tagLoving WivesThe Adventure of a Lifetime Ch. 01

The Adventure of a Lifetime Ch. 01


Hello dear reader,

This is chapter one of a multi chapter storyline which details the adventures and sexual discoveries of Lilly and her husband Chris. Different chapters changes styles, locations, genre and swap between their points of view.

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did writing it,



This is a story about discovery, about love and about an unlikely event leading to the experience of a lifetime...

I still remember vividly what it felt like, me sitting there in front of the computer checking the lotto numbers. I'd gotten a lotto ticket from my mother as a joke for my 30th birthday and decided to play. Naturally I was hoping for 5 euro or at least enough to get a beer at the bar later today. However, after the third number on my ticked matched the one displayed on my 20 inch HP screen my hand started to shake a little, hope crept up. My eyes went over the next number, slower, taking it in, almost not wanting the buzz that it gave me to die, fourth number was also a match. I could feel the hair on my arms stand on end. Honestly I didn't think all of the numbers on the ticket would be a match, the feeling, the anticipation is what did it for me at the time. Fifth number appeared to be a match, but I double checked to be sure, it was.

Honestly, my life as a part time youth counsellor, part time junior football coach (or soccer for you Americans out there), part time tutor wasn't very thrilling. I had issues finding a job which I liked and which liked me. Sixth number... 4... was a match... this was going to be serious money, maybe I could invest it or something. I am sure that Lilly (my wife) wouldn't mind. The anticipation drove me crazy now, I savoured it, making sure I remembered the number on the ticket, trying to guess the font before looking up. The feeling as I shifted my gaze on the monitor which showed the final number to be 12, I looked down at the ticket... 12. I looked at the screen, than my ticket and the screen again a few more times.

"Lilly, could you come in here for a minute?" I shouted not taking my eyes off the screen. I heard footsteps down the wooden hallways, the sounds of my 175 cm wife walking calmly. "Hurry up, please" my hands were still shaking, my legs were vibrating under the table, I kept on looking towards the door.

"What's up?" her head peaked between the white wooden frame and the slightly opened white wooden door. I signalled her to come to me silently so her head was followed in by her exquisite body. She was dressed in a light blue tank top and grey, loose full length sweatpants.

"Can you check the lotto numbers for me, please?" I asked and handed her the ticket with my right hand. She looked at me confused, but took the ticket with her left hand and reached for the keyboard before realizing that the website was open. She said nothing for the next few seconds as her eyes darting between the ticket and the screen.

"4" I heard her mumble, her right hand on my shoulder starting to squeeze tightly "... and 12..." her breathing got deeper and she went quiet for a few seconds. Her nails were digging into my skin in a really uncomfortable way so I shook my shoulder. She let go and looked at me. "Ok. I'll read you the numbers from the ticket out loud and you shout Match or Not."

I nodded.















She squeezed my shoulder really tightly again and started jumping. "We won! We won!!" she started turning in place "OH MY GOD! We really won the lotto!" I also jumped up and joined her in the chant. I mean, who wouldn't?!

A few minutes and a Strepsil (sore throat medicine) later I finally felt ok to sit back down.

"Do you know how much we got?" She asked

"No, but it must be at least a million. That's at least our house sorted!" I replied and she smiled wildly.

"Do you see where it is on the page?" She leaned in next to me, I gave her a peck on the cheek. "Oh I am so fucking your brains out tonight!" She said still looking forward, her left hand was scrolling up the page. I was about to lean in and give her another peck on the cheek when her nails dug into my skin again, this time harder forcing me to wince.

"Ouch! Would you stop that!!" I snapped.

"Jackpot is 220 million." she said, still looking ahead.

My gaze turned to the screen and there it was, 220 millions, written in a green sans font taking up nearly half the screen. Honestly neither of us remembers the next few seconds but I'm pretty sure we screamed and jumped again. The kiss at the end I do remember, we held hands and started making out in the middle of the room, her hand went straight down to my dick over my clothes. Lilly was rarely that direct, often needing much more warm up. I was typically the fast one. Not this time.

