The 595


The bus out to the Harbor was crowded, and late. It pulled into the stop already with standing room only, so I had no choice but to just grab the overhead bar and hang on. We started back onto the freeway swerving and swaying, and I inadvertently bumped back into the man standing behind me. I turned and excused myself, and he smiled and assured me no apology was necessary.

As we rolled along down the highway, he bumped into me a couple of times as the bus slowed and sped back up with the flow of traffic. It kind of turned me on, and I began looking around at all the people in the bus. Everyone was reading or looking out the windows except the man in the seat that I was standing next to. He kept trying to catch my eye and was unmistakably flirting silently. The guy behind me pushed against me again as the bus slowed and came to a stop at the county line. I could feel his dick through his pants and my skirt. He was hard!

I was instantly turned on by it and I allowed myself to step back slightly, pushing myself against his groin. He pushed back into me, too….I felt myself grow wet, just with the instant hunger I felt for this hard cock pressed against my ass.

He pushed against me a couple more times, and I responded. I could feel the heat from his hard cock, and I was more aroused than ever. This was so wild! I didn’t even know this guy, but right now all I could things about was fucking him. I straightened and rose up onto my toes a bit. Now his bulge was pushing against my pussy, and I wondered if he could feel my heat as well. I was beginning to breathe harder, and suddenly became conscious again of the other bus passengers, but they seemed oblivious to our actions.

I reached behind me and felt his cock through his pants. It was huge and throbbing. “Holy shit,” I thought, “What am I doing?” I imagined his cock pushing into me, and it was all I could stand.

I unzipped his pants and felt the silky tight skin of his erection. The heat of the rock-hard dick, and the tiny drop of wetness at the tip of it made me loose all control, and I lifted the back of my skirt and guided him to my hungry wet pussy.

I was so wet, he slid right into me deeply, and I squeezed him tightly inside me with my muscles. He drew up closer to me, and I could see his hand on the overhead bar next to mine. His overcoat hides our coupling from the bus passengers, but the man sitting in the seat next to us knows what was going on, and I can see his pants begin to bulge as well. I see him rearrange himself as he pulls his newspaper up over his lap and watches me letting the stranger behind me fuck me right there in the aisle.

Knowing that he knows I am getting fucked right there excites me, and I push back firmly into the stranger, allowing his cock to slide as deeply as possible into my pussy.

I can feel his cock bulge harder, and begin to throb slightly as the man in the seat pulls his cock out under the newspaper and begins to stroke it, staring up at me. I let my head drop back casually, but in ecstasy. My eyes roll back as I feel the stranger behind me desperate to slam his cock deep into my body, but he is being careful not to draw attention to us.

I allow a soft moan to escape from my lips, and suddenly realize that my stop is coming up next. “Oh, god….no, I want to keep doing this so bad……..”

I reach behind me and pull the stranger’s engorged cock from me. It’s so wet from my pussy, and SO hard, but I have to go…. I tuck him back into his pants and let the back of my skirt fall, covering my bare bottom, and as the bus comes to a stop.

I pull him after me by his coat.

We walk over towards the rest area at the Park and Ride, and I pull him towards the hedges that block us from the freeway.

I am in heat, and I want that cock, so I push him down into the grass, and straddle him, pulling up my skirt, and pushing down onto the cock that was still a raging hard on. I push down hard, taking his full length deeply into me, and begin to rock back and forth on top of him.

Oh, God…..I am shivering with delight as I unbutton my blouse and unhook my bra, allowing by breasts complete freedom. I grab the strangers’ hands and make him squeeze my tits as I fuck him harder now. Getting so close….building up….I am about to cum, and my head begins to spin.

Suddenly he makes me stop and shoves me off of him, pushing me down onto my knees and getting behind me. He raises my skirt, and slams his cock hard into my pussy as I cum, not caring whether anyone can hear, not caring if anyone can see. I shove back hard, matching his thrusts as I feel him swelling deep inside of me. He grabs me by my hair and a breast, and I moan loudly as he thrusts violently, his cock pulsating, and throbbing. He grunts, and I feel him explode, his hot, spurting cum filling me deeply.

“Oh, my god…oh, my god, yes…..oh………”

He collapses on top of me, spent, and I hold him up with my body while he catches his breath. He releases his grip on my breast and struggles to stand, sliding out of me and pulling my skirt down.

I allow myself to fall onto my side, and sit up, still dazed. He looks down at me while he tucks his cock back into his pants and as I look up, offers to help me to my feet.

I start to tell him “Thank you,” as he fumbles in his pockets and curses lightly.

“What’s the matter?” I ask.

“Shit….I think I lost my bus pass.”

I laugh. “No problem,” I say, leading him to my car. “I’ll run you home in the morning.”

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