tagBDSMThat Summer Of Our Youth

That Summer Of Our Youth


This piece has been written based on a real life scenario about a young high school graduate. She collaborated on certain details of the events. She is also a literotica author. She’s known here as cheveuxroux. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. This is only the first chapter in the events of that summer. More will follow.

* * * * *

You remember that summer after high school graduation when our hearts were filled with the wonder of having actually graduated and that slight little twinge of anticipation mixed with a minor feeling of fear knowing that in a few short weeks we would be heading off to the University? This is a tale of one such young high school graduate.

Shawna Stone, a pretty five foot three inch high school grad was about to embark on the most memorable summer of her life. The fiery red haired girl was ebullient and bubbly and much more mature than her eighteen years suggested. Though not a super model in her appearance, she was nonetheless a real beauty. Her sparkling red hair topped a pretty face, and a voluptuous body, sporting big breasts that still had the proud presentation of youth. Her interests included the theater, music and the arts. She had graduated high in her class roster. And her future looked bright. But there was a secret that dwelled deep within Shawna. She was a submissive. She had learned she was one several years ago when she began surfing the Internet. Unbeknownst to her, she was about to experience Dominance and submission first hand. Shawna had long had a crush on the high school drama coach. Stan Liverpool was tall with a flashing smile that added to an outgoing personality. He had a shaved head and sported an earring. Shawna was quite taken with him in a manner that was far from just a high school crush. The number of single teachers who openly flirted with him validated her interest in her own mind. She could sense a power and intenseness about him that intrigued her, especially given her growing interest in D/s. Little did Shawna know that this summer would be her introduction into a lifestyle that would bring her great joy for the rest of her life.

During that first week of summer vacation, Shawna received a phone call one afternoon. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard Stan Liverpool’s deep resonant voice greet her on the other end of the phone. It seemed that there was a band camp starting next week for middle schoolers and incoming freshman. And the enrollment numbers had jumped creating the need for another counselor. The camp was two weeks long and Stan wanted to know if she would be interested. Feeling a little twitch between her legs as she thought about being in such close personal surroundings with her favorite high school teacher, She jumped at the chance. He told her he would call tomorrow, so he could set a time to bring by some printed information.

The week progressed slowly for Shawna. Her excitement grew as the days crawled by. The personal visit she and Mr. Liverpool had kept her horny and wet for a couple of days afterwards. She practically swooned when he told her that she was no longer a student, but a young adult now and she might start calling him Stan. And when he stuck out his hand to shake her hand for coming to his rescue, she just couldn’t help moving in and giving him a hug.

Finally the day had arrived. Stan picked her up and they headed to the high school parking lot where the participants of the camp were to assemble. She went about her duties of checking the kids in with an air of commitment. She was out to impress her high school heartthrob. With clipboard in hand, she boarded bus #1. She was now in charge of this excited bunch of youngsters.

They next two weeks were filled with seminars and introduction classes for new instruments as each child was encouraged to learn the basics of at least one new instrument. Rehearsals were held; some light music history was thrown in. And some good old-fashioned summer fun was added to round things out. Cookouts featured hot dogs and hamburgers, canoeing on the lake was offered and evening marshmallow roasts were held after sun down. And all through those two wonderful relaxing, hectic weeks, Shawna never passed up the chance to flirt with Stan. Whenever they talked, she would find an excuse to touch him some way. She had brought lots of tops that accentuated her big youthful breasts. Then an incident occurred that would add much fuel to Shawna’s burning desire to have Stan.

Stan and three of the counselors were on the lake in canoes with some of the kids. Shawna was in command of one canoe, as was Stan, Chrissie, and Matt. They were having a ball and were out in the middle of the lake. Canoes tend to tip over easily especially when filled with inexperienced kids. And as luck would have it, one capsized dumping kids and counselor in to the water. As with most accidents, panic erupted and suddenly this quiet lake was transformed into a life and death battleground. Righting a canoe and getting back on board is no easy task for one calm adult. But it was becoming impossible to get the waterlogged kids back to a safe haven. Stan, being always alert to the possibility of something going wrong had tossed a life raft kit into his canoe. When tightly packed the life raft is no more than a couple of Feet Square, so it fit neatly under one seat. Grabbing it, he pulled the ripcord and threw the thing in the water toward the canoe in trouble. It inflated immediately into a safe haven for at least eight full-grown adults. All of this took just a few seconds as the kids flailed in the water. Although most were good swimmers and the rest passable, the shock of the capsizing canoe, the cold water and the screaming had caused a panic among those in the water. The counselor was having much difficulty controlling the situation. Shawna watched in horror as one young middle school girl was losing the fight. She immediately placed the oldest of her kids in charge and rolled over the side of the canoe into the water. Though her canoe wobbled dangerously close to overturning, the kids stabilized it and no further danger occurred. Shawna swam with deliberate strong strokes toward the kids in the water. Meanwhile out of her line of site, Stan had also entered the water. The two of them got each of the five children calmed down and into the life raft. She and Stan then scrambled on board the life raft and pulled the other counselor in with them. Shouting for the remaining canoes to follow them, Stan began to paddle the raft toward shore. Shawna had ended up in front of Stan, with the only other adult on the opposite side, paddling also. As Stan worked deliberately, Shawna turned and faced him.

