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My wife Diane is a typical 24 year old young woman in every way, except for the fact that she has grown more and more sexual as she gets older. She is beautiful, five foot six inches, 127 pounds carrying a 36C chest with shoulder length auburn hair. She inherited her long, sexy legs from her mother's side of the family. She loves to dress to show off her great shape that she works hard at the gym to maintain. Sometimes, she undresses to show off her incredible body.

We have experimented with a variety of sexual situations and had some very exciting outings. Diane is an exhibitionist and loves to show her body off when the proper opportunity presents itself. We always looked forward to different opportunities for Diane to show off her body and maybe enjoy a different kind of sexual activity. Some would say she was a slut, a whore or worse because of her behavior, but since we both enjoyed these types of adventure, others would label us as swingers. Whatever way you look at these situations, it is something we both enjoy and look forward to exploring more and more encounters.

Late one Saturday afternoon we decided to go do some shopping in the greater Tampa Bay area, which is about two hours from our home. When we had decided on going Diane disappeared into our bedroom to change.

When she came out she was wearing a little green smock dress that was made from some kind of synthetic material. It had a simple band of elastic around the top which revealed the top of Diane's firm breasts. The material below the elastic band was a snug fit all the way down to a second band of elastic, which hugged her just above her hips. The snug fit of the material showed she was not wearing a bra. It appeared the material below the second band was a little bit thicker than the midsection. The skirt came to about four inches below her bottom and was pleated.

Diane came into the room and did a little pirouette which spun the pleated skirt to reveal that she had nothing on underneath either.

"A little daring for a simple shopping trip to Tampa, don't you think?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You never know what is going to happen, now do we?" she asked in her best seductive voice. I could tell this day could get very interesting.

We jumped on the Interstate and headed for Tampa. Diane was singing along to the radio, smiling wickedly in my direction. As I turned to look at her she grabbed the top elastic band and tugged it down, revealing her beautiful, full breasts. I reached over and stroked her left breasts, and noticed she had put her nipple bars into her pierced nipples. I was guessing that she probably had the hoop ring in her pussy and some sort of jewelry in her belly button.

I continued to caress her boobs as she had leaned towards my side of the car for easier access to her. As I watched the road I noticed that we were quickly approaching more traffic in the slow lane. Since we were driving in our SUV few of the cars on the road would be able to see into our vehicle.

But there was a jacked-up extended cab pickup about halfway in the string of the traffic we were approaching. As we reached the back quarter of the truck I told Diane she might want to cover up or the driver would get a good view.

"So?" was her response.

I just shrugged my shoulders indicating it was her choice. We were going to pass the Ford pickup fairly quickly at our rate of speed so I lifted my right foot while lightly touching the brake pedal. Now we were traveling at almost the same speed as we came along side of the truck. At first the driver paid no attention, but glanced over as if checking traffic.

With her top still down exposing her 36C's Diane waved slightly to the driver. He was about 50 years old by outward appearances through the drivers window. He waved back and the turned his attention back to the traffic directly ahead of his truck.

"WTF?" Diane had just managed to blurt out when the driver's head snatched around as if he just realized what he had seen. Diane turned slightly in her seat to give the driver a full view.

After looking back and forth between the traffic and Diane's tits, he suddenly realized he had his buddy in the passenger seat. The driver slapped the passenger on his left arm and pointed towards our vehicle. The passenger leaned forward to get a look.

But when the driver had turned to get his buddy's attention, Diane had pulled her top up to cover about half of her tits and had turned her attention to the road ahead.

The driver was desperately trying to convince his friend of what he had seen and that he wasn't lying. He began to wave frantically at Diane and she returned a quizzical look and a tentative wave at the driver like he was crazy or something. He was motioning for Diane to pull her top down.

You could clearly see the friend laughing at the driver as if he had simply exaggerated what he had really seen. I continued to increase my speed and pulled up past the pickup. As soon as we passed him he fell into line a couple of cars behind us. When traffic lightened up he pulled back into the outside lane and tried to catch up to our vehicle.

