tagLoving WivesThe Accident Ch. 08

The Accident Ch. 08


Becoming a divorcee at my age had never crossed my mind. Now I was on of those statistics I used to read about. For quite some time now I had been trying to come to terms with how I, in my stupidity, had ruined what John and I had together. My thoughts had been around and through all of what I had done with Bill, and why I even allowed myself to do those things with him.

The drugs...well, I'm not sitting here saying that it was all the 'drugs' fault. Part of it had been the compliments and attention he paid to me. I had been feeling...old...plain...and not that it was John's fault, used up. Bill brought me out of my funk and actually made me feel beautiful.

While being with Bill had been exciting and sexually so, I knew that I loved my husband too. I let myself be talked into being with Bill more and more, and it got easier every time. The real truth was I was feeling sexy and beautiful with Bill, yet still the same old Sue with John.

That sex...part of me had been on fire for more and more of it. Bill had treated me more like a slut than John ever would have. Bill took what he wanted, nicely, but forcefully. It hadn't been so much Bill's cock size either. I mean, at times he actually bumped into my cervix deep in me and those 'bumps' hurt. Then we were involved in the accident. All that illicit sex had been discovered.

When John walked out on me I soon found out that I deeply loved him far more than I had ever realized. The pain I had caused him was not worth all the fun I thought I was having. I kicked myself time and again for having cheated on John with Bill. I asked myself why I hadn't just told John about my fears and desires. I had no answers.

The doctor I started to see helped me a lot, and many of the issues that made me ripe for taking had been brought out and laid to rest...yet I was still alone every night. After John hurt me while having sex that night...I just gave up. I thought John would never come back to me...his anger was too deep.

I made up my mind to wait however long it took to see if John would ever think about trying to be with me again. I didn't want any other man. I wanted my John. If I ever got the chance, I'd never...ever...let anything happen to us again. John was my happiness, and I knew that now. I was painfully aware that the chances of us being a couple again were extremely slight.

When John started dating that slut...okay, that's not fair, she probably really isn't a slut or a bitch at all...all the same, I felt like she...Nancy, was taking John away from me with a certainty that I couldn't prevent. Helpless, I could only watch as my one true love, the man I loved all these years, was driven away by the thoughts of what I had done, what I had become.

When he told me about his vacation I was curious why he even bothered, since we were barely friends anymore. I think I had a premonition that he was about to make a serious life changing decision, and I feared I would no longer be a part of his life...at all. Not that I deserved to be, but I clung to every little thread I could to keep him in my life.

His seeing only Nancy had caused me to be afraid too. I could see her influence on him was stronger than he admitted to himself, and I couldn't see how she was doing it either. I saw a man torn between loving me and loving someone else. I saw a man torn between hating me and wanting me too. The thought that it was entirely my fault, brought on by my cheating with Bill, caused me many sleepless nights.

I had never known such deep unhappiness as I felt now. I felt I had lost everything and each time I thought about what I had done for Bill that I hadn't done for John, I'd die a little inside. I knew that even with the help of the doctor, I would have a very difficult time surviving if and when John totally cut me loose. I imagined that the time for that was very near to hand too. If I could have, I'd have spilled all to his mom in hopes that she would be able to help me to come up with something...anything to fix things. I had known her only briefly, but she accepted me into her life without reservation. When she died I had felt like my own mother had died as well. She had been one of those kind, caring and loving people.

I imagine that if John's mom had still been alive, I may have thought differently about things and never cheated on him either. Well, I was telling myself that. When he told me about his father and why he wasn't in John's life anymore, I'd felt the loss and pain of my husband's words, taken them to heart.

That's why what I did with Bill was so mind twisting for me now. I had beaten myself up so many times wondering how I had been so stupidly and foolishly led astray by that man. I could come up with no reason...other than what I told John. Bill had made me feel beautiful, sexy and wanted. The sex we had, especially the way he 'took' what he wanted. Nice, yet firmly getting his desire.

