tagGroup SexThat Summer As A Camp Counsellor

That Summer As A Camp Counsellor


I'll never forget my first summer as a camp counsellor at a camp for underprivileged kids. Most of us, the staff, were teenagers, away from home for the first time. It was a great place to be a guy, with young women in bathing suits all over the place.

About halfway through the summer, my friend Dan and I were asked to go on an overnight trip with our groups, by canoe. Because we were going away from the campgrounds, we were required to take another staff member with us. We picked Jenni, a young lifeguard, not because she would keep everyone safe, but because she was a hot redhead.

We paddled to the campsite, miles away from everyone else. The kids were a pain, but we knew they'd be tired from paddling and wouldn't stay up late. Dan and I packed only one tent, which meant that if Jenni wanted to sleep inside, she'd have to sleep with us, or sleep with the kids. She saw us unpack the one tent. "Nice try, guys," she said, leaning over in front of us to pick up firewood, her breasts swelling out of her bathing suit. "I think I'll sleep out under the stars."

"Whatever," Dan said, and gave me an oh-shit look when Jenni wasn't watching.

After the kids had gone to sleep, Dan and I stayed with Jenni around for the fire for a while, but got tired of the bugs and not getting any action and slipped into the tent. I pulled a bottle of JD out of my boot, where I'd hidden it, and we passed it back and forth. It was a hot night, so we sat in our boxers, drinking JD and listening to the fire crackle outside. I could see in the light of the lantern that Dan was playing with himself a little. His circumcized cockhead peeked out of his drawers. I tried not to notice.

After half an hour, we heard a noise at the top of the tent and realized it was raining. We heard Jenni sigh outside the tent, pick up her things, and make her way into the tent. "Okay, guys, you win, but no funny business. Why aren't you guys wearing pants?"

"It's too hot for pants." She sighed again and plopped down between us. Her bathing suit shimmered in the lantern light, droplets of rain glistening. "Give me the bottle," she said. "You're not supposed to have booze at camp."

"Have some. Nobody'll know," I said.

She looked at me, then looked at the bottle. "Whatever." She slurped back a little. "This stuff's awful!" she sputtered. "How can you guys drink it?"

"It's all we got," said Dan.

We sat there, talking for a bit, drinking the JD. I was a little tipsy, and I could tell Dan and Jenni were, too. Then Jenni became more tipsy.

She grinned. "You guys were planning to take advantage of me on this trip, weren't you?" she slurred.

"Oh no," said Dan. We'd never do that." Jenni smiled. The strap of her bathing suit slid down her shoulder.

"Oops," she said, fixing the strap. It fell down again almost right away, further this time, halfway down her ample breast. "I can't get it to stay up."

"Then don't worry about it," said Dan, pulling down the other strap. She reached her hand up to pull it back up. I pulled the other one down further, exposing her white flesh and her pink nipple. "Guys, you shouldn't be doing that," she said, and put her hands at her side. I reached over and took her sweet nipple in my mouth, and she moaned. Dan pulled down the other side and sucked her other nipple. Our eyes yet, and we both smiled as we sucked on her gigantic teats.

I could feel myself getting harder and harder. I liked watching Dan suck her tit more than I liked licking Jenni's nipple, which surprised me. Dan gave me a look that said "watch this" and sat up on his knees, pulling down his boxers, exposing his meaty cock. I put my tongue down Jenni's throat, reached down, and moved her bathing suit aside between her legs. She squeezed her legs together, but changed her mind and relented. I slid my finger into her wet hot pussy, and she moaned. Then I looked at her, opened up her lips and pushed her head gently towards Dan's cock. She took it all in. She moved back and forth, slowly. Then she licked the head and stroked his balls. I pulled off her bathing suit down past her knees, then off her feet. "You guys," she murmured, then went back to Dan's cock. She readjusted herself, leaning forwards on her knees to suck his cock. I opened her legs and started to tongue her cunt from behind. God, it tasted good. My nose rubbed up against her asshole as I licked her. I could feel her pucker gently pinching my nose. I decided to try something different, and ran my tongue around the outside of her asshole. She moaned, then told me not to stop.