He was finally able to pull along side a few miles down the road and was practically staring at Diane. She gave him a casual glance and another tentative wave as if to dismiss him. I looked over and saw his buddy had given up and casually mentioned it to Diane.

When the driver returned his attention to the road I let Diane know and she slipped her top down again. The driver did another quick look over towards Diane, just as he began to slow his speed back to the posted limit. As he slowed he realized what had just escaped him and tried to speed up, but traffic filled the lane in front of him. It took another couple of mile for him to catch up to us again. But then I noticed he was slowing down with his directional signal indicating he would be leaving the Interstate.

He was pulling into the extended turn lane so I slowed and moved into the right lane of traffic. His vehicle was now approaching us and as he reached our vehicle Diane turned to allow both the driver and the passenger a good view. You could tell the driver was delighted both by the show and proving it was true to his friend.

We continued on to the International Plaza and Bay Street area to do some window shopping, browse some of our favorite stores and grab a late dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area.

We parked the car and headed towards the Plaza.

Diane looked at me and asked, "Know why I wore this outfit?"

I just shook my head to indicate I had no clue.

"Watch!' she ordered, With that she grabbed the second band of elastic near her waist and tugged it up until the skirt barely covered her round, shapely ass. The material around her breasts loosened up, but still showed every move they made.

"Like it?" she inquired in a false innocence.

"Yeah," I replied as I stepped beside her and encircling her in my right arm. "See, I can just grab a cheap feel whenever I want to or need to." As I said this I had slid my hand under her skirt and hiked the bottom hem up exposing her naked butt.



The comments came from behind us and I turned to see a couple of late teen/early twenty year olds behind us admiring the view.

"You should see the front," I tossed over my shoulder as we reached the door, which I held open for Diane and then the two young gentlemen.

"We would love to see more of the front," the taller of the two responded, leering at Diane.

I placed my arm in the small of Diane's back and lead her away towards the middle of the mall to begin window shopping.

"Which store do you want to go to first?" I asked as Diane looked up and down the corridors.

"I am not really interested in any of the stores. I just want to walk and look"

"You mean you want to walk and get looked at."

"Whichever. I can look, they can look. Maybe I feel some of the material, maybe someone else can feel the material." Now she had her full devilish smile burning bright.

She always got excited about showing off, and driving here had definitely had it's affect.

We walked the length of the mall stopping to window shop and visit some of the more specialized shops along the way. Several times Diane had managed to flash her boob by tugging on the material or show her ass or pussy by spinning quickly or bending over too far.

I could tell that she was getting hornier each time she managed to flash someone, so I suggested we take a break and get something to eat. Her only request was someplace that served alcohol.

We dropped into one of the many little restaurants that are a feature of International Plaza. Diane quickly ordered a Margarita while I settled on ice tea. By the time our food arrived Diane was ready for another round. When Diane drinks a little alcohol it loosens her up even more than she is normally.

During dinner I noticed that Diane had slid the top of her dress down so that it showed all of her breasts above the nipples. The placement of the top hem really made her boobs stand out and many of the other patrons had noticed. Some of the men couldn't help but stare. I knew this was just increasing the desire burning inside Diane.

I suggested that we get out of there and find someplace more relaxed and enjoyable. As we headed out I thought about where we could go to find some alone time, and thought about just getting a nearby hotel room. But Diane wanted to play a little, so I just kept driving. Then a thought struck me and I now headed to a definite destination.

When we exited the Interstate Diane's curiosity got the best of her. As she continued to squirm in her seat, she demanded to know where we were going as we were headed away from the nightclub area of Tampa.

"You'll see. It's right here," I said pointing to the white building with the bright red awnings sitting on the corner. "I thought this might be fun."