Even when I knew he had drugged me and made me pliable to his desires...by the time I realized what he had done, I had already been with him without the added 'help'...and that just made me feel I then had no right to protest. After all...I'd willingly been with Bill by then, so what difference did it really make?

Now...I was alone, sad, and very lost. I'd felt used up before, not ever knowing exactly how that felt. I was on a thin line. Depression and unbidden, dark, troublesome thoughts often entered my mind, thoughts that I had talked to my doctor about. She pushed for me to take some drugs for that...but I felt I needed to feel this pain...for a while at least. To make sure I remembered just what I had thrown away.

It was a dangerous game I was playing with myself then. One that could end up with me dead and gone. I walked that line, the edges of it drawing me in and out many times a day. I thought deep down that if I lost John forever, I would rather be out of my misery than have to face myself each day.

When John called me that night, having gotten back from his vacation, I was surprised. That night too, I'd been depressed. I thought that he was about to cut me loose. I thought I had finally lost my John forever. He was going to take me out in a public place, then dump me.

I slept roughly the night before, nightmare after nightmare keeping me in a state of half sleep. I must have looked like hell that next day at work. I was thankful it was a Friday, so I wouldn't have to answer any questions about my appearance till Monday. If I was still alive then and if I still felt like living, I would answer those questions.

My life wasn't all darkness though. I still had John until he dumped me, and I could work with that for now. I only hoped that if and when he pushed me away he would be gentle and kind. I know I didn't deserve any kindness from him...but I hoped that he would still think well enough of me to take it easy.

Arriving early for our 'date' I almost left. I was fearful of what was to come and I didn't think I'd be able to handle his rejection. He sounded so very sure of himself on the phone...insistent on taking me out instead of a private time of just us. I steeled myself for what was to come and went inside.

Early as I was I was surprised to see John already waiting at the table. As the waiter left us, John looked at me and smiled. Smiled? I was unsure of what was going on in his mind, and his smile actually seemed to reach his eyes. Now I was doubly nervous...after what he had 'arranged' for Bill, and his having been so successful in getting it all done...what could I expect from him?

"Thank you for coming Sue. I'm really happy you came."

"Uh...well, I had to come and see what was so important and all John. Why did you cut your vacation short? Did you find yourself finally? Ready to make your choices?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact Sue, I have 'found myself' as you put it. The lodge owner...Cheryl...well it turned out she is a licensed Psychologist. She was able to help me so much more than that goof ball I was seeing. She brought out what was really bothering me, and after I thought about it, I knew what I had to do."

I heard his words and knew it was coming. He wasn't going to wait until after we had eaten...he was going to hit me with it now. I could see it in his eyes. He was enjoying his little game with me, and though I knew I deserved no better, I still was crying out deep inside for him to want me, to need me. I braced myself for what was to come.

"And, what you had to do is...?"

"Sue, I love you. I always have. What you did...what happened, it cut me to the core...but even after that I still knew, deep down inside that I loved you. Cheryl was able to bring me to an understanding of what I had to do, and..."

It must have been the look on my face that stopped him. He had an uncertain look now, maybe from the tears welling up in my eyes threatening to fall down my cheeks. I knew it was over now. I had lost him. Whatever else I did, no matter what I said, no matter what I truly did feel for him, he was about to shove me out of his life.

"Then...do what you have to do John. Just get it over with."

"What? You don't understand Sue. Please...we've been through so very much over the last months..."

"You're going to cut me loose aren't you? I mean, that's why you wanted it so public isn't it? To make me feel like shit? To rub it in my face? Get it done John...don't make me sit here in pain and suffer...just do it."

"Sue...you don't understand...I'm not here to get even or leave you...SUE...SUSAN wait..."

I had stood up and turning, I ran. My tears were falling and I really didn't hear his last words, calling on me to wait. I just ran out of the restaurant, blindly trying to get away from the pain. Damn him...he followed me...running faster than I could in my heels, he caught me within the first three windows of the restaurant.

Standing there, in front of God and everyone...he took me in his arms and hugged me tightly. I let loose, tears falling, making a dark stain on his jacket, crying as he held my head to his chest. I tried to pull away once, but John held me so tightly I had no chance, so I just gave up and collapsed in his arms.