“You OK?” she asked.

“Yeah, fine, thanks. How about you.” He replied as his sinewy arms moved the paddle through the water effortlessly.

In an unconscious movement, Shawna reached out and brushed a lock of hair away from Stan’s face. “I’m good.” She replied. The touch of her hand on Stan’s face caused a ripple of electricity to course through her. Her already erect nipples pressed even harder against her wet tank top. His eye inadvertently dropped to her chest.

In his first ever flirtation with his young protégé, he smiled. “A little cold, Shawna?” he said with a teasing glint in his eyes.

Shawna knew without looking that her nipples must be more than obvious to all. She went beet red, because she knew that the reason they were so protuberant was only partly due to the cold. Seeing the thin material of Stan’s shorts and top cling to his body had outlined every inch of his physique. And Shawna couldn’t help but feel the lust for this handsome teacher that she had for so long yearned for. Feeling immediately embarrassed, Stan mumbled something about getting to shore as fast as he could.

On shore the other counselors and kids had witnessed the hair-raising experience and the counselors were now mobilizing the kids and themselves into action. Blankets were brought to the shoreline, a fire was quickly started, and someone sent word to the mess tent to start hot chocolate and coffee brewing. Those counselors and kids not at the shore to witness the near tragic event were quickly getting the word. By the time the waterlogged boaters arrived on shore, Heather had organized a most impressive support group. Each child who opted not to go on the canoe trip helped one who did. Counselors attended the ones who ended up in the water. Children were wrapped in blankets and whisked off to the mess hall for hot chocolate. Those not soaked were gathered around the bon fire to warm up. Before long that little gathering were making smores and roasting marshmallows. Left to their own accord, Stan and Shawna watched as everyone’s mood changed from one of concern to one of enjoyment.

Shawna was huddled against herself, trying to keep warm as she watched the children begin to relax and enjoy the evening’s fire. She was visibly trembling from both the cold and from the adrenaline leaving her body. Stan noticed and stepped over and wrapped an arm around her shoulders pulling her in tightly against him. She looked up at him as her body immediately flushed with warmth. Without a word, he guided her up the path toward her cabin. Once inside the relative warmth of the cabin, he sat her in a chair, wrapped her in an afghan, and went to the bathroom. In seconds, Shawna heard the sound of the shower. Returning, Stan stood her up and pulled the blanket away from her.

“We need to get you out of these wet clothes.” He said matter of factly. Though his main concern was for her health at this moment, he couldn’t help notice how she looked for the world like a half drowned kitten. Her fiery red hair was plastered against her head, her tight top did nothing to hide her erect nipples and her water soaked shorts clung to her like a second skin. He reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it upward. She looked into his eyes and almost fainted with the concern for her that showed there so evident. She didn’t protest as he pulled her top off and then bent to remove her shorts. She was now standing in front of a man in her bra and panties, which were also water logged and left nothing to the imagination. However, his interest in her seemed more concern that sexual. He put his arm around her shoulder and led her to the bathroom. When she stepped across the threshold into the room, the steam from the shower enveloped her warmly. He told her to get under the water, turned and left the room. Shawna stepped in under the water and felt an immediate warm cascade over her weary body.

When she came out of the bathroom, she looked around and found Stan sitting in a chair waiting for her. On the table beside him were two cups of coffee. She came over and sat on the edge of the bed as he handed her a cup. She wasn’t sure what to say to him. She was both embarrassed about him seeing her half naked and incredibly turned on. Finally he spoke. He told her how proud he was of her for handling the situation on the lake so well. When he was finished heaping praises on her, he stood up, reached for her and pulled her up to her feet. He then leaned around her and pulled back the covers on the bed, held her by her upper arms and leaned down and kissed her on her lips. That kiss lasted several seconds longer than a congratulatory kiss would. He broke the kiss and turned her around next to the bed and slapped her lightly on her ass.

“Now, get some rest, young lady. Unfortunately we have the next two days to get through.”

The next two days were hectic, particularly Friday as the kids were preparing to go home. The events of those days played out in such a manner that Shawna and Stan had little time to interact even on camp business. Shawna fought almost hourly to keep her focus on her job. She found her brain was constantly going back to that kiss. That kiss had shaken her to the core. She was more turned on by it than she would have imagined. And she was persistently aware of dampness between her legs. The kids were to leave on Friday afternoon and Shawna and the other counselors would stay on until Sunday to clean and close the camp.

Friday afternoon was a mixed blessing. Shawna and the other counselors were glad to have life slow down a bit, but would also miss the busy schedule of the camp. As the bus pulled away, the counselors broke up and returned to their cabins for a siesta before the clean up commenced. Shawna was not particularly tired, even though sleep had eluded her the past couple of nights. So she was pleasantly surprised when there was a tapping on her cabin door. Opening the door, she was shocked to see Stan standing there.