"I've been sort of horny all week but wanted to wait for the weekend so we can really enjoy your birthday present." she whispered in my ear while stroking me. "It's only a small present I got you... well technically it's for me, but you're probably going to enjoy it more." Lilly moved her left hand up my stomach and back down between my skin and the elastic of my pants. Her hand make its way under my underwear and gently grabbed my shaft, her soft hands, gently stroking it up and down. She never moved her deep green eyes from mine nor did she stop biting her lower lip and smiling naughtily at me. Lilly gave me a quick peck on the lips and whispered in my ear again "Follow me tiger" so I did.

We made our way down the narrow hallway and in our bedroom. She went on ahead and moved some things she had on the bed out of the way, quickly jumped back, took my hand and led me to it. "Ok, I'm going to change into your present and you will remove everything but your shorts, is it a deal?" I nodded, she smiled turned around and walked away, slowly, exaggerating her hip movements. It really wasn't needed, I was already "up". Didn't hurt though, I could see her great ass and amazing legs even with her loose sweatpants. She crossed the bedroom to our wardrobe at the opposite wall. The show didn't stop there, however. She turned slightly so she can look at me, both her hands moved to the sides of her tits and down, slowly, finally making it between the waistband of the pants and her skin and then down, pushing past her ass, past her thighs, she bent down holding at her ankles for a second, giving me an amazing view of her legs and ass.

"I swear if you don't stop I am getting up and you're going to be pounded." My breathing was heavy, my dick was really hard, almost painful. I'd masturbated last night so it's not even that it had been a long time and yes, we had been together for a while so sex was occasional.

She looked back at me playfully. "No, you won't," she said slowly, confidently "you will be a good boy and sit there, quietly. Because if you don't, if you move, if you try and touch me or speak back to me not only are you going to miss your present but also miss your birthday blow job." So I sat there as she pulled out a relatively large, flat, pink box on top of which was a smaller, more rectangular brown one. "I'll be right back." Lilly said and hopped through the bathroom door. I was really tempted to get up and make a move on her while she was changing, but she had awakened my curiosity and I was savouring the anticipation.

After what must have been forever later Lilly stepped out of the master bathroom and my hand went immediately and unintentionally to my dick. Her gorgeous tan skin was covered by a deep red lingerie. It started two thirds up her long legs where it was chiffon, kind of an translucent silky fabric which continued past her cute flat stomach and belly button to just under her ample breasts. There, a translucent lace started from just under her boobs which formed a triangle with the third point being just at her neck and finished in a string which went around her neck. I had to play with myself, I couldn't help it. The lower part was a bit denser so that I could see she was wearing something underneath but not with much detail, however, the upper part was more transparent. Even from where I was sitting a few meters away I could make out her golden nipples and evenly tanned line breasts, which she got sunbathing topless in our living room. Lilly's gorgeous green eyes met mine, she smiled, then they moved down to my hand, her smile widened. I noticed her high heels for the first time when she stepped into the room, very high heels, I hadn't even noticed when she took them. The front was made up of interlaced fabric or leather in a crisscross pattern. Lilly paid a lot of attention to detail.

"You didn't take your clothes off." she said calmly and stopped in the middle of the room. Shivers ran down my back, I'd forgotten. "Get up" I did "take your shirt off" I did "take your pants and underwear off" I did "take your socks off too, silly." I did that too. "You're going to have to be punished for not following instructions. Get on your knees in front of me." I did. She wasn't usually this commanding or forward but I kind of liked it. She remained silent looking down at me. I looked up into her eyes and then down at her tits which looked even bigger and better if that was possible.

While down on the floor I heard a quiet buzzing. My eyes moved further down to her crotch. I couldn't quite make it out but her panties were a bit too low and maybe moving? My dick twitched, she had a small vibrator in her, she must have! My hand moved to check. "No!" Lilly's voice came sternly. "I do have a vibe in me, but you don't get to see or play with it, for now. It is part of your birthday present so now it is part of your punishment. It's set to massage by the way." Then she turned around slowly and I got a view of her ass from below, held up in an amazing Y shaped thong. "Now get up and sit on the bed. It's time for your birthday blowjob."