"Susan...I love you. I do. Please...don't cry. I was trying to tell you I need you. I'm not trying to push you away; I'm not wanting to leave you. I...I need you."

"Wh...what? What are you saying John? What do you mean?"

"I probably did this all wrong...I'm sorry. I decided I need you in my life Sue. I want us to be husband and wife again. Look...I know what happened...what...you and he did wasn't all you. I know it will take a while before I can totally forget it, if I ever can. I know even with that we may not make it together...but I also know I need you. You Susan...I want you...I...I love you. Do you hear me? I love you. I want us to be...'us' again."

I was stunned. I hadn't expected this. Of everything that had happened since the accident, this was the one thing I was sure I'd never hear from John. Yet...here he was, holding me in his arms, looking into my eyes, telling me he needed me, that he loved me...that he wanted me. Me...his cheating slut of a wife...he was...was he willing to forgive me then? Could he? Had he lost that anger?

"John...have you lost your mind? I cheated on you...on us. How could you want me now? What about that anger you have with me? I don't understand."

"Look, part of my problem was my parents...when dad left mom and me...I know it now...part of it was what you did to me...to us. I found out I needed to forgive you...and I have, in my mind and soul...up there in Alaska. I truly did. I felt the change in me the night it happened. I knew then what I had to do. I'm not saying that it's all over yet, I'm sure I'll certainly have some trust issues, for a while anyway. I'm just saying I do know one thing...I love you and I need you in my life...as my wife. As my...lover. I really need you Sue. You are a part of me I have to have."

"Just like that? It's over with? All that anger? Gone?"

"I'm not positive about it all being gone yet Sue...but I am sure of one thing...I have to have you in my life. I need you. I love you. I...forgive you Susan. Can you forgive me?"

"You don't need my forgiveness John. What I did..."

"Sue...I hurt you...I hurt you bad that night. I hurt you physically, and scared you. I scared myself too. If I could hurt you like that, you must have felt that I might be capable of more...I need forgiveness too. I should have been paying you more attention, not taking you for granted. I should have worked harder at letting you know what and how I feel about you. How beautiful you are...how much I love you...everything."

I was still in shock. John had turned about so much I almost didn't recognize the man I had been married to...at all. I could see he was serious about what he was saying. I just couldn't wrap my mind around all that had happened yet. What the hell had this Cheryl done to my husband? How had she been able to get through to him in such a way that he would want me back...now...after everything?

I let John lead me back to our table. I was sniffling still, and wiping the tears from my face. Everyone was staring at us as he sat me down, holding my chair for me. I sat sideways to the table, hands in my lap, my mind all mixed up with what was happening. I was looking at my hands in my lap, not wanting to face the other people in the place, or see their stares.

Suddenly I noticed that John was kneeling in front of me. On one knee. He took my hands in his and looked into my eyes. It was then I realized he had put something in the palm of my hand...Looking down I saw the little box, the little heart shaped red box with the red velvet tie around it.

I stared at it...wondering what was inside? Then I looked up into John's eyes. I saw tears, welling up.

"Sue. Will you be me wife? Again?"

I sat there, shocked. Of all the things in my mind, this was the farthest from what I could have imagined would be happening that moment. I glanced around and saw smiling faces, people, strangers, smiling at the proposal of marriage in such a public place.

I slipped the red velvet band off the box and pulled it open. Inside was a set of rings. Diamond rings. Wedding rings. Tears fell down my cheeks...I sat there not knowing what to say. It happened so fast. One minute I was running away the next...

"Are you sure John?"

"Sure as I can be of anything Sue. Will you marry me?"

I took the rings out of the box, and slipped them on my finger. They fit perfectly. The diamonds were bigger than those on my original rings. They glittered in the light as I held my hand up in front of me.

"I take that to be a yes?"

"What? Oh...yes...yes I will marry you John. I promise...this time I'll never, ever do anything to cause you to doubt me again. I'll always be faithful to you. Only you."

