tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Adventures of Lucy and Tharion Ch. 03

The Adventures of Lucy and Tharion Ch. 03


"Go faster, Tharion! We don't want to be late, right?"

Lucy was purring into Tharion's right ear, clutching around his fluffy neck carefully to not fall down. If there weren't already enough very good reasons why her elfish lover was the best thing that could ever happen to a gnomish girl like her, the simple fact that in his feline shape he proved to be a perfect mount was sufficient on its own. Sure, it was quite an unsteady ride in comparison to a mechanostrider, but she loved cuddling up to his silken fur SO much while he was running around with her on his back. Tharion purred kindly and increased his pace to Darnassus where Lucy had an appointment with a priest at the Temple of the Moon. Of course they were not late at all, but he knew how much fun she had riding him through the forests of Teldrassil; and how could he deny his cute little gnome any wish?

It had been an unusual day. Although it was already late afternoon, he had not mated with his kitty yet; and his feral instincts were not very pleased with this unfamiliar situation. But they had decided Lucy would perhaps leave a bad first impression if she met the elves at the temple after one of their nasty little games since she was usually looking a little pregnant afterwards - which was very cute, but hard to hide. As if she had guessed his thoughts, she kissed his ear and whispered,

"Don't worry, Tharion. There will be plenty of time afterwards, and you can do me however you want today. How does that sound?"

Lucy was giggling naughtily as Tharion almost tripped over a large root. She knew very well how to make him horny. With an evil, feral grin Lucy's panther eventually reached Darnassus. "She will pay for her nasty words later," he thought and came to a halt at the gates of the marvelous town. Two sentinels were keeping watch there, and they were smiling when Lucy dismounted Tharion and kissed him on his snout. News were usually spreading fast between elves, and it seemed like everybody on Teldrassil knew about Tharion and his little girlfriend ever since they were a couple.

"I hope they will accept me as scholar. It would be so great if I didn't have to go back to Stormwind anymore for my lectures,"

Lucy said to him with a cute smile. Tharion changed into his elfish shape, knelt down in front of her and hugged her lovingly.

"I'm sure they will. I know how good you are with healing already, and all elves seem to like you very much. You will be a great priestess of Elune!"

After a long, passionate kiss he whispered,

"I have some business to do here as well. We will meet later at the bank."

And even more silently he added,

"And afterwards, your wild cat will mate with you until you beg for mercy."

Lucy giggled and stepped back, looking up into his eyes.

"I look forward to it! See you later, my strong, untamed male."

She turned around and ran up to the temple, jumping around like all gnomes do when they are in good mood. Tharion watched her until she disappeared behind one of those little shops, sighed and left, too. The two sentinels were dutifully standing still and kept quiet until they believed him out of hearing range - however, he could hear them whispering excitedly as he walked away; and had to smile again.

Lucy was slowing down significantly when she reached the temple, fixing her long black ponytail nervously. "There is nothing to worry about," she said to herself, looking at her feet as she walked into the Temple of the Moon. The priests knew why she was coming today and had even invited her to talk to one of Tyrande's very personal representatives.

"Please come in,"

said a beautiful, soft voice in front of her in Darnassian, and when she looked up again, she saw a slender woman in the greenish yellow robes of the priests, smiling at her. Gnomes had always been famous for their great intelligence, and Lucy was no exception. Within weeks, she had learned the elfish language well enough to understand almost everything.

"You have to be Lucy. My name is Valiandra, and it's very nice to finally meet our famous gnome."

Lucy blushed and made a step toward the priestess, who fortunately sat down right in front of her. If Lucy had to name her biggest problem with elves, it surely would have been her stiff neck. Valiandra offered her a glass filled with an unidentifiable, yet delicious, clear liquid and went on in a most friendly tone.

"Oh, no need to worry. We feel honored that a gnomish priest considers offering her services to Elune; and, as far as I know, you have already been learning a lot about our ways during the last weeks here with us."

