tagMatureThe ABC Game Ch. 07

The ABC Game Ch. 07


After a very nice weekend at the coast with Gabby, Monday morning started very slowly. We had gotten back well after midnight and Gabby had spent the weekend doing her best impersonation of Jennifer. She was absolutely insatiable. I was beginning to wonder which one of them would fuck me to death first.

At the breakfast table Gabby sat on my lap with her arm around my neck and sipped her coffee. "I'm glad we got away this weekend. It was fun acting like two teenagers agin." Gabby said as she gave me a deep kiss.

"I don't think you were acting. You wore me out." I said as I brushed my hand along her side before stopping at the base of her breast and giving it a squeeze through her clothes.

"I wore you out? Please, I'm going to have trouble walking for the next couple days." She said with a giggle.

Then we were interrupted by a soft knock on the kitchen door, and looking up we saw it was Jennifer. Gabby waved her in but stayed on my lap.

"Hi Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Roberts. I came over to see if I could catch a ride with Mr. Roberts today. My old car is acting nuts, and dad took it in to the shop." Jennifer said.

"I'm sure Ken wouldn't mind the company of a young attractive girl this morning, and you look positively beautiful this morning. I love that sun dress." Gabby said. "Just be nice to him Jennifer. He had a draining weekend." Gabby said with a slight blush and a wink.

"Thank you Mrs. Roberts. I bought it this weekend." Jennifer said about her dress. "It is suppose to be spring like today, so I thought I would wear it." Jennifer said as she turned around and showed the dress to us.

"MMMMMM, I'm sure Ken will like having you around today." Gabby said with a smile. "Well, I'm off. I'll see you tonight." Gabby said to me as she gave me a deep kiss goodbye.

She even gave Jennifer a hug and said "It was nice seeing you again Jennifer. I hope you can come over and join me and Becca by the pool this weekend if the weather holds up."

"I would love to Mrs. Roberts." Jennifer said.

I walked Gabby to her car and gave her another deep kiss before she headed off to work. Then I walked back to find Jennifer sitting on the table swinging her legs back and forth.

"You and Mrs. Roberts are great together. I think I finally understand." Jennifer said

"Oh really. What exactly do you understand young lady." I said as I walked up to the table and stood between her legs.

Wrapping her legs around me and pulling me closer she said. "You like women who love to tease you. This morning when Mrs. Roberts was on your lap. When she said your weekend was draining. The way she teased you about me. Hell, even the way she flirted with me. You love when women tease you, and she knows it."

"Guilty as charged." I said as I gave her a kiss. "Just remember, you're suppose to be nice to me today. My wife said so." I said as I pulled back.

"Oh don't worry about that. I think I know exactly what you need." She said as she pulled me back to her with her legs. "Speaking of which. We need to get back to work on that contract I remember signing."

"Oh Jennifer, that was more of a gag than anything." I said.

"No. My daddy taught me to always honor my word." Jennifer said in a little girl voice. "And that contract is something I definitely want to honor. Let's see. We have covered the letter A with anal, and I have a feeling that we will cover that letter many more times." She said with a smile

"I think it is safe to say that the letter A will be visited many times." I agreed

"Now the letter B has also been covered in different ways. Me and Karen getting together covered bisexual. My self bondage experiment also touched on it."

I just smiled at her as those past instances flashed before me.

"Speaking of Karen, will she be joining us again?" Jennifer asked

"That is up to you. Would you like her too?" I asked.

"Sure, why not." Jennifer said. "I had fun and I know you had fun. So we should do it again."

"That would be great with me." I said as I wrapped my arms around jennifer and gave her another kiss.

"Easy there Mr. Roberts. I'm thinking we need to return back to the letter B." Jennifer said

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

"You'll see. Now let's get going before you bend me over the table and fuck me." Jennifer said as she gave me a deep kiss, and unlocked her legs from around me.

We headed for the garage, and instead of getting in the SUV I normally drive during the week I directed Jennifer over to my 911. Jennifer was right earlier. It is a beautiful day and I wanted to drive something fun.

"I guess you are in a fun mood." Jennifer said as she slid into the passenger seat. "I just hope Mrs. Roberts didn't drain you completely, because she obviously got your motor going." Jennifer said as she pulled the hem of her dress up to around mid thigh level.

"I think you two might kill me, but I don't know if you will ever drain me completely. I said as I drove down the road.

