffffuuuuuhhhhhh!

We stopped and laid her on the wooden floor as I threw her skirt away while Rakesh practically tore open her shirt exposing the black bra. He started pressing her boobs and kissing her. I started my kissing around her thighs and waist as I slowly started taking off her panty which was wet. She smelled great. I pulled off her panty and stretched her legs to get a view of the clean shaved pussy. I couldn't control myself and dipped my face onto her pussy. I started kissing her pussy lips and rubbing her clitoris simultaneously. Soon I started fingering her first with my middle finger and rubbing her clitoris. Seeing my actions, Rakesh tore her bra and started biting and sucking her boob while pressing the other one. She was moaning loudly now.

I kept on finger fucking her as I increased my pace and also was licking her clitoris with my tongue and smearing it with my saliva. She was moving her pelvis region and pressing my face against her pussy. Now I inserted two fingers inside her and she jerked as though current passed through her body. She screamed "Ohhhh! Fuuuucccckkkk yeeesss yes yes! aaaaaahhhhhh"

Rakesh who was sucking and biting her boobs, opened his jeans and his underwear. He positioned himself behind her head and inserted his erect thick cock in her mouth. Initially he was pushing it inside and out of her mouth slowly to get her familiar with his cock. She was also quite responsive as she started sucking his cock. Saliva started dripping out of her mouth as well as Rakesh's cock as he was inserting almost the full length of his cock. He started giving faster strokes in her mouth while supporting himself by holding onto her boobs.

I now got more devious and quickly inserted three fingers onto her pussy as well as licking her clitoris. She wanted to shout but could not because of Rakesh's cock in her mouth. But she wanted more. She wrapped her legs around my head tightly thus, pushing my face onto her pussy. Her body was jerking as she cummed the very next second. I could taste her salty cum. Seeing her cum, Rakesh's strokes of his dick inside her mouth was very rapid now, as he was about to cum. Soon he dropped his entire load of cum in her mouth and shouted "Fuck yes! You're amazing Radhika. Ohhhhh fuck!" He did not take his dick out until she had to swallow all the cum. Rakesh indicated that he wanted to taste her pussy.

We exchanged positions as I inserted my hard dick in her mouth and he started fingering and biting her pussy off. Suddenly, he ran and brought honey from the mini fridge and spread some over her pussy and navel. He then started sucking off the honey from her navel, kissing and fingering her sexy bellybutton and biting her waist. He came down and started licking off the honey over her pussy, fingering her with two fingers and licking her clitoris at the same time. In the meanwhile, I was fucking her mouth and finally got to suck her boobs. Those pair of boobs were soft, perfectly sized in accordance with her figure and firm, the best I have encountered.

Radhika had closed her eyes and enjoying our sexual actions as she once again wrapped her legs around Rakesh and pushed his face onto her pussy. She cummed once again as I took out my dick and she shouted on the top of her voice "Oh fuck! Aaaaahhhhh yessss fuck me now, assholes! Kya kar rahe ho? aaaaahhhhh"

Rakesh spread her legs further and put them atop his shoulder, placed his dick just outside her pussy and started teasing her by rubbing his cock over her clitoris and pussy. Radhika took my dick out and screamed "Just fuck me now madarchod! Fuck!"

He inserted his dick at one go in her cunt and started giving long and rapid strokes. Radhika's eyes showed feelings of content as she was bending and raising her waist to accommodate Rakesh's dick. She was being pumped from two ends, Rakesh fucking her vigorously in her cunt while I was fucking her mouth. After few minutes, Rakesh asked to take the show to her bedroom. We picked her up and laid her on the bed as she said "Fuck harder! Is this all you got?"

Me: We are just getting started baby doll. Raat to abhi shuru hui hai.

We placed her on her back on the bed such that her head is on the edge so I can fuck her mouth while Rakesh placed a pillow under her waist and started his fucking session. Rakesh was ramming her pussy and sucking her boobs at the same time. Initially Rakesh was holding her legs over his shoulder, later he held the legs such that they were in the air and horizontally straight as it facilitated the movement of his dick inside her pussy. Rakesh was about to cum as he vigorously increased his pace and moaning "Take this baby! Is this hard for you?"

He was ramming her fast enough such that Radhika had cum once again. Rakesh felt the tightening of pussy walls over his dick and fluids out of her pussy. He got further excited and fucking as fast as he could. We decided that we'll unload inside her. With few final strokes, he shot his entire cum inside her pussy as he wailed "Fuck yes! Are Radhika kya karti ho yaarr. Ooohhhhh fuck yes!" He kept his dick inside her until no sperm was wasted while I kept ramming her mouth. It was my turn to fuck her pussy and boy did I wanted to ravage her.

I took my dick out of her mouth as Rakesh came over my side. We turned her upside down such that she was lying on her belly. My erect dick was ready to ravage her as I placed that same pillow over her pelvis region, spread her legs and inserted my dick into her pussy at once and in full length. On the other end, Rakesh spreaded honey over his dick and inserted in her mouth. She was enjoying the taste of honey as she held his cock and stroking it while licking. Rakesh soon held her by her hairs and was literally fucking her mouth as his dick started to grow again. I held her hands behind her back as we strangled her in that position where she was practically unable to move. We kept fucking her in that position until Rakesh had almost gagged her. He freed his dick out of her mouth as he went on to the mini fridge and brought a bottle of beer with him. He drank the beer bottle as if it was water and started fucking her mouth once again. Rakesh was fucking her mouth with his dick holding her hair with one hand and drinking beer with another while I kept holding both her hands behind her and ramming her with her legs hanging in the air. She was once again unable to move.

Rakesh passed the beer bottle to me as I drank from it, emptied it and threw it on the nearby sofa. We were now filled with excessive energy and we wanted to cum together. I started giving very fast strokes in her pussy, Rakesh began ramming her mouth even faster while Radhika started moving her pelvis up and down in sync with my quick strokes. Within the next few minutes, after hard strokings, I felt Radhika's vagina walls pressing onto my dick as she cummed and moaned with Rakesh's dick in her mouth. Her motions made me cum next as I held her hair from behind and stroked inside her as I unloaded my hot sperms inside her pussy with a loud sigh of satisfaction. Seeing me and Radhika cum, Rakesh held her head and fucked her mouth as fast as he could until he filled her mouth with his sperm. A tiny portion of his load spilled out of her mouth but he made her swallow most of his sperm.

After Rakesh came, we were all out of breath and sighing heavily as we were extremely exhausted. It was 2 AM and we have been fucking for almost two hours. Rakesh fell flat on the floor beside the king-sized bed while me and Radhika lay still on the bed almost lifeless.

Me to Radhika: It was the fuck of a lifetime Radhika. Uff!

Radhika: Me too! I have never been treated so roughly. You both are demons, just demons. WOW!

The three of us were instantly asleep because of the insane amounts of alcohol we consumed and our strenuous sexual activities. We woke up in the morning and Radhika was nowhere to be found in the room. We found a white business card on the coffee table adjacent to the bed with just the words "Sudha Associates". It had no number, address or anything. Soon we found out that our wallets are empty. Combined we had around Rs. 40000 cash. Our credit and debit cards were also gone. And just like that Radhika vanished into thin air.


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You raped a drunk girl despite her reluctance

She should have cut your dicks and put it in an ice bath as that's the best punishment for rapists like you ...

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