tagBDSMThe Adventurers' Club Pt. 09

The Adventurers' Club Pt. 09


Laura awoke to the same total blackness that had been with her since the lights were turned off the previous night. She had no way to determine what time it was, but assumed that it was probably morning because she felt completely rested and relaxed. Maybe she was a little sticky and had dried cum all over her legs, but she knew a shower would correct that and she didn't let it dampen her mood. Soon she heard other sounds in the room and Carol Anne asked softly, "Anyone awake?"

"I am," Laura replied at the same time Ashley answered.

Carol Anne went on, "Well, what do you two think of doing it 'the other way'?"

Ashley answered, "Wonderful! I wish I'd tried it sooner. You've done this before, haven't you?"

"That's right," Carol Anne replied. "But I've never been had that way four times in one night. And never by four different guys in a row. At least, I guess they were different, since I couldn't see the last couple."

Laura added, "The idea excited me when I first heard of it, but I couldn't have imagined how really turned on it would make me. Maybe it was just the way these guys did it, but I expected to feel pretty tender afterwards. But, surprisingly I'm not really sore back there. I wouldn't even mind doing it again today."

"It can make you pretty sore, but the guys here were pretty careful preparing us. I wouldn't mind another round, either," Carol Anne replied.

Just then the pledges heard the outer door open and then the inner door followed by the lights. Michael, Tom, and Janet entered. They opened the blackouts at the windows and bright sunlight flooded the room. Laura guessed it must be nine o'clock. "OK, pledges, morning time. Two minutes for the bathroom and then down to the beach," Michael told them as they were released from the beds.

Once again, along with the male pledges, the three were made to go through a strenuous set of exercises. This time Laura noticed that, not only were nude jumping jacks an interesting experience for her, but the men made an equally interesting view. The three members, along with Barb, Kelly, and David, helped the pledges along with whips as had been done yesterday. After the twenty minute workout, the pledges were once again led to the horizontal rail for their "morning whipping." But this time each was tied upside down, hanging by their ankles, while the members worked them over with the cats.

It never ceased to amaze Laura that she was turned on by things like this. A few weeks ago, if anyone had asked, she would have found the idea of pain revolting and probably a little perverted. But she had come to find that the stimulation of pain - not real, intense, damaging pain, but pain that still hurt - increased sexual arousal. Bondage also added to this. Here she was, hanging upside down with her legs spread and her hands bound behind her, being whipped with a cat-of-nine tails, and she found she not only accepted it, but eagerly wanted it. Even when Kelly brought the tails down directly on her open slit, the sharp pain only served to make her wetter and more aroused. Laura was also amazed that she had somehow managed to get in with such a great group of people who shared her reactions.

Finally the pledges were let down and allowed to shower. They then joined everyone else for breakfast. While they were eating Tom announced, "Today we're going to take a little break. We know no one can keep up a constant level of sexual excitement forever. We've still got a couple of days of initiation and then another five days before we have to go home. So, at least for most of today, the pledges will have a chance to relax. Today you're not quite full members, but just about. So first order of business is everyone down to the beach to swim, sun, or just lie around for a few hours. Before you go you might want to check out the bookcase in the other room. There's a lot or interesting reading material if you want something to do when you get tired of swimming. Of course, if you can think of something else, feel free to do it instead." This brought a laugh from everyone. "But," he added, "just don't wear yourselves out completely. We've got some sandwiches, vegetables, dip, and some other stuff along with some cold drinks we're taking down there and we'll have an informal lunch spread out as long as you want. Nothing else is scheduled until dinner tonight - even for the pledges."

While Laura still felt turned on - she couldn't seem to remember when she wasn't turned on - the idea of a relaxed day sounded good. Besides, there would still probably be some sex. After all, the pledges, at least, would all be naked and probably the rest of the members, too. She decided to check out the books Tom had mentioned and joined six or eight others. As Laura looked over the bookcase she found that there were several current novels, but there was also a very large collection of BDSM books. DeSade, some Victorian stuff, a lot of current books by people she had never heard of, and, on one shelf, she saw a copy of "The Story of O". Since discovering this new world, Laura had come across references to this book several times. "This might be a good time to see what it's all about," she thought, and picked up the copy. She then joined the others and helped carry one of the coolers on down to the beach. Others brought blankets, sunscreen, and assorted other items.