Lucy sipped at her glass, feeling much better after this warm welcome. After a short pause, she replied in Darnassian with almost no accent,

"I really love being here on Teldrassil. Perhaps you already know about my friend, Tharion. He told me SO much about Elune, and I feel this is where I belong - although I don't want to discredit the teachings at Stormwind's cathedral of course! I learned there all I know! But I think I can be of better use if I follow Elune from now on."

Valiandra chuckled to Lucy's surprise but did it in a friendly way.

"It's good to hear you are so responsible about your duties. But I hope you don't take everything so seriously. You see: We honor Elune with our hearts. The goddess is pleased when her children are living in peace with each other and, most importantly, nature. But I know you are on the right path. Rumors say you have already a very close tie to nature and even are really fond of our animals here on Teldrassil, right?"

Lucy almost choked on her drink after the last sentence. It was not helping either that Valiandra wore a mysterious smile by now. Lucy deeply hoped the elf didn't mean what she suspected. But considering what she had learned about elves so far - the priestess probably did.

Valiandra stood up and, after a deep bow in front of Lucy, added,

"So please don't worry, Lucy. You will learn, what has to be learned, soon enough. And by the way: There is an important ceremony this very evening at the borders of Darnassus to which all elves are invited. Tharion can show you where it is. Usually foreigners are not permitted, but as a priestess of Elune please consider yourself most welcome. Our local tailor has already made a suitable robe for you. Please get it, and we'll meet there in an hour."

Lucy curtseyed and watched the priestess going to the upper balcony. This had been way easier than expected. She turned around and smiled happily. If she just didn't have the impression that by now all elves knew what she did with Tharion...

Half an hour later, she arrived at the bank. Tharion was not there yet, but this gave her more time to think about what had happened before. The tailor had been as nice to her as all elves were recently, although there had been a slightly awkward moment when she tried the robe on, and the tailor told her with a cheeky grin that she shouldn't wear anything else together with this robe at the ceremony. Being well-behaved, Lucy was now standing at the bank in her new plain silver silken robe, wearing no underwear under the soft cloth. Tharion would surely love her outfit; although she had to make sure he didn't shred it with his claws like he loved to do when he was really aroused.

In Darnassus there were usually a lot a people from all the different races of the alliance. But since some minutes ago, the sentinels had started to beg all non-elves politely to leave Teldrassil until tomorrow - only Lucy in her peculiar silver robe was spared. When the last muttering dwarf had finally used a mage portal to Ironforge, the sentinels even closed the entrance from Rut'theran.

Tharion waved to her already from a good distance and smiled.

"I see it went great at the temple! I was really hoping I would see you here in the ceremonial dress this evening. You look awesome, Lucy!"

he shouted while coming nearer; and when he finally had arrived, he sat down in front of her and put her on his lap, facing him. Lucy hugged her handsome elf and giggled,

"Yes, it was great. But you have to be a nice cat today: No clawing my robe and stuff! The priestess said it would be an important ceremony. So I fear you have to wait a little longer until you can play with your kitty."

Lucy purred softly, looking up into his eyes. She really loved to provoke Tharion when she knew he was horny already. And his gaze told her how much he was.

"We should go now, Lucy. They will start in a few minutes; and our new priestess will not want to be late, right?"

Tharion stood up carefully, put her on her feet again and fetched his own silver robe from his locker at the bank. As soon as they were alone, he undressed and put on his robe instead. Lucy could catch a glimpse of his slightly swollen elfish cock before he could hide it again under the long silken cloth. It was quite strange; but although they had a very passionate relationship, she had only rarely seen him naked in his elfish shape. His cock was really huge, and Lucy had to grin that once again she apparently had him at a point where he would do a lot to fuck her right away.

Only a few minutes later, they arrived at the ceremonial place close to the edge of the forest near Darnassus. A lot of elfish men and women, all dressed in the very same robes, were already here and gathering around some kind of small altar carved out of stone and standing in the middle of a flowery meadow. The altar's polished surface was so low above the ground that even Lucy could easily see on top. It had a strange T-shape, slightly increasing in height towards the narrow end. When Lucy saw the four metal hoops with leather straps, two at the narrow end's sides and another two outwards at the broad, lower end, she immediately knew that this was going to be very nasty. With an evil grin she turned around to Tharion, who sat directly behind her, and whispered,

"I really hope we're not holding a reception for ME here today. I'm allergic to leather on naked skin, you know?"