I was about to tongue her hole when Dan said, "Come over here." He lay down on the sleeping bag and pulled her towards him. She straddled him, and before she knew it his throbbing cock was deep inside her. I whacked for a while as I watched, but decided I had to get back in there. I moved up between Dan's legs, spread Jenni's ass cheeks, and started licking her asshole again. Then I ran my tongue a little inside her, then further in. She shuddered. My tongue was only an inch or so from Dan's cock. She started pumping her on it and my tongue kept slipping out. Then the underneath of his cock slid against my lips. I recoiled at first, but then figured Dan hadn't noticed, so I went back in. Then his cock rubbed against my lips again. Did he do that on purpose?

I licked Jenni's asshole some more, then found Dan's cock against my lips again. I gave up on Jenni's asshole, and moved my lips up and down Dan's cock. Why not? I got down further and bound his balls. I took them in my mouth and sucked them. After a while he moaned.

"Don't cum inside me!" Jenni said. "I'm not on the pill." She got up off Dan and fell to the side of the tent. "I'm kind of tired anyway," she said, and found her way into my sleeping bag and rolled over. Dan put his hands in the air and said, "What the fuck?" I shrugged my shoulders. He lay back and jacked himself a little. Jenni was already snoring. Dan gave up on his cock and put his arms over his eyes. I moved forward, reached out, and touched the head of his cock. It jolted at my touch, but Dan didn't move his arms. I wrapped my fist around it and started to pump it slowly. He let me jack him. Then I leaned over, decided to go for it, and took his cock in my mouth. I saw him move his hands away from his face as he feigned surprise, but he didn't stop me. I ran my tongue around the head of his beautiful cock. I'd been wanting to do this all summer. I moved my tongue and lips up and down his cock. God, it filled my mouth, that perfect cut cock. After a while his breathing hastened. I could feel him tensing. "I'm going to cum," he whispered. "I'm going to cum. Watch out." Nothing doin'. I sucked harder on that cock, felt it stiffen, then Dan shuddered as he filled my mouth with cum. It was almost like he was having a seizure, trying not to make any noise. The cum felt good and warm in my mouth and found its way down my throat.

"Oh, man," he whispered.

Jenni stirred, and Dan and I moved quickly away from each other. "Are you guys still up?" she asked. "Yes," I said, looking down at my enormous erection. "I'm really horny," I said. "Can I fuck you if I promise not to cum inside you?"

"I guess so," she replied. I moved up behind her and spooned her. My cock quickly found its way inside her hot pussy. She sounded reluctant, but her cunt told me she was ready. I wondered if she'd been listening to what Dan and I had just been doing. While I was fucking her, I could feel Dan's hand on my back, gently rubbing. He moved down to my ass. He spread my cheeks apart and started to finger my asshole. Then I felt his hot breath on my cheeks, then his tongue on my rosebud. His tongue moved in and out of my ass. Then he would finger me again, then put his tongue back in. After a while, I moaned. "Out you go," Jenni said, as I was about to come. "Fuck," I said, my cock throbbing. "Why don't you just get Dan to suck it? You think I don't know what you two were just doing? It doesn't matter to me." Dan shrugged, leaned forward, and took me in his mouth. God that felt good. I started to moan. I reached over and felt Jenni's beautiful breasts. She reached down and started playing with her clit, and moaning herself. "Oh god, I'm going to cum," I said. Jenni moved down my body and watched as I filled Dan's mouth with my hot cum. I looked down in the lantern light and saw cum squeezing out the sides of his lips. Jenni slid in and licked one side of my cock. Then the two of them licked it, up and down, cum now on both of their lips and running down my cock. I shuddered again, and spurted more cum onto Jenni's face. Dan leaned over and licked it up, then Frenched her. Jenni swallowed it.

We finished off the bottle of JD and stayed up most of the night, sucking and fucking. Dan wanted to fuck me in the ass, and I wanted to fuck Jenni in the ass, but nobody had any lubricant. We decided to save that for our next trip. I fell asleep with my cock inside Jenni's tight pussy. Dan fell asleep with his head nestled between her tremendous breasts.

I couldn't wait until our next trip.

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