Diane's jaw dropped as she realized we were going to go to one of the leading adult entertainment retail outlets in the Tampa Bay area. They carry everything from sex toys to videos to dancer style clothing, as well as lotions, ointments and novelties. Then I watched her face light up as her thoughts turned to the trouble she could get into in a store like this one. It had been a long time since we had visited an adult themed store, with the two visits to one of the more popular adult toy stores in the Orlando area a little over a year and a half ago.

"Maybe I can find some new outfits, or a new toy," she sputtered as she looked my way when we pulled into the parking lot. " Or I can find something different and exciting!"

Now she was clearly babbling with the thoughts running through her head.

I had barely parked the car before she was out the door heading for the main entrance. She turned and encouraged me to move faster so that we could begin our little adventure. No one knew what awaited behind the glass door.

As soon as we were inside she headed for the lingerie section to find something new to wear, while I headed for the video section. The rule of thumb is that when we buy a new video, we have to try and duplicate all of the action. This had been Diane's idea that I quickly accepted. It makes life a heck of a lot more interesting. I was looking over different titles trying to find one that we could both enjoy watching as well as acting out when Diane approached.

"I have a couple of things up at the register, but I thought we should look at the toy section. Find a new play toy you can abuse me with," she sounded smug, yet excited.

As we wandered back through the oils and the toys, Diane spotted a vibrator called the Insatiable Butterfly G-Spot Vibrator. It definitely looked interesting and could add some fun to our regular playtime. We continued to look but nothing else caught her eye. She held up several different vibrators, dildo and nipple toys making comments on what it was or how it might work.

As we were leaving that section of the store we came to a display of the Fetish Fantasy Swing. It is similar to the one we have in our own home, which has gotten extensive use with my wife and I as well as my wife and others. There was an older man standing in front of the swing trying to figure out exactly how it would work.

He looked over his shoulder and saw us approaching and blushed slightly when he noticed my wife's excitement.

"How does this work," he asked quietly, "or do you know?"

Diane's excitement was now in full swing(excuse the pun) and she began to tell him how you placed your legs in the two bottom straps and then placed your hands through the top two loops with a strap supporting the ass and another strap that supported the back directly under the arms.

"What?? I'm sorry, I just don't understand how or why you would use this."

"Here. Let me show you," Diane offered even as she was wrapping the straps around her wrists and lifting her leg to slide into the stirrups. "A little help here, please."

I reached up and pulled the top support strap into place, then placed the other support strap just below her ass, offering support to the lower half of her body. She slipped her feet into the stirrups and was fully in position.

"See? You can easily have access for fucking, sucking or eating out. Nice, Huh?"

The man just stared as Diane hung from the swing. By now, another two guys had come over to watch what was going on, one the clerk from the front register. They were checking out Diane and her outfit out when I stepped forward and pulled the bottom of Diane's skirt up to reveal her womanhood under the bright lights of the store. I could tell she was enjoying the attention by the wetness around her opening.

"You can have fun doing almost anything to her while she hangs there. She's in perfect position for eating her out." With that I dropped to my knees and buried my head between her legs.

I could immediately taste the sweetness of her pussy which was drenched in her juices. Diane was writhing and twisting in the swing, heady from the exhibitionism and from my actions.

"Oh, yes! Right there. Eat me. Bite me. Oh, God, baby, you know how much I love this."

I raised my head enough to make eye contact with her and saw the older guy reach out and pull her top down. I had stopped what I was doing and started to stand until I heard Diane cry out for the guy to abuse her breasts.

"Suck them. Suck them good." she was almost yelling her excitement. I then saw the guy had his cock in his hand and was jerking off with his right hand while his left hand continued to tug at the bar piercing Diane's tits. Now he bent down and tugged on the nipple, while kissing the underside of her breast. I know that this was an erogenous zone for her and watched as her twisting and turning continued to increase.

Now the cashier was pawing on Diane's other breast while kissing her neck, her ears and her shoulder. He, too, had his cock in his hand and was slowly stroking himself to make the experience last a little longer. Next thing I knew he was nibbling at her belly button, playing with her piercing with his tongue.