“Hi, we need to talk.” He said abruptly, pushing past her.

“Look.” He said, turning to face her. “I’m sorry about the familiarity I took with you the other day. It was inappropriate. After all, I’m your teacher. I don’t know what came over me. I was just so relieved that you were all right.” He had started into his mild tirade without giving her a chance to say anything. Now he stopped and looked at her.

“You have every right to file charges, or sue me, or whatever. Just know that what happened occurred out of genuine concern and affection.”

Shawna was shocked speechless. He just told her that he liked her and from the tone of his voice as more than just a former student. Silence hung like a heavy fog for several minutes. As he looked down on her, his face took on an expression of worry. She looked distant, like she was lost in her own world of thoughts and he assumed it was about revenge she could extract.

The movement of his body turning back towards the door snapped her out of her reverie. She reached out, grabbed his arm, and in the last aggressive gesture she would ever have toward him, pulled him around. Then stepped up, put her arms around his neck and went up on her toes to kiss him. He leaned into this beauty and they kissed. This time there was no speculating on emotions. He took her like a man possessed. His hands going to her face and holding her head planted firmly against his mouth, he pushed his tongue against her lips. She opened her mouth and let out a little whimper of submission and lust. The kiss lasted several minutes and when it ended, she buried her face in his chest and said quietly,

“God, I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

When the shock of this near misadventure wore off and cooler heads prevailed they talked about their feelings for the next hour and a half. She was ecstatic that he saw her as more than a schoolgirl. And he was amazed at her maturity. They decided to meet later that night when the rest of the counselors would be asleep.

That night, Stan came to Shawna’s cabin. He was a bit surprised when she opened the door and the interior was lit with candles. She stood before him with nothing on other than the man’s shirt she usually wore to bed. In minutes, they were in each other’s arms. As the fires burned hotter between them, she began to unbutton the shirt without once losing the kiss. In seconds, she stepped back, dropped the shirt and stood before a man for the first time in the nude.

Stan’s eyes took in this young beauty before him. She had rather large breasts that stood proud on her chest, topped with cute little nipples. Her pussy was shaved. He took her in his arms, deposited her on the bed and rolled in beside her. As he kissed and licked at her mouth, she moaned with desires. He played with her tits and nipples, making her squirm under him. It didn’t take long for their passion to build to the breaking point. He rolled over on top of her, insinuating his body between her widespread legs.

“Please……” she whimpered. “Please take me!”

He fisted his cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit. Her pussy was hot and very wet. He deftly inserted the head just to the molten entrance to her lust and shoved very slowly but very firmly. Though her hymen had been lost years ago between dance lessons and riding lessons, her pussy was obviously untested. He pressed on, trying to make this first time love session as pleasant as he could. Once he had her completely filled, he began an easy in and out rocking. Shawna was in total heaven. He felt so good on her and in her. She couldn’t believe she’d waited this long to have sex, but had she not it probably wouldn’t have been so wonderful. Stan meanwhile had forgotten just how superb a young woman could feel. She was so tight and so wet. The more intense their thrusts became, the closer they both got to their climax. Shawna was lost in her own world. “Fucking” was so much better in real life than her imagination. In her mind’s eye, she was tied to the bed and the man of her dreams was ravishing her young body. She could feel her climax building and once more it was better than any one she’d brought herself to.

Stan continued to fuck this young lovely beneath him, making sure he was giving her the utmost pleasure he could. He felt little spasms in her tight little pussy and knew she was getting close. Suddenly, without warning, Shawna screamed a whimpering plea.

“Oh my god, Master, please let me cum. Please…. I need it so. Please let your slut cum, Sir.”

Stan was shocked. This innocent looking vision of loveliness was begging her Master for permission to cum in her mind and accidentally let those thoughts become words. Stan was no stranger to the lifestyle of D/s and would never have thought it of Shawna.

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered,

“Cum for me, little slut. Cum for Master.”

Shawna heard the words and thought they were in her brain. And She exploded with lust. It was the single most satisfying event of her life so far. Her pussy tightened around his cock, her hips slammed into his and she moaned out her lust. Stan thrust into her with added vigor, his own mind swirling with this newfound information. His cock swelled in unbelievable proportions and he burst his hot cum deep inside her. The feeling of his cock swelling inside her tight cunt caused Shawna’s climax to gain new life and she came hard once more.

When it was over, Stan collapsed on top of Shawna and they lay quietly. It was during this wonderful afterglow that a light dawned in Shawna’s head. The voice she’d heard in her mind was Stan’s. Did she really hear it?

Oh my god, did I scream that out loud? She thought to herself? Her eyes snapped open and she turned her head to look at Stan. He lay there looking at her with the most knowing expression in his eyes. She shuddered visibly and closed her eyes.

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