Tharion giggled, put his right hand around her to caress her cute little tits and answered,

"Don't worry. I wouldn't share my little kitty with anyone. And besides: This is the initiation ceremony for Alathea. You may remember her - the day we met, you were watching her sisters practicing with her for this very night."

Lucy remembered very well and purred silently. If she was not mistaken, this would become very interesting soon. The elves around them were obviously quite excited, too. By now, at least thirty people had arrived. They were whispering with each other, some of them even fondling their partners with hands and lips. At least they kept dressed so far.

Finally Valiandra arrived with Alathea, her two sisters and a tall, good looking male. A murmur went through the crowd, and all elves together with a gnomish girl were watching curiously how Valiandra undressed Alathea and led her to the altar. Lucy recognized Alathea at once. The girl was looking as young and innocent as she did the night Lucy saw her for the first time, but since elves were always looking young and innocent, even when they were hundreds of years old, Lucy assumed that Alathea was probably way older than she was. As if there was nothing unusual happening, they were witnessing how Alathea's sisters undressed the male elf. Immediately afterwards, one of them knelt down in front of him and started sucking his quickly growing, huge cock. Alathea herself had already lain down on her back, spread her thighs and allowed Valiandra to shackle her wrists and ankles tightly to the altar. Normally this would have been an embarrassing position, because everybody - even the small gnome - could clearly see her slightly separated, slim pussy lips and tight pink hole, for her thighs were being forced apart. But nobody seemed to find anything wrong about this even when Valiandra eventually stood up and stepped aside for the elfish male.

Alathea's sister had done a good job. The elf's cock was fully swollen and looked simply huge to Lucy's eyes. Valiandra smiled at the crowd.

"We have gathered here tonight to praise Alathea, who will be joining our sacred worship of Elune. We will grant her the blessing of the elves and the blessing of nature, before everybody else is welcome to join in the celebration."

The elfish male was stroking his hard member carefully and knelt down between Alathea's thighs. Rubbing the tip of his cock with great pleasure between her pussy lips, he bent forward over the slightly shaking girl, kissed her gently and murmured loud enough for everybody to hear,

"I'm so proud, my little girl. Relax and enjoy."

And Alathea answered in a hushed tone,

"I love you, daddy,"

before he pushed his huge member slowly inside of her, drawing a lustful cry from her lips.

Only seconds later, the elf was already fucking his daughter's tight pussy balls-deep, and both were moaning short of breath. It was hard to believe his enormous cock could fit comfortably inside of her; but even if it did not, they both didn't seem to care at all. All around, elves were whispering excitedly; and it was quite obvious that some of them had difficulties keeping calm and resisting the urge to undress as well to join in prematurely.

Tharion was still playing with Lucy's tits, which was making her pussy wet as usual, when a beautiful elfish woman with long silver hair on Lucy right side bowed down to her and whispered,

"I hope you enjoy the show as much as I do. I really look forward to "nature's blessing" after her daddy is done."

pointing at some place on the far left side of Lucy. Tharion purred loudly behind Lucy and added,

"I'm sure Lucy will love it. Right, my little kitty?"

Lucy smiled wickedly and turned around although it was hard to stop staring at Alathea's tight hole, which was clasping firmly around her father's cock and dripping with her juices.

Lucy had expected to see something like that, but nevertheless the view made her cringe; she gasped when she got to see the gigantic wild and obviously male cat. He must have been from Winterspring since his fur was as white as freshly fallen snow. Both of Alathea's sisters were next to him - one of them petting his furry ears, watching her youngest sister and daddy going at it, and the other one sucking the cat's wet glowing, huge feline cock. The cat was purring with great pleasure, scratching excitedly the dry soil with his sharp claws. He seemed to be staring at Alathea like most of the elves did, and thus could witness her father, after lots of hard thrusts, finally cumming deep inside of Alathea's pussy with a loud moan.

Lucy turned back to Tharion and the woman with the silver hair, purring seductively,

"I didn't know animals liked blowjobs. You never told me, Tharion!"