Once down by the water, most immediately went in swimming, Laura included. Laura noticed that her guess had been right - she didn't see a single member with any clothing whatsoever. After splashing around for a while Laura and most of the others came out and dropped down on blankets or towels. Barb gave everyone a reminder about the intense sunlight and there was a general move to apply sunscreen. John came over and joined Laura on her blanket. "Want some help spreading that? he asked.

"I wouldn't mind. It's hard to reach my back, but I'll bet you want to spread it other places than just my back. Right?"

"Well, the thought did cross my mind. But you can get even and put some on me."

Laura laughed and began to apply the slick lotion to John's back. He, in turn, spread it across her own back, but went on to cover her legs and ass. Soon both were applying the lotion to each other on every possible area of skin. This progressed to a deep French kiss with hands exploring every available curve and crease. Finally John broke the embrace. "Let's save some for later. Remember, we're supposed to be resting today." He looked at Laura's book. "Why don't you go ahead and read while I rub your back. I may even rub some other parts, too."

Laura lay face down and opened the volume. It didn't take too long before the explicit story of sexual slavery had entirely captured her attention. John's touch, often much more intimate than her back, combined with the story to keep her excited.

After some time she reached the part where O's initial training was over and Rene had taken her home. Laura put down the book and looked up to rest her eyes. John made a comment, "Looks like Susan's got herself a sandwich."

Laura looked at him with a question on her face. "Sandwich? It hasn't been that long since breakfast, but so what?"

John just pointed. About twenty yards away she saw Susan, along with David and Peter, lying in the shade of one of the trees at the edge of the lawn. Susan was an extremely attractive girl with shiny, medium brown hair and flashing green eyes. She was one of only a couple of girls in the club who made it clear they were only interested in sex with men. They didn't mind if other women made it with each other, but they just didn't have any interest along those lines. This didn't seem to bother any of the female members and the men certainly didn't mind - they just had her more for themselves. Even though Susan wasn't interested in girls for sex, she didn't have any problem in participating in administering punishment to them - or, for that matter, in being punished by women herself. Susan was probably the member most expert in the use of the single tailed whip. Laura remembered one time during one of the pledge weekends when she had been tied face out to an X-frame. Susan had placed a ring of six clothes pins around each of Laura's breasts and a seventh directly on each nipple. Susan had then used fourteen snaps of a single tailed whip about four feet long to remove each of the pins. Laura had to admit that even though it really hurt when that lash pulled a pin off, she was more concerned about what would happen if that flying tail missed and struck her tits instead. She never found out because Susan never missed.

But what caught Laura's attention now was not in any way related to a whip. Peter was lying on his back and Susan was fully impaled on that monster cock of Peter's. This wasn't too unusual because there were several couples playing around. But while Peter was filling Susan from below, David had his cock buried in Susan's ass. The three of them had built up a steady rhythm as Susan was filled from both sides.

John saw Laura's gaze locked on the trio and said, "You've never seen a double penetration before have you?" That look interesting to you?"

Laura answered without even looking up. "She seems to really be enjoying it. I'll admit it makes me wet, but then since you introduced me to this stuff, everything makes me wet. But, yes, I might like to try it some time."

"Well, I'll have to put it on the schedule," John said. Then his fingers started to do things that almost made Laura forget all about Susan.

There wasn't any formal lunch - everyone just grabbed food when they wanted it and those who weren't hungry yet went on with whatever they were doing. But after a while, Laura began to get restless. She went for another swim but still didn't feel like lying around any more. She had pretty well finished her book. Finally John suggested, "You don't seem to want to sit still. How about a walk around the lake. All of it is part of this place, so you don't need to put anything on except some shoes."

Laura immediately agreed. "Sounds like fun. Let me see if anyone else wants to go. OK?"