"You know how much I love challenges Mr. Roberts. Don't tempt me." She said as she slid her hem up slightly higher.

It was a battle to keep my eyes on the road on the drive in. I kept getting distracted by by Jennifer and her tan legs. Not to mention her roaming hands. She would go from stroking the inside of her own thighs to stroking my pants covered thighs. I am sure Jennifer gave a number of truckers a free show as we flew down the interstate with her teasing. I know there was no hiding my erection as we pulled into the parking garage at the apartment.

As we walked to the elevator Jennifer whispered "I wonder if I can make you cum before our floor." Then she brought her hand to my crotch and cupped it around my cock as I pushed the button to call the elevator.

I was so relieved to hear the bell for the elevator as her hand massaging my cock through my pants was having a definite effect on me. Then when the doors opened there stood Karen, alone in the elevator. She smiled at us and said good morning and as I held the door for her Jennifer reached out to her and pulled her close and they exchanged a deep, full tongue kiss. I was stunned, but stood there watching as Jennifer was very much the aggressor. Her hands exploring Karen's body. Sliding down her backside, then around front where she got a handful of Karen's tits.

As they broke apart Karen caught her breath and said "Wow! Where did that come from?"

"I just felt like it. Remember, I'm like you and I know what I want." Jennifer said as she held Karen's hands.

"Shit, I wish I could stay. I think I'm missing out on some serious fun, but I have an important client at the office today." Karen said as she licked her lips.

"Don't worry. There will be plenty more chances." Jennifer said as she pulled Karen toward her again and gave her another deep kiss.

Then we watched as Karen half walked and half floated to her car. I had forgotten that I was still blocking the elevator door until Jennifer pulled my hand away. As the elevator started Jennifer looked at me and said "How long does she make it before she starts to masturbate? HMMMM, Maybe she will come back and join us." Jennifer said as she pressed me against the elevator wall and started kissing me. She kept me pinned there as we kissed, only reaching down to unzip my pants and pull my erection out.

As the elevator bell rang she broke our kiss and was standing with her backside pressed against me when the doors opened. I was startled to see two younger women waiting to get on. Thinking fast I held my briefcase to the side facing them and made sure I was walking almost in step with Jennifer. As we went down the hallway I finally took a breath when I heard the elevator doors closed. Jennifer just giggled and reached behind her for my cock. Wrapping her fingers around it she openly led me to the apartment door. As I reached for my key She started stroking my cock with one hand and opening buttons on her sun dress with the other.

"You better hurry Mr. Roberts, because if my dress hits the floor before you get the door open I'm going to fuck you right here." Jennifer said as she gave me a deep kiss.

I had trouble holding the key as Jennifer stroked me, but I finally managed to unlock it with my shaking hand just as Jennifer's dress started slipping off her shoulders. Once inside the door her dress hit the floor exposing her perfect body. Then she pushed me back against the door. Sliding her hands up to my shirt she started unbuttoning the buttons. Once it was open she reached down and unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants down to the floor and I stepped out of them.

"Now you're mine." Jennifer said with a sexy husky voice. "Like I told you earlier. I know what you like. You want to be teased. So that is what I'm going to do." Then she whispered in my ear as she pressed against me "I'm going to blindfold you. Then I'm going to strap you to the bed. And when you are completely helpless I'm going to take you to the edge, over and over again."

Then she wrapped her fingers around my cock and led me back to the bedroom. I followed her orders as she directed me to get on the bed. First she strapped my hands to the bed posts, making sure to lean over just enough so her nipples would caress me as she moved. As she moved down to tie my ankles she caressed my body with her fingertips. Her nails sliding over my skin as she went. Once she had my feet secured she walked back around the bed to my head and kissed me.

When she pulled away she looked down at me and said "Take a good long look. Once the blindfold goes on it doesn't come off until I am through. I promise you though, you are going to have a great time, and I'm going to see that your world is rocked beyond anything you have ever experienced."

The last thing I saw was Jennifer caressing her own breast and sucking on one of her fingers before bringing it back to make little circles around her nipple. Then it went dark as she put the blindfold over my eyes. I just laid there waiting for the next step when I heard her using her phone to call someone.

"Okay, he's all ready. Come on over and we will have some fun." Jennifer said.