Usually our sex dynamic was very different. Honestly we'd been together for seven years and things had kind of gone... well boring. We were both busy, her more than me. She was stressed at her job and rarely felt like it during the week, I had junior football practice and social events for the kids during the weekends. Honestly running around after eight year olds all day got me so beat that I only had eyes for the bed in the evening. Even when we did do it it would kind of be monotonous, we would start kissing, she would play with me a bit, I would play with her a bit and we'd do it doggy style, our favourite position, well her favourite position. It would also usually be me who takes the initiative and the lead. Sometimes I'd suck her breasts, but often she didn't like it. This Lilly was different. She was confident, in charge, seductive in just the right ways. I'd never been one to be submissive but this was a lot of fun!

I sat at the corner of the bed facing her.

She leaned down a bit so that her tits were just in front of my face, teasing, then moved her head closer to whisper in my ear. "Why don't you suck on them? I have a feeling I'd really like it this time." She moved back. "Don't remove my lingerie completely yet though." I happily did as suggested, undid the strap at the back of her neck and the top fell down immediately freeing her breasts. I looked at them and took both of them in my hands, gently squeezing. First I moved on the left one, kissing and lightly licking all the while gently playing with the right nipple between my thumb and index finger. She moaned louder than I expected. The feeling of her firm full breasts in my mouth, the smell of her skin, the feel of her touch drove me crazy. It seemed I had unleashed some kind of pent up sexual energy stored over the past few days. I licked her left nipple roughly and took it in my mouth giving it a strong suck, my lips let it go with a loud pop. She moaned even louder, make that pent up over the past few weeks, her moan spurred me on. I kept on licking her areola, flipping her nipple with my tongue and sucking on it in as random order as I could at the time, my left hand was on her right boob, squeezing it, then gently pinching and twisting the nipple then back to squeezing.

Lilly kept on moaning with everything I did. He hand pushed the back of my head on her beast "Suck it... suck it more..." she mumbled through moans. I was happy to oblige. Lilly's left hand moved down and found my dick, she started playing with it a bit too roughly, I ignored it for now. "Oh... ohhhhhhhh" she moaned and pushed my head even harder on her firm, soft tit. Lilly's body went hard, her weight suddenly shifted towards me and I couldn't compensate. We both fell back onto the bed. She fell off me onto her back, her left hand now between her legs furiously massaging her clit below the fabric of the thong. I changed sides and took her other nipple in my mouth hoping I hadn't made it numb. It wasn't, her right hand pressed my head against her tit again. Her body stiffened for about 15 seconds, she stopped breathing. Finally she collapsed and gasped for air.

Lilly opened her eyes and looked into mine lustfully. "Please lick me but don't take the vibe out of me." I nodded and moved down, kissing. First in between her boobs, than down her stomach and between her legs and kept on going on her left inner thigh. "Don't tease me, lick my clit now." My tongue found her clit and pressed on it. I hadn't appreciated how turned on she really was, the taste almost overwhelmed me. I don't recall when the last time she was this turned on. Her legs closed on my back, her moans were uncontrolled and loud, I was sure the neighbours could hear her but didn't care. Her hips moved with my tongue, her pussy pressed on my mouth as if to squeeze every drop of pleasure it could. Her hands moved to her tits, she started twisting her nipples, hard. Another new side of her. Lilly was close, I could feel it, so I stopped liking for a few seconds, her rhythm came back down, her hip gyrations slowed a bit, but before she could relax or say something I went right back into it. A bit harder than before, her movements immediately hastened, even more intense than before. In a few seconds I slowed down again. "Please let me come... " her voice came breathy and in gulps "Please, no more teasing..."

"Are you my bitch?" I asked "Are you my slut?"

"Yes, yes, I'm your slut, now please!" she tried to press her pussy on my face. I smiled internally. We hadn't been so naughty in a long time. My tongue found her clit again and this time I planned to let her cum. "Yesss, oh yesss. Lick my pussy you dick... make me come!" she shouted. She came squirting liquid in my mouth not ten seconds later. I winced at the change of flavour. Lilly's body relaxed again and she started breathing deeply trying to catch her breath.

"Oh my god, that was amazing! I don't think I'd ever come so hard in my life! Not even with you! You definitely outdid yourself." while the praise did made me feel amazing but my dick wasn't getting any softer. "I've got some more news for you, I'll still fuck your weaner off." she smiled devilishly. "Get the thing out of me and get on your back."