"Fine with me," John said. Ashley seems to be as restless as you. Why not ask her?"

Laura did just that and in a couple of minutes came back not only with Ashley, but also Kelly, Brad, and Sean. The six got their shoes and a couple of water bottles which Brad threw into a small pack he had and set off along the path at the water's edge. The path wound through the woods, sometimes near the shore but more often diverting far away deep into the forest. At one point it turned and followed a stream which emptied into the lake. After a climb up a long ridge along side the stream, the path emerged into a clearing beside a seven foot waterfall. Although the pool at the foot of the falls was only ten feet across - not large enough for swimming - it was three or four feet deep and the six waded into it to cool off. Soon they were splashing each other with the cool water. This game rapidly progressed into grab ass with everyone managing to get in a few feels. Suddenly Brad grabbed Ashley from behind, locking her arms in his. He leaned over and whispered something to John who whispered to Sean. Soon the other two girls were also held in full arm locks. The men began to cress and rub at nipples while still keeping the women's arms tight behind them. This, of course, did nothing to cool anyone down and the girls didn't really fight it. Then at a nod from Brad, the three men frog marched the girls through the pool to the waterfall. When they were just in front of it, they arched the women's backs making their tits stick out in front and pushed them so just their nipples were in the falling stream. At this unexpected stimulation the women began to try to squirm away, but the men held them firmly in place. Soon all the girls were crying out at the unrelenting teasing of the moving water on their sensitive nipples. The guys held them there while they managed to get their fingers around to rub clits. The result was that by the end of five minutes there were six very hot and excited people. When the girls were released they immediately grabbed and tried to get even. Even in the cool water there were soon three very hard cocks.

The six came out of the water with the girls looking for somewhere to get horizontal. But Brad went to the pack and got something out. The three men then each took one of the women and moved them to a fallen oak tree with an eighteen inch trunk. The tree must have fallen last season because it was still solid and covered in bark. Before they figured what was happening, each of the women was bent forward over the trunk and the ropes Bard had retrieved from the pack were used to fasten their wrists to their ankles under the fallen log. The three men then found some thin, straight shoots around a stump and had soon stripped then of their leaves to make three slender, flexible switches. The next few minutes were spent in applying the switches to the three female bottoms still wet from the pool. They traded off and each man spent time lashing each of the girls. Before too long each of the sexy bottoms was crisscrossed with red lines. John dropped his switch and came up behind Laura. Her breasts were pressed against the rough bark so he couldn't get his hands on her nipples, but he started to caress the sides of her breasts and flanks. Laura was already excited and John entered her pussy with no problem after only a few seconds. Brad and Sean were doing the same to Ashley and Kelly.

Soon all three men were stroking in and out of the women. Suddenly Brad called out, "Switch!" All three men immediately withdrew leaving the three women crying out in frustration. Laura was afraid this meant more whipping, but in just a few seconds she found that 'switch' had a different meaning this time. The men simply rearranged with Brad entering Laura, Sean taking Ashley, and John plunging into Kelly. Again after a couple of minutes the call of "Switch!" caused another rearrangement.

This went on several more times when John suddenly called, "Switch! Back door this time." This time when the men shifted - Sean to Laura, John to Ashley, and Brad to Kelly - they used the girls' own juices to lubricate their rear openings. As excited as the women were it was easy for the men to soon embed their cocks deeply within the tight, round, female bottoms. Twice more calls of "Switch!" brought a change until at last the men came, exploding their loads deep inside the women's bowels.

As the girls were untied and allowed to stretch, they noticed that all three had red marks from the rough bark, but nothing that wouldn't go away pretty soon. John noticed that Laura and Ashley were soon whispering and then Kelly. He assumed they were plotting revenge. Oh, well, he didn't really mind that kind of revenge.

The six continued around the lake with one more stop where the three men ended up tied to trees while the women alternated in switching them and sucking them off, often with the added stimulation of a finger up the ass. By the time the men finally came they had had a chance to make a good comparison of the three women's oral techniques. They all agreed that the three had their differences but that all were definitely more than good.