Shocked, I didn't know what to do. I finally said "Jennifer, who was that? What is going on?" I pleaded.

"Relax Mr. Roberts. I told you. I am going to rock your world. Remember, I promised you a good time. Trust me. I would never do anything to hurt you." She said as she got on the bed beside me.

As she lay beside me she caressed me with her fingers and planted little soft kisses everywhere her fingers went. I completely forgot about the call as she teased me with her fingers and mouth. She moved from my chest to my face. Her touch so soft, and her kisses even softer. Then she would lean down and whisper in my ear. Sometimes her words were as sweet and soft as her whispers and at other times they were very passionate and demanding. I couldn't see anything, but I felt my cock just bobbing in the air. I knew that it was spring loaded. If she touched me the wrong or right way I was going to have a puddle of cum on my midsection.

"MMMMMMM You look so close." Jennifer whispered. "I am so tempted to take that hard, throbbing cock in my mouth and just start swallowing. So damn tempting, but I'm going to wait." She said as she slid off the bed.

I felt like I was on pins and needles as every touch from Jennifer sent shockwaves through my body. I was even feeling touches that were not there. Then She ran her hand up the inside of my thigh. She went all the way up to just below my groin, then she reversed course and went back down. Then back up with just her fingernails sliding along my skin. My body was actually shivering from her touch. Then a sudden knock on the apartment door jerked my attention back to the phone call.

"Oh good. Now we can really play." Jennifer said. "But first I need to put these headphones on you. I only want your body to react." Then everything went quiet, and I couldn't hear anything other than the soft music playing through the head phones.

A million thoughts were going through my mind, and none of them good. Even my arousal had ebbed as I could feel my cock soften ever so slightly. This was a completely strange situation. I couldn't hear or see anything. Then to top it off I couldn't move. I just lay there for I don't know how long. Then I felt a very light touch on my thigh and I jerked as much as I could. This was followed by another soft touch on my other thigh. Now there were two soft hands sliding up and down the inside of my thighs and my anxiety level decreased ever so slightly. I could feel my cock hardening again as whoever was touching me got closer and closer to my groin with each stroke. Then I knew there were at least two women in the room as the hands sliding up and down my thighs stayed there but were joined by two hands caressing my midsection and chest.

They kept caressing my body. Moving all around my cock, but never making contact. Then I felt hair falling over my face and a pair of soft lips giving me a kiss. Then she pulled away only to be followed by the same sensations and another soft kiss from the other side of the bed. They kept taking turns with their kisses getting longer and more passionate. Finally one of them forced their tongue into my mouth and gave me a deep french kiss. Her tongue dancing in my mouth. Then her lips were replaced by the other woman's. I was beginning to tell the difference between the two. One was just a little more tentative. While the other was more aggressive. I was assuming the second one was Jennifer, but who was the first one? I was thinking Karen had came back, but there was nothing even remotely tentative about Karen. With each kiss I tried to figure it out in my mind. Was she someone I knew? Was she one of Jennifer's friends? If so, was she one of Becca's friends?

Then I felt a warm oil being applied to my cock, and any attempt to figure out who the second woman was left my mind. A soft hand closed around my cock and began sliding up and down the shaft. As she got near the head she would let her fingers slide over the head. The feeling was intense. I couldn't hear or see, so it felt like my sense of touch was through the roof. I felt like my body was hyper sensitive to the slightest touch. The hand massaging my cock then slid between my legs and started doing the same to my balls. She would play with my balls and then her hand would slide up the underside of my shaft and end making circles around the head. I couldn't see, but I knew my cock was pouring pre-cum and I was close.

The next sensation was someone sucking on one of my nipples. I felt their hair pool on my chest as they brought their mouth down to suckle on my nipple. So I knew she had long hair. Then my cock was swallowed up in someone's mouth and again I felt long hair pooling around my cock. So with these two mouths working on me I knew that one definitely wasn't Karen. Both of these women had much longer hair. As I was congratulating myself on this discovery I felt a third mouth as someone had just taken my balls into their mouth.

"OH MY GOD!!" I groaned. "I'm going to fucking cum!!"