I heard Diane start to giggle with her moaning and comments and I couldn't understand her sudden switch in emotions. Then I turned and saw the other guy was holding Diane's foot in his hand and was sucking on her toes, in between licking the sole and the top of her foot.

I stood up between her legs and watched her enjoy the attention for a minute before I turned to the cashier.

"Where are the condoms?"

"There are some up near the register and some others scattered throughout the store."

I headed up to the register and picked a package of the ribbed variety. I was tearing the box open as I approached my wife in the swing.

I tapped the older guy who had started all of this and asked, "Do you want to fuck her in the swing?" Diane was smiling up at me through tear stained eyes and nodded her approval.

"Hell yes! Came the response.

"Here. You'll need one of these, first. Put it on or no fucking."

He was scrambling to grab his cock and bury it inside the condom before burying it inside Diane. As the old guy struggled to get the condom on, I could tell by the flaccid appearance that he had come while jacking off to Diane's tits.

"You going to be able to handle it?" I asked in a sympathetic voice.

"Just watch." As he applied the condom his dick seemed to grow new life and was fully hard in seconds. Only then did I realize just how thick his cock was. I knew Diane could take it but the size would come as a surprise.

As the old guy replaced me between her suspended legs I heard Diane urging him to fuck her and fuck her hard. The old man grabbed his cock with one hand and the strap supporting her ass and legs and guided his massive cock into her.

"Oh! My! God! I think you split me in two. Oh, God. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Now she was yelling.

With all of the ongoing activity no one had seen the couple enter the store and join in the as voyeurs observing an unexpected show.

The old guy was pulling Diane towards him using the straps and then shoving her out from him, all the while keeping his cock buried. Diane's head was now shaking back and forth from all of the activity. She was enjoying the excitement of sexual exhibitionism, much more than just flashing. She was being fucked by strangers in front of other strangers. The toe fetish guy had replaced the old man at her right tit but was rubbing his cock over her tit, rather than just jerk off to it.

About that time both of the guys working her tits dumped their loads on Diane and each other, their stream almost colliding in midair before falling onto Diane and the other guy.

The warm cum seemed to increase Diane's intensity and she again screamed for the old man to fuck her harder. The old man seemed to be bouncing Diane half way across the store, her tits jiggling wildly from the force.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he repeated for no one in particular. His hips slowed as he dumped his load into the protective condom.

Diane started to holler that she wasn't finished yet, and needed someone else to fuck her.

Quickly the cashier reached down to the package of condoms I had dropped and torn one open. He had his cock out and the condom in place at about the speed of a gunslinger.

His cock was average in girth, but seemed to be about ten inches long. I smiled to myself thinking the first guy stretched her out, now this guy was going to be pressing deep inside Diane didn't seem to notice the difference in the cock and resumed her frantic urging.

"Quick. Fuck me. Fuck me, I'm almost there."

With that the clerk stepped up and pushed his cock deep into Diane, who still twisted and turned in the swing. Now, only the clerk was fucking her and everyone else just watched. Except the woman from the couple that had become voyeurs. She stepped up to Diane's and let her lips lightly brush the area direct below Diane's neck. She was slowly kissing her way to Diane's mouth. She let her tongue lick the perspiration from Diane's neck and the kisses resumed on her chin, where the woman took a little love bite. Diane jumped at the sensation. The woman then covered Diane's mouth with hers and you could tell they were deep into tongue wrestling.

The clerk was not pumping as hard as the old guy had, rather he used long, slow strokes to bring himself and Diane to the heights of new pleasure, so it was easier for the women to stay lip locked.

Finally. Diane broke free of the kiss and through gritted teeth pleaded for the young clerk to take her over the edge. He picked up his pace and was pounding Diane's pussy hard. Her body began to convulse and twitch which she always did when she came.

"That's it! That's it! OOOOhhhhhhh! Yes. Yes, yes, yes," she exclaimed as she went limp in the swing. The people around her clapped their approval.

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