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That's No Story!


"It was just the other day, a bight sunny day with a slight breeze that felt comfortable as I walked through the park. I don't walk very much these days, whether it's in the park, up and down the street where I live or even when I go shopping.

"I have been fighting my fear, knowing that to survive I must learn to function again in the public, I must make myself feel comfortable around people again. That is why I, once again, gave the park a try. To my credit I feel I did pretty well while walking and I almost made it half way around the trails before I had to call for help.

"No, no, I wasn't attacked or anything, no mugging or kidnapping attempt, what got to me was something much worse, something so insidious that it reverberated in my head for hours and hours after I got home. At first I ignored it and kept on walking but as I continued around the pathway it was suddenly there all around me, I'd look one way and then another and nothing I could do would erase what I saw.

"Finally I just looked down at the ground and watched my feet step, step, step onto the gravel path. I let the crunching sound become a rhythm for me, crunch, crunch, crunch and I gave myself into the rhythm, my walk became almost a dance. By that time I was moving very quickly actually catching up to some of the people who were walking in front of me. Suddenly I saw a woman's walking shoes stopped in the path in front of me. She was actually bent over tying her shoe and although I slid to a stop without running into her, I felt dizzy and as I grabbed onto a nearby tree I had a flashback. A flashback to when it all began, when suddenly it all started closing in on me."

I looked up at the man jotting down notes in his note pad, waiting for him to finish. I moved around a bit on the couch, tucked a pillow under my head and looked back at him. He nodded to me saying, "Go on, go on, tell me the story of your flashback."

"Well, you know, the other day I was in the park walking with my dick out in the open."

"Wait a moment, you said you were walking with Dick out in the open?"

"No, no I was walking with my dick out in the open. You know my dick," I sad pointing at my crotch. "My cock, my penis."

"Oh, your penis is out in the open."

"Yes my penis, my dick, same thing."

"Why do you suppose it was out in the open like that?" the old man asked me.

"I don't know, it felt good. Anyway, the other day I was in the park walking with my dick out in the open. There was a woman, a beautiful woman who was running by and for some reason her vagina just went plop onto my dick. We had fun, the end."(1)

I stopped and looked at the old man, who sneered at me and replied, "That's no good, I mean what the fuck. That's no story." (1)

"You want the whole story?"

He grabbed his pad, turned to a new page and said, "Yes I do."

"How much time is left?"

"There is plenty of time, tell me."

"Okay, I was in the park and like always I was surrounded by it, it was all around pressing on me. I mean there it is, women have breasts, breasts that just stick out. And they bounce, you know when they walk fast or run they bounce. And they have asses, that move when they walk and then in the front, you know, you see it sometimes when their pants are tight in the crotch and if you look just right, you'll see a crease right down the middle right where her... her vagina is, and you can see it.

"I had gone to the bathroom and just forgot to zip up my zipper, that is all. I didn't have any underwear on so as I walked and I saw it all, those breasts bouncing, the asses moving and the vaginas, well my dick grew some and I guess it was sticking out. The woman had dropped something and was bent over looking at it, her breasts hanging down, hanging down and so was her shirt, so when I looked I could see her breasts. And she was bending over still and her shorts were loose so I could look at the legs of her shorts and see, I could see her panties and under them was her vagina.

"I walked and bumped into her, and when I grabbed her hips and pulled her panties aside her vagina just plopped over my dick. Well, not as easy as that, I had to pull and wrestle her a little and when she did finally plop over my dick she kept screaming and crying. I heard there are women who like sex, but this lady didn't. What she was doing was so distracting I almost didn't finish, but finally I did and I walked away.

"So you see I couldn't help it, I mean if their breasts didn't stick out at me and if they didn't move their asses for me or if I couldn't see their vagina through their pants, my dick would have stayed in my pants and I wouldn't have done anything wrong."

"So you do understand what you did is wrong?" the old man asked me.

"Yes, sex is wrong and that is why I am like this. It is all around me, even your secretary, her breasts stick out, I can see them."

"And so when you went for a walk last week..."

"I put my head down and watched my feet step, step, step on the gravel. Only when that woman stopped in front of me, then I had to run away and call for help."

"But you did run away, you didn't touch her," he said confidently.

"No, I didn't touch her."

"So there you have it," he said, closing his notebook, "You are improving. I am going to recommend we allow you to continue walking in the park. One of our helpers will always be nearby if you need to call for help, but I think things are getting better."

"And the sex will go away?"

"The sex will not go away, but you will grow accustomed to it and will then act correctly."

"Correctly, yes I will then act correctly," I said wondering if I would see his secretary's breasts sticking out when I left. "Can I go now?" I asked.


(1.) Quotes based upon an anonymous comment given to me: "Well, y'know, the other day, I was in the park, walking, with my dick out in the open. There was a woman, a beautiful woman, rung by and for some reason, her vagina just went plop onto my dick. We had fund. The end."

I mean, wtf! That's no story!

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