tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe 50 Foot Woman

The 50 Foot Woman


Ben is fighting for his life and he knows it. Grabbing onto her labia with both hands, he tries desperately to keep his body from sinking deeper into her pulsating chasm. Of course, this stimulation of her labia causes another huge tremor, slamming his face against the pliable wall; its sticky coating covering his eyes, nose and mouth, making it hard to breathe. He is being sucked down, while the syrupy liquid that is building pressure around his legs is restricted from rising any farther by the seal his hips make against her contracted tissue lining. Adjusting his grip, he pulls as hard as he can, knowing that if he doesn't get his head free soon he will either suffocate or drown. Straining his arm muscles and kicking his feet like a swimmer against the thick gelatin substance only causes more shudders and he feels the walls closing tightly around him. Maybe this is his karma for the terrible mistake that started all of this, three years ago.

He had been a college student working a summer job in a top-secret laboratory hidden in the hills in Eastern Europe. The research was unauthorized and he remembers having to clear innumerable hurdles to get the job, of course his wealthy family influence helped. It was cutting edge, biotechnology, attempting to reduce the incubation period for human beings from 9 months to 3 months or less. Several experimental fetuses, cloned from frozen stem cells, were being injected daily with various hormones and growth drugs. He was secretly covering for one of the research assistants who had a hot date, when he made the fateful mistake. Inexperienced in administering the drugs, he had misread the dosage, injecting 9cc instead of .9cc; ten times the requested amount, into one of the subjects. Not only did it reduce the incubation period but it also stimulated unnatural growth. Within a week the fetus was viable, within a month it was a toddler and within six months the child was almost twenty feet tall. He held himself responsible and when the decision was made to terminate the experiment, he snuck the child out of the laboratory and hid her away in the mountains. Inventing a "family emergency" that required him to terminate his employment, he was never suspected in the disappearance of the experimental mistake.

With some help from the Internet, he locates a remote area with natural caverns, where they can live as she continues to grow. Her brain is quite advanced and she learns things quickly. In the laboratory she never had a name, she was just subject number three. He calls her Andrea and explains her history and his role in it. She tries to soothe his guilt over what she keeps telling him was a reasonable mistake.

Using money from a very lucrative trust fund, he converts the caverns into a modern home for the two of them. Employing a solar powered generator to provide electricity, he equips the house with lights, a computer, a big screen television, a satellite dish and a state of the art sound system. He's very successful at day trading over the Internet, earning enough to sustain their existence in the mountains forever. They are both vegetarians and grow their own fruits and vegetables. Utilizing a P.O. box in a nearby town, he orders movies and books from Amazon and reads to her every day. She loves science, history, biographies and classic literature.

When she begins maturing as a woman, he orders books on puberty and sexuality so she will understand what's happening to her body. When they left the laboratory she had two homemade sack dresses, which she quickly outgrew. Now working together, they make clothing for her from sheets and blankets. It's crude, but it serves the purpose of preserving her modesty. She sleeps on a long matt that he had custom built, under an overhang, near the mouth of the caverns. The overhang serves the dual purpose of protecting her from the elements and keeping her from being seen from planes or helicopters. His bed is in an elevated alcove under the same overhang where he can look down on her as she sleeps.

Within two years she is a full-grown woman standing a little less than 50 feet tall. They play together in a meadow with her frequently picking him up in her hand, like her own live Ken doll. She is gentle but playful, holding him over her head or setting him on the top of a tree. She giggles and laughs and he loves the sound as it echoes around the meadow. In the evening, he continues to read to her or they watch movies, her favorites being 'Attack of the 50 Foot Woman' and 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids'.

Initially his relationship with her is somewhere between a father figure, an older brother and a mentor. As she develops into a woman, he begins looking at her differently and their relationship has a constant undertone of sexual tension. Despite their difference in size, which precludes physical intimacy, their relationship in every other way evolves into that of a couple. They enjoy each other's company, talking on every subject imaginable and sharing the same interest in books, television and music. Lately though, Ben has found himself obsessed with Andrea's physical beauty and she has taken more of an interest in her own body as well.