When they finally returned to the beach there was time for a quick swim and then showers before supper. Laura found that the women had ganged up on the male pledges with three of them - Carol Anne was allowed to help - practically raping each of the three. With three women stimulating each man simultaneously, the pledges had had a pretty good workout. The six male members had then treated Barb and Carol Anne to a gang bang which left everyone worn and satisfied.

Supper was still informal - just soup, bread, and some fresh fruit and vegetables - with pledges and members alike eating together. Almost all the members remained naked throughout the meal. When everyone had finished, Tom announced, "We can't let the pledges get off completely today. So I think we can spend a couple of hours in the dungeon before bedtime. That sound all right to everyone?"

Any protest the pledges made was completely drowned out by the noisy acceptance of the members and soon they found themselves once again in the dungeon bound to a variety of the frames and devices. For the next couple of hours the members made heavy use of the six, but it was mostly teasing with little in the way of actual pain. Still when the time ended, all six felt worn and ready for a night's rest. After showers, they were again tied to the beds for the night.

Monday morning Laura was awakened about seven and taken with the other five pledges back down to the beach area for their "exercises and morning whipping." This time over half of the members were there to assist and the exercise period was long and intense with much "encouragement" supplied by the members' whips. When the exercises were over the pledges were taken down to the horizontal pole. This time the pledges were again strung up by their wrists, but in pairs. Laura was tied facing Paul with Rick and Ashley and James and Carol Anne also paired. Their arms and legs were tied to each other and spread widely apart which only caused them to press more tightly together from knees to shoulders. Laura's nipples, still sensitive from the previous day's activities, sent shocks throughout her system as they rubbed against Paul's chest and she could feel his hardening cock pressed upwards between her legs. Then the whipping began. Now almost all of the members had appeared and each wanted a turn with each pledge, so the whipping was longer that any of the previous days. But it was a whipping aimed more at stinging and exciting than at causing real pain. When it was over Laura couldn't deny she hurt and could feel several especially painful lines across her ass and back, but she was also really turned on. From the way Paul's hard member pressed upward against her, it was obvious he had also found the whipping exciting. But they were allowed to do nothing about it. When they were taken down the pledges were immediately separated and taken back to the house for a quick shower and then breakfast, leaving all six frustrated and horny.

After breakfast the six were taken down to the dungeon for a couple of hours. This time the activities were not all teasing and soon screams echoed off the stone walls. Laura found herself spreadeagled and stretched tightly between floor and ceiling. In this position she found that the three men who took turns whipping her could deliver painful blows everywhere on her body. And this they did with the exception of her face and feet. (Club rules forbid any torture to either of these areas with the exception of tickling of feet.) She could see Carol Anne tied across a padded pole while three men applied synchronized strokes with three cats. James was hanging spreadeagled while Barb pulled on a cord tied around his balls and Janet and Joyce applied whips to the inside of this thighs. Then Sean sent the tails of the cat he was using directly up between her legs with the ends slapping against her inner lips and clit. Her scream drew her attention back away from the other pledges as she wondered what was coming at her next.

After a while Laura found herself and the other two female pledges stretched out on their backs. They had been blindfolded and were pulled extremely tight so that almost no movement was possible at all. The male pledges and the women members had disappeared into the bath area off the dungeon and Laura heard occasional sounds of discomfort coming from that direction. Suddenly Laura was startled by a sharp burning pain on her stomach. She cried out, more from surprise than actual pain, and heard similar sounds from Ashley and Carol Anne. For the next several minutes the three were tormented by more of these sharp pains which Laura soon guessed to be hot candle wax. Most of the drops were concentrated around her tits and her bare pubes, but there were enough to spread the pain over her entire body. Sometimes several drops fell at the same time in different areas and Laura guessed that several men were working together. Sometimes the time between drops would stretch until Laura was about to scream in frustration at not knowing when the next would fall. After what seem an age the blindfolds were removed and the pledges released and told to remove the wax. Doing this, Laura was even happier than usual that she had no pubic hair to interfere.

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