The vibrator was small, about the size of my middle finger and about twice as thick. The base was hot pink plastic, the rest was shiny metal. I looked at it from all angles, it was drenched with transparent juices. I brought it up for her to lick, more as a joke than anything. She looked at it, looked and then me. "No. I'm not licking that. Tell you what, you lick it." I must have made a face because she continued "If you lick it, slowly I'll let you fuck me."

"You're going to let me fuck you anyway." I argued

"If you lick it in a way I like, I'll let you suck my tits while you fuck me and I'll let you cum on my tits, and I may let you put a finger in my ass for a bit." I love cuming on her tits. Weighed my options and nodded, slowly, still kind of unsure.

Lilly smiled. "On your back" she commanded. I obliged and she slowly lowered herself onto me in a 45 degree angled using her left hand to guide me inside her. Once in she went upright and started moving slowly. "Now lick it."

I hesitated but moved my tongue on the side, sheepishly moving it up and down the vibe. Her right hand rested on my stomach while her left moved between her legs. "Oh that's so hot..." she moaned "yes show me how you lick it." I tried my best to oblige, more confident now. "Put it in your mouth." I did. The taste wasn't anything in particular, more mentally than anything else. I put it in my mouth and moved it slowly in and out trying my best to appear sexy. "Yes show me how you suck dick you bitch... " her left hand played with her cunt vigorously now, she had trouble holding herself up "yes are you my slut?" I nodded. "I want to hear you say it, say you're my slut."

"I am your slut"

"Now suck that dick" Her hand was almost a blur between her legs, her hips thrust faster and more forcefully. I could hardly focus on what I was doing. She half collapsed on me, her head on my chest moaning but still moving her hips. I dropped the vibrator to the side and put both my hands on her ever faster hips. "Yes fuck me..." she whimpered "I'm gonna come again... Oh my god, this is going to be an amazing one!" I felt her pussy tense and contract around my dick a few times as she came. That with all of the tension really brought me over the edge too, I came inside of her. To both our surprise I didn't stop moving. It still felt great. She was completely lying on me now "Oh baby yes..." I'm almost there again... almost... " a short high pitched "ah" escaped her lips as she came.

I was close too, kept on moving faster and faster inside her. "I'm really close!" I half said half moaned. She took a few seconds to shake off the high and got off me and on her knees in front of the bed. I got up and started pumping. Lilly looked up, her green eyes happy meeting mine. Lilly opened her mouth and moved both her hands to give her tits a squeeze just as I came, spunk flying all over her head, hair, tits, mouth.

"Want to take a picture?" she asked devilishly with a smile.

"Yup!" so I went, found my phone and did.

After all of that Lilly got up and walked in the shower, I just lay on the bed, enjoying the sensation and resting. Amid all of the sex I remembered we're multimillionaires now so I enjoyed that feeling too.

A few minutes later Lilly walked back out of the bathroom, nude and wet, took a towel from the wardrobe and came to sit beside me.

"That was amazing!" she said, I sat up and gave her a kiss on her back. "I am not sure what happened to me there... I'm sorry I made you suck the vibe like that...I was kind of..."

"It's ok" I cut her off. "You seemed to really enjoy it."

"At the time it drove me wild. I imagined you were... well sucking something else." she looked at me guiltily "I know it's not your thing but thanks for going along with it."

"I did get a picture of you nude covered with cum."

Her eyes broadened as if she'd just remembered or wanted to say something, but didn't. Just kept on drying her hair. "Maybe we should try and be more adventurous" Lilly eventually said, I nodded in agreement and moved closer to give her another kiss on the back. We fell silent for about a minute. Lilly got up and walked to and opened her underwear drawer. "So... ehm... what do you think we should do with the money?"

"I'm not sure. I think I want to pay both our families debts, like your sister's house and stuff. Maybe buy our dream home, maybe two?" Now it was her turn to nod. "Maybe we should invest some of it, leave some for us to use as we want and donate the rest, maybe like 30 - 40 million?" She had picked out a set of grey panties with a pink lace on top and was half way up when I said that last one. She looked up for a second and then finished moving her underwear on.

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