With that, my cock started to convulse as I exploded into someone's mouth. Whoever it was they were not phased in the least. Their lips stayed latched to my cock and they kept sucking. Their tongue washing over my cock shaft as it pulsed in their mouth. The other two weren't phased either as the one sucking on my nipples kept up her task, as did the one with my balls in her mouth. Finally, the one giving me the blow job pulled off my sensitive cock and just held it in her hand. Occasionally she would let her thumb slide over the sensitive cock head and that would send shivers through my body. The other two hadn't stopped though. The one attached to my nipples was being more aggressive if anything. Now she was taking soft bites of my nipples. The woman with my balls in her mouth was content just to move from ball to ball and suck on them. Her tongue bathing each one in a slow, sensual manner.

Then more warm oil was applied to my cock, and I couldn't believe it, but my cock started responding again. I knew I would get another erection, but I never expected it so soon. This time as soon as I was hard enough I felt someone straddle me and then my cocked slipped into a warm, tight pussy. Whoever this was took half of me in and then raised back up and started sliding up and down my shaft until they had taken me completely inside them. The one riding me then leaned down and I felt her tits press into my chest. That was when I knew this wasn't Jennifer. This woman had smaller tits. As she fucked me she locked her lips on mine and we began kissing. I knew two things about this woman. She could kiss, and she most definitely knew how to fuck. As she rode my cock the other two women were busy caressing my legs. It was like they were massaging my thighs. Each time they slid up my thighs they both ended up at my balls. Fondling them and sliding their fingers over my shaft as it slid out of the one fucking me.

The bed shifted as someone climbed between my legs and behind the girl riding me. I felt the girl on my cock slow down so I guessed that it was time for a change, but instead she just steadied herself on me. She seemed to be gripping me tighter and then she started slowly moving again. That was when I figured it out. One of the other women had started using a dildo on the girl riding me. She was being fucked in the ass and the pussy. I could feel her shake as the dildo slid into her. Whoever was fucking her reached between us and was massaging her breasts as she fucked her. After some time to get use to having both her holes filled the one riding me started to rock her hips again. The feeling was strange to say the least. I could feel the dildo as it slid in and out of her ass. It took some effort but the three of us finally built a rhythm, or rather the two of them. I could barely move, so I was just along for the ride.

The one riding me was picking up speed as she must have been getting close. I could feel her pussy begin to spasm around my cock and she gripped my shoulders with all her strength. Her tits pressed into my chest. At first she gave me a deep kiss, but then her orgasm must have took over because she buried her face in my shoulder. Her body just shook as her orgasm coursed through her. Then she just collapsed on top of me with my still hard cock buried in her pussy.

With that Gabby pulled her dildo out of the young woman's ass and crawled off the bed. Then she went to the bathroom followed by Jennifer as they left the young attractive friend of Jennifer still impaled on my cock.

As Gabby fixed her makeup in the mirror and got dressed, she looked at Jennifer and said. "Please don't give him a heart attack. I think we should do that Saturday when you come over to lay out by the pool." Then she pulled Jennifer to her and they exchanged a deep kiss.

"We will send him home with a smile, but he might not of much use in the bedroom until Saturday." Jennifer said as she pulled away from my wife.

She walked Gabby to the door and gave her another kiss before saying "I am having so much freaking fun. I'm even more glad that you came up with this idea. "I have to admit, I was scared at first when you suggested I seduce your husband, but now I am so glad you did. This is beyond hot."

"Just remember, keep him in the dark until Saturday." Gabby said with a wink as she opened the door and heading out of the apartment with me still not knowing she was the third woman.

Jennifer came back in the room to see her friend still laying on top of me, and my cock still inside her. Smiling she climbed up behind her friend and helped her slip off me. Then she took her place and held up my slimy cock and slowly impaled herself on it. As she rocked back and forth on me her friend lay to the side in her post orgasmic bliss. As Jennifer sped up her rocking, she leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss. Then she slid her hands over my blindfold and pushed it off my eyes. I blinked my eyes a couple times and then focused on Jennifer she she stared into my eyes while she fucked me. I could finally see and the image of Jennifer riding me, and biting her bottom lip on each stroke was too much. My balls tightened and I felt spurt after spurt of my cum fill Jennifer's pussy. Jennifer just smiled as she felt me explode inside her. She slowed down and was now just barely sliding up and down my shaft. As she kept this up she leaned forward and reached for the headphones covering my ears, and pushed them off. All of a sudden I could hear every noise in the room. Jennifer's deep breathing, My own deep breathing, and then her friend's soft breathing off to my side.

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