People around started clapping as John hugged me tightly. I was stunned, happy and scared. I felt like the clock had been turned back in time to that one day so many years ago...to the first time John proposed to me.

"Can we go?"

John looked at me...confusion all over his face.


"Yes. I want to go home. I want you to come with me. I want you. Now."

"Aren't you hungry though?"

"I'll eat...later. Right now I want you. Please?"

We got up and left. John paid the waiter a few bills to take care of the unused table, and grabbed my hand. By the time we got to his place I was calming down on the surface, but still wound up pretty tight inside. John picked me up and carried me over the threshold...all the way to his bedroom. Setting me down gently, he took my hands in his.

"We don't have to do anything. I'd be happy just holding you to me all night long. I want you to know that we will only do what you are comfortable with Sue. I...I...don't want you to feel threatened...in any way...by me."

I reached out and took his head in my hands. Our lips met, crushing against each other. I darted my tongue out and invaded his mouth. He allowed me inside, and then we began a tongue duel. As I fell back on the bed, John followed never letting our lips separate. On top of me, his body covering me, we kissed for what seemed like hours. It was only a few minutes, but for me at least, I savored every second of it.

Breaking our kiss, I placed my hands on his chest, holding him up and off of me a bit. He looked into my eyes, and we just stared at each other for a moment. Then our lips met, once again crushing, tongues entwined.

Breaking apart again, I began to undo the buttons on his shirt. Soon I was pulling it off him, tossing it to one side. As I began to work on his pants, he unzipped my dress. Starting between my shoulders, I felt the zipper being pulled down, down and down. The cool air of the room invaded the gap created by the open zipper.

I raised up as he pulled the dress from my body, allowing him to remove it freely. My nipples hardened in the air, sticking out like little bullets. John gazed down at my chest, even though I had a bra on, it felt like he was staring right through me. From any other man it would have made me feel uncomfortable...but right now, with John, I felt my pussy flooding with wetness.

I pushed and tugged until his pants joined his shirt on the floor. I snagged his shorts at the same time, so I was looking at his very hard, stiff cock bobbing in the air as he moved to pull my bra off. My hand wrapped around his throbbing rod, holding it tightly, yet gently. I stroked him a few times, before sitting up and pushing him onto his back.

He took my hair in his hands and twirled it into a ponytail, grasping it behind my head as my lips caressed his chest and tummy. I looked up into his eyes as I moved my lips down, kissing and licking his body. He maintained eye contact with me, right up until my lips slipped around the head of his hot cock.

His head laid back and as I kept my eyes on him, I allowed my lips to take in more of his shaft. I only looked away when I wanted to see his chest...then I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed as I took him into my mouth, then down my throat. I felt my lips rubbing his pubic hairs as I bottomed out, and held still.

I stayed that way, his cock down my throat, until he finally opened his eyes and looked down into mine. Then, while he stared into my eyes, I pulled up, my lips encasing his shaft all the way up until just the head was trapped in my mouth. I started to bob up and down on his shaft, holding still each time he looked away, until he looked back into my eyes, then I would move again.

Soon, he got my drift, and just kept staring into my eyes as I sucked him. I sucked as he began to cum, and let him hold my head tightly in his hands as he shot off into my mouth. His eyes closed as he came, I kept my eyes on him...and afterwards, as his eyes opened, I began to bob up and down again.

He never went soft. Throbbing in my mouth as I sucked, I kept it up until finally he pushed me off. I still tried to get my lips back around his shaft, but he held me back. As I finally gave up and let him roll me onto my back, he moved his head between my legs.

John's hot breath caressed me as I felt his tongue slip between my folds. I had a handful of his hair in each of my hands. His tongue expertly slipping and sliding all around my most sensitive areas, teasing me, bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm in a very short time.

I felt his fingers start playing with my hole, two of them sliding in, all the way, then out. He increased his tonguing of me, his thrusting fingers working in and out faster and faster. He sucked my clit in between his lips and holding it there, he began to suck and release, suck and release, driving me up...and finally over into one of the strongest orgasm's I'd ever had.

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