To her surprise, the woman answered first with a cheeky grin.

"Oh, in fact, animals LOVE getting their cocks sucked. Unfortunately, it just doesn't happen very often."

to which Tharion added, giggling naughtily,

"At least your male gets horny very fast this way. But before you get disappointed: Cats usually don't cum unless they are deep inside a tight pussy. You know - nature demands that they inseminate their females to make kittens."

While the three of them were talking, Alathea's father had kissed his little girl a last time and finally pulled his dripping member out of her pussy. There were a lot of moans and other signs of appreciation, and Alathea purred happily. Her father stepped aside; and since her sisters didn't even try to stop the wild cat, the huge, and in the meantime very aroused, animal charged the tiny, helpless elf with a long jump and immediately shoved his heavy, furry body on top of hers. Valiandra, who had just been watching until now, knelt down beside the odd couple and guided the frighteningly gigantic animal cock carefully into Alathea's already dripping and somewhat stretched hole; and after the cat had forced his whole member deep inside the screaming girl with his very first thrust, she went up to Lucy, Tharion and the other elfish woman, smiling with an innocent look.

"Having fun, Lucy?"

she said, sitting down next to the gnome. Lucy nodded silently and kept watching the scene completely captivated.

"I think it's a little unfair towards Alathea. This is her great day, and she should have all the attention from our people. Yet I fear at least some of us are way more curious about what YOU will do. You see - we never had a gnome here with us."

And after catching another glimpse of Alathea, she added,

"By the way... they said Alathea had been practicing with huge cats already. Yet I begin to wonder if we should have chosen a slightly smaller animal for her."

Watching Alathea still screaming in pain with every ferocious thrust, the priestess sighed deeply and undressed. It seemed to be a signal for everybody else, because all around Lucy elves pulled off their robes and, as far as she could tell, at least five druids changed into gorgeous cats, including her beloved Tharion and the elfish woman, whose fur had the same silver color as her hair had had before. Lucy was looking around wide-eyed and at first didn't even recognize that she was now naked, too, since Valiandra had undressed the gnome shortly after herself. There was just too much to watch! Tharion purred into her right ear, and the female druid had made some steps towards a male elf on her soft paws. She was waggling with her long tail, showing him her dark, swollen pussy lips, which were clearly visible within her shining fur. Alathea seemed to have finally accustomed herself a little bit better to her furious lover, who by now was drooling onto her hair but whose bestial thrusts had not become gentler at all. Her family was standing next to her and really proud of their little girl's performance. They were caressing the cat behind the ears and encouraged him to do Alathea even harder while several elfish males were standing nearby, obviously waiting for the cat to finish his job so that they could have their turn with her as well.

At the moment, Lucy could have stared mesmerized anywhere around her, but Tharion thought he had waited for his female long enough. He prodded her carefully with one of his forepaws; and when she finally turned around, he lifted his left hind leg to show her his already quite swollen cock. Lucy smiled, kissed him on his snout and whispered,

"Come on, lay on your back. Your kitty wants to play, and this way those curious elves can watch us way better."

Tharion panted excitedly and did as she had demanded. Those elves that were not occupied with fucking at the moment had a clear view on his dripping member and Lucy, who was cuddling up to him, enjoying the feeling his silken fur was giving to her stiff nipples. Purring seductively, she carefully grabbed his hard cock, guided it into her cute mouth for the very first time and forced her lips firmly around his member, which was almost as difficult as stretching her tight little hole wide enough to allow him to penetrate her pussy like they usually did. His endless supply of pre-cum tasted sweet; and she swallowed the first drips with great pleasure, pushing his even more swelling cock deep into her throat while her tongue was playing with the very sensitive, pointy tip. Tharion was whining and trembling like a helpless kitten. If she carried on like that, he would probably give her a lot more to swallow very soon although he had told her just some minutes ago that he would never blow his load anywhere but deep inside her womb. Lucy had a lot of fun making her strong male tremble and kept on sucking his huge member, petting the soft fur on his belly with her left hand. Although she could not see it, she almost felt the gazes of numerous elves who were watching her; and she was enjoying it very much.

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