Every morning Andrea showers under a waterfall in a nearby mountain. Until recently, Ben never paid much attention but now he looks forward to watching her bathe. Because of their size difference, he finds that he can best appreciate her beauty from a distance when he can see her entire body. This morning she is turned away from him and he admires her long black hair hanging halfway down her back. His eyes travel down to the curves of her perfect, round ass and the shapeliness of her long slender legs. When she turns around and tilts her head back to rinse her hair, her bountiful, white breasts are pushed out towards him and he sucks in his breath at the sight of her large, rose-colored areolas and jutting nipples. He has watched her for several weeks now and every time he sees her naked body, it still takes his breath away. Tucked back in his alcove where he knows she can't see him, he's stroking his cock as he delights in the sight of her flat stomach giving way to her thick, black pubic hair. She's rubbing the water up and down her legs, over her ass cheeks and across her hairy mound. He watches her hand linger on her pussy, rubbing a little longer this morning than she usually does. He's surprised when she looks around, doesn't see him and goes back to rubbing her hand between her legs. He's stroking his cock a lot faster now, as he watches her finger disappear between her pussy lips.

Andrea has been wondering about masturbation for some time now and thinking she's alone, this is the first chance she's had to experiment. With her eyes closed and one hand against the mountain to steady her, she slides her finger in and out of her aroused pussy. As Ben frantically strokes his cock, he watches her lean her back against the mountain, freeing her other hand to massage her giant tits. Pulling and twisting on her nipples, she's pumping her finger furiously in and out of her pussy. With her head thrown back and her hips thrusting against her hand, Ben watches as she fingers her pussy to a trembling orgasm. He shoots his load about the same time, wishing with all his heart there was some way they could be intimate as a couple.

That night she asks him to read to her about male and female masturbation, fellatio and sexual intercourse. She is sitting under the overhang, leaning against the wall near his alcove, positioning her ear so she can easily hear him. He has always respected her right to find answers to any questions she asks. Tonight, knowing why she's asking, he finds just the right book and reads to her, answering her many sexual questions. When he's finished she asks more questions.

"Ben?" She whispers, because her voice will echo through the canyon.

"Yes, Andrea?" He answers, close to her ear.

"Do you masturbate?" She asks quietly.

"Yes, sometimes." He answers. "Do you?" He asks, already knowing the answer, but wondering what she'll say.

"I just started doing it." She answers matter-of-factly. "Have you had fellatio and sexual intercourse, Ben?"

"Yes, Andrea." He answers. "Before we met, when I was in college, I was intimate with a few different girls."

"Did you love them?" She wants to know.

"I guess I thought I did." He answers introspectively. "But in hindsight, probably not, since I can't even remember their names." He laughs.

"I love you Ben." She says. "I wish we could do those things."

"I love you too, Andrea." This is the first time he's admitted it to her or himself. "And I wish we could, too."

"Can I see it?" She asks. "Can I see your penis, please?" He hesitates but doesn't see any reason to hide from her, especially since he's been watching her bathe everyday. "Okay." He answers, still unsure of himself, but willing to be part of her education. He takes off his clothes, climbs down from the alcove and holds his arms up to her. She wraps her hand around his back, under his arms and lifts him up close to her face. This is the first time she has held him in her hand when he was naked. His cock is hard from the sexual nature of their reading, their discussion and her intense interest in his body.

"It's sticking straight out." She observes. "Is it erect?" She asks, putting her finger under his cock, the tip of her nail touching his balls.

"Yes. Our discussion and your interest have aroused me." He answers honestly, enjoying her touch.

"I don't suppose I could do fellatio on you with my big mouth, could I?" She asks.

"Probably not." He answers, staring at her face. Her mouth is almost two feet wide and he doubts if his penis would get past her lips. "But it wouldn't hurt to try, if you'd like." He says, considering whether it would work, and realizing he has nothing to lose.

"Maybe you can sit on my tongue and I can put my top lip down on it." She says, intently studying his penis. "What do you think about that?"

"Let's do it!" Ben answers, spreading his legs apart. She sticks out her tongue and positions it between his legs, the tip of it wrapping up around his ass. Feeling the warm moisture of her tongue against his balls and his cock is very arousing and he tells her.

"Mmmm! Andrea, that feels really good!" He says, sliding back and forth, rubbing his balls and cock against her warm, wet tongue. He feels her top lip against his stomach as she slowly brings it down over his cock. It doesn't engulf him like a smaller mouth would but it's a hell of a lot better than his hand, which is all he's had his cock in for the past few years.

"Now, see if you can suck a little, Andrea." He instructs her. "It already feels great, so don't worry if that part doesn't work." He feels the light pressure of her sucking against his cock and starts pumping in and out between her tongue and her upper lip. The slippery, wetness of her tongue tucked between his legs, rubbing his balls and licking across his ass drives him quickly to a more frenzied pumping action.

"God, Andrea! That really feels amazing. Don't stop, okay?" He pants. She picks up his rhythm and helps him by using the hand she is holding him with to slide his whole body back and forth along her tongue, while continuing to lightly suck with her giant mouth. This unique stimulation of his balls, ass and cock by her soft, moist tongue is overwhelming and he feels his balls constrict in anticipation of his climax.

"You've done it Andrea!" He yells. "I'm about to cum! Just keep doing what you're doing right now." He encourages her. She eagerly keeps pumping him back and forth across her tongue and into her mouth, his chest bumping against her nose. He responds by tensing his legs and shooting a large load of cum onto her saliva soaked tongue, and then his body goes almost completely limp.

"Wow!" He says. "That was wonderful." She's pulled her tongue back in her mouth, barely tasting his small morsel of cum. She kisses him on the stomach and sets him back on the floor.

"Was it really alright?" She asks, looking for reassurance.

"It was more than alright!" He answers flushed with enthusiasm. "Now let's see what I can do for you, shall we? You'll need to lie on your back and put me on your chest. Of course, get undressed first." He laughs.

"Gladly." She answers, stripping off her wrap-around clothing and lying down. She reaches over and picks him up, setting him down on her rib, just below her breasts. He's never seen her naked breasts this close and the sight is extremely erotic. He's kneeling just under her breast and his head is nearly even with the top of her creamy white mound. Leaning against her soft fleshy tit, he stands up and looks down at her nipple and areola. He estimates that the rose-colored areola is about eighteen inches across and the dark pink nipple is maybe four inches wide. Leaning forward, laying his naked body over her soft mound, he cups his hand around the backside of her nipple and starts licking it with his tongue.

"Ohhh!" Andrea moans. "That's nice." Her nipple responds, growing more rigid and is now protruding above his hand. He wishes there was a way for him to take it in his mouth and suck it, but it is just too large. He continues licking the side of the coarse nipple and squeezing it with his hand. He thinks that next time he'll bring lotion and use both hands to stimulate her nipples. Balancing himself against her tit, he works his way over to the other one and applies the same licking and squeezing to that one, getting the same rigid response. Andrea is enjoying the squeezing and licking of her nipples, having never felt anything like it. She is instantly aroused and feels the moisture building between her legs, just like the book said it would.

Not wanting to walk on her for fear of breaking the mood, he lies down and rolls along her flat stomach, across her naval, stopping when he reaches her patch of black hair. It's like lying on thick grass as he scoots his naked ass down across her pubic mound. He can already smell her arousal and feels his cock getting hard again. He maneuvers his body around so he's nestled in the valley between her thigh and her torso, lying on his stomach his hard cock pressed against her soft flesh. He reaches down and runs his hand up and down her moist pussy lips, smearing her thick juice all over them. Startled by the unfamiliar touch, Andrea pulls her knees up, pinching his body between her thigh and her abdomen. He pushes on her leg until she moves it down a little, then crawls forward and slides his hand inside her welcoming pussy. Her lips are about eighteen inches long and he moves his hand up and down the entire length.

"Mmmmm!" Andrea moans at the feel of his hand inside her aroused pussy and she spreads her legs wider apart. Ben scoots his body forward until he can push his whole arm inside her pussy and starts moving it in and out. Andrea moans her delight at the feel of his arm and raises her hips up to meet his thrusts. Twisting his body so he can use both hands on her, he spreads her labia, exposing her thick, pink clit and smears pussy juice across it, before gripping it with his hand. Andrea has never felt anything like this and her whole body shakes, nearly causing Ben to fall off. Only his arm inside her pussy, up to his shoulder, keeps him from falling. Ben raises his head and opens his mouth as wide as possible, sucking the tip of her clit between his lips. Andrea starts bucking her hips off the ground and wraps her hand around his back, tucking her pinky under his ass cheeks, to keep him from falling. His lips are stretched wide around the tip of her clit, and the sucking action is just what she needs to ignite her built up passion. Ben continues to suck her clit while pumping his arm in and out of her soggy pussy. Andrea holds Ben against her and rocks her hips up and down as her explosive orgasm overtakes her. Her hot juices gush out, soaking Bens arm, shoulder and chest. She moves his mouth away from her sensitive clit and he dips his head down to lap up her sweet cream, oozing from her eighteen-inch opening.

Ben shoves both arms inside her pussy for leverage and swings his legs around to the ground. Standing between her legs, intoxicated by her strong aroma, he pushes his whole head inside her pussy, licking and sucking up her juices. Andrea responds to this new stimulation by pulling her knees up and spreading her legs farther apart. This dislodges Ben's head from her pussy and he stands up, catching his breath, her sweet nectar running down his face. He presses his chest against her opening, wrapping her pussy lips around his sides. The wet, heat engulfs him and he humps his hard cock against the folds of her pussy. Andrea overcome with desire and feeling the build up of another orgasm, again wraps her hand around Ben's back, lifts him off the ground and rubs his whole body up and down against her enflamed pussy lips. Ben has never felt anything like this. She's actually jacking him against her pussy, rubbing his chest, his stomach and his hard cock up and down against her warm wet pussy lips. This pushes Ben close to his own climax and he wraps both of his hands around her clit, frantically rubbing up and down as his body is pressed more tightly against Andrea's pussy lips. Ben keeps working her clit with his hands, massaging her to a rousing orgasm, while he shoots his load inside the folds of her pussy. His cum is washed away by the sudden gush of hot liquid that explodes against his chest and stomach. Her juices are running in parallel streams down his legs and along the crack of her ass.

Back to back orgasms leaves Andrea breathless and her chest heaves as she gulps air into her lungs. Looking up, Ben can see the rise and fall of her opulent breasts as she continues to hold his body against her quivering pussy lips. He is also panting, stunned by what just happened. No other human being on the planet has ever experienced what he just did. This magnified view of a living, throbbing pussy, wrapped completely around his body makes him shudder with desire for more. He wants to be inside of her, somehow, someway, he wants to make it happen.

As Andrea recovers from her orgasms, she lifts Ben from her drenched pussy and nestles his soaked body between her breasts. Relishing the feel of her warm, soft flesh he snuggles up against her left tit and falls asleep to the rhythm of her heartbeat.

The next morning Andrea wakes first and happily feels Ben still cuddling his body against her tit. She lightly places her hand on his back, massaging his naked flesh with her fingertips.

"Ben?" Andrea whispers. "Are you awake?"

"Yes." Ben answers, balancing himself against her smooth, soft tit as he stands up.

"Thank you, Ben." Andrea says as she picks him up and kisses his chest. "That was amazing!" Then she starts laughing so hard he watches her tits bounce around on her chest.

"What's so funny?" Ben wants to know.

"You!" Andrea laughs. "You're covered with my juices from head to toe and they've dried to a milky white flake all over your body. You look funny!"

"Do you think I got carried away?" Ben asks.

"Yes, but in such a good way!" Andrea asserts. "I loved every minute of it Ben and I love you so much! Even though it wasn't exactly intercourse, I'm glad we were able to do something. It's been building for some time hasn't it?"

"Yes, I believe it has, Andrea, and I'm glad too!" Ben says, leaning forward and kissing her upper lip. "I also, have an idea that I think will make it even better."

"Wow! Do you mean even better than last night? I don't know how!" Andrea sighs.

"I want to penetrate you with my whole body." Ben says seriously. "I want to sink into your pussy, feet first, and fuck you with my entire body. What do you think?" He asks